“We Haven’t Done Anything Wrong” – Cop Rants After Being Investigated for 114 Shootings



PALM BEACH, FL. – Sheriff Bradshaw has released a video lashing out at the media and citizens who oppose police shootings being ruled as “justified” in over 100 cases.

He says that certain media outlets have “have tried to literally just beat law enforcement to the ground…”

A moment’s reflection will show one that never once has a member of any media outlet “literally just beat” any police officer.

Quite the opposite: police are the ones literally beating citizens nearly every day.

NewsChannel 5 did an exclusive investigation into over 100 shootings by deputies, examining the question of how nearly all of those shootings were found to be “justified.”

Bradshaw did acknowledge that some “mistakes have been made,” but seemed to show little concern.

The modern institution of Government-monopolized policing is thoroughly corrupt; it exists to extort money from us and generate revenue for the political class; complex social issues like child abuse, mental illness, poverty, substance abuse, and lack of education are expected to be fixed with “policing” rather than humane and effective solutions; police officers have a built-in excuse of “just following orders” or “just doing my job” as if they stop becoming responsible for their own actions and ethics when they don a uniform; there is little accountability or incentive to conduct themselves respectfully, since they know that taxpayers will always be forced to fund their pensions and lifestyles; to name but a few “mistakes.”

Yes, mistakes are being made in law enforcement. Many are beginning to wonder whether the institution is inherently one big mistake.

Moments later he says “…. I’m not gonna back up because we have not done anything wrong.”

He then asks, “Why should we succumb to pressure from the outside which is uncalled for just because they think its wrong..when its’ not…?”

Watch the video below and let us know how you’d respond to Bradshaw:

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