WATCH: Woman Accuses Chicago Police Of Brutality In Raid Caught On Video

19 May 2014

CHICAGO — The lawyer for a woman shown on video being hit by a police officer says he and another cop don’t deserve to wear the uniform, reports WBBM Political editor Craig Dellimore.

Police were raiding the Copper Tan and Spa on North Milwaukee on suspicion of prostitution but the manager Jessica Klyzek screamed and cursed at them that she had done nothing wrong. Her attorney Torreya Hamilton says one cop hit her in the head.

“A police officer wearing a police uniform hit a woman in the head from behind while she is handcuffed behind her back and kneeling on the ground. I would like to see someone try to justify that,” said Hamilton.

Another officer is heard telling her that she is not American and he would put her in a UPS box and ship her back to wherever she came from. She is from China but is a U.S. citizen since 2011.

Klyzek suffered bruises on her face, wrist and arms. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Police twice sought felony charges against Jessica Klyaek for biting or scratching them. Twice, those charges got thrown out.

The original back-room prostitution misdemeanor that triggered the police raid was dropped as well.