Years of Abuse

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In short, I have been stripped down to my jockeys at gunpoint in public, i have been physically assaulted, i have had property destroyed, i was detained a dozen times for the same criminal investigation, by 8 different officers, i was detained and searched over 400 times within a 7 year period, including over 100 searches where i very specifically did not consent to being searched. in none of these searches was anything ever found. i have been the subject of harrassment, verbal and emotional abuse, cruel and unusual punishment, excessive prosecution, and have made at least 3-4 serious suicide attempts as a direct result of the ongoing abuse and harrassment. i have filed 3 police reports (after illegally being denied the ability to do so in a timely manner) and nothing ever came of these reports. one of the “investigators” flat out told me “that did not happen”. My cases have been validated by the aclu, but told that they simply do not have the resources to help me, and do not believe they could set precident in my case. i feel the very number of times i’ve been detained and searched could set precident, because there must be SOME limit to how many times the same individual can “reasonably” be detained within a specified time frame. I continue to seek an attorney.