Woman Seeks Protective Order for Abusive Partner, Police Lock HER Up for Six Months


A Las Vegas woman thought that filing for a temporary protective order would keep her safe from her estranged partner.

However, little did Vanessa Kelley know that her spouse Audrey Young was one step ahead of her and thanks to a lack of investigation by the police it was the woman who needed to be protected who landed behind bars for six months.

Two years ago while Kelley’s wife who was not at the best of terms with her alleged that she had attempted to kill her with a deadly weapon and adds that her in the head, chest and neck.

However, there was one loophole at the time she stated that the crime took place the victim was at Clark County family Court ironically trying to file a temporary protective order from Young.

As a result of the accusation, in October 2013 Kelley was charged and held at two detention centers for a period of six months as the police carried out a criminal enquiry.

Throughout this, the woman kept reiterating that she was at the Clark County Family Court when the crime is alleged to have occurred.

Now, Kelley has decided to file a lawsuit claiming that Henderson police falsely arrested and unlawfully imprisoned her.

She says police detectives Mark Hosaka and Chad Mitchell did not have enough evidence to arrest her.

The lawsuit argues that had a proper investigation being carried out, as suggested by the constitution the two would have found that Young suffers from severe mental issues.

Worse yet, during her detention period she was not given proper medical attention, despite reiterating that she had serious health needs.

Kelley has also named the two jails’ medical care providers, NaphCare Inc and Corizon Health, in her lawsuit.

Metropolitan police Department, which operates the Clark County Jail, is also identified as a defendant in the case.