Wife Secretly Records Corrupt Cop Threatening to Kill Her, She Gets Up to Five Years in Prison for “Spying”



SAN JOSE — Officer John Nyunt was the police commander of Pacific Grove in California.

Earlier this year he was fired after being charged with  wire fraud and extortion.

At least one of the charges involved a case where Officer Nyunt  found a female victim of a crime, and instead of officially investigating the crime, lied to the woman and charged her $10,000 for the “services” of a fake “investigation company” he had set up.

Officer Nyunt’s wife knew he was highly corrupt and decided to begin tapping his phone.

It was a victim’s husband who encouraged her to monitor her husband.

At some point in time, Kristin Nyunt, the wife, had a falling out with her husband.

According to Officer Nyunt’s defense attorneys, his wife is to blame for the fact that he became corrupted and involved in fraud.

The wife is portrayed as a cruel woman who basically forced poor Officer Nyunt to steal from people.

During the falling out, the wife told Officer Nyunt that she would turn him for stealing money from victims.

Officer Nyunt then threatened to kill her. He then added that he’d also kill any police officers who tried to arrest him.

In the recording, he can be heard saying that he’ll “slit her throat,” take his rifle out on a murder-suicide spree, and make national news.

He was not aware that Kristin was secretly recording him making these threats.

Kristin turned the recordings over to investigators, which is what led to the discovery that Officer Nyunt was corrupt.

Officer Nyunt eventually pleaded guilty in April to one count of threatening a witness, one count of being an accessory after the fact to theft and burglary, and one count of being an accomplice to the burglary of a business.

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For these charges, the court agreed to let him serve only two years.

However, Kristin is now being punished for secretly recording him, and is facing up to five years in prison, plus up to half a million dollars in fines, for “wiretapping” charges.

Kristin confessed that she installed software on her husband’s phone that was designed to record him.

She said she used programs called Mobistealth and StealthGenie to record his calls, texts, emails and other information.

In one case a victim’s husband paid her to monitor the corrupt police commander and her then husband.

The programs she used also allowed her to activate the microphone on her corrupt husband’s phone so that she could listen to conversations taking place near his phone.

Despite the fact that her recordings were used to expose her husband threatening to kill people and admitting to corruption, Kristin is being charged with illegal wiretapping and possession of illegal interception devices.