Woman Taken to Abandoned Building, Forced to Strip and Let Cop Feel Her Anus — Cop Gets “Probation”


Deputy Julio Garcia


BARTOW — Deputy Julio Jose Garcia has entered a guilty plea after been reported for coercing women to expose their bodies under the threat of jail.

According to the complaints, one girl, only 24-yrs-old, was arrested by Garcia allegedly for “theft.”

Deputy Garcia handcuffed the girl’s hands in front of her body rather than behind her.

Once he trapped her in his patrol car, things became very disturbing.

“He started hitting on me, just asking me these random questions and really hitting on me. At first – I was like – ‘what is this guy doing,” said the girl.

“A few minutes after I got into his cop car it happened: He pulled up my picture and he was like ‘dang, you’re really pretty.’ From there, he just started hitting on me,” she continued.

Deputy Garcia said that he’d let her go only under the condition that she pulled off her clothing and exposed her vagina and breasts to him, according to reports.

“He takes his flashlight out of his pocket and comes to the back seat and he basically pointed to where he wanted to see and he was like – show me,” said the girl.

Believing she would be sent to jail if she didn’t comply, the girl took her clothes off and showed Deputy Garcia what he wanted to see.

“I was very naive at the time. I was like – yeah – I’ll do this if I don’t go to jail. Who wouldn’t,” she said. “He’s supposed to be pulling over people that are doing wrong and he’s doing wrong. It was just a messed up situation.”

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She was able to do this while in handcuffs because Deputy Garcia had earlier handcuffed her hands in front.

In another case, Deputy Garcia was reported for arresting a 30-yr-old woman for alleged “felony charges.”

Once he detained her, Deputy Garcia began sliding his fingers underneath the woman’s shorts, reports say.

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He then used his hand to start “patting” the skin of her vagina.

After patting her vagina, he then stuck his fingers down deeper and began massaging her anal cavity, according to reports.

He then instructed the woman to shake her breasts in front of him, as part of the “search.”

The situation only escalated after that.

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According to reports, Deputy Garcia then took the woman to a secluded, abandoned structure nearby.

With nobody able to see or help the woman, Deputy Garcia instructed her to unbutton her shorts.

Julio_GarciaDeputy Garcia once again took his hand and starting reaching it underneath her unbuttoned shorts, touching her continuously, according to reports.

The woman was made to believe that if she did not let Deputy Garcia violate her body, then she would be thrown in prison.

Yet, after touching her, Deputy Garcia took her to a jail in Bartow anyway.

After investigations were conducted in relation to the reports, Deputy Garcia was “fired” in April, getting away scot-free instead of being convicted for sexual assault.

Deputy Garcia was originally charged with what many consider to be a “slap on the wrist.” The charges included “official misconduct” and “unlawful compensation” for official behavior. No mention of any sex crimes.

Imagine that — when you wear a badge that gives you government privilege, forcing women to let you degrade and violate their bodies becomes mere “misconduct.”

But it gets worse.

Even some light charges against Deputy Garcia have now been dropped.

After agreeing to plead guilty only to “misconduct,” the bulk of Deputy Garcia’s original charges were dropped.

If sentenced for misconduct, the most he may now get is probation, not imprisonment. 

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