Woman Degraded on Side of Road After Cop Forced Her to Perform Demeaning “Bra Shakes”


Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Officer Dustin Fetz was out ‘fighting crime’ on the night of May 21, 2013 when he saw his chance to potentially stop the crime of the century.

With the flip of a switch, the blue and red lights came on, and Officer Fetz quickly and selflessly threw himself into harm’s way to protect the citizens of Lakeland, Fl, from the reprehensible criminal act of driving a car with a headlight out.

Inside the car was the diabolical criminal mastermind, Zoe Brugger and her boyfriend.

Fetz knew in his heart that this evil couple must be in possession of an illegal plant so he did what he had to do to find it.

Fetz was so dedicated to the cause of controlling what people can put in their own bodies that he didn’t let anything like silly Constitutional rights get in his way.

So, when Miss Brugger refused the search of her vehicle, he searched it anyway; but not before heroically forcing her to humiliate herself in public by turning her bra up and shaking it out in the middle of a parking lot.

But it didn’t stop there, Fetz just knew that this vile woman must have put the substance inside her, so he threatened to bring her to jail to find what she had hidden inside herself.

Obviously there is a tinge of sarcasm in the previous paragraphs and that was used to shed light on the utter stupidity of tax-payer money being used to shakedown and humiliate innocent people in the state’s immoral quest to control what people can put in their own bodies.

Now, one year later, the negligent and power tripping Fetz has gone unpunished for his demeaning actions against Brugger.

He was punished, but not for forcing Brugger to shake her bra out multiple times in public nor for searching her car against her will, he served one day suspension for not having his microphone on during the search.

Luckily for Fetz, he is a police officer, which means that he gets to defer the negative consequences of his irresponsible and abusive actions to the tax-payer.

So, when Zoe Brugger successfully sued the Lakeland Police Department this year, it was the tax-payers that shelled out the $25,000 in punitive damages, not Fetz.

A public records request by The Ledger shows a check dated July 7, 2014 to 29-year-old Zoe Brugger. The City of Lakeland is also waiting on an executed release which will free them from any future lawsuits.

Below is the video of this ridiculous traffic stop which led to the humiliation of an innocent woman.