Woman Dies as Deputy Writes Ticket


officer writes ticket as woman dies

Deputy Micah McNinch pulled over Wayne Ables after 2 a.m. as he raced his infirmed mother to a hospital just a mile from the site of the stop.

McNinch pulled Ables over for expired tags and kept the pair there while an ambulance and fire truck were en route.

Ables says he told McNinch his mother was in the back seat, suffering from severe breathing problems.

After 11 minutes, the emergency vehicles arrived.

The driver had pleaded with the officer to escort them to the hospital a mere five minutes away.

This story happened in March of 2009.

Mr. Ables has yet to be compensated for his loss.

McNinch was given one of the harshest penalties that police face when their negligence leads to the death of another, one entire day without pay.

Originally published on 04/02/2014 by TheFreeThoughtProject.com