[WATCH] “You Don’t” Have Free Speech! — Cop Says to American Filming Him


MARYLAND — A chilling video has surfaced showing  a cop yelling at an American citizen, saying “NO YOU DON’T!” when the American asserted “I have free speech.”

Officers can be seen waddling angrily in the streets and arresting people left and right.

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Apparently the people had been celebrating and a few of them had alcohol in public.

Nobody, however, initiated violence — except for the police.

you don't have free speech

“I thought I had free speech here,” said the man. The cop, who looks he’s 95% bodyfat, replied, “No you don’t!”

The man who was filming the video is approached repeatedly by enraged officers, taunting him and using “inciters” to try to arrest him.

The man responded calmly and said “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

At that point another officer charges at the man and tells him “Keep your fucking mouth shut or I’ll put you in jail.”

The man responds, “I thought I have freedom of speech.”

To which the cop sneers, “No you don’t! Not anymore.”

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Of course, that was a lie, and it isn’t surprising that the cop would say that given that all cops are trained professionally to deceive the public.

Moreover, in the State of Maryland it is not illegal to record interactions with police.

This is another illustration of how many cops hate being filmed.

They know that they are unable to command respect naturally due to the fact that they’ve chosen to live off of taxpayer money to enforce the opinions of corrupt politicians — but they don’t want to be shamed publicly for it.

This is why many of them react in a fit of rage when citizens record them for the truth to be known, much in the way that cockroaches squirm when exposed to light.

Watch the video here. Warning: Strong Language

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