Cops Slam Woman’s Face and Say She “Punched” Them, Get Refuted by Video

Michael Heise |

San Francisco, CA – Megan Sheehan is suing Bay Area Rapid Transit Police after two officers slammed her face first into the ground while in custody, causing a large gash over her eye that needed stitches.

Sheehan was waiting for a train after a night out on the town.

It is unclear what she is being charged with by watching the video, most likely a very menial “crime” like public intoxication or disorderly conduct.

The video picks up on a cell phone back at the Santa Rita Jail.

The video shows one officer put his arms around her from the side, she leans backward and loudly says “Don’t touch me like that!”.

At that point, two officers grab both of her arms and do what they called “guided her to the ground”, but every other rational human being watching it would call it something along the lines of “they violently faceplanted her onto the floor”, resulting in a sickening thud and broken bones in her face.

In a police report, one of the officers claimed Sheehan “suddenly turned towards me and began violently punching with a closed fist at my face.”

He went on: “To protect myself from her attack … I used an arm-bar take-down and guided her to the ground.”, a blatant lie when one looks at the footage.

According to Sheehan, her injuries included “I had a gash above my left eye, I had a few stitches there, I had four broken bones around my orbital socket, and stitches in my lip, and they knocked out a tooth and chipped another one,”

Watch the video below: