[WATCH] Woman Told She’s at Fault After Parked Car Sideswiped by St. Louis Police Vehicle

ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis City resident says a police officer sideswiped her legally parked car and then took off.
Danielle Allen is uncomfortable with the situation she was put into. She says on July 26 at 2:49 a.m., a St. Louis police car hit her parked vehicle.

“My car was parked legally in front of and the police officer sideswiped it, stopped, then circled back a few times,” Allen said. “Pretty much a hit and run and leaving scene of an accident.”

If you watch the surveillance camera closely, the patrol car knocks the mirror off of Danielle’s 2004 Maxima. She says she would not have known who did it if not for her home security cameras.

“We reviewed the cameras, a good six hours’ worth, and noticed the police officer was the only one to come that close and make contact with in my video,” she said.

She called police and says they were very helpful at first. Danielle was waiting to hear how the damages to her car would be paid, but things changed Thursday.

“I got a letter saying the police officer was not responsible, not liable for accident, and is denying it all,” she said.

Fox 2 News contacted the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the city counselor’s office. They hadn’t seen the video but promised to take another look.

On Friday afternoon, Danielle says they told her she would not be held liable and that she would receive her $2,400 for damages.

“We just reexamined the claim file, including the incident report, the video, and photos of both cars,” said Nancy Kistler, Deputy City Counselor. “Although the video is actually inconclusive, coupled with the photos, it suggests to me that it did indeed strike Ms. Allen’s car. Ms. Allen has already been contacted and informed that she will be compensated for the damage to her car.”

Source: http://fox2now.com