“Your Dog is Under Arrest” — Weird Cop Tries to Arrest Dog, Owner Dominates Cop



ARIZONA — It’s a testament to how incompetent some people can be, regardless of the uniform they wear.

In the video you’re about to see, Terri Franklin, a long-time dog owner can be heard standing her ground against a cop named Officer Whipple who literally announced that her pet dog was under arrest.

One can only imagine what Office Whipple was planning to do to this innocent animal.

Was he thinking he would actually force the dog to the ground and place handcuffs over the its wrist bones, then take mug shots of the dog back at the station?

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Or was he planning to sedate the dog or abuse it in some other manner?

Fortunately, neither of those scenarios panned out, since the Terri Franklin asserted her rights and remained strong throughout the ordeal.

The incident started when Terri had to run an errand, and secured her dog in her vehicle.

When people passed by her car in the parking lot, the pet would bark at them through the window — something pets commonly do when they are wanting to get out and play, or perhaps just defending the vehicle.

When Terri heard the barking, she came back to her vehicle and apologized to the people at whom her dog barked, and explained that her dog was usually a very friendly animal but was probably just thinking it had to protect its family.

The dog never attacked anybody, and everybody was prepared to go their separate ways without incident.

But by the time Terri could leave, an officer arrived at the scene and began an attempt to escalate the situation.

Evidently, a citizen had called the police when the dog was barking, thinking it best that the power of the State could be used to solve an otherwise mundane situation.

Although everybody else had understood Terri’s apology and left by this time, the cop decided that punishment would have to be meted out.

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“Officer Whipple proceeds to demand my driver’s license. I, of course, refuse, as I have done nothing wrong and then ask him if I am under arrest?” explains Terri.

In the video, Terri can be heard asking respectfully but assertively, “Am I under arrest?”

To which Officer Whipple gives a bizarre response: “No, but your dog is.”

Unmoved by the weirdness of Officer Whipple’s reply, Terri pressed on and stated that her dog had not done anything to attack anybody, and that he had no right to take her dog.

Looking at the body language in the video, it appears that Officer Whipple became nervous or possibly afraid at this point and shuffled away.

Watch the video below:

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