80-Yr-Old Army Veteran Who Survived Cancer Now Beaten to a Pulp By Cops, Ribs Broken


LONE JACK — Bill Swan stands in front of the police station in his United States Army cap, his face still bloodied and swollen after being beaten by cops, according to reports.

It began when Bill objected to a government utility crew who was trying to dig around on his property.

He got inside his tractor and drove down to meet the government workers in order to ask them to leave his property.

But before he could get them to leave, police suddenly arrived — apparently there to defend the government workers.

bill swanMoments later, Bill was pulled from his tractor and taken to the ground, his wife says.

Police apparently ordered him to get out, but because Bill suffers from hearing loss he did not hear them.

“Sometimes I have to get right in his face and talk to him,” Libby Swan said.

“It’s very unnerving that something happened to him,” she said.

They shot pepper spray at Bill, then proceeded to beat him so bad that he now has two broken ribs, an injured hip, and severe wounds to his face. 

“I’m afraid for us to even drive out of our driveway or to get on the street.” said Libby.

“I don’t know what police will do,” she added.

Bill hasn’t talked much about the details of the beating since it happened, according to his wife, who understands that he doesn’t want to re-live the trauma in his mind again.

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A grandson in the family had more to say, however.

He doubts his grandpa could possibly have “resisted” officers, since he can barely make it up the stairs without his grandson’s help.

He said that police told him they indeed “yanked” Bill off his tractor because, they claim, he “refused” to get off when they ordered him.

“It makes me worried, police officers are supposed to serve and protect, and instead they’re going after people that pay their taxes, that do the right things, and are law-abiding citizens, and they’re picking on the small guy,” said the grandson.

They told the grandson that Bill was brought in for “disorderly conduct,” “resisting arrest,” and “assault on an officer.”

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Libby, however, finds it hard to believe that the police are telling the truth. How can her 80-yr-old peaceful husband have done anything to cause such a violent beating?

She used to think that police were in her community to protect her. But now she’s had a change of heart about their purpose, admitting that she is no longer willing to call police for help. 

“If I was here and someone was trying to get into my house, I don’t think I would call them. I think I would call the highway patrol or someone like that,” Libby Swan said.

Watch video below:


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  • Robert Blackiston

    Hope the cop dies choking on his own blood.

    • Jeramie Walton

      And feces

      • Buck Kracker

        Their blood and feces is the same thing.

        • Erm, blood and feces are most certainly NOT the same thing.

          • Buck Kracker

            What I was saying is, they have shit for veins. Get it?

          • Stephanie

            Shit for brains is the saying. Please get it right.

          • BoundlessExistence

            Thank you very much for telling me that because for my entire life, up to this moment, I thought that they were the same thing. You are obviously the most intelligent person that has ever lived or will ever live.

          • Your attempt at sarcasm is noted, and rejected. I am obviously smarter than you.

          • Trace Elemental

            and your obviously one of those liberal arts majors who doesnt understand hard sarcasm, or much of anything else either.. damned liberal Emos

          • Damed Liberal

            I’m a liberal (non-emo) with liberal art major and still got the hard sarcasm hahaaa lets be nice we all hate the shit-in-their-veins cop in this scenario

          • Samuel

            Liberal arts major? Great choice of a career, they just opened a huge liberal arts factory right down the road!

          • Please go look up Alan Progun Collins on Facebook and then tell me how much of a liberal emo you think I am, douchebag.

          • rennie

            Why is everyone a liberal if they do not agree with some idiot that just spews rhetoric?

          • spike spiegel

            thats the pet name conservatards and copfuckers calll ppl who dont lick boot like them

          • whyarepeoplesostupid

            Are you retarded?

          • Are you?

        • Jeramie Walton

          Indeed ,it is.

        • Zartan The Destroyer

          The posts below this are why the cops win and thy keep us under wraps.

          • spike spiegel

            no its because amerikans are too fucking scared to rise up like their forefathers did when they fought against the redcoats

    • Zartan The Destroyer


  • General Tso

    One day motherfuckers… one day. Americans are going to squash you like a bug.

    • Spine Less

      Most of the americans are brain washed and scared of the police more than anything else. Where other people would have revolted and rioted long ago, they are still spinelessly keeping quiet and following orders. By now the whole country should be on the streets saying enough is enough. But no, they are trained too well…

      • General Tso

        I think it’s impossible at the time being. It will take serious unrest for any action to occur. People are too entrenched in their daily lives to break away from the mold. Doing so would be catastrophic to society everywhere… but one day the shit might hit the fan. Then it’s on. At this rate, that could be any time now.

        • Scott McIntosh

          Well the government just wants something like Ferguson, MO in 25+ other cities so they have the excuse to declare Martial Law. It won’t be on until that happens because of the aforementioned entrenchment in daily life.

      • Sherry Jones

        You’re right in that most Americans are afraid of the police. I know I am. The interesting thing about fear, though, is that it triggers a “flight or fight” response in all beings, humans and animals. The REALLY interesting thing is that biological and psychological studies have shown time and time again that the more intense the fear, the more likely it is to trigger a “fight” response instead of a “flight” response. You’re also right about the brainwashing. But, again, it’s been shown many times that severely intense emotions (particularly fear and grief) can snap even the deepest brainwashing. And humans are essentially “herd animals”. Once the “fight” reaction kicks in, it’s going to spread quickly.

        • Branon Lamphere

          we are pack animals 😉 we hunt 😀

          • Sherry Jones

            Ok, fair enough. Some of us are definitely more pack than herd 😉

        • Isaac Cha

          I have always tried to served the country and community and love all that is American way of life, and despise what i see as corruption within our being. I currently have my application packets for the police department and I have to say that not all officers are this way, and I promise you that I’ll do my best to keep a positive integrity and commitment to state, from a military man to a law man.

          • Sherry Jones

            Thank you for your service, Mr. Cha, and thank you for bringing your integrity and commitment to the police force as well. I’m sure you’ll be a good influence on fellow officers who may not be as opposed to corruption as you are. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow 🙂

          • David Braswell

            I share your beliefs but if you go into the police force you will be viewed as dangerous and unstable by a lot of us. I am sure your friends and family that know you will be proud of you. I really hope it works out for you if that is what you want to do.

          • John Samick

            you cant be a cop if your not a team player and its a dirty team good luck

          • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

            it is a ….. dirty team , read up on Serpico,N.Y. city ….. this is standard practise in most big cties and many rural areas …. I know mob got big influence… and they are the valued players of the teams…

          • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

            Im from montreal,been around police-mob-bikers-the political controlling factor of the province….. we made fed cops blows their brains out with their own guns….. put a drunk to be run over by separatist political aspiring leader….. etc…. should give you all a good idea of the devil in your town

          • Jonny

            Wow, that gibberish was barely comprehensible, I just can’t trust somebody that lacks the intelligence to type a semi-coherent thought.

          • Gary Pauletich

            Stop being disrespectful punk.

          • Pam

            Well said.

          • Leisa VanHook

            Johnny you are not impressing anyone with your horrible manners. I’d take tying errors and grammar mistakes over rudeness any day of the week.

          • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

            thats where your headspace is at,you miss the whole point because of the package isnt pretty like you want and believe all things should be according to your belly button….. i bet you you goy it pierced to become a star… politicians and secret societies fool the mainstream flaky people like you who judge the book by its cover and not by the content(which is the whole point of what its all about in the first place)with their bells,whistles,icing,flashes,etc… then you all wonder why nothing ever really changes as decades and generations go on by , you dont look at whats important and the truthful

          • Psst! Johnny Kareem Gagnon: Leise was defending you. She was writing to the other Johnny. The one that is mocking you.

          • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

            Luxomni , when you see or notice some idiot that is Totally Bizarre , they are paid zionist schills and government to cause disturbances and disrupton and attempt to ridicule everyone and the sense of the topic that is present on the internet …… I have noticed a few and their actions are insane and meaningless , one from Vancouver,Canada was calling the trajedy at Can.Parliament a false flag and posting all over facebook,and the next minute he was sending off petitions to all the people he had pissed off , asking them to sign to have memorial done for the fallen soldier ….for these paid zionist dictator schills , it is all a joke as long as Israel has control of countries politics and they get billions of foreign blackmail dollars given free from other countries resources and manpower

          • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

            kids think life is like the movies where the good get justice at the end,they still like disney world,miky mouse n santa claus and they think they got it all figured… the truth is theyre pawns being used for their daddys money,the sharks got total access to what these punks are up to all the time,just waiting till one of them shows dollar potential or gets lucky with lottery ….. and that punk is dead meat

          • I could understand his “Gibberish”. Do you even have a clue why he writes that way? Pick your clues from his name and location. English is second and possibly third language.
            Try putting as much effort into understanding as you do into mocking.

          • Patty Thomas

            What did you just say? SMH

          • MammaDukes

            …But the skiing is great there!

          • Jonny

            Cops ARE Americans and people too. Yes there are corrupt cops… there are also corrupt teachers, gas station attendants, homeless people, charity workers, Rabbis, software programmers, etc. These all make up a small percentage of their respective careers. Quit treating law enforcement as a faceless entity. I’m sure everyone has done some kind of wrong to someone else. I am guilty of it as well. I will say it again cops are Americans too, also they are flawed human beings… like me, like you, like your mom, like the garbage man, like that environmental activist, quit spreading ignorant hate speech about people you don’t even know

          • Boss

            You are a foolish individual who’s purpose is nothing short of trolling for attention. Find some purpose in your life, for once.

          • the voice

            The gas station guy isn’t called when I’m being robbed. No Shit there is corruption in our country. The police force is supposed to work against corruption and take the crazies that we can’t take care of ourselves, off of the streets.

          • Gwen Knave

            That is true that we have all done wrong. But we have not sworn to protect & serve, we can not hide behind a badge and gun when we do wrong. And if a civilian did this to someone, justice would be swift and most likely severe.

          • Just saying

            i agree with you, we did’t take the oath to protect and serve, they did and they do wrong all the time, killing dogs, beating up the elderly, and shooting’s it is a mess we need justice for the elderly and anyone else that gets beat up or shot by the police

          • Martina Dinale

            My Mom and I do NOT have a shield, a GUN , a virtually blank check to do whatever , and a get away with it guarantee , Jonny. ‘ Nough said .

          • amy

            Yea only cops get to shoot and kill people and get away with it legally

          • Just saying

            that is so true

          • Da’Von

            But some COPS use their powers unilaterally to murder, rape or imprison people for no good reason..

          • sargeh

            You’re a real piece of work. You criticized a poster for a typo. Yet, I just tried to read your post above and quit. The multitude of basic punctuation errors made it impossible to cipher. Either redo it correctly or post the code so we can decipher it.

          • Mannie Grant

            Well johnny all those other people (with the exception of teachers) aren’t in charge of protecting the rest. So while it’s your opinion, it would also serve well to grow some crops with. To put plainly it’s shit. If you want to protect and serve by beating people’s grandpa’s, then you’re probably a piece of shit and should literally have your head buried in the sand (not directed at you) because that’s low.

          • Hello

            Teachers doesn’t tend to shoot as many people.

          • Cheryl Babineau

            Jonny, yes those professions also have corruption. The difference? They are not armed and will go to jail of caught.

          • Hello

            The problem is when you give a flawed individual power and a gun – it often doesn’t end well.

          • Patty Thomas

            My family has never killed anyone while on a power trip with a loaded weapon, especially people that they are supposed to protect!

          • Johnny Kareem Gagnon


          • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

            I AM SURELY N O T is what I meant to write at the beginning

          • Johnny

            “You’re”…. that’s the word you want… 2nd grade English … easy stuff…

          • Mike

            Cool bro, you can correct grammar errors and can’t interprate simple concepts in basic conversation.

          • Pam

            How kind you are. Manners were also taught in 2nd grade.

          • MammaDukes

            …right?…grammar police who needs them really?

          • it’sme

            Johnny YOU ARE A ASS HOLE!!! now is that proper English I learned that as an adult maybe you need to learn it..

          • Grammar Nazi


          • Grammar Nazi

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          • Grammar Nazi

            and you put a comma after Johnny. And i noticed you said a question and a statement at the same time which is another Grammar mistake. “Now is that proper english that i learned as and adult”

          • Starting sentences with “and”

            Grammar Nazi fail.

          • Grammar Nazi

            Correct yourself before correcting others.

          • World Peace

            an asshole. Sorry. I couldn’t resist. one love.

          • MammaDukes

            I learned it as a kid when my parents fought…! lesson learned Lol

          • Joey

            “You’re” a pretentious asshole

          • Patty Thomas

            5 stars for that one!

          • MammaDukes

            Lets say it right people, “You are a fucking Asshole!”

          • JJABC

            you’re grammar sucks 😛

          • Patty Thomas

            it’s no longer funny…

          • Patty Thomas

            How much do you get paid to be a grammar cop?

          • MammaDukes


          • Niece1964

            I’m sure you will! I will say that we have only heard one side of the story in this case and in any matter I like to hear both sides before I draw a conclusion! My dad cannot hear well either but I’m sure if police are asking you to do something you can tell from their movements what they are saying and it would also not take a beating to make those type of marks on an old mans face. My dads skin breaks if you touch him wrong. I’m not saying anyone was right or wrong but we don’t know. I don’t think people would be coming to dig without him knowing either. He might have been fighting something and lost. Who knows?

          • Kirk welch

            Isaac cha, I wish you all the best young sir. I am an Ex Cop and things simply weren’t this way when I had a badge. We went out of way to make friends in the community, simply stopped into business and chatted with the business owners and their staff. We were taught ethics and principals and knew that our Oath was not so much to the city or State but to the people we served.
            I lasted 10 Yrs before I’d had enough. Crooked and corrupt DAs, cops that had chips on their shoulder and should never have been accepted into the LE community. Cops that were dirty but protected from higher up the chain, certain people we were told “no matter what, you don’t mess with these people if you wan to keep your job”., the list goes on.
            LE is a tight knit community and they are a community onto themselves. Once your in you will find in short order many of the people and neighbors you shared a friendship with will not be as trusting, and will begin to distance themselves from you. You’ll end up hanging with mostly if not all people that you work with and that alone will estrange you to any thought of serving the community. Cops live a daily life of Us v Them and Them is anyone not wearing a badge. All of those people you want to serve and protect will be referred to as shit bags and ass holes; Disagree with that sentiment and you’ll find yourself on your own.
            It is not a secrete or a mystery that our Law Enforcement has become ever more militarized. Many Officers are being trained by High profile Military Contractors now. If you’ve served in the Military and your trained as a Cop in a Military fashion what chance do you have of changing gears to Civilian LE from Military duty?
            Honestly I’m not trying to talk you out of your decision but I prey when the time comes you will remember this, Never and I mean never compromise the values you started with. If you cross that line there is no way back.
            I miss being a Cop, I was good at it but there is no way in hell I’d think of going back in with things the way they are. I’d most likely end up shooting some asshole that thought his badge put him/her above the law. something like this is something I’d not tolerate, damn the consequences.

          • Da’Von

            THANKS sir for your great honesty about what most like me already knew. ITS THE MOST CAREER ON THE PLANET. I will tell a child to be a COP ever….

          • fatwillie

            It is sad when one wishes to be as you were, in a profession once so admired and respected. I however am happy for you, as had you stayed I fear evil would have prevailed and harm may have come to you and your family. I am quite old and remember the days as you described police, but those days are long gone. I had a friend who’s son wanted so much to be a policeman, but could not pass the mental test as they claimed he was not mean enough. He passed all other requirements but failed this one wherever he applied and this was decades ago. I and my wife know from personal experience it is an us against them as you described, when we went to file a compliant in 1991 or police misconduct. The words of the desk sgt. had us leave without doing so as what he told us, made us realize it would have been a complete waste of time. I admire you sir for being honest, and moving on to something I hope was bigger and better then that which you may have found had you stayed.

          • Kay

            Hmm. I agree with everything you’ve just said. My brother-in-law is retired LAPD and my husband is Military LE. This is interesting because it sounds like most people on this particular post, I presume by all the comments and ‘likes,’ also agree that police brutality has gotten way out of hand. Yet, so many people just can’t understand why blacks are so distrustful of police. Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Tamir Rice, just a few of the most recent unarmed black men gunned down by police. No justice, no humanity, only apathy. Its terrible on so many levels to do something like what happened to this man, let alone a elderly man, but it could have been worse. At least he is alive to tell his story.

          • Joseph C. Krywalski

            RIGHT And all the WHITE people killed by bully pigs don’t matter RIGHT Kay? THERE HAVE been MORE UNarmed WHITE people killed than blacks! But no one stands up for that only awwww the poor blacks.PEOPLE LIKE YOU NEED TO GET PRIDE IN YOUR OWN RACE and than than see how any other race comes to support YOU!

          • Trish House

            STUPID COMMENT. Defending one oppressed group doesn’t automatically mean we hate another.

          • Lana68

            Yes he was very stupid

          • Kay

            WoW! Your whole attitude just changed, didn’t it? “People like me?” Spoken like a true BIGOT! That’s the thing, you don’t know anything about me. I said nothing about White people not being killed by police. I’m sure they do, get killed, just like any other race. HOWEVER, it is severely disappropriate to the number of blacks who have been killed, those are FACTS. And, I do take PRIDE in my race. What you think all black people are the same? Oh yea, thats right, we’ve already established your bigotry, so I guess you do! No its PEOPLE LIKE YOU is what’s wrong with this country. Don’t bother replying, I mistook you for a reasonable intelligent person, with the ability to discuss the issues currently affecting this country. Fraud. You clearly are just another racist fueled by ignorance and hate.

          • MammaDukes

            Where was the outrage and Mr. “not so” Sharpton when a white girl was killed by the Police in boston by the state police when they shot her in the eye with a bean bag bullet. WHERE WAS YOUR OUTRAGE THEN…?????

          • Kay

            You. Are. A. Bigot. You dont even know the Brown’s. Yet, you are speaking about these people like you lived next door to them. Michael Brown was criminalized and demonized in the media before your very eyes to help support the outcome that the police and prosecutors wanted. You are trying to convince me that this young man deserved to die because he allegedly stole cigars? Did you know the store owner says that he never told the police it was Mike Brown? Thats what they concocted to help justify their actions. BUT even if he did steal, he didnt deserve to die for it. Theft is NOT a death sentence, but capital murder is!!

            And this isnt about defending someone because they are black. You clearly have no clue what this is about. Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, Chavis Carter, Alan Blueford, Jon Ferrell, Tim Stansbury, Dan Scott…my God, too many to sit and name here! With the exception of the Martin case, they were ALL killed by police. I have many, many, many more names of young unarmed black men who have been shot and killed unjustly. Google it, cause I can tell thats all the information you have to go on. You have no real knowledge on these issues! Your just another bigot trying to justify institutionalized racism and propogating hate. Go to bed

          • heartland

            Don’t waste your energy, Kay. These bigots flock to threads like this like flies on shyte. They do not speak for the majority merely scream for a minority that will some day become extinct. For 4 years I lived in a black community in a large metropolitan area. I rode public transit, buses and trains, packed 7 days a week with black PEOPLE on their way to and from work. Bigots will always only believe what they want to believe and have no interest in the truth.

          • Kay

            You are right. There are a bunch of trolls on blogs. Im literally blown by all the ignorance on here. Thanks

          • MammaDukes

            Your only sticking up for the Black man that was shot…Most of us on this thread want ALL the wrongful shootings and deaths by bogus police made right. Myself included…! It’s not only black men being taken down unjustly but ALL races…Your a bigot and a racist Kay and it’s plain to see you only stick up for your own race…That is the description of a BIGOT KAY! here is the definition because you clearly don’t understand it’s true meaning…”a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing race, creed, belief, or opinion.”

          • Kay

            You have no clue “what im doing.” Evidentally your either severely myopic or illiterate or ignorant, because your just making crap up as you go. I think it must be “D” all of the above. But, I what I really wanna know is if your ass is jealous of all the crap coming out of your mouth???

          • Elias Monty

            No, Brown didn’t deserve to die for stealing. He deserved to die BECAUSE HE WENT APE SHIT AND ATTEMPTED TO WRESTLE A GUN FROM A COP. Were I a police officer, and you tried to pull that shit on me, I would gun you down as well, and with no regrets or guilt about it either.

          • Sharial

            Have you bothered looking up statistics. The cops killed 123 blacks and 326 whites 2012. 93% of black murders are black on black. Have you ever asked yourself why it is when a black person kills a white person it does not even hit the news? Right after Trayvon Martin was killed the exact same thing happened in Georgia but opposite way around, killer was black and dead person was white, and only the local paper mentioned it. Did you read about the white police officer who was killed in his cruiser by a black thug? Same incident as Michael Brown, but outcome different, the cop died!! Papers didn’t carry it because the person who died is white! You see white’s deaths don’t sell papers! And you know why? Because whites don’t riot! They don’t tear up neighborhoods! They don’t commit arson! They don’t go and loot businesses in their town! They don’t commit crimes for days on end and have drive by shootings! WE DON’T MAKE THE NEWS THAT SELLS BECAUSE WE ARE CIVILIZED ACTING HUMAN BEINGS! Black people make the news because of the way you act! DAMN I’ll give you points for acting out like a two year old in a 20+ year old body! That is one hell of a long drawn out public temper tantrum you all are having! And for the bad guy criminal no less! DAMN! Now I know you think that is just another cracker. Yup, I do not have as much melanin in my skin cell. I was married to a black man, have a beautiful black daughter and grandchildren. So, no I do not hate people because of the color of their skin, I dislike them because of the way they act!

          • Kay

            Yes i have looked up the statistics. And mine are up to date, and make sense. Your statistics are sketch, at best.

            1. According to the 2013 census bureau Blacks make up 13% of the US population, whites 77%. So doesn’t it make sense violence by cops against whites is relative to the ratio of whites represented in the population??? Duh. The disproportion of blacks killed by cops is relative to the black population. We arent dealing with a 1:1 ratio!!!!!!

            Not to mention the fact that blacks are fighting for justice in the perpetual violence against black men that date back further than 2014, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice. This isnt NEW to us!!!! Get a clue. Its new to most whites but killings have been going on in our communitites for many many many years!! And without any justice!!

            2. According to the Justice Department, whites are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes. With respect to aggravated assault, whites led blacks 2:1 in arrests, in forcible rape cases whites led ALL racial and ethnic groups by more than 2:1, and, in larceny theft, again, guess who: Whites led blacks more than 2:1.
            How’s that for “CIVILIZED?”

            Given these mathematical facts, blacks should be afraid! Would anyone encourage blacks to start randomly shooting suspicious white males in their neighborhood for fear they may be assaulted, raped or murdered?? If you can’t stand people because of how they act then you should be ASHAMED of whites, right now. Get off your high horse: YOU.ARE.NO.BETTERRRRR. Black people make the news because thats what mainstream America wants to hear, you dummy, not because your white asses are innocent. Yall have NEVER ceased to criminalize and villify blacks, its status quo. Check history for that golden nugget. We’ve ALWAYS been labeled with derogatory images and names to perpetuate inferiority. Nothings changed, just different.

            3. The term black on black crime is a destructive racial colloquialism that perpetuates an idea that blacks are somehow more “prone” to violence. This is ignorance and untrue AND FULLY verifiable by FBI, DOJ, and census data. For more fun and interesting facts visit your local library, preferably college library.

            4. And why exactly do whites need to protest?? Whites have faith in the justice system because it is usually there to uphold the law for them when they need it to, and many times when it shouldnt. So why should you protest?? Blacks don’t have the luxury of depending on the American justice system. Just because you ‘think’ whites dont protest, so what?!? Whats your point? Whites arent the “standard” in how people should “behave.” Lol Whites aren’t “better” because they don’t protest or riot. Actually they do, but anyway. Ignorance. Sheesh….

            We’ve LITERALLY fought and died for the progress made in this country. And guess what? When you cant depend on the humanity of your “brothers” to right the wrongs and you can’t depend on the justice system that claims to be blind, you PROTEST!!!! MLK said “Rioting is the language of the unheard.” He didnt believe in violence and neither do I, but the (minority of) people in Ferguson who did riot, did what they felt necessary, all they knew to do, and maybe wrong, but maybe they were successful because they got America’s attention to a matter that has long gone UNADDRESSED.

            5. YOU have no freaking clue what it is or what it means to live in black skin. And here’s a newsflash: ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARENT THE SAME. Just like all whites arent as bigoted as you.

          • George Warner

            the low income people are the targets of police and the judicial system…..regardless of race!…..and they try and keep you in the system!, if you dont have the money to pay fines, child support ect.,,,,you literally have to hide inside of your home to avoid prolonged exposure to the system….so lets just say, if your on probation and cant afford that either…well your screwed….your going to be in and out of jail till your probation time is done….and if you was to walk down the street while on probation!, well more times than not you’ll get another charge like j-walking,obstruction of justice,disorderly conduct an old warrant , something stupid that you can’t take to trial because your threatened with more time by probation if you do….so then your extorted into taking a plea!….and it goes on and on and the fines pile up with them knowing you have no means to pay because you cant hold a job!, because your in and out of jail due to the fact that your being stalked by the police and they’ll do everything in their power to keep you there in the system!….then after you lost everything you ever had or owned, because you was in jail….now you have to start all over again….a roof over your head, food, furniture, cookware, clothes, all the basics!, and a job…..then you have to go back to court and plea with the judge that your doing everything you can to move forward and gain solid employment so he don’t throw you back in jail for no money!….the first few times it works…..then your job sucks and your only making enough to barley support yourself…and then you get tossed back in jail and it starts all over again!….a lot of times this happens to people that are just getting by…then they get a traffic ticket they can’t afford and can’t take the time out of work to defend, so they blow it off and comes back to bite them, then all of the above happens!,…but for whatever reason big or small, the point is is that the system is designed to keep you there!….if your poor that is!…..it’s all about money people!

          • Fresh

            You guys are ignorant on purpose. You love the lie. Immediately, you should have been appalled by those numbers you posted. Blacks are 13% of the population but according to the numbers you posted, they are being killed at a much higher rate relative to their size. That number is almost 40%, 37.7% to be exact. The number should be lower if we were not targeted more. In reality black deaths should be 42 relative to our size. You guys need to stop man, just stop it!

          • Hank Hegewisch

            Fresh – do you live in your parents basement?

          • Sharial

            I love your first sentence…”You guys are ignorant.” Who are “You guys”? I am a female and I am assuming you are referring to the race that has less melanin in their skin color, often times referred to as “white”, although it actually is not that color. (Hold it up to a white paper towel, no where close to white.) Just that my melanocytes do not produce as much melanin as yours do. Ignorant I am not. I have been married to a black man and have a black daughter and black grandchildren. I have seen both sides of the issue and lived in both cultures. I think you probably have not.

          • Sharial

            Quit breaking the law and you won’t have that much of a problem. Simple fact, Have you seen the positive videos where people do not hassle the police officers or cop an attitude? Everything goes fine. When people act out, then the police are on guard and people often times bring on what has happened to them because of the way they treat the police. Not in all cases, but in a good number of cases. Luckily, many police have had dash cams now that have proved they were innocent.

          • Sharial

            Read the grand jury transcripts and eye witness accounts before saying he is innocent. I have read all of it. This was a justified shooting in self defense. Grand jury decision was accurate. Facts are always helpful.

          • Kay

            Well you best get some facts then because you clearly havent “read” them. Yall kill me with this mess. Like you’ve done some research “online” that reveal something more than what they want you to know. The audacity of ignorance. All these social media attorneys and blog scene analysts. Lol. No one said he was innocent, but Wilsons actions were NOT justified. And btw, tainting a jury is not “accuracy.” The TRUTH speaks for itself, it doesnt need assistance. 9 whites, 3 blacks. Get the heck outta here

          • asdasd

            the woman who was shot with a bean bag bullet was black you fucking nerd http://thesource.com/2014/11/28/a-pregnant-woman-has-lost-her-eye-after-being-shot-w-rubber-bullet-in-ferguson/

          • heartland

            She’s confusing two separate incidents. But then bigots are generally a confused lot.

          • MammaDukes

            Do you know what the word Bigot means…I have said nothing to state any bigotry here? I looked up the actual wording for you… a person who is utterly intolerant of any differingcreed, belief, or opinion.

          • MammaDukes

            My mistake…but it proves my point that it doesn’t matter to me black or white or yellow or green. I was outraged by the incident and the fact the cop didn’t go down for it-no matter what the color of skin!

          • Lindsey Vogt

            Omfg…you people are insane. As a WHITE woman, I agree with everything Kay has to say. You are telling me that it’s ok to kill an unarmed “thug” instead of say…rolling up ur windows and calling for back up to apprehend him and lock him up? This article is about police brutality. Eric garner was trying to stand up to police who misuse their “rights” as police officers…again..unarmed and it got him killed. None of this seems justified to me…no matter how you try to say it is. As for what this article was actually about..I used to have a veteran grandfather who was battling cancer as well..I would be furious. It just shows however how far these cops have taken things. He could have died but didn’t. If he did I would guarantee there would be an uproar as well. Mainly from WHITE people. It’s the years of past oppression that have caused black people to get angry over all this and frankly I don’t blame them. You guys need to realize we can’t keep fighting like this. Soon white people will be the minority in this melting pot of a country and what then?

          • Bill Stevens

            You’re insane because you seem to think that a thug who happened to be unarmed was more of a threat to a police officer than an 80 year old man.

          • Lindsey Vogt

            That doesn’t even make any sense. I never said either was more of a threat to the officer. From what I see…officers are more threats than protectors of people than anything else.

          • Jake B

            You are an absolute idiot if you believe police are bigger threats than anything else. This story is horrible, but generalizing all police as “threats” is absolutely moronic.

          • MammaDukes


          • Kay

            You’ve established nothing but your ignorance and inability to intelligibly discuss matters of race without getting red in the face! Lol. BYE FELICIA

          • MammaDukes

            Yes Kay…People like you! …getting a little angry Kay because not everyone buys into your “oh woah is me because I’m black” speeches?

          • Joseph C. Krywalski

            OK TYPICAL of your kind who can’t accept and refuses to believe the truth AND resorts to name calling !! Yup pride in your heritage but than being a ward of the state and feeling a kinship to the rest of the TAXPAYER DRAINS that are also state wards!!! WHITE LIVES MATTER AS MUCH AS ANY OTHER RACE!!

          • Kay

            I call it how I see it. A spade, is a spade, a duck is a duck and you are a BIGOT. As big as they come.

          • Joseph C. Krywalski


          • spike spiegel

            not when they will get wpied iin the race war you dumbass klansmen yammer on and on and on about

          • Joseph C. Krywalski


          • MammaDukes

            …according to Kay if they are white it doesn’t really matter! Guarantee that Kay doesn’t have any relatives that were slaves-no more than most of us have any relatives that were slave owners

          • spike spiegel

            you sound like a klansman get prid in your won race lols

          • Joseph C. Krywalski

            Prid? won?There you are a great example of how well you learned not only how to spell but the American language! No I’m not a Klansman but than kooks like you lable everyone thats not a libatard! Yup MY word! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a97c57dfb34c83ce46a3ea9f3c6da3a0de5ee7e234ed3df56861e7bec87d4a94.jpg

          • Moralmonday

            GLOCK 30 baby

          • Fresh

            More whites are killed because there are more of you. But, relative to size, blacks are killed and harassed more. Off the top of my head, I think 3 times more likely.

            Why are you guys so hell bent on denying the truth? Systematic racism lives and most of you condone it. But, guess what, many whites will be targets as well. Did you guys think they would stop at minorities? There aren’t enough of us to pose any real threat. You guys are the threat, they just practice on us because they know most of you will allow it. Meanwhile, they create new laws, saying, it’s to control those unruly niggers. But, these laws are for you guys.

            Most minorities know the deal and do their best to get out of the way but when the hammer comes, only 2 groups will be prepared. Minorities and people who self educate beyond their college degrees.

          • Muriel Katz

            I agree with you, Kay, that most people on this particular post agree that police brutality has gotten way out of hand. I’m definitely one of them.

            With that said, let me say that Mike Brown was a thug who had just robbed a convenience store and was walking in the middle of the street. It’s not his skin color that got him killed. It was his arrogance and apparent belief that he could do whatever he wanted to do to that cop. If the entire situation had been committed by Mike Brown, a white person, there wouldn’t be one darn person rioting and yelling “unfair”.

            Eric Garner can be heard on the video saying “I told you LAST TIME to leave me alone.” Last time??? He obviously had plenty of arrogance as well as a belief that he could do whatever he wanted to do despite having already been told otherwise. If this guy had been white, you wouldn’t have heard a peep from the news media, Sharpton, nor the WH.

            93% of all blacks killed are killed by other blacks. More white people are killed by police in any given year than any other race.

            Yeah…police brutality HAS gotten out of hand but it’s not the blacks who are suffering the MOST from this.

            Black people need to stop listening to the political propaganda of how they’re kept down “by the Man” and actually start taking a TRUE pride in themselves. They need to stay in school and, if necessary, teach THEMSELVES how to read, write and intelligently converse with others. They need to FIGHT for an education if the teachers they have are poor ones. They need to FIGHT to find or create jobs for themselves. You don’t need a bank loan to start a cleaning company, a window washing company, a painting company, a hauling company, etc. You start with one employee…yourself…and work things up from there. Easy to do? Nope…not by a long shot. Worth the effort? Definitely YES. Black people need to stop looking for excuses, and take the money that was marked for booze, drugs, acrylic nails, flashy jewelry, etc, and use it to get out of Slumville!

          • Kay

            Although your review of the “facts” of the case is just speculation and PROPOGANDA of what you’ve heard in the media, which is HIGHLY subjective let’s just go with the rationale you are using. Let’s just say for the sake of argument that Mike Brown was a”thug” who did in fact steal a pack of cigars from the convenience store and was walking in the street as Darren Wilson drove by. So you are saying because of his petty theft, which really equates to shoplifting, which both, WHITES and BLACKS do regularly, and his arrogance, Mike Brown deserved to be shot? Darren Wilson was justified at using deadly force? Same with Eric Garner. What was his crime? Speaking out against being consistently harrassed by police? Resisting arrest without probable cause? You do know that there must be probable cause that a crime has been committed before an officer can restrain you and arrest you, right? Garner’s actions justified murdering him? Even when it was revealed that the officer used a choke hold that had been banned because it was known to cause death? Really? Both of these officers violated the rules of engagement in both law enforcement code of conduct and what is taught to American soldiers. You don’t use deadly force to subdue a person of interest or an assailant unless your life or others are immediately in danger. HOWEVER, even then, IF you can bring the person in without killing them, they are SUPPOSED TO! It takes high moral character to have hold a badge and gun AND use it justly. If that is the case just shoot everybody, why do we need a court of law? PD is doing law enforcement, trial and judge right on the streets. It takes strong moral character to carry a badge and gun and use it JUSTLY. These men FAILED the public they swore to protect and serve.

            And what exactly does black on black crime have to do with the police brutality? Are you saying that because a margin of blacks kill blacks the rest of us shouldn’t care that we are also being brutilized by police? This is nonesense. Here is a newsflash for you: More Whites kill whites than Blacks kill blacks. And whites are the number one killer of blacks, past-to-date, period. You should check your history for those facts. And you don’t have to be a “thug” to be harrassed, beaten or shot by the cops. If you were black or had black friends you would know this and could be at least empathetic. YOU should stop believing the propaganda spewed by the media outlets, like Faux News and CNN, because you are clearling generalizing ALL black people and you sound like a bigot. (But maybe you know this about yourself already.)

            As far as your comments on what blacks need to do or what they should be doing, you cannot speak on what our experiences are what we should be doing, not as a person living in white skin. You have no idea what it is like to be black in America. As I have no idea what it is to be white. Being held down by “the Man” is not political propaganda. Some people may use it as an excuse not to do what they should, but it was derived from history: Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, Institutionalized racism. Or did you not know this existed in American history??? We protested, fought and died to stand against these blatant injustices, and still are. I bet you can’t name a single prominent civil rights leader who is white, past to present. Why is this exactly? Because whites have a history of being the oppressor. In other words, it is BLACKS and other races who have spoken out against the injustices, the prejudice and the racism in order to draw attention to these issues. White America does not have a history of “self-correcting” its wrongs or even identifying them. Change has unfortunately come only at the expense of those being oppressed.
            Your “opinions” are without merit and are outdated. Blacks vote, who do you think helped put Obama in office, did you vote for him? Why do you think they are frantically changing voter registration laws? We have jobs, and professional careers. And, we are educated. Did you know that Black women are the most educated by gender and by race, in America? Yes. Our college graduation graduation numbers are at an all time high. Google it, since this seems to be your only source of information. And maybe read up on race relations in America instead of relying solely on the grade school education you received concerning slavery. Like a real book. I’m sure the truth would bring some humility to your obvious inflated sense of accomplishment and superiority.

          • Donna

            Yeah, white ppl didn’t have the Civil War. That one seemed to be white ppl self correcting.
            Progaganda doesn’t say MB was a thief who committed felony assault at the store, videotape does.
            Add for the rest of it, Ive wasted enough time I won’t get back, not putting any more effort into it. Just not worth it. .

          • Kay

            You are WRONG Donna. That was not white ppl self-correcting lol. The Civil war was about keeping the Union together HELLO. It wasnt about freeing slaves. Lincoln even said it himself, that if he could avoid the war by not freeing slaves HE WOULD. The Emancipation Proclamation wasnt drafted and released until after the North’s first major victory, AFTER the war had already started. In it, Lincoln promised freedom to southern slaves and encouraged them to assemble black military forces to help fight against the South. Thats what you call strategy. It clear you have not put any “effort” into thinking before responding either, reading a book would be a great use of your time.

          • The Jerk

            Kay the Civil War was about BOTH.
            President Lincoln needed to do 2 things at once. Restore the union AND free the slaves, because he knew that The Union could not live side by side with a slave state.
            There would be one border war after another, or worse, not to mention the Sputh remaining like a feudal society, becoming more backwards with each passing year.

          • MammaDukes

            Interstate commerce was his true reason…he never for a moment thought the black man had enough intelligence to make it on his own. Lincoln knew as we all do money is the same color green no matter who’s hand it comes from. Ghettos were built so that black man would kill each other off, not to keep them housed-. Sadly enough Ferguson proves Lincoln right! Kay is a demented Bigot and part of the serious problem in this country…The Kays of the world will bring back another Civil war over Race…and it will be started by the black community…Ferguson is only the beginning-and what Lincoln wanted 100’s of years ago…the black man to destroy each other…sorry kay it’s history not my doing! Smile you will get your civil war again only a matter of time…!

          • Doyou Knowme

            The Ghettos were created by Hitler to put and keep the Jews in after they took everything, oops, stole everything from them. I’m ready all these post and it seems most people either dont know what they are talking about, or just making things up.

          • Indra Khan

            I thought things would be much better in the oldest democracy.

          • watcherofolde

            You know what? They WERE. But for twenty years or so, there are a lot of people in very high places who are encouraging all kinds of divisions, schisms, and strife among races, classes,sexes (both real sexes and made up ones.) I have my own thoughts about what their ultimate goal is, and I think you can figure it out without me telling you.

          • Fresh

            Things never were better. Most of you happily accepted the propaganda. The difference today, information is available immediately. This is a problem for governments and large multinationals. Now, there are billions being spent by governments all over the globe to control or suppress information. They know it’s easy to brainwash the masses because everyone wants to believe the fairytale. Most people hate thinking and love being fed lies.

            I don’t really blame these corrupt systems, I blame the people because there are always smart groups trying to warn us but we dismiss them. These people usually stand alone. The majority are a bunch of mentally lazy lemmings. There are very few moments in history where the majority listened to people tying to tell them, you’re living a lie. People love the lie.

            Police abuse will get worse because minorities are predominantly on the receiving end. But it will fall on your doorstep eventually. Corruption is like cancer.

          • Kay

            Haha yea i am a NON-WHITE! And damn PROUD of it. If I could come back DARKER than I am, I would. You are the problem with America, you and people like you. If you dont like the truth, too bad. Deal with it, deal with yourselves. We didnt create and institutionalize racism, people like YOU did.

          • Jillian Pierone

            – for the record.. the Union WAS a slave state at the time… And Lincoln didn’t free the northern slaves. Ps. EVERY CIVILIZED NATION IN THE WORLD managed to free slaves without slaughtering each other. http://tomwoods.com/podcast/ep-302-how-the-west-abolished-slavery/

          • iquanyin

            the store owner himself said he wasn’t sure who it was. google is your friend.

          • Bill Stevens

            Shut the fuck up. Race has nothing to do with police corruption, and white people are just as much a victim as black people.

          • Doyou Knowme

            That’s right. I come here to read about the veterans and got to read all this black and white crap. Why every body got to turn everything into race? Cops target more blacks but they also target white. Corruption is corruption no matter what color. We are talking about trying to end Police brutality. So get back to that. I have seen here in Miami Police target and beat up all race, Black, White, Haitian, Latinos, Jamaicans. And it’s back and white cops. It’s not race, it’s crooked officers who think they are better than everyone, got a chip on their shoulders and an ego trip know that they will get away with almost anything no matter what. They are protected by other officers, Internal Affairs and the DA’s office.

          • Christopher C

            Perhaps that’s the reality in Miami,however the NYPD has a stop and frisk policy that highlights black people and others of color.Cops are protected by the prosecutor because they work hand in hand and cops testify in their cases.The fact is cops are out of control to everyone,but doubly so in the case of people of color.The minority communities have a larger prison population than whites,despite the fact whites outnumber minorities significantly.I am white and have done time and one need only spend a short time to realize the extent of the racial divide in prisons.

          • Sammie Jo

            One would hope by now you would have learned that brown was no innocent and did try to get the officer’s gun and did charge at the officer. You don’t have to have a gun to be a threat to someone, mere size can make you a threat.

          • iquanyin

            so…living while big = cop are justified in killing you?

          • Sammie Jo

            If you are bigger than me, and you are charging me, your body is weapon. Would you stand there and let some 300 pd thug beat the snot out of you? I wouldn’t, so yes, better him dead than me.

          • mars

            scared to take an ass whoopin eh?

          • Sammie Jo

            Why would anyone want to get beat up if they can eliminate the threat. You’re an idiot.

          • Dallas

            He could’ve shot him in both kneecaps or any other place to subdue him other than a kill shot. He probably panicked because he’s not that good of a shooter or….he wanted to kill him because he knew he could get away with it.

          • Sammie Jo

            Cops are trained to shoot center mass.

          • Raji the Green Witch

            Maybe that needs to change and they should be trained to actually hit their target. Even IF that target is just a knee cap! After all, there was less than 15 feet of separation between them when the shooting began. Shooting for the center of mass IS a kill shot. however, the evidence was that the cop fired at him while he was INSIDE the cop car. Brown withdrew FROM the car and was actually RUNNING away, yet the cop kept shooting at the “center of mass”, why? Was Brown going to fart in his direction and instantly kill him with the smell? The instant that brown began to run away the shooting should have ended. Brown stopped, turned around and put his hands UP! the shooting should have ended then, too! It did not! the cop had NO idea that a shop lifting had occurred! He was just trying to be a damn bully at that moment in time. It was not until brown HAD been shot and was down in the street, dying, that anyone became aware of a robbery. Wilson plainly wanted to kill Brown for some unknown reason and he did kill him.

          • Phil Sibbald

            Since nobody in Ferguson has ever gotten away with it before, how is it that he “knew” he could get away with it. Mike Brown, his Mother and Father are all criminals and should be put in jail. Luckily, the people of Ferguson won’t have to pay a lifetime of taxes on his rotting corpse.

          • Ross Chase

            I wonder why he didn’t just step on the gas.

          • Justsomeguy151

            YOU are the POS idiot who is cheering a MURDER.

          • Sammie Jo

            Wasn’t a murder at all, it was self-defense, 300 + pounds against 210 pds of charging thug, who just robbed a store and tried to get the cop’s gun. What do you think he wanted the gun for?
            Think hard now, duuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

          • Aaron Lynch

            Yeah How about Tamir Rice or John Crawford?

          • Sammie Jo

            How about them? I have no idea who they are.

          • Raji the Green Witch

            Wilson had NO idea about a “robbery” at the time of the shooting. As for Brown “reaching for his gun”, there were NO witnesses to that event. It was merely a matter of he said-she said. Your use of the word “thug” is evidence of your own personal bigotry. Brown’s weight of 300 Lbs versus Wilson’s 210 Lbs is irrelevant. After all 300 Lbs of FAT is NOT the same as 210 lbs of physically fit COP! Wilson was physically fit and in shape to perform hand – to – hand combat, brown was an overweight fat kid who was waiting to go to college. Apples to Oranges.

          • Chuck Schwinger

            Brown was 300 lbs of high school football lineman,,,,he was physically fit…

          • Grace Bell

            Yeah and with a big ole Police Car between Brown and the Policeman in Ferguson. him.

          • Sammie Jo

            So now you want the police to run and hide when some thug comes after them? I don’t think he was standing next to his car anyway.
            Here’s an idea though, how about, the big ole thug doesn’t rob a store or reach inside a cop’s car and try to grab his gun, or charge the guy like some enraged bull? Think that would work?

          • Justsomeguy151

            What we want, fagot, is for pigs to do their jobs, NOT to be judge, jury and executioner but that’s too hard fr yr dumbass to understand. I hope a pig murders yr loved ones. I’d love to see you lick their boots and defend their murdering ways then, you POS.

          • Sammie Jo

            Hey stupid, I’m a girl, can’t be a “fagot”. LOL
            You should be careful what you wish for for others, it will come to you 7 fold.
            My loved ones will never be killed by a cop because they aren’t thugs, and when a cop tells a law abiding citizen to stop, they stop. Only dummies don’t.
            Be careful you might burst a blood vessel, you already talk like a stroke victim.

          • Justsomeguy151

            So yr a cunt. Either way, yr cheering a murderer. YOU should be careful, cunt. You fantasize that because you suck off pigs that they wouldn’t beat/rob/rape or murder you??? You wouldn’t be the first pig sucker to learn the truth the hard way,lying dumbass. Wrong, cunt. TONS of innocents are murdered every day by trigger happy lying murdering pigs. Sometimes all it takes is pigs going to the wrong address. So that 7 year old girl sleeping on a couch in her OWN HOME deserved to be murdered by treasonous pigs, cunt???? Did that baby deserve to have a flash grenade thrown into his crib and blow up in his face??? Did homeless man Kelly Thomas deserve to be beaten to DEATH by pigs, simply for “loitering”??? You deserve to have some loved ones murdered by pigs…then I want still cheer the murderers. You are such a brainwashed cunt. The law SUPPORTS law abiding citizens AGAINST the pigs you bootlick, idiot.

            “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260).

            “Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self-defense.” (State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100).

            “One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without resistance.” (Adams v. State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910).

            But because you are a bigot, you see all blacks as criminals, you just assume that the pig is honest.

          • Raji the Green Witch

            “You should be careful what you wish for for others, it will come to you 7 fold.” Where the HELL do you get this one from? Ah another “fact” that you reached WAY up into your rectum to pull out. Nice try but that one won’t float. After all, check out my handle. The rule of Karma is 3 fold, not 7 fold. And even among Wicca that is not a hard and fast accepted rule. Many believe that it’s one for one.

          • Mj Tay

            justsomeguy must be a joy to be around…his mom needs to bring him some more hotpockets and mountain dew to the basement. nothing better to uplift a discussion than vile name calling, you may have had someone agree with your position….cocksucker….lol

          • Moralmonday

            I want to eat you baby!

          • Sammie Jo

            So glad you just showed everyone what a totally disgusting pervert you are.

          • Moralmonday

            I am just telling you the truth.

          • Raji the Green Witch

            There was NO evidence that Wilson even KNEW about a robbery! Also there was NO evidence that Brown “charged” Wilson like an “enraged bull”. and the gun grabbing incident was NOT witnessed by anyone else at the scene. That was the cop’s word against the citizens word. Period.

          • Chuck Schwinger

            except for the blood and thumb tissue inside the cop car….

          • Jafeph Almaza

            you’re a racist lying piece of shit and i wouldn’t be surprised if the police unions paid you to regurgitate lies on websites like this.

          • Justsomeguy151

            STFU, lying fagot. The thug was wearing a badge, you brainwashed cunt.

          • Sammie Jo

            Well which is it? Am I a “fagot” or a “cunt”? Can’t be both. LOL
            The hero was wearing a badge.
            Bite me!

          • Justsomeguy151

            NO hero would ever murder someone, CUNT. Michael Brown was a hero for fighting for his life against an armed hypocritical lying THUG. Eat it, bitch.

          • Sammie Jo

            Do you kiss your sister with that mouth?
            I bet you have a tiny d i c k.

          • Justsomeguy151

            EXACTLY, CUNT!!! You were so fucking stupid to suck off the murdering pig and now yr embarrassed that you’ve been exposed as a moronic hypocritical CUNT who didn’t even now the FACTS about the murderer that you’ve been sucking off, self embarrassing whore. One of yr loved ones is going to be murdered by a pig and you damn well BETTER cheer that murder too, cocksucking cop sucker!!!

          • Had it

            Pay attention. Brown reached into the cop car and beat on the cop first. If that happened to me I would have shot him too.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Pay attention? You should try it. No, yr parroting the ridiculous stupidass LIE told by the murdering pig Wilson to excuse the MURDER he committed. If you would commit the same murder based on lies and bullshit then yr as big a murdering bigoted POS as Pig Wilson is. NO ONE goes from walking peacefully down the street hanging out w/ a friend and then just decides to fight an armed pig to the death w/ their bare hands. That fabricated story is so ridiculous and bigoted POS are so stupid to believe it that its shocking.

          • Raji the Green Witch

            NO, the murderer was wearing a badge!!!

          • Candy

            Oh by the way Sammy Jo…who told you that brown attacked officer and tried to go for his gun…mmmm let’s think oh yes …it was the lying pig officer that said that! Could be that the officer was already in his cocky mood and had the gun out on brown ..brown prob was scared…he did run and if the officer was so scared for his life he would have waited for back up…but no he chased brown! Bc he was pissed..it was murder!

          • Chuck Schwinger

            how did Browns blood and tissue from his thumb get inside the cop car? Planted?

          • Justsomeguy151

            Easy. The pigs lied. Its just another in a long list of lies from these treasonous murderers.

          • slut

            Die and get raped

          • Sammie Jo

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA Sure glad I don’t live next door to you, psycho boy.

          • Phil Sibbald

            the fact that you have to use such strong language to make your point shows me that you are ignorant and have place in serious discussions . Please apoloogize and then leave. Thank you

          • Justsomeguy151

            The fact that you have more of a problem w/my alleged “strong language” than you do w/ pigs beating, kidnapping and almost murdering an innocent elderly man makes YOU the ignorant fagot and cunt that I speak of. Now STFU, go [email protected]#k yrself and make everyone around you happy and go kill yrself, pig bootlicking traitor.

          • Aaron Lynch

            except for the fact he was yards away with his hands up and shot down into the head from a 300# 6’5″ cop you might have a point I guess.

          • Sammie Jo

            My point was how cops are trained, the rest is immaterial, evidently this cop had lousy aim.

          • Candy

            You’re a idiot…the only thug is the police…get your head out of your butt it would do wonders for you

          • Trent Cannon

            They are the same height and Brown only had a few pounds on him. Try again.

          • Sammie Jo

            Oh, okay, if you consider 100 pds+, a few, LOL
            YOU try again.
            Brown was a thug, the world is better off without him.

          • Raji the Green Witch

            Again with the “thug” language that betrays your bigotry.

          • slut die

            Yes because I know how to fight and am not a punk untrained pussy bitch lmfao. Police have one job OBEY BLINDLY so they are poorly trained and kept stupid like u haha…I’ve choked out a 6’4 man on pcp to help the cops. Fuck they were gonna shoot him cause they are cowards .you wanna kill a man out if fear you should he killed thinking your pathetic life matters more than someone elses. In reality you are a poison to America and I wish ur family to be wiped out

          • Sammie Jo

            No, living while thug, robber, attacking cop = justified killing.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Brainwashed cunt, if you weren’t so fucking stupid, you’d get off yr lazy ass and do the research. ALL pig murders are called justified!!!! that’s statistically and mathematically impossible, CUNT!!! I notce that you didn’t say SHIT about lying about being beaten up, presenting a proven false CAT scan that belonged to someone else, lying about where Brown’s body was found, not 35 feet but 150 feet away. 35 feet is still too far away to injure the lying fagot murdering pig Wilson and you didn’t say SHIT about that fagot being FIRED from his previous pig job. YOU are a bigoted murder cheering CUNT!!! Brainwashed pig bootlicking POS!!!

          • Aaron Lynch

            Sammy Jo You make lots of comments about brown being some huge thug, Brown was a huge fat guy no doubt about it. Wilson is 6’5″ in good shape and with combat training. The “thug” argument you make is simply without factual basis. He was a fat guy running away and executed by a cop standing over him.

            You also make several comments about how you and your family would never have to be afraid of cops. YOu should be sure to tell Tamir Rice or John Crawford all about how that.

          • Raji the Green Witch

            NO it doesn’t. Attacking a cop with your fists is NOT a capital crime with death as the legal sanction. the legal sanction for shoplifting is usually a fine or a few weeks in jail, not death. There is NO legal penalty for being a “thug”, or black, or Hispanic, or Asian or even Muslim. You are just making shit up, now.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Bullshit, you brainwashed lying dumbass. That was the EXCUSE given to excuse the murder. But yr so stupid you believe everything you see on TV, easily led dumbass. Pig Wilson was 6’4″ too, the same height as Brown. Pig Wilson had a tazer, pepper spray, a night stick, his hand to hand combat training and a radio to call more pigs so FUCK YOU, you lying POS. Murder was NOT his only option but that’s irrelevant because Brown NEVER attacked him.

          • Sammie Jo

            Boy you really are some kind of stupid, aren’t you? Brown had 90 pds in weight on Wilson.
            Did you even read the GJ report or are you just one of those who goes with the thugs?
            Brown didn’t attack him? What do you call reaching into the cop car trying to get the gun?
            You should address your anger issues, no doubt we’ll be reading about you in news soon.

          • Justsomeguy151

            No, bt yr a brainwashed moronic pig bootlicker anyways. The grand jury report that had admitted liars on it and known LIES? YOU are the one supporting thugs, bigot. You just fantasize that because he was wearing a badge when he committed the murder, that he’s NOT a thug. I call it all a fucking lie. Its an excuse, used to generate sympathy from gullible dumbasses like YOU because now you can cheer the murder. If he had just admkitted that he initiated conytact w/ them, cursed and harrassed them, then the murder wouldn’t be as openly cheered, meaning bigots like you would do cartwheels behind closed doors instead of doing it openly like you are now. Fuck you, fagot. I DO get angry when fagots like you cheer murder, treason and spread lies about it. Fuck you and yr brainwashed lying race-baiting news, bigot Only a dumbfuck believes a word those liars say.

          • Sammie Jo

            If you’re not posting from a mental institution, you should be.

          • Justsomeguy151

            You shouldn’t be posting at all unless its from prison, you treasonous cunt!! I bet yr bored, cunt. Licking pigs’ boots must be really exciting. You didn’t even address all the evidence against the cowardly murdering pig Wilson because you’d rather remain a brainwashed dumbass cunt.

          • Sammie Jo

            My my, you sound like a psychotic mental patient. Who even thinks the things you have much less print them.
            Why should I address the imaginary evidence, to placate you? LOL

          • Justsomeguy151

            No, I sound like someone who hates bigoted lying POS pig bootlickers like, you brainwashed cunt. Anyone who can think at all thinks that pigs are unaccountable murderers. You know, the murderers that you can’t suck off enough. Its only “imaginary evidence” because yr a brainwashed CUNT. You should do yr research but I can tell you LOVE being a brainwashed CUNT. Yr misbegotten life….END IT, CUNT!!!!

          • Sammie Jo

            You are really psychotic, you should seek help.

          • Justsomeguy151

            YOU are the psychotic who needs professional help, brainwashed CUNT. Normal people despise lying murdering pigs whle yr dumbass licks their boots in between sucking them off, CUNT.

          • Terrence S M Popp

            comedy lecture on why cops are such ass bags at times, enjoy and share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRiwGVFtAo4 r

          • Justsomeguy151

            Did you even watch the video??? This dumbass is a bald faced liar and a drunken idiot. He’s so fucking stupid he believes the excuses the lying murdering pigs gave. I just flushed something w/ more credibility than this lying fagot. He also never even mentioned that the POS cowardly murderer had been FIRED from his previous pig job in Jennings, MO for corruption and excessive force. Even the pic this fagot showed of the murdering pig Wilson showed ZERO injuries. This fagot deserves a hollow point to the face for spreading lies and cheering a murder.

          • Fresh

            And, you happily believe the cop’s story, although, you’ve seen enough instances where they plant evidence and lie on reports.

            Whites are just starting to feel the effects of brutality because the majority of Americans let cops brutalize minorities for decades without consequence. Most of you have been brainwashed to believe, if the minority was brutalized, he/she deserved it. Look how passionate and angry some of you are when confronted with the truth. In your hearts, many of you know the system was designed to brutalize minorities. If you’re 35-45 years of age, you’e the 1st generation to live without Jim Crow. Jim Crow was a police state for minorities. It’s effects lasted through the 90s. In fact, because of Jim Crow, many minorities legally armed themselves. Immediately the gun laws were changed, which permeate to this day.

            In the early 2000s much Jim Crow’s effects finally faded but many Jim Crow era legislators formed groups to continue these policies, especially concerning law enforcement. Groups like ALEC exist for these reasons.

            Now, after decades of conditioning, police feel that they can get away with their violent behavior. Americans watched obediently as many minorities were jailed using unconstitutional drug laws, although minorities are not the leading group consuming or selling drugs. They are definitely targeted disproportionately.

            As for the fact that there are black cops now, they tend to be the most violent. Most are trying to fit in and carry out the mission of the system to keep their jobs. Overseers during slavery were not predominantly white; blacks still have to carry out the demands of the system.

            Anyway, sorry for the long rant but I predict many of you will encounter one of these roided up, insecure cops in your lifetime. And, it won’t end well. I’m almost sure the victim in this article never thought he would be on the recieving end of such abuse. But, if you guys want to justify the brutality when minorities are on the receiving end, go right ahead. It’s only emboldening a corrupt system. There is a reason why we incarcerate more people per capita than some of the most restrictive regimes. Keep ignoring the issue, it won’t end well if we don’t say enough!

          • Hank Hegewisch

            Hi Fresh – you still pumped up about that spike lee movie? Haaaaaaaa! You dill rod!

          • Fresh

            Lol, dill rod? I’ll have to use that. If you’re talking about the trailer, yeah, that didn’t look too promising, which is unfortunate. We’ll see!

          • Hank Hegewisch

            Fresh – you are more than welcome to use dill rod…..that’s my gift to you.

            But more importantly, I hope you’ve learned a lesson to keep your mouth shut until you actually know all the facts. In this case you unnecessarily sounded the alarm….people that cry wolf eventually get ignored…..if your ok with that then it sounds like you’d fit in perfectly with the protesters at mizzou.

          • Fresh

            The movie isn’t out yet, so, how are you able to have an opinion based on a trailer? That’s why I said, we’ll see. You’re making assumptions without info, which is what you’re accusing me of. And, how did you manage to jump from a movie into a social issue?

            Settle down, any group fighting for a voice will always be ostracized or hated by the majority. It is what it is but I stand behind them. These issues are always uncomfortable for people who love living a lie.

            These politicians have many of you riled up for no reason. Stop looking for things and people to hate. Most of the world is beautiful if you are socially skilled enough to navigate through the bull.

          • Jude

            Bill, you’re fucking stupid. Support your bullshit with SOMETHING besides your big mouth. Your dumb ass argument is that racism does not exist int he US.
            crawl back under that rock.

          • iquanyin

            he would if he could. but…can’t support bullcrap too

          • Christopher C

            Why don’t you hit your knees Bill,you wanker,and do what you do best,unless you want it in the pooper.Police fuck with everyone,but not for walking down the street.Why don’t you do some work on your double wide billly asslips

          • Kay

            You stfu, how the hell would you even know ? You havent got a clue of what you are talking about. Apparently you live in a tiny white bubble. Race has EVERYTHING to do with it. White ppl a victim? Your delusional. If you dont like what im saying then too f’ing bad. The truth is NEVER pleasant especially to ignorant ppl.

          • Defender of something importan

            You realize that you both have valid points and you are both being excessively ignorant? I’m not saying we need world peace and goodwill to men, but its obvious neither of you are going to agree with each other, I look at your all caps and, at my first glance, completely skip over it because it makes you look like some 14 year old twat who has absolutely no control over your emotions. It’s some dude on the internet who neither of you are civil enough to get down to the other ones level and try to understand emotions so cut the crap and either preach to a choir who cares or be infinitely more subjective. In hindsight, I look like a complete hypocrite because you’re going to blow me off and not care about my post at all, but its already written so. *shrugs*

          • Kay

            Love it when people try and criticize but have nothing intelligent to add themselves. Your opinion of me or of what Ive said, to these BELLIGERENT BIGOTS, on a scale of 1 to 10 rates about a piece of gum on the bottom of my Nike running shoes. If you dont like what Ive written: MOVE ON. Nobody asked for your ‘opinion.’

          • Jillian Pierone

            Not believing racism exists in this country does not make those particular individuals on this thread necessarily bigots. It does require an excessive dose of ignorance and denial though. However- I would like to point out that you are also reacting in a ways that only further the idea of separate race = separate standards.

            “We protested, fought and died to stand against these blatant
            injustices, and still are. I bet you can’t name a single prominent civil
            rights leader who is white, past to present. Why is this exactly?
            Because whites have a history of being the oppressor. In other words,
            it is BLACKS and other races who have spoken out against the injustices,
            the prejudice and the racism in order to draw attention to these

            Why are you mentioning all of that above? “Whites” have a history of being the oppressor. Can you honestly tell me that there is a single sentence that could come out of my white mouth beginning with the words “Blacks have a history of” that wouldn’t set your teeth on edge? It’s historically accurate – however contextually irrelevant. If you are arguing that people should not be separated out into groups based on arbitrary genetic details.. why would you then choose to separate people out into groups based on an arbitrary genetic detail? Also – to suggest that blacks and other people with dark skin tones are the only people to speak out and draw attention to these issues throughout history is to blatantly ignore the fact that abolition started in Britain by white people and spread throughout the west via white people… that slavery was ended by acts of governments run by white people.. that white people voted to give blacks the vote in this country- and that white people still stand up against injustices. And keep in mind that when I reference those things as being done by white people – I obviously don’t mean they were done by all white people – nor do I claim some ancestral pride in them having done so. I have no right to be proud of things that were done by people before I was born simply because we both get sunburned in April. Just like I don’t have to feel guilty for things that were done by other people before I was born by people who also get sunburned in April. So I don’t say those things to say that “hey- white people are awesome!” Not at all. I merely felt the need to defend the fact that white people are equally capable of standing up for civil rights – because I find it necessary to stand up in the face of unjust conclusions of an individual’s character or abilities based on skin color alone. The key in this argument Kay – is consistency. If we can’t be consistent with how we apply these principles we will never be able to demonstrate them to others.

          • Vanessa Little


          • Justsomeguy151

            Fuck you, you bigoted fagot!!! Its a FACT, that blacks are more likely to be targetted than whites. No one’s saying that pigs only murder blacks, dumbass. They’re just saying that it happens to them more often percentage wise, despite there being less blacks in the US and that’s a FACT.

          • Michael Crichton

            Fuck you, you bigoted fagot!!

            Using that particular word isn’t bigoted at all. Nope, nosiree. (eyeroll)

          • Justsomeguy151

            STFU, pillow biter!! Its not bigoted. If fagots didn’t commit such perversion, they wouldn’t get criticized. Also, homos CHOOSE their perversion. Do blacks choose to be black? Can they just change their minds and decide to no longer be black? Why are there former homos then? Pedophiles also claim “they were born this way” but there isn’t a huge movement to bully people into accepting their perversion, why not? Sounds like yr a brainwashed Libtarded apologist.

          • Sammie Jo

            He has “issues”, he needs serious mental help.

          • sjb


          • John Smith

            More whites are killed by corrupt police than blacks.

          • Jean Macon

            Yeah right

          • CMiller

            this is coming from a white personI understand fully what you are trying to say but I am getting so sick and tired of everybody white black brown green blue having to put forth and everything they say in their comments about race fuck race we’re all humanshumans I don’t care what statistics say about blacks killing blacks whites killing whites whites killing blacks it’s all about people killing others and wrongfully killing others and you keep talking about slavery in your post. so a question I have for you were you a victim of slavery if not quit talking about it when I was a pissed off teenager I was no different than a lot of these other people that are getting harassed by the cops and I was downright outraged about it and thought they are out there trying to bring me down but as I grew up and look back at things I was the dumb ass out there provoking everything to come towards meyeah a lot of the things I did doesn’t mean I should have got shot for them but the actions I made when the officers came to me to question me is the reason why I’m still alive to this day. I will agree with everybody on here that please brutality is getting out of control but the one thing I have not seen anybody reply on put yourself in an officer shoes in today’s day you can’t trust a damn personperson anymore I am NOT talking about any case in particular so don’t get me wrong if you feel I am but if I was an officer and had somebody charging me or I was trying to detain somebody and somebody was refusing to things get out of control in a heartbeat and at any moment at any time it comes down to your life or their life now it is easy for everyone of us to sit back and look at something that has happened and say well I would have done this and I would have done thatthere is nobody that can tell you exactly what they will do in any given situation until you were put in that situation yourself you can swear up and down this is what I would do with this is what I would do but until you were put there you would do not know but like I stated already don’t get me wrong some of the brutality is getting way out of control

          • Diana Baskin

            If an officer fears for his life against an unarmed person who is running away then they should seek another profession. In the case of the one who was choked to death. There were about five officers on this man. He was telling them he couldn’t breathe. The guy choking him didn’t stop even when he said he couldn’t breathe and he was down and in handcuffs. That was murder. Police aren’t supposed to use unnecessarily force. This guy did. The twelve year old playing in the park by himself with a toy gun was killed on sight. No questions asked. The mentally ill guy was sleeping in the park. The guy at Walmart was holding a toy gun that Walmart sells. Again no questions asked. And the list goes on. This old man was trying to stop them from coming in his yard. They beat him up. No justification for what they are doing.

          • Sammie Jo

            He wasn’t running away, he charged the officer, read the grand jury report.

          • watcherofolde

            Was NOT running away was charging Towards. Look at the evidence. Oh wait, you won’t do that, you have your pre-conceived notion and you will abide with that no matter what.

          • Kay

            And what evidence have you “looked” at that didnt include an internet search? Lol People kill me with this crap. Like you were there. You dont know jack-dooky-squat.

          • Kay

            Heres a newsflash for you: EVERY BLACK PERSON IN AMERICA DEAD OR ALIVE HAS BEEN AFFECTED BY SLAVERY. If you dont know this or understand how, there is no reason for me to discuss anything any further. People kill me with their ignorance but wanna talk about all this surface stuff without dealing with the real issues.

            As for police brutality and who it happens to worse we are not talking about “just” brutality. Black men are being SHOT DOWN. Mike Brown and Eric Garner are not the FIRST. Whether we hear about these cases or not they would have still existed. THERE IS A PROBLEM. White men arent being gunned down, they may get beat down but not killed, over and over. And I NEVER SAID THEY WERE NOT being brutalized anyway. Nobody on this post can even name two unarmed white men shot down without going for an all out frantic google search. And even if you managed to find two are they receiving justice in the court? I’m willing to bet they are.

            So YES, in these situations there is a DISPROPORTIONATE NUMBER OF BLACKS BEING KILLED BY COPS WHEN COMPARED TO WHITES. If yall dont like it, too bad. Deal with yourselves. We didnt create racism, but we have to live in it until people change. Racism unfortunately is engrained within American culture. Laws can be changed within days, weeks, months, but people’s thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, culture, can take decades, even centuries to change.

          • Jude

            Kay, that was fucking awesome! I learned a few very interesting facts, which I will fact check, but i think you did your homework.

            Fuck all these ostriches with their heads in the sand! From this white, male, United States citizen and Marine , I say thank you, I agree with you, and I am proud of you, fellow citizen.

            I did not feel you were even SLIGHTLY hostile towards whites, and rather empathetic in your understandings. Just very well done and I hope to read more from you.

          • Kay

            Thanks Jude, I appreciate you. There are so many trolls on this post. I’m literally blown

          • justin_l9677

            You are wrong, Asian females are the most educated by gender and by race in America.

          • Kay

            No they arent lol your outdated. Google It. Smh. You dont have to like it. I know its startling isnt it?

          • Diana Baskin

            Well said!! I agree 100%. Just what I wanted to say but didn’t want to take the time to write.

          • Kelly

            Kay!!!!!!!!!!! I love you! I couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you for educating Ms. Katz!

          • Kay

            Ms. Katz, thank you.

          • watcherofolde

            Kay, Brown was killed because he rushed the cop and all the physical evidence points to that. So who is pushing the propoganda?

          • Kay

            No he was killed because Wilson felt his badge was a license to kill. You cant just look at the one peice of information which lines up with your prejudice and ignorance and laud it as the only “important” information. Yall people are sad. Stop talking to me

          • bree brown

            That was perfectly said. I wish I could applaud you in person. If only more people were as rational and educated on the real issues as you are, I’m positive race relations in this nation wouldn’t be at the volatile high it currently is.

          • QueeNia17

            What a well thought out response… Of course what prefaced and followed is ignorant!

          • Katrina Lane Martin

            Hey speaking of books you should check out Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony established the National Woman Suffrage Association and fought for women’s right to vote, Edward Snowden brought to the publics attention how much the NSA’s been spying on all citizens, Robert Reich has been an activist for wealth inequality for decades now, Sam Childers has been and still is an activist fighting for the rights of children in Uganda, Central African Republic, and South Sudan. So they are not forced to become child soldiers.

            Now when it comes to discrimination and oppression in this country Native Americans have certainly in my opinion been subjected to some of the worst injustices seen in this land. Europeans showed up and tried to kill them via disease and slaughter. Even in the 1940’s they were given immunizations that were supposed to be polio vaccines but were instead diseases to make the women sterile that almost extincted their race. and the tribe have their own independent government.

            Woman in the Middle East are standing up demanding rights to an education, the right not to owned as property, and not being used as breeding machines after having their genitalia mutilated. But I’m sure you can blame those practices on “white people” oppressing those women? no actually you can not. There are so many people that stand up, fight, and die or succeed for equality and life it’s self. Many will not be remember in a history book. I could as well as you list people from the beginning of recorded history find activists and oppressors from all walks of life.

            People of all types take a stand for any number of rights. From Food being genetically modified, water being poisoned with fluoride, police brutality, human trafficking, gender inequality, sexual assaults of children, religious discrimination, pollution of the Air, Earth, and Oceans with trash, chemicals, and oil contamination, rigging the financial system, ect. Domination and control are the causes of all injustices no matter where you live, what your religious beliefs are or aren’t, your sexual orientation, your gender, your age, or the color of your skin. any person can stand up to injustice as can any single person become a fascist or a bigot due to lack of education, lack of empathy, and lack of respect.

            Now i can understand that your loaded response was from a tool used as a pawn in the system, I get it I am not a fan of bigots or discrimination of any form, that being expressed when it comes to the history of oppression it exists in all cultures all over the world, not just white history. ALL history. The truth is that the police have practiced brutality on everyone from children, animals, women, men, elderly, veterans, and everyone they can if that is what they seek to do they will victimize any target. women across this country are raped and assaulted and left to die on the side of the road, not just black woman and the attackers are not just white men. Not all police are this way and we the people need to stand together to end government privilege, corruption, and start working on better ways to live. by now we should be off fossil fuels, no one should be starving, and no one should be homeless.

            I came on here to read about another veteran being attacked. I’m a veteran and i promise that sexist attitudes and harassment are not color or gender blind, it pains me to see the older veterans getting killed and assaulted. a ww2 vet was shot multiple times and killed by a black police officer but i would not get on and say “well it’s just how blacks are they are violent thugs” because that is so ignorant, racist, and unfair as you can not classify an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. so what you have said above makes you sound like a hypocrite as well as sounding like just as much of a bigot as the asshole you replied to.

          • Ross Chase

            My entire family fought in the civil rights movement for the US. The FBI blacklisted them and prevented many from gainful employment. We migrated to Canada only to see it drift in the same disgusting direction. I carry on my family tradition of fighting for social justice to this day. Show some respect for those that fought shoulder to shoulder with marginalized segments of your population and still do. By the way, my family is white. Open your eyes. Its never been about race. It’s about money. It always has been. Not to downplay the atrocities suffered by African American slaves but there were white slaves throughout history as well. Maybe you need an education on the history of humanity. Stop creating false divisions and start focussing on uniting the people of earth.

          • MammaDukes

            Im totally with you on Eric Garner…I saw the video and saw his graceful wife literally put Sharpton in his place leaving him speechless in a recent interview, don’t worry she is going to make bank on the civil wrongful death suit…reason for Sharpton hanging on her heels. Sharpton the Charleton is only out to profit on a black mans loss. If sharpton cared about the poor black man he would help him before it got to a death by the police or anyone else needlessly…but the only time he shows up is when he sees a pay day for himself….HOWEVER I am Not with you on Michael Brown…he asked for it he got it! two completely different scenarios’

          • Lana68

            Just what did Mike Brown do to deserve to die ? Pray tell, please tell me .I would also like to know where you heard these lies from. , I would guess it was Faux Noise or CNN, both liars !

          • Jonathan Leake

            He heard it from the evedence from three autopsy reports and 60 witness that told these same story. Even Eric holders autopsy report showed that he was running at the officer from blood splatter pattern.

          • Diana Baskin

            Please stop lying. There was one witness that probably made the story up. This witness was a racist who was a supporter of the officer. They said they were 100 yards away, then they changed it to 50 yards. They say they were walking on the sidewalk with Brown then changed it to the street. There were witnesses who said Brown had his hands up and was shot. I heard them speak. An autopsy only tells what may have happened. It can’t tell what did happen. The officer was shooting at Brown while he was running away by his own admission. He meant to kill him.

          • Rhonda Painter

            Thank you for the explanation, Ms. Nevergonnagetit.

          • Lana68

            Really, you must be kidding. I am so angry at the damn cops that I really don’t know what I can do. I am 68 and white. I have been through this before back in the 60’s and slowly this is starting to build Yesterday I was so proud as all the medical students in PA all went and laid down blocking traffic which mo one objected to. They each held signs that said either Don’t shoot me or I can’t breathe. I don’t know where your mis information but it sounds like you either got it from a cop or Faux Noise. They wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face The KKK pig that shoot Brown could have shoot him in the leg as real cops back in the day did but NO the bastard shot to kill the kid. Whether Browm robbed a store or was walking in the street the pig cop did not need to kill him. I knew the fix was in when I heard the break down of the damn Grand Jury, 9 whites 3 blacks. Of course he would walk. I was born at night but it was not last night. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE

          • black man

            You all need to check you facts straight about this Micheal brown shit. You say the cop didn’t shoot him in self defense? Well damn then why was 80% of the blood on the inside of the driver side door and all over the cop? Holly fuck could it be he was stoned out of his mind? Thinking he could do what he wants andtrying to take the gun from the cop cause he thought hell I’m 6’3″ 300 Fuckin pounds I’ll muscle this little “pig”? Just sayin sp you don’t say I’m racist. I’m black an I live in the ghetto of york pa. 9th deadliest city. Wanna know how meny police shootings we have?? Shit probably 2 the past 10 years. So not all cops are bad. An this coming from a black man from the hood.

          • Diana Baskin

            Where did you get this version of the story out of the book of Fairy Tales? I won’t even waste time giving you any facts because it is obvious you aren’t interested in facts. One day you might wake up and find the cops at your door with a gun in your face. Then you will understand. If he was as big and strong as you say and tried to get the gun, why didn’t he?

          • Kay

            Yea right! Im gonna call BS. Lol Love it when people try and perpetrate credibility. Nice try. No black man from the hood says “holy [email protected]€k” or “stoned” or “little pig.” Lol. Gotta love this though. #EPIC #FAIL

          • corona10

            You have a lot of nerve telling black people what they should or shouldn’t be doing. You see people like you love to perch themselves on a soap box and lecture blacks. Until you’ve been racially profiled. Followed around in a store, watched while white women clutched their purses whenever you’re near. Or had cabs avoid you, dont you dare presume to lecture us on our behavior and what we do with our finances. You seem to think all of us have some chip our shoulders and blame racism and see it in anything and everything. But thats simply not true. We only talk about it where it exists. And it does exist in the pds in many areas in this country. If you cannot see the disparity of justice when it comes to black and whites, you’re simply in denial and dont want to. This isnt some agenda or blame game or race card anyone is pulling. Everyone sees it. Your white privilege insulates you from having to see the reality that black people live through every day. This isnt some excuse or pity party that you seem to think it is. This is the reality of living and being black in America. The America we helped to build and are a part of just as much as you are. And your false equivalency arguments are just weak and a denial of reality.

          • Jonathan Leake

            Hahaha good talking points did you get those from these TV.. Third are the exact stories I heard from black dems and there ecsperinces. Bahaha laughable I’m sure everyone is running from black men in business suits

          • Jude

            the cop knew nothing of the convenience store robbery…nothing. The only thing that kid was doing wrong was walking down the middle of the street. If it were a couple of white girls, that cop would have done nothing except avoid his job and flirt.

          • Christopher C

            Muriel Katz is blaming the victims for being killed.Because Eric Garner was selling cigarettes he deserved to die?You are a racist douchebag,plain and simple.Did your Jewish ancestors deserve to be gassed because they gave the SS a hard time herding them onto the cattle cars?That’s the equivalent of what you are saying and you are an offensive person.

          • blackkofi

            Muriel Katz, as a black man, everytime I see a white person say 93% of blacks are killed by blacks…my blood boils. Not because of the statement but because the following factoid, seems to be oblivious to you!
            The fact is: whites constitute 86% of the population and 84% are killed by other whites…that mean that there are substantially higher number of whites killed by whites, but it seems that blacks are demonized and vilified and reminded that we are supposed to be the criminals and murders. Recent profile grand juries have proven to te America, what black people have been saying for decades…the system is rigged, some DA’s need to be disbarred and a large number of police need to be incarcerated or fired and never allowed to wear a badge and gun again as an officer of the peace, because some are the polar opposite.

          • Diana Baskin

            Oh please! You are talking out of both sides of your butt. Police aren’t supposed to kill criminals. They are supposed to arrest them. Just because an officer harasses someone over and over doesn’t make them a criminal. Just because someone robs a store doesn’t warrant the death penalty. These officers abused their power and used unnecessary force on them. Just like they did with the old white man who also didn’t comply and was trying to run them off his property even if they had a right to be there. Stop being a racist. The old white guy had no more rights then the young black guys. All Blacks don’t live in the slums. There are whites in the slums as well. Blacks can start all the companies they want but there are a lot of racist who wouldn’t hire them to do the work you speak of. How much money can they make when people like you would shun them? Most won’t even open their doors for blacks. Stop trying to give people you don’t know or understand advice.

          • Steve Batts

            Stick your bullshit FOX Noise propaganda up your ass TROLL. They didn’t complete the statistics did they were 78% of whites killed is killed by other whites.

          • Jillian Pierone

            “Eric Garner can be heard on the video saying “I told you LAST TIME to
            leave me alone.” Last time??? He obviously had plenty of arrogance as
            well as a belief that he could do whatever he wanted to do despite
            having already been told otherwise.” —– There is nothing in your statement or his that demonstrates arrogance on the behalf of Eric Garner – nor is there any evidence that he was doing anything illegal nor that the police had any right to tell him to do other than whatever he wanted as a non-criminal. When looked at in context, Eric Garner lived in a city where stop and frisk – a program that allows cops to harass anyone for any reason at any time – has been used to target black men. By their own numbers (the cops), blacks make up 54% of the people stopped.. despite representing only 17.5% of the population. Other numbers have shown that since the beginning of the stop and frisk policy – that more black people have been stopped and searched in NYC than the number of black people who live in NYC. Many report getting searched over and over again – sometimes in the same day or week. Getting to what IS obvious here… it is obvious that Eric Garner has no record – despite having been obviously stopped and frisked before. He was obviously tired of being singled out and harassed by the police. He was obviously asking to be left alone just as any other citizen in his position would desire. He was also obviously begging to breathe. Yet to a large portion of the world.. the very fact that the police would talk to him makes it “obvious he was a criminal” Which is RIDICULOUS considering that 82% of those who are stopped and frisked in NYC are COMPLETELY INNOCENT. Statistically speaking – if we see a cop in NYC stopping and frisking someone – we should assume that the person they are harrassing is innocent rather than guilty, as they so often are.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Muriel Katz WRONG. You sound like a moronic, brainwashed bigot. Michael Brown was simply ACCUSED of robbing a convenience store by the same pigs that unethically released an EDITED video where they cut out the part WHERE HE PAID. As for walking in the street? Who cares??? Everyone has done it and he wasn’t harming anyone. It was just an excuse for the pig that murdered him to start some shit. What got Michael Brown MURDERED was because a cowardly, unaccountable lying pig, KNEW that he would get away with it. He claimed to have been “brutally beaten” and having a broken eye socket but pics taken of him immediately after show ZERO injuries. They even went so far as to offer up a CAT scan except that the CAT scan belonged to an unidentified Iowa woman. Pig Wilson’s absolutely unbeliveable ridiculous story about some kid who was walking down the street one second and then just decided to charge a pig in a hail of gunfire is beyond stupid and ridiculous. Only people on PCP do such crazy things. His body was found 150 feet away from the pig vehicle but teh report claimed he was 35 feet away which is STILL too far way to be a threat to an unarmed albeit gutless POS like Pig Wilson. Pig Wilson was FIRED from his previous pig dept job in Jennings, Mo for excessive force and corruption. FACT. I’ll bet you didn’t hear that from the corporate paid liars at the LameStreamMedia though because it wouldn’t have played into the “black vs white” narrative they wanted to push.

            Wow, you stupid cunt!!! So now you want to disparage Eric Garner who also didn’t deserve to be brutally murdered???? YES, Garner had been harrassed and kidnapped by pigs before!!! But because you are a hypocritical POS pig bootlicker, you just ASSUME that “he deserved it”. I got news for you, cunt: Selling loose cigarettes is NEVER a crime!! If anything, it would be a VIOLATION which would only call for a citation. A crime needs an injured party, you bloodthirsty dumbass. But Garner wasn’t even doing that, he had just broken up a fight but some idiot called the pigs. That’s why they were there. Yes, they knew Garner from the previous times they had kidnapped him and harrassed him for NOTHING. He had filed a complaint against the pigs for robbing him the last time they kidnapped him and this was retribution, you brainwashed cunt.
            You’re so fucking stupid, YES blacks are more likely to be murdered by pigs than any other ethnicity and that’s a fact, stupid bitch. And don’t even compare yr lily white bigoted ass to blacks. Blacks in the US have had to deal w/ bigotry and bias their whole lives and that has NOTHING to do w/ any moronic Libtarded “race card”, its a fucking FACT. Yr so fucking stupid that you blame the poor people for being poor?? FUCK YOU, CUNT!!!! Wake the fuck up!!! This nation has sold them out and that includes the Libtard party/cartel!!! Hypocritical bigots like you are so blinded by stupidity and hatred that you just blanket statement condemned all blacks, you POS.

            Muriel Katz, a bigoted self embarrassing Jew. No wonder yr talking out yr ass and spreading BS lies. Yr a POS EXACTLY like the criminals that have robbed America of TRILLION$$$. You scum think yr so superior but you are the same evil scum that murdered Jesus for exposing yr hypocrisy. And yr still killing Him.

          • Terrence S M Popp

            comedy lecture on why cops are such ass bags at times, enjoy and share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRiwGVFtAo4 w

          • MammaDukes

            Kay—Police Brutality is Police Brutality on any color. Joseph below is right—statistically more white people are brutalized by police than African Americans (do your homework Kay)…though I’m not sure why race has been brought into the conversation-it’s about police brutality!?! You are undoubtedly not white Kay. I’m guessing that you also believe if your white you are racist..another false thought by yourself Kay embedded in our culture more so by our 1/2 black leader. To dismiss this brutal attack on an 80 year strictly by the color of his skin with your casual remark of “At least he is alive” is just as disgusting & racist and as sinful a mind set as dismissing wrongful brutality on any other person of color, creed or religion (except the dirty Muslims). Your no better…Keep listening to our Racist leaders in the white house Kay (not sure why you do they have done absolutely nothing for the African American beside separate you from others even further) Less we not forget how the Black American in Ferguson went after other black Americans by burning their business’ and houses all in the name of unjust racism. Instead of blaming white people for what black Americans do…Go fix the problem because white people didn’t riot to the brink of complete destruction of that city…black people did! How clever was that idea? Your leader isn’t going to do a damn thing AND …before you know it people like you will completely separate our country needlessly and shamefully! Good luck walking in your small minded world of hate… When you set on a course of revenge, dig two graves! Dali Lama-THE most peaceful man that walks the earth!

          • Kay

            Boy oh Boy my comments to Muriel have clearly infuriated you Mama Dukes, hasnt it? Clearly I am NOT white as I already communicated. What exactly is your point? I’m going to guess you are….hmmm…WHITE??! Or definitely NONBLACK.

            Any how let me try and sort out some of your nonsensical rambling…. It would make sense, statistically speaking, that if whites are brutilized by police it occurs more than with blacks strictly because whites make up more of the population than blacks. We make up only 13% of the US population, while whites make up 77% of the population, duh. I never said anything about whites not being brutilized in fact, I said I am sure that they are. HOWEVER, whites are NOT KILLED in their encounters with police as blacks ARE. I did say that whites are the number one killer of blacks from history to date. Those are the facts, how about you read a book.

            Further, I dont believe all whites are racist and never said anything to that affect. I am simply reminding you of your history. Painful yes, but the truth sure hurts sometimes doesnt it? Well think about how much it hurts Blacks to constantly deal with and wonder why we are hated because of the color of our skin, how God created us. The Word of God says that he created man and woman in His image, and all mankind He created.

            As far as all the other crap you are spewing, it sounds like you are just full of hate and an angry person. I can’t help you with that. You need some PEACE in your life. I can’t honestly bring my mind to entertain anything else you’ve said. One reason, because you failed to make a single complete thought in all you have said and two because it would surely be a waste of my time to try and have an intelligent conversation with you. You are too angry. You sound like a lonely person who just watches TV all day collecting the worst information possible to support and satisfy your hate, which ultimately feeds into your ignorance. BYE!

          • Bill Stevens

            I hope the cops shoot you next, you fucktard.

          • Kay

            I bet you do lol

          • asdad

            “is just as disgusting & racist and as sinful a mind set as dismissing wrongful brutality on any other person of color, creed or religion (except the dirty Muslims)” why’re you being politically incorrect trying to be politically correct about the exact same thing youre adressing? you’re racist but u dont like racism… k youre a spastic

          • MammaDukes

            Because Muslims are bombing our cities and maiming my neighbor…if you want to defend that then that IS your problem not mine! and we are at war with these dirty pigs and I defend my country and all the races in it good, bad or indifferent. I have no tolerance for such actions and never will… and if that makes me a bigot well then so be it…and if you defend it that makes you a terrorist.

          • Lindsey Vogt

            so my brother in law…who is Turkish..and I guess u can say Muslim…who treats my sister better than a lot of white men I know and provides for his family the best he can is a pig? I will never get “you people” and by that I mean racists. Read your fucking post. Not all Muslims are the ones who bombed our country. I’m not defending them. Generalizing mother fuckers….

          • heartland

            Oh. My. God. Did you really just spew hateful garbage and then end with a quote from the Dali Lama!?! You are twisted.

          • Jude

            Guest, more white people are harassed by cops than blacks are?

            You’re really shitty at math, you know that right? You know there are a lot less blacks in the country than white, right? But your garbage math skills cant take that into the calculation…however, once your able to master 9th grade math u might look at your numbers differently.

          • MammaDukes

            AND for the record there are MANY white people that don’t trust the POE-POE’s…another statistic you fail to research!!!

          • Kay

            Moot point already been addressed THOROUGHLY. You bigots cant do anything with what Ive already said. Too much truth in it. Keep stumbling over it though. I want you to. That means its in your teeny-weeny minds and maybe just maybe if you mill it around enough, like the Grinch’s little heart, your minds might grow. Lol

          • Bill Stevens

            He lived because he was LUCKY. They beat the shit out of an 80 year old man. It doesn’t matter what color the victims are — and until people realize that, this problem will not get any better.

          • Christopher C

            well he’s got that going for him Kay.Which is like saying you’re lucky you only lost your left arm,it could have been both arms.Blacks are rightfully dustrustfull of polioce,who regularly harass,demean,stop and frisk for no reason whatsoever.The people who fail to understand aren’t subjected to this kind of asinine behavior.If someone broke my balls every time I left my house,I wouldn’t trust them either and you wouldn’t as well.It’s called a lack of empathy,as well as sympathy.the people who don’t understand this are either racist pieces of crap or,like yourself,are defending members of their own family.So many people can’t be making this stuff up and saying this could have been worse signifies a complete and astounding lack of character on your part.

          • Kay

            WTH are you even talking about? It could be worse, he could be DEAD like the numerous black men that have been KILLED senselessly. Character? You know nothing about my character, but I just found out A WHOLE LOT about your intelligence. Sheesh.

          • John Smith

            Some of them are criminals and I would have shot them too, no matter what color they are.
            I can’t figure out why there are riots and national attention for criminals that got what they deserved, but there is silence when a bad cop actually murders an innocent person. They executed a man in the middle of a Walmart store, and choked out and killed a man in the streets of New York, but there were no riots. Children and pets are being killed in illegal home invasions by nazi police. Why were there riots for criminals that got what they asked for?

          • Andrew Lee Anthony

            I, Sir, SALUTE YOU****

          • Charlie

            I too was with nypd and only lasted 8 yrs due to the same thread.now a days criminal are wearing the badge and it begins at the top,

          • Cindi Kanipe

            Kirk, I understand where you’re coming from. With my job, State regulated liquor sales, I work with our LE members, almost weekly basis. Many come to us from other LE depts, after several yrs of service….tiring of the crap on the streets and in the depts. One was a former Army Ranger/Special Forces, who battled with “serve & protect ” aspect of LE. I explained to him it was because of his military training…knowing how to kill a man 100 different ways, with just one finger. Last I heard he was fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.
            Thank you for your service as a LE officer. Know it wasn’t easy.

          • Mirek Miller

            Awesome, worth Reading again…

          • Terrence S M Popp

            comedy lecture on why cops are such ass bags at times, enjoy and share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRiwGVFtAo4 z

          • William Burke

            Cops had better quickly wake the hell up and realize that powerful forces are putting them against us, the people who are supposed to be able to turn to them to serve and protect. We pay your salaries!

            You had also better wake up to the fact that after you’ve killed or subjugated US, someone else – the REAL Military – will be brought in to kill or subjugate YOU! When you have disarmed the American people, you will be disarmed in turn.

            The first sign that this is indeed true will be when you not be allowed to take your weapons home with you, and they’ll to put them in locked storage at the station, or a separate armory.

            When that day arrives, you will know that you’ve awakened too late.

          • Dave_sNotHere

            I bet you tolerated plenty of it – and even participated in some of it – before you left. Why did you wait 10 years? Took you that long to “have enough?”

          • wildman

            I’d most likely end up shooting some asshole that thought his badge put him/her above the law. something like this is something I’d not tolerate, damn the consequences. SEEMS you had your chance but turned that blind blue eye to it.

          • Fobes

            thanks for what you tried to do Kirk. I have witnessed this abuse first hand and their buddy relationship to twist the law to fit there abuse of power. It caused me to start looking into other abuses. Honestly I was scared for my family to fight them so I settled and moved on. So many have no clue this type of abuse occurs until it happens to them and what happens when it escalates into a murder well then a cover-up isn’t that far fetched when stories and documents have already been twisted in the past. After all – it’s Us vs Them

          • Martina Dinale

            I trust you will , and that you will stay that way Isaac, and that -VERY IMPORTANT – you will prevent to the beSt of your ability your fellow police officers from doing ANYTHING LIKE THIS !!

          • Da’Von

            Good LUCK, BUT IF YOU GOING INTO THAT CORRUPT SYSTEM YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED TOO GOOD OF A COP and they will change you, get you fired or kill you.IJS

          • Copkillers Unite

            Bullshit. This is literally the same fucking speech my piece of shit brother-in-law gave me before he became a cop. Now he enjoys spending his time tackling teenage girls and geriatrics in their living rooms. Have fun being a fucking piece of shit pig.

          • Tammy LadyRebel Lanier

            Sadly not everyone has the same ethics as you. God bless you and may He keep you safe as you patrol to keep citizens safe.

          • I did it for over a decade. You will find out how you are controlled by policy and the d.a.’s office. I give you 2 years before the new wears off and you will not find anything wrong and go with the program. 5 years before you realize what a scam the judicial system is.

          • Christopher C

            Good luck Isaac.Just remember if you give a little respect,as a policemen,you will generally get that respect returned in multitudes.a large portion of my family are policemen and went into their jobs with the same great attitude you have now.The fact is,once you begin to serve you will see and hear things that aren’t too cool and corruption has run amok.You are literally told who to arrest and who not to even think about arresting.I wish you all the luck Isaac and Thank you for your military service!!!!!!

          • Steve

            Commitmennt to the state or the people?

          • Faith Rockwood

            I totally agree with you! I wish you luck in your law enforcement future. Most officers are not this way. I support our police departments and talking about being brain-washed is crap. And most Americans are not afraid of the police, they respect the police and the laws. I am sorry for this older veteran, it should not have happened but their labeling of all officers this way is not true.

          • Dennis Godwin

            Isaac as a veteran myself I would like too thank you for your service. You are right your training has prepared you for your decision to become a police officer but unfortunately the people that are applying now are either was outside from the military or are ones that suffer from the little man syndrome an when faced with adversity they panic. So as a retired soldier an police officer I wish you luck an be careful out there.God’s Speed

          • Justsomeguy151

            Sorry buddy but if you want to be a good cop, you will be fired. As for military, I’m sure you know by now that murdering people in their own nation is NOT “fighting for our freedoms”. Its empire building and terrorism. The documentary All Wars Are Bankers Wars or Gen. Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket” will cure you of the notion that our military is protecting America. I hope you wise up and don’t join this gang of criminals.

          • Terrence S M Popp

            comedy lecture on why cops are such ass bags at times, enjoy and share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRiwGVFtAo4 n

          • arahn

            Isaac, If you want to be honest with yourself (most people fail at this) about what you’re doing when you are cop consider this:
            When you are a cop you work for the city corporation — not the people of the city.
            The city corporation has it’s own interests to protect and you (if you are a cop) are the hired muscle to enforce their interests.
            Sometimes their interests that they will tell you to enforce is unconstitutional but you will be told to enforce it anyway and let the courts handle that — the courts are a joke unless you have a lot of money.
            As an example: the constitution guarantees the right to free travel. But you will be instructed to ignore that and treat every traveler as a commercial driver and enforcing all tax and insurance regulations (you’re their muscle man remember). Many of the driving laws were written by and for the benefits of the insurance industry but what’s good for insurance is good for everyone … right? Maybe not. This country was doing fine and prospering before we had mandatory insurance and all that. In fact, the more insurance mandated laws are passed the worse it becomes for everyone except the insurance companies. And the supreme court decision that upheld Obamacare (affordable care act) said if the government can mandate auto insurance then by the same reason it can mandate health insurance — see how that works.
            This could go on but I hope you see the point. You CAN’T work for them and US at the same time because they are milking US dry — the reason so many don’t trust cops. And if you aren’t on board with that they wouldn’t want you anyway.

          • Derek Robinson

            Do you consider that ex military people are the right people to serve in your American police force ?
            It seems to me to be a lot of the problem.

          • John Smith

            I hope you don’t get hurt in the crossfire. People have had enough, and there are a lot of good cops, but the problem is that they are not punishing the bad ones. They protect the bad ones, and that destroys trust and respect for all cops. Cops should automatically get double the penalty when they break the law that they are trusted to uphold. We are arming them and trusting them with our lives.

          • Isaac Cha

            There are bad LEOs in the media, but I have not personally crossed into one. Everyone I met is kind and sincere. They are the bunch that I would protect and fight for. I live in Colorado, and the community is still good here, there is still hope here.

          • James Michael

            BULL crap…if you are a good man and get on the department …You will one of 2 things…Become corrupt and a traitor and criminal….or be Serpicoed…..There are NO good cops…or they would be taking out the bad cops….

          • Hugh Jazzole’

            I know ,the everyday good cops go by their jobs & take care of us w no complaints & a lot of thanks. The BAD one need to compensate the government when the Govvt has to lay out multimillions of $$$$ when they violate our rights & cause serious damage.

        • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

          I find in Canada,don’t know about U.S.,there’s a lack of anything to get true help when it comes to police and some secret ops enforcement … I even call Amnesty International and they offer no help ,all these so called human rights organizations don’t do nada for their own nation and instead they go complain about other nations ….. these days when plain clothes officers show up , a person thats been through special ops political hell doesn’t chance going with them… they could just aswell be there to dig him his burial plot …… I don’t know if theres organizations in the U.S. that help with these specific agendas being carried out throughout North America …..

          • Sherry Jones

            Nope. Those same organizations (Amnesty International, the UN, etc.) couldn’t care less what’s happening to American citizens. They’re all over us to allow an unlimited flood of illegal immigrants, or to destroy our 2nd Amendment, but other than that they don’t give a damn. The organizations that are supposed to be here to support the US citizens, like the ACLU, are very selective about who they actually help. At the end of the day, they don’t help anyone who doesn’t in some way support the appropriate political agenda.

          • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

            Nice to find an intelligent human being,thats the secret society’s big farce as I had suspected by all that took place in quebec right up to the charbonneau commission….. I have insider info at the federal level stating that all profiles having strong sense of justice and righteousness are considered targets for removal by plain clothes operations….. what many are not aware of , is the famous education systems serves the main and primary function to educate and provide detailed psychological reports to the elites and their control centers , in well documented and updated profiles of the Non Gratta , Noncompliant individuals they eventually will be dealing with at some point and time

          • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

            These big name Human Rights organizations are a put on and a show for people because they do not deal with serious human rights issues with their own countries …. they simply refer urgent serious matters back towards the government and their – – corporate policy – – human rights departments….. although they will help cats and dogs and farm animals ………. they also are funded by the elites and their corporations to help create propaganda news related to foreign countries to help stir up trouble in conjunction with the corporations’ military objectives to those countries…… they have also been used as intelligence and counter intelligence platforms in the past and continue to do so ….. to sum all this up ….. they do not practise Their Own Agenda on their own soil , or what they preach in their own country … they are therefore political and bias

          • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

            Ive been having problems with the same unit of special ops mob-cops in quebec for more than 30 years,one of them even became godfather to my daughter,and the entire province wont even investigate my claims of attempted murder,destruction of property,assaults,continuous harrassment,etc… hell, that dirty province controlled by elite mob and corrupt police simply act like nothing ever happened during more than 30 years… yet its well documented that by their indirect actions , fraud passports were obtained and used by Mossad for covert ops to assassinate people all around the world ….. the entire dictatorship sewer system is a global zionist operation in conjunction with roman catholic vatican and planted government (military) to invade free nations on the planet and dominate them …. nations of human beings are considered their possessions and property

        • Lana68

          How many more need to be killed as the ass holes cops get nothing done to them ?

        • Mike Roller

          “You’re right in that most Americans are afraid of the police. I know I am” Sherry Jones; arm yourself and level the playing field and you’ll be amazed at how quick the fear disappears!

        • Terrence S M Popp

          comedy lecture on why cops are such ass bags at times, enjoy and share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRiwGVFtAo4 c

      • kommadant

        well its not just that but alot of people feel they are “ABOVE” this stuff like it wont happen to them or blindly siding with officials just assuming the police are always in the right cause they are police, like i used ot think as a child, some never get outta that mentality cause they lived shelter lives and never did shit ever and never got into a situation to be put out by cops, which is also pathetic

      • ANSLQ32

        It took Mexicans a long time before their current protest, which is barely covered in the news here. It took the US Military to end Saddam’s foot on his people’s neck. It took 30 years for Syria to revolt against their President King……many other civil wars over the last few decades,,,,leaving behind mostly a [email protected]##hole of a place to live. With still the need felt by those in power to instill fear in those they rule. For example, sending young men to rape at will……..NO Spine Less, the USA is far more civil place, and the incident above in this article is very far from the US norm.

        Please visit Nigeria, stay a few months…..

        • David Braswell

          Well, the problem with this is that the police are trying to turn us into a country that fears police. This will never happen to the die hard patriot. This is one reason they would like to take our guns. They want us defenseless and no way to fight back. The true American will never stand for this. There is something wrong when so many innocent people have been shot by unstable police officers. Now they are not only shooting innocent people they have started shooting innocent animals in peoples own yards. The US government know that police abuse and harassment is a big problem. The government neither has the resources nor the people needed to address the problem. If you do a little research you will find a lot of information to this effect. As far as me I know where I stand with a criminal but I have no ideal what may happen if a police officer comes out. Will he shoot me or beat me half to death before realizes that he has the wrong person and will he even care. Police use to not be able to fire their weapon unless they were fired upon. What happen to this rule? Now its like it is acceptable to shoot first and then find out what is going on. Also they want to be able to fire their weapon, right or wrong, and not be held accountable. This is why they want military assult equipment so they can kill more innocent people at one time. This place is turning into a real sh?thole and the police are not helping matters.

      • Jonny

        I shall copy and paste this, because it needs to be said…Cops ARE Americans and people too. Yes there are corrupt cops… there are also corrupt teachers, gas station attendants, homeless people, charity workers, Rabbis, software programmers, etc. These all make up a small percentage of their respective careers. Quit treating law enforcement as a faceless entity. I’m sure everyone has done some kind of wrong to someone else. I am guilty of it as well. I will say it again cops are Americans too, also they are flawed human beings… like me, like you, like your mom, like the garbage man, like that environmental activist, quit spreading ignorant hate speech about people you don’t even know

        • spike spiegel

          spoken like a true badge kisser johnny enjoy livin on your knees with your lips on the pant antler of the police

      • Lee Neal

        Not trained brainwashed !!

      • Mary Lilred Gaworecki

        They are out on the streets protesting, but our wonderful media which is controlled by just a few people, are not reporting any of it. People are protesting all over the country, but you won’t hear a word about it……

      • Lana68

        I agree with you 100 %

      • Terrence S M Popp

        comedy lecture on why cops are such ass bags at times, enjoy and share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRiwGVFtAo4 b

      • Erik Shank

        Seems to me you dont know most Americans to make that assumption.. How is an all out war going to fix anything at is point.. North America is a big place it has 3 countries is and you seem to know everyone in them but keep assuming

      • anna

        before this nation was born they were afraid of the Red Coats the British military but you clearly see a nation was born out of revolution , Gang members from all different gangs have obtained military training the next generation will be making a stand and taking back this nation, Blue coats are what Officers are called , they put themselves in this situation and politicians and officials allow it to happen

    • Steven Krause

      Yeah, in your dreams General Tso! Go take another hit on your bong!

      • General Tso

        The police have spoken :p lol douche with a limp dick and badge

        • Steven Krause

          Hey Tso, we’re keeping an eye on you, funny boy!

          • billy khalil

            We’re keeping an eye on you, Steven. I have family and friends in the police force, we don’t hate all cops, just people like you defending the bad ones. Settle down now, don’t make yourself too many enemies…

          • Steven Krause

            Okay bad ass Billy, bring it on! BTW, we’re keeping an extra eye on you!

          • Chris

            I’m guessing that Steve’n deleted one of his comments here…. Way to make yourself look like an unsure little prick.

          • Scott McIntosh

            He is an unsure little prick. Talking about “keeping an eye” on people. That is disgusting and extremely not representative of American behavior. I think he should move to Iran, Russia or China if he wants to spout off worthless crap like that.

          • General Tso

            He’s just spouting off. Sad thing is, I already know the government’s watching me. The NSA is watching everything everyone does. I need to install a webcam in my toilet bowl so they can watch me drop deuces in POV.

          • Steven Krause

            No Chris, the people responding are simply deranged.

          • Scott McIntosh

            WTF is this “Keeping an eye on you crap?” Are you a NAZI, COMMIE or just too fucking plain stupid to recognize that you are PART OF THE PROBLEM? Go turn yourself in for being retarded.

          • Steven Krause

            Scott, I guess I probably don’t need to tell you that you too are now being watched.

          • Scott McIntosh

            FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. You are nothing but a little old woman spying because your own life is so boring and empty. I don’t fucking care if I am being WATCHED I am in open rebellion against this illegal government and anyone that challenges me on my property will be put to sleep with lead injections. You are the dumbest asshole I have seen on here yet.

          • Steven Krause

            Scotty, are you still living in your mom’s basement? If you are could you please let her know that we’re watching her too? BTW did I tell you that you amuse me?

          • Scott McIntosh

            Lol, no sorry to disappoint but I am very independent. I probably paid more in taxes than you made last year. I frankly don’t give 2 fucks what you think about me loser. You are the one that has nothing better to do than watch people. You frankly make me want to vomit.

          • Steven Krause

            Oh boo hoo you hurt my feelings.

          • Scott McIntosh

            I just woke up and saw this post from you. You were on FB at almost 4am? LOL, you are a loser.

          • Steven Krause

            Scott, you deranged, paranoid piece of your mom and dad’s feces; it is YOU that is the loser! I just got off my shift at 3 and was winding down after 8 hours of dealing with little dick cheeses like you!

          • Scott McIntosh

            Hmmm 0 likes for your comments. I bet you are ignored a lot. I find it amusing that you criticize others behavior and then you go and behave the exact same way. That is mighty damned Liberal of you. I understand and accept all my human failings whereas you just judge and supposedly “watch” others. Then you insult someone’s parentage like a 4th grader. Great impression you made there. In the end I feel sorry for you actually.

          • AndrogynousAutomaton

            Careful Krause. Start talking about watching people, you might get doxxed. Yeah I know, you probably have to go look up what that means.

          • billy khalil

            So you’re only keeping 2 eyes on me? I’d keep more than that, I’m very intelligent and slick…I’ll have plenty of eyes on you.

          • General Tso

            Gee, that’s a new one.
            Want me to bend over so you can get a better view?

          • General Tso

            By the way, shouldn’t you be out shooting little kids, raiding homes without a warrant, giving speeding tickets to those who weren’t speeding, harassing people for walking down the street, and spending the rest of the day at Dunkin’ Donuts? How do you find time to pick on people with such a full schedule?

          • freedom2015

            its only the people who hold 7am-5pm jobs that really get ticketed when driving, when your unground it pretty rare to see cops, they pick on the people trying to do good 2 afraid to face a real man they shoot kids in the back for running away from driving with out a lic. ect.

          • spike spiegel

            we got yous in the crosshairs loser #187time

      • rennie

        Steven, or is it Stevo, ever been in a war yet? I don’t flight! 66-70 VN.

        • rennie

          I don’t smoke or drink. But I have been stopped by a supposed policeman years ago. He ended up one night not liking his job. He didn’t like what happened! Lot of counties hire people that do not have a clue on what law enforcement is!

        • Steven Krause

          Rennie, WTF are you talking about? What does that have to do with Tso’s blind hatred of the police? I turned 18 just as the V.N. war ended. Thank you for your service.

          • spike spiegel

            what about your blind support of them bluelivesmurder

    • Nicole

      Your comment makes it seem like cops are not american?

      • General Tso

        They’re not… the government has clearly separated themselves from “we the people.” They’re not us. Police are government henchmen.

    • Keepdiscoevil

      Too bad everybody knows….General Tso’s Chicken

    • JohnAbramson

      Sadly, they will continue to get away with it. There will be no day of reckoning. The amount of people who said fuck-it, on election day, (thanks), out-weighed the few who do care and pretty much summed up the average Americans Idea of justice.

    • Jonny

      Cops ARE Americans and people too. Yes there are corrupt cops… there are also corrupt teachers, gas station attendants, homeless people, charity workers, Rabbis, software programmers, etc. These all make up a small percentage of their respective careers. Quit treating law enforcement as a faceless entity. I’m sure everyone has done some kind of wrong to someone else. I am guilty of it as well. I will say it again cops are Americans too, also they are flawed human beings… like me, like you, like your mom, like the garbage man, like that environmental activist, quit spreading ignorant hate speech about people you don’t even know.

      • Jonny

        Also this video isn’t working… is everyone else having this problem? If so, the pics are also low quality which makes it easier to hide photo shopping, kinda suspicious. There is also no citing from a news source, nor is there a date and location so I can look it up and see if this is even real. To add to my suspicions the “stories I might like” are just obvious spam, makes me question the integrity of this site.

    • Jonny

      Cops ARE Americans and people too. Yes there are corrupt cops… there are also corrupt teachers, gas station attendants, homeless people, charity workers, Rabbis, software programmers, etc. These all make up a small percentage of their respective careers. Quit treating law enforcement as a faceless entity. I’m sure everyone has done some kind of wrong to someone else. I am guilty of it as well. I will say it again cops are Americans too, also they are flawed human beings… like me, like you, like your mom, like the garbage man, like that environmental activist, quit spreading ignorant hate speech about people you don’t even know.

      • General Tso

        If a computer programmer comes up to you on the street and demands you stop where you are and asks if they can search you, do you need to do it? You’re not supposed to be REQUIRED to do this even for police, as per your constitutional rights, but police still use these tactics. I’ve been assaulted by police over refusing these very tactics of stop-and-frisk. I’ve been searched without a warrant twice. You can’t turn them down or else you’re asking for even MORE trouble.

        Who’s the idiot who said you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide? That guy really was a first class moron.

    • mick

      Borderline threat towards police. Be careful what you say or you may be next. America isn’t ready to completely erupt for you. Be careful.

      • General Tso

        I don’t need to threaten anyone… Nearly everyone is tired of the police. I don’t even need to leave my house. They’re getting what they deserve. The thing is, they brought it on themselves.

      • spike spiegel

        blah blah whatever copfucker they are one we are many FUCK THE POLICE

    • Terrence S M Popp

      comedy lecture on why cops are such ass bags at times, enjoy and share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRiwGVFtAo4 a

    • James Michael

      It is coming….Anyone did this to my dad for nothing…They better bury them under the prison….or justice will hit them in the back of the head when they least expect it….Treasonous psychopaths….

  • James

    lucky to be alive

  • James

    Look ma , I get to beat old Americans and deprive them of their rights on their own property . Proud of me now ma ?

    • LawrenceNeal


    • David

      and he probably killed his own mother.

  • gary triplett

    sick bastards that would treat an old man like that! they need to be shot!

    • Shawn PJD

      I would gladly be the one to pull that trigger.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Cops do this shit, then go their way without a care. People DON’T forget.

    • Buck Kracker

      People DO forget – too quickly. That is why it keeps happening.

  • rhn5595

    fuckin pigs

    • Travis Judah

      Pigs indeed brother. They should be put in front of a citizen tribunal.

    • Rebecca Kleitz

      Please stop insulting pigs like this.
      Pigs are very sweet and intelligent creatures(who also happen to taste yummy).
      Cops-not so much.

  • Travis Judah

    piece of shit cops need a bad ass beating for this.

    • Rebecca Kleitz

      Yeah, if I’da been working on that utility crew, I would have done everything I could to stop these asshole cops.

      • Jefferson Tester

        Sadly, the government utility crew were probably more accurately just a ‘government crew’ which is why the cops were so close and handy…

    • David

      The only problem with this is that cops are a gang and never separate, they kill in numbers. They are weak and can not handle a situation with out having many cops at the scene. I have counted to many times, that I have seen 6 cops pulling over 1 civilian on a traffic stop. They are thugs, there is no such thing as a public serving cop any more. They only serve themselves and their government counterparts.

      • Trace Elemental

        your right.. Google “the Blue Code”

      • rennie

        I remember many years ago that the local policeman was a good person that would keep his cool and never pull a gun on anyone! They would just talk to you. Today I don’t trust cops, judges, lawyers or anyone authority. I only trust myself. I’m the only one that will look out for me. Older one gets the worst we get treated like crap! I’m too old and have been through to much in my life to care anymore.

  • Buck Kracker

    I bet protesting would have stopped this from happening. No guns, just, ”HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT!” Works every time. Ha. Worked at Kent State and in communist Russia….and….every place in history. You know, the “pen is mightier than the sword” (until your pen hand is cut off by the sword, that is)

    • Blacktiger

      In this new society we are stuck with, we must leave our home wearing signs; this gentleman was hard of hearing, so should have had a sign saying I’m DEAF.

  • Janey Siegrist

    Are we sick enough yet?

    • Buck Kracker

      We’re terminal.

    • David

      What can we do to stop it? Every time some one complains they end up in prison or 6 feet under.

      • Trace Elemental

        what you can do is when you see a citizen’s very life being threatened like this.. defend the citizen . I did that once and got a few stitches ,the ex-cop’s jaw still clicks when he closes it ..worth the trade.

  • Theron

    How long are we going to tolerated this?

  • Earl

    They ain’t shit without the badge and gun. Fucking cowards. Pick on someone your one age mofo.

  • upagainstthewall

    Another sad story of what law enforcement has become in our country. These are our elderly that are now being brutalized, when does this nightmare of police brutality come to a halt?

  • Fed Up

    One day you will get old and I hope you get the same….scumbags!!!!

    • Randy Robinson

      not me! hope they never get old! don’t deserve to live that long!

  • Toemoss

    If you are a dangerous person who likes to inflict pain and sufferings on others, If your just plain mean,

    Then you want to become a cop and you will never have to be responsible for hurting others, You can actually get away with murder, You hear about it all the time, Some of the real bad ones will be taken off active duty and get paid for not working for a few days.

    Pretty good scam if you ask me.

  • Atrax

    You americans are stupid fo rtolerating this kinda behaviour from anyone, let alone cops.

  • Marc Edward

    And the sorry pieces of crap, probably bragged about beating the old guy, when they got back to the station . We need to start posting these cops pictures on Facebook , and in the local papers. Let people know they have bullies and cowards working for them.

    • rennie

      Bullies and cowards usually get these jobs anyway! My neighbor quit because he saw that his station liked picking on certain people all the time, they lie for each other and will swear in court. He just walked away! Now he is a Paramedic.

  • Mike7106

    Probably zombie grads of Zionist/Israeli terrorist training.

    • Trace Elemental

      or just commie, liberal lackeys

    • Jefferson Tester

      So boring. I think zombie Luftstreitkräfte revenants are not only more interesting, they are just as likely…

    • Brian O’Connell

      I bet the cops had German names. Ever notice most of these insane right wingers, Krauthammer, Bachman, etc, all have German last names? German American Bund descendants, perhaps? Let’s talk about Nazi sleeper agents, since everyone’s been obsessed with Muslim sleeper agents. Google “Operation Paperclip” and you’ll catch my gist.

  • Mike7106
  • Dan Sanders

    Police are not your friends. They are the modern Praetorian guard, protecting the elitist, ruling class from the peons. Avoid at all costs!
    And to the Police who still Protect and Serve, distance yourselves from these fascist enforcers through your actions and attitudes.

  • isaidit

    What needs to happen is these cops need to get 30 days in a real jail in gen pop. It’ll get sorted out real quick. Once the police see that can happen, it stops. anything short of jail time in a real jail in general population will not do the trick.

    • Trebor Tsreh

      True dat. Of course what will happen, if enough attention is brought to it, is the officers will get 3 months paid leave (vacation) while an “investigation” happens. During the 3 months, people will forget and they’ll be re-instated.

    • rennie

      Judges protect cops. I know this for a fact! They also trade sex so a female will not get a ticket. Not all but some! Work in vegas, you will hear more then you want! Males and females! Guy that is smarter then everyone? some cop one day may like you a whole lot!

  • Harry Palma

    Geezer got what was coming to him.

    • Trace Elemental

      your ‘psuedoname’ says it all doesn’t it a-wipe?

    • spike spiegel

      dumbass spic

  • Charles B. Goode

    Look – it is simple: you cannot become LEO unless you are a mindless drone these days. And guess what – the mindless drones are becoming the majority fast. We are moving towards an Idiocracy society faster than you think and there is nothing we the intelligent minority can do about it.

  • Cherl Thorne-Fielder

    Cops don’t discriminate! A Bad Cop will mistreat anyone across the reading rainbow…but not across the $$GREEN$$ line…WE the People better unite! This Grandfather needed support…protest, marches, etc…

  • TheCardiak

    I called the police two years ago to report some dumb kid on the frozen lake in my backyard shooting an ak47 at targets on the ice. Basically just called and told them someone needs to talk to this person because it isn’t safe as there are houses around the lake. The cops then come with 10 of them lined up like swat at my door guns pulled aimed at my dog screaming if my dog was friendly or not. He is a tiny 5 pound yorkie couldn’t hurt a fly….. First and last time il ever call police for anything.

  • TrthBTold11

    If his attorney is smart they would use the ADA law. ALL law enforcement are suppose to be trained to deal with individuals with disabilities: especially hearing disabilities.

  • TJ

    Don’t forget who was really behind this. Federal Agents pressuring the cops to do this.
    The is all about Federal overreach. Why are they arming the police with Military Equipment?
    Their solution will be UN involvement. A “solution” MUCH worse than the problem.

  • Paul Waldeck

    Sounds like everyone else was trespassing on his property

  • Julia Anderson

    such murderous, hateful, violent bastards. serial killers, serial rapists, child molesters, thieves, killers of small animals, abusers of the weak and elderly. and they have the nerve to utter the words ‘serve and protect’.

  • Therese Christensen

    I wonder how many cops were bullied as kids..that would certainly explain their mentality and lack of ability to control their anger issues. I’m sure this old man posed no threat to the idiots that beat him. Could they not tell by the look on his face, that he COULDN’T HEAR THEM??? I hope these cops lose their jobs and this poor ole guy recovers and gets over the fear of leaving his own home. Dirty bastards playing dirty games….it all comes full circle…you watch and see if it doesn’t.

  • Bladerunner64

    The Gestapo strikes again I see. Resist arrest and you get a complimentary beating, courtesy of the “To Serve and Protect” crowd. Nice, when a twenty-something year old, buffed up cop, beats on an 80 year old man…nice going there officer. I guess that when an “Officer of the law” wants to do something, anything, there is a term in the book for it, in this case it was “resisting arrest”, in another, it would be “obstructing justice” or maybe even “tampering with the evidence”. Ah, how the servants of the people have become the masters…sad.

  • Linda

    How can anyone who has taken an oath to uphold the law, and protect the citizens, beat an old man who has served his country, and fellow man ? Can you imagine the thoughts that were going through the old mans mind when this happened ? He fought to see that the cops that were beating him were living in a free country! How can an 80 year old man be a threat to someone half his age ? IF he attacked them, which I don’t believe, he should have had a baseball bat in his hands. I’d like to know how they and anyone watching it happen and not help, can go to sleep at night and feel good about themselves . Sickening !!

  • mike

    Cop probably got bored with punching pregnant women or slamming drunk 100 lbs women to the ground.

  • santa san

    Sometimes when you see T1 shooting up the police station,you gotaa think when is it gonaa happen for real

  • toma kay

    Serve and protect..boy ain’t that a load of shit

  • Don Ellison

    Nothing new , he has 20 years on me, I have been beaten and robbed by these [email protected]#$%^&*( combat vet also…

  • NewAmerica

    We need to rise up if noone calls the police or commits a crime there would be no reason for these money hungry bloodthirsty leaches in our communitties. Lets get rid of these assholes and have civillian operated patrol units and more neighborhood watch. Amerca hss had enough of this modern day slavery. We the people are too strong amd proud to cower in the dark while the evil greedy sons of bitches try to keep you all tame with thier scare tactics. Dont buy in to their fear. America used to be the greatest country in the world. We need to take it back.

  • Dan

    Find these pig motherfuckers, drag their worthless asses out of their homes, then skin them alive right in front of their families, then find the nearest overpass and hang the skinned bodies from the overpass then light them on fire!

  • letmepostalready

    what if he actually was trying to hit the cops with the tractor? you all can’t just side against cops for being cops until you know the full story.

  • Ms Jordan

    In 2005 the supreme court ruled that police do NOT have to “protect” the citizens. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/28scotus.html?_r=0

  • Doug Mcgee

    why is there no protesting rioting looting? WTF if he as black there would be and rev al and oidiot would be leading the charge with Holder carrying the books for them

  • Drakenator

    The total ignorance of the dozens of people on this thread is astounding to me. A story and picture of this old man with a bruised up face. MUST MEAN THEY VIOLENTLY BEAT THIS MAN FOR NO REASON! People judge without even being there. The man who was in the situation himself DIDNT EVEN SPEAK on the matter at all. They only waited 6 hours, I mean come on, we don’t get the police side of the story. Oh wait no one would care anyway cause all cops are evil.
    The old man is 80, if he was pulled off the tractor and struggled then he most definitely could have landed on his face by accident and caused that kind of damage. The ignorance of people jumping to conclusions and having such blood thirst towards people they don’t even know astounds me. What happened to logical thinking and reasoning?

  • JohnLeB

    Payday for sure.. wake up lady, your still drinking the kool-aid! Welcome to AmeriKa

  • Valerie Felger Wagner

    Heck no, the cops want to sweep it under the rug…or should I say tractor!

  • Nan Perkins

    Bullying 80 year olds is not a attractive. Shame on you.

  • Gary Gearhart


  • Crystal Lynn

    Sad to say that I’m not surprised anymore by what Police are capable of, they have become the exact thing they were put into place to protect us from. They are as corrupt as the day is long and most are incapable of even holding a job and yet are empowered with such an important one. These so called officers need to be put through basic training, just like with the military so they know how to handle situations properly and learn deadly force is not always the answer, most likely 95% of these men and women wouldn’t be able to hack it, let alone pass the psych evaluation.

    Hate to say it but i used to feel bad when an officer lost their lives in the line of duty, now its nothing more then another gang member dead, good riddance.

  • kristine08

    Its them against all of us…..even white people.

  • Chris Wicker

    I thought this was the actual video of the cops beating him..so far it all looks photoshopped

  • Bradley Jones

    shameful gutless cowards why isn’t this elder abuse

  • Billy Spearman


  • Billy Spearman


  • Margarett Brophy

    Straight out someone needs to find out who beat this poor vet & beat them & more. PIGS !!

  • Clorissa Trimble

    I’m lost for words. My dream is to become a police officer and serve and protect the people. If beating an elderly man that fought for my freedom is part of the job then I am going to have to find a new dream. I am deeply sorry sir and to your wife as well. And also THANK YOU FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY.

  • Wayne Atkinson

    its just messed up how cops can keep hurting people and get away with it, cops kill more people than criminals do but they walk away scott free, bullshit

  • fallen angel

    Cops police what ever you call them they go after people who pay there taxes obey the laws because they can’t get money from the real criminal s we pay for them to have free room and board 3 meals a day and free medical when the American people get sick of being treated poorly and want to stop paying for the real criminal s we will all stand as one as a Nation to stop the crap the nigars fight for rights that were in the wrong but american has become Coward’s and lazy but we’ll brag about fighting over in another country , what about our country

  • Todd Box

    I complained to my Florida State Representative about the Florida corruption. He asked Sheriff Ivey to send Deputy Scully to my door to ask me “What your fucking problem is”. This is the New World Order in America. Fascism.

  • Matthew Gow

    At some point in time the people of this great nation are going to realize that they have the right to self defense, and then they are going to exercise that right….I know I’m going to!!!

  • Lawnpro


    inform them your

  • Poohbear

    That’s shameful. Very shameful on the officers who did this. How does an obviously elderly gentlemen deserve to be beaten like this…..I don’t see how someone in this age bracket could “resist arrest” to the point that it required that kind of treatment. Sir, I encourage you to file a formal complaint with both the city and the state.

  • Poohbear

    Not ALL po’s are like this…and not ALL po’s are bad. Every profession has good apples and bad apples, it is sadly the truth that we hear more about the bad ones then the good ones, so therefore all po’s are given the same image.

  • mike

    Well there you have it. A one sided account from the defendants wife while he sits there saying nothing. I’m sure they beat him up. It’s gotta be true.

  • 3 to 5% of the population are sociopaths. Policing is a great career for a sociopath and these ones must have been. No ordinary human being would have done this.

  • luke

    not cool
    unfairly treated
    police need to be punished

  • Mike Tyga

    Not all cops act like this. I know when I served in Georgia I was a domestic violence expert and protected family victims from violent offenders.

  • Lance

    Thing is if it was his property he has every right to sue. if the officers and workers were on his property and he asked them to leave they have to do so by law. He should sue the police

  • Jaz

    Why do those cops still have jobs… Like the guy could do much to them after he was off the tracker hes 82! Hearing this type of thing makes me sick. Serve and protect not brutally beat and than ask questions!



  • Factsofthesituation

    Police say everything began when Swan had a confrontation with a utility crew. The workers thought things were getting out of control and decided to call the cops.

    When they arrived at the scene, Swan was on his tractor.

    The senior citizen tried to “back into their police car,” said Police Chief William Forbes in astatement to KCTV. “The officers gave him verbal and hand sings to stop. He refused to do so, turned his tractor around and tried to run over the officers.”

    Forbes said that Swan tried to fight with the police and attempted to get one of the officer’s firearms.

    “During the scuffle trying to subdue him, he suffered a cut on his head,” Forbes said. “EMS was called. EMS responded. He was abusive to them and refused treatment.”

    Swan was arrested and booked for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

    • Joe Prohaska

      Factsofthesituation, if I was on MY tractor on MY land and the police parked me in I would have moved their squad with said tractor. HE HAS THE RIGHTS ON HIS LAND!

  • No fucks given

    Americans such as myself just don’t care…he’s not us so we don’t care he got beaten, when it is us then we will, It’s just how we work.

  • justonevote

    We need to vote away there guns…. maybe then they will Remember what Protect & Serve means !!!

  • Mike123456789123456789

    They will let the animals burn down Ferguson, then they beat up an 80 year old. Apparently there isn’t a good cop in Missouri.

  • Nathan Gunn

    Fuck these bastards, its time to take our coyntry back and overthrow all these assholes

  • You guys, as Americans we have to do this right. Our country has hot embers, but we can’t let it burst up in flames. That is what those who surround America and hate America wish for. If we fall apart on he inside, we may be devoured from the outside. All these riots and uprisings would be a perfect excuse to declare Marshall law and have all weapons-our only defense against criminals, tyrannical government, and intruding armies from other nations. Given the contrast of what our leader has SAID in the past, and DONE afterwards, do you really want to surrender our nation to be at his mercy? Lets do this right, and separate the useless things from what is useful. Don’t tear down every police officer just because some are evil. There are still good police, citizens, CEOs, and politicians. It is CLEAR that there is much pressure on those who are trying to do good, to cave in and do wrong. If we do not remove those who are evil with a sense of precision and urgency, they will all become dark. Resurrect our rights, support those who do good and LET THEM KNOW you appreciate what they do. It can mean the world to a person, and make a big difference. Let those who do good know they’re not alone and are supported. Mean while pursue justice those who have committed much injustice, and cut them out of their abused position of power. Encourage those who do good, and remove the ability of those who do evil.

  • hiaximize

    Pretty sure this wasn’t from cops…pretty sure this is some more of the anti police propoganda floating around. I do believe this man was a victim of a violent crime from a home invasion when a couple men forced their way into his home as he closed the door.

  • David Braswell

    Police are getting out of hand and it is just a matter of time when citizens have had enough of police brutality. This is one reason police are wanting unused military equip. Apparently the police are planning on trying to beat the public into some kind of submission. This is one reason I will never give up my guns. I had a case filed in federal court against Princeton texas police department and the chief of police. The police department in this town is known for harassment and violating individuals rights. Since I had cancer I could not work and could not afford a qualified attorney these bastards got the case dismissed. However there are several other lawsuits in the same federal court. I do have loads of information against these bastards and I am willing to testify in court against them. The encounter I had with Princeton texas police department is what convinced me to get my CHL. Police or not I have the right to defend myself. We had one cop in the dallas area that drove down 635 shooting at people. Dumb bastard will mentally ill, as most of them are, and just started shooting at people.

  • dw

    These cops better lose their badges and go to hell stupid asses. Wtf do these cops think they are? Badasses shit the judge better take their badges away if they don’t this world has a fucked up system. Fuck the cops for doing shit like this to an old vet especially that he’s deaf. I hope he pressed charges and get a law suit for damn sure!!

  • Lou Campo

    All great democratic forms of government have fallen from with in, and this one will too.

  • Joe Prohaska

    Just remember people, not ALL cops abuse their authority, Just as ALL Blacks are not criminals and not ALL Whites are not racists. When we find officers abusing power we need to hold them accountable for that. The family needs to go door to door in Lone Jack, MO and get the voters to sign a petition to have ALL of the offending officers involved fired and take the petition to the chief of police. If he refuses to do anything then take it to the mayor. These people work for “We the people” and are accountable to “We the people” and if they wont listen to the people they need to loose their jobs. We ALL allow these things to happen because we all choose to bitch about these things but never actually DO anything to change them.

  • Kendal

    I’m sure he deserved it police officers are only doing there jobs….

  • Hollif50

    ‘disorderly conduct,” “resisting arrest,” and “assault on an officer.” …..When cops decide they’re going to take you in; these are ALWAYS the generic charges – catch-alls… Then you get to defend yourself in court ($2,000-$3,000) or you are made to sign a paper that you won’t sue to get out of the county jail.

  • Bad Dog

    This is what the police have to say. Not sure who to believe to be honest.

    “Public Works was near the individual’s house repairing some
    utility lines on the city’s easement. The individual has felt for some
    time that they were on his property. He went out and yelled at them that
    they were on his property, to get off his property, that he was going
    to sue, etc. The workers felt he was being abusive, so they called
    police. When the police got there, the individual was on his tractor. He
    first tried to back into their police car. Then, he tried to leave the

    “The officers gave him verbal and hand signs to
    stop. He refused to do so, turned his tractor around, and tried to run
    over the officers. One of the officers was able to get on the tractor
    and shut it off. He became combative, swung at the officers, and tried
    to get the officer’s firearm out of his holster. During the scuffle
    trying to subdue him, he suffered a cut on his head. EMS was called. EMS
    responded. He was abusive to them and refused treatment. He was then
    brought to the station where were was booked for disorderly conduct,
    resisting arrest, and two counts of assaulting a police officer.”

    “He will have his day in court.”

    This does sound plausible. From the link in the article. From kctv5 web site.

  • Braxton

    There are two patterns of police abuse that I see as a growing problem. They are a product of police training. Look at any such situation and I think you’ll notice how each distinct policy causes most of the situations, reactions and charges. The two are: 1) a policy of (non-reasoning) “zero tolerance” and 2) face-down, on-the-ground handcuffing.

  • Seth Silky Karzican

    Time for Lone Jack to de-fund and get rid of their police force. Have the state police cover requirements. Local cops suck!

  • tomjohnson

    Bastille Day USA is headed this way like a freight train. Trick Question: How many Paris Police survived July 14, 1789?

  • Guest

    if i ever see something like this in front of me happen i will beat the living shit out of the cop doing it. i will not stand idly by while this shit keeps happening and neither should anyone else!

    a crowd of nearly 1,000 chinese citizens killed 5 cops for brutally attacking and killing a civilian in public: http://shanghaiist.com/2014/04/21/rioting-crowd-beats-5-chengguan-for-killing-civillian.php

    the day we stand up to them is the day they start acting like human beings.

  • Liam

    Why are so many on this thread so preoccupied with this idiot Johnny? The story is about an 80 year old veteran being beaten by police. Don’t let this moron become the story…..focus people…..that’s why these things like this get swept under the rug….because people become so easily sidetracked. Just ignore this clown and he’ll have to go out and find a real life. The question should be…..why does it take a few cops to bring down an old man and why does he need to be beaten so badly. These officers desperately need re-training or a new job outside of law enforcement…..like maybe working the window at McDonald’s. I know a lot of good cops and they need to help weed out the bad ones because the bad few make them all look bad and make their job more dangerous.

  • fatwillie

    I cannot tell you how many people they are waking up to the fact that they the police are the enemy. Most people they abuse and or kill today, are some of the biggest police supporters years ago. Soon, a once honored profession will be so disliked, that the police will be hard pressed to find anyone that likes them, other then themselves and family members, and even the family members may be questioned in that regard. How sad, in so few years the tarnish that is now abundant in the profession it is a disgrace.

  • Jared Wilson

    Let’s loot and riot and burn this bit÷# down….oh wait.. we are more civilized than that. O_0

  • Stevie Masen

    Being a veteran I feel for my military brother and his family and I am furious with the cops for doing this. However, given the name of the site, I’m very willing to bet there is more to the story than what has been written, but that has been left out. I’ve also been a member of mass media for going on 20 years. I know how we work. I know exactly how to write, how to shoot, how to speak, to provoke a certain response. These stories are real, and the police problem in this country needs to be dealt with, but when you see stories like this, you need to remember one thing: the media is on no one’s side but their own. They want click-throughs, they want viewings, they want quarter-hours, they want ratings, they want advertiser dollars. They want money. Period. Your feelings, your emotions and your cause mean zilch once those ratings fall. Right now, vilifying cops creates the controversy that drives the ratings they want. But mark my words, the media will lose interest after this week if it even takes that long.

    • Amy

      They won’t lose interest that fast, calling out cops for their wrong doings is the new internet trend so I think with everything going on it will last a little longer than a week, just my opinion…. Not a fact

  • Jeremy Malone

    I find it hard to believe people believe this stuff…Ignorance is bliss

  • Manuel Serrano

    So…it’s not only a matter of being black while walking, it can be a matter of anyone of color while walking.

  • They are an organized gang are American police. Have met very few that aren’t utter psychos. So, no, it doesn’t surprise me they would do this to this poor man.

  • Amy

    If the government doesn’t stop this police brutality we are going to end up with war public vs the government

  • Cheryl Scally

    They should hire a good attorney and sue the shit out of the city or town. Its cops like this that give good cops a bad name. Wonder how they would feel if someone beat up their 80+ year old father or grandfather. They wouldnt like it. They were probably cops that took their schooling for law enforcement on the internet. Totally disgusting and they should pay dearly for their actions.

  • dayle

    not all cops are bad…its just the ones that are bad…are really bad…and who is suppose to do the policing if yall hate who is doing it now..why dont u do the thankless job?

  • This is so sad. It’s time we stand up for what we believe in!

  • duck

    If id been there i guess id went to jail for assault on police officer..i meant to say assault on a peice of shit officer.theres no way i could set back and watch em beat on an old man like that.

  • hwt123

    “With the age of internet, comes the awakening of living man”

    US inc cops are enforcers of statutes which were put in place under Martial law Government & the courts are fake & the courts are under war powers, just look at the flag hung, all have 4 colors & the flag declares the laws & jurisdiction just like a ship at sea…

    Our REPUBLIC was founded on the recognition that we are created equally with inalienable rights & laws coming from our creator & our courts recognizing the common law under the CIVIL jurisdiction of the land.
    Unfortunately, greed & power restored the law of kings (statutory jurisdiction) back into the hands of a few criminals who
    learned the secrets of usury.
    Today the courts are under the international jurisdiction of the sea. Admiralty / Maritime courts at sea where judge serves as captain & all are subject to the laws of the ship. Admiralty / Maritime courts at sea.
    Why are the courts at sea?
    In 1666 , you remember the sign of Satan, 666 .
    In the year 1666 the Vatican / CROWN corporation declared every living man dead or lost at sea, so lost at sea, so lost we must hold our courts at sea…


    When you state your “legal name” (that is your name in CAPS on your ID) in a court under the international jurisdiction of the sea , you are subject to the “legal system” put in place in 1878 by the dummy corporation founded in the act of 1871 named UNITED STATES inc…

    BAR put in place the legal system in 1878 & stands for BRITISH accreditation registry & all BAR title holders are banned by the original constitution in the 13th amendment ,( the 1871 constitution is a corporate fiction)…

    Historical outline
    Don’t believe me? ask a judge

  • juliorojo

    Why not just finally over run the government I mean we have the right to change it if more than 3/4 of Americans do not agree with what’s been happening in the past years with the law”enforcments” us Americans should take this out of our rights and should demand a new kind of enforcement that doesn’t use violence as they’re tittle. What happened to the god cops everyone thought were cool look at them now.

  • Amber

    Yea fuck that shit, I have zero respect for those fuckers

  • tom

    I will that as an officer day by day I am disgusted by the choices and decisions of some the these so called cops or police that seem to be wearing there badge on there head like a crown. These officers if you can call them that who abuse their power and harrass the public by beating them are dealing with them harshly when it is not necessary is the reason people have lost faith in what we do. Our job duties are to SERVE AND PROTECT please note the word Serve comes first and it says Protect not harrass. People please hold faith in your officers because most of us are here to do the right thing and are here to help and I apologize for the actions of these idiots but I will say that with the media pushing one sided issues and hardly ever showing the good that we do please once again don’t lose faith in us but merely hold people like this accountable and have them removed from their job have their certification pulled because in policing like any other profession you always have the corrupt or the ones not doing there job don’t let there actions speak for the rest of us.

  • Milton E. Findley

    I think that there are a lot of things missing from this story. What does a “government utility worker” look like? There is a history here that isn’t being written about as well given the response. I doubt he needed his ass kicked to that level, but we are not being told the whole truth here. This ain’t journalism.

  • Donna Crowell

    What a shame…. common sence that a elerdy person may have a hearing problem

  • David Fields

    He tried to run them over AFTER being pulled from the tractor? Cool story, pigs

  • Anon

    Why did this article fail to mention that he tried to run the cops over with his tractor and then when he was pulled from the tractor he was swinging at the cops? Oh wait, that wouldn’t fit neatly with the poor old man narrative huh?

  • Billtron

    Pepper spray and a beating by 1 or two policemen. Did they really need that much force against an 80yr old man?

    This shit is getting out of hand.

  • Copkillers Unite

    Murder every cop. I’ve never met a single cop that has ever done anything to protect my rights or property. Fucking pigs.

  • Richard Alvarez

    Or it could go like it is in mexico, were cops are often found dead or hanging by light posts, that usually happens when they get out of hand.

  • DOCS

    Yep, redneck cops are the worst…

  • Waldo

    Black people are not the only ones being targeted by police. The police have been getting tons of military equipment from the government. They want the people to react, and to riot, and march in the streets. The police want civil unrest so the can move in with the regular military and declare marshal law. After that, no one will have any rights. Who is behind all of this? The elite rich 1% of the world. They want us all fighting each other, so they will bring In a New World Order. Go to Youtube and look up David Icke. He has been researching, and talking about this stuff for years, and he is so spot on that it is scary.

  • James

    Why don’t ALL you people that bothered to take the time to comment write the Chief of police’s boss, mayor, or whoever and ask for the Chief’s resignation if all officers involved are not terminated immediately. What other job can you screw up at this magnitude and still keep your job ? I wrote the mayor of this town, who are you going to write about it that will make a difference ?

  • Dcreighton

    Painting with a broad brush . This was not right !

  • irishmary

    Sick and disgusting they attack an elderly man shame on the law shame on all of them a child killed elderly beating up that dose not make you a man makes you a coward

  • AKPatriot

    Nature abhors a vacuum.

  • Debby Hancock

    Must have taken the BEST of the force to handle this one, what a DISGRACE.

  • ONoLemmeGuess

    This story is just too horrible. I really don’t understand how an officer could feel that threatened by an 80 y.o. man. I get that he didn’t follow instructions, but how does that warrant a beating so severe? These cops are bullies, & are acting like animals. They should be fired.

  • fjwalker1959

    “The officers gave him verbal and hand signs to stop. He refused to do so, turned his tractor around, and tried to run over the officers. One of the officers was able to get on the tractor and shut it off. He became combative, swung at the officers, and tried to get the officer’s firearm out of his holster. During the scuffle trying to subdue him, he suffered a cut on his head. EMS was called. EMS responded. He was abusive to them and refused treatment. He was then brought to the station where were was booked for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and two counts of assaulting a police officer.”

    Read more: http://www.kctv5.com/story/27389445/80-year-old-man-says-police-beat-him#ixzz3LcS9u7i9

  • Phoenix

    There are the Crypts, Hells Angels,Latin Kings and many more they say. The biggest and most dangerous gang are the police.

  • Phoenix

    Black or white as a people we should be outraged. As a black woman I know I am and I will and always have spoke out against injustice toward anyone.To the police: What are you forcing us to do?

  • Tammy LadyRebel Lanier

    Why hadn’t the MO Bureau of Investigation looking into this. This is a travesty. I mean I don’t care if he was resisting arrest SERIOUSLY he had to be beat up like that or hell beat at all. I don’t care for the ACLU but in a case like this I’d def call them or someone. AARP or someone that would help him. God bless these poor people and anyone else in that town that has to deal with cops like this.

  • Tammy LadyRebel Lanier

    Why hasn’t the MO Bureau of Investigation looked into this matter. This is wrong on every sense of the word. I don’t care if he was arguing with them. This was uncalled for. Like at his age he was a threat? If he was on the wrong fine arrest him, fine him whatever. But to hurt him??? No that’s wrong on every level. Who’s going to start policing the police??? Something has to be done about these wanna be cops that hurt people needlessly. Lord save the American Citizen from overzealous police.

  • Doyou Knowme

    We need to get rid of internal affairs and take any misconduct by officers out the hands of the state, start a federal division and appoint a civilian panel random from voters list consisting of 3 Whites, 3 Blacks and 3 Latinos to over see these cases and make decisions on if officer shall be charged, and have these officers facing serious prison time, double for officers who witness but say nothing or lie for these dirty officers. Only then will things change.

  • Doyou Knowme

    Last year in Miami I think it was 16 unarmed people got shot and killed by police and nothing was done because they were protected by internal affairs and Katherine Fernandez Rundle whom is the Miami Dade state attorney. So you have criminals with guns and badges. Most of these cops have over 40 complaints on them for misconduct, police brutality, excessive force and many other complaints.

  • scott

    The constitution gives you the right to defend yourself against all enemies foreign and domestic oh and they where trespassing

  • Lana68

    Kay, I have been following you and what you say and how the bigots responded. I am very impressed how you handles each of these damn bigots and bigots they are. I really don’t think these people are from the 60’s and early 70’s, maybe they were just born during those years. They all seem to watch Fax Noise and they wonder why everything they say is shot down by the TRUTH., I am sick of reading what these white trash idiots write. Yes I said white trash as we have many but we rarely speak of them. Keep telling the truth, you are very refreshing indeed. Take care

  • Tim Lanham

    there were 3 feel good stories about the police in Facebook this week. Too bad we can not read more of those and less of these

  • William Wilson

    one misconception almost every American has regarding the police… is that they believe that it is the police department’s job to “serve and protect”.. that is just not true… their job is to uphold and enforce the laws of the land…. to serve and protect is just a slogan used for PR..

  • jme

    Everything is still racially motivated! Like it or not, we are all still stereotyped! SMH why can’t we all see through this color barrier and move on from all this bs and name calling! The world is already corrupt enough!!

  • Jake B
  • Jake B

    This could be true, but there is nothing worse than a one sided story.

  • Peggy Sortino

    Since the man was 80 years old there is no way that he could have harmed the police and those who are involved should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Christopher C

    The only fear I have of a cop is being shot in a vital organ.Most of them are out of shape drunkards.Most have larger waist sizes than IQ’s and I just avoid them.I don’t hate cops…..I just feel so much better when they’re not around me.Family members included.

  • Margo

    Cops are like boar-tits. Useless. Will be glad when citizens start beating the hell out of cops. Until they do, its only going to get much worse.

  • Michael Kang’uhLang Barnhart

    Does anyone have the local news article that reported on this or are you all really so dumb that you believe anything you read?

  • Sharial

    Your video doesn’t work, wonder why??

  • Sharial

    Love it when only part of the facts are reported. Here is the rest of the story reported from another perspective. http://fox4kc.com/2014/11/14/family-of-arrested-80-year-old-man-say-lone-jack-police-used-excessive-force/

  • deb

    why does everything have to be about race there are thug blacks whites and every other race out there just like there are bad cops and good cops you can’t judge a whole race for one persons actions and you can’t judge all cops because some of them are bad there is only one true judge and thats god you might not like the out come of things but they will get their day

  • Diana Baskin

    Wow now they are messing with the elderly. I wonder if the same people who said the Blacks deserved what they got will say the same thing about this old guy. He probably didn’t understand why they were digging in his yard. I remember when the city just started digging in the front of my yard with no notice or warning. It didn’t make me happy. I knew I had an easement but shouldn’t they notify you first? No need to beat this helpless old man like that. Why were they trying to arrest him?

  • Danny Rose

    very good reason to not register your weapon

  • Toxx

    These police are paid ti serve & protect and yet all over the country they are turning against the people they are sworn to protect. And now state governments are supplying the police with equipment developed for military application to use against citizens paid for by citizens. The american people are only going to tolerate so much and when we finally do reach the point of enough is enough its going to come down to war between us and you. You may be militerized but we are many. Dont push it to that point because you will loose at the cost of a lot of blood shed. Do the job you are paid to do and STOP ABUSING you’re power! I hope this man sues for so much the police that did this will be fired to cover the money he wins. This unacceptable!

  • watcherofolde

    Why was the video pulled?
    Most cops-are not like this.

  • Nobby9360

    The video is ‘unavailable’? Can anyone confirm this has been removed pls?

  • Jason Valentine

    The video has been disabled..anyone got another link

  • KS used to be MO

    Don’t believe this hype. This guy used to be my neighbor. He has a long history of defiance with the City. He resisted arrest and caused his outcome. His injuries were from falling from his big assed tractor he tried to run a cop over with while resisting arrest. So don’t get your panties in a knot thinking some frail man got beat by cops. Not true!

  • janmarnc

    Dang…they pulled the video…figures!!!

  • Reuben James Hunt

    “If I was here and someone was trying to get into my house, I don’t think I would call them. I think I would call the highway patrol or someone like that,” Libby Swan said.Lol

  • WHASSUP02724


  • Richard Carew

    Your time is fast approaching you damn Nazi scum.

  • Cam Ferguson

    While I fully support filming cops and Filming Cops, this particular article by you folks is horrrrribly biased. I understand that you are a biased source, that’s why we’re all here.

    My Grandpa was the best person I’ve ever met, and I would be livid if what happened in the above article happened to my Grandpa.

    But, read THIS much more accurate article of the same incident and all of a sudden it’s different.


  • Adlatus

    Way to go, land of the free…

  • Mike Lemmon

    One small solution, do not hire anyone with a military police background.

  • Icky T

    This article conveniently left out this part of the story:

    “Public Works was near the individual’s house repairing some
    utility lines on the city’s easement. The individual has felt for some
    time that they were on his property. He went out and yelled at them that
    they were on his property, to get off his property, that he was going
    to sue, etc. The workers felt he was being abusive, so they called
    police. When the police got there, the individual was on his tractor. He
    first tried to back into their police car. Then, he tried to leave the

    “The officers gave him verbal and hand signs to
    stop. He refused to do so, turned his tractor around, and tried to run
    over the officers. One of the officers was able to get on the tractor
    and shut it off. He became combative, swung at the officers, and tried
    to get the officer’s firearm out of his holster. During the scuffle
    trying to subdue him, he suffered a cut on his head. EMS was called. EMS
    responded. He was abusive to them and refused treatment. He was then
    brought to the station where were was booked for disorderly conduct,
    resisting arrest, and two counts of assaulting a police officer.”

  • Amy Cox

    Arm them and turn them into an internal occupying force for the super rich. That is what is happening. They are using terror to control working people. They are making dissent illegal and protest illegal and the corporations and the 1 per cent are taking over. Our own police are positioned to control us rather than to serve us. Serious problem!

  • cwldoc

    Of course, the thugs that did this should be held criminally responsible. However, don’t forget that the real blame lies with the majority of the public who grant police the right to assault citizens at will.

  • mo83

    Hmmm, I don’t see mike brown anywhere in this story. But I do see and elderly vet protecting his property. Try that without a badge, see what happens no matter what color you are…

  • actofcourage

    WLYB…..most of those cops where not even born yet or in diapers while this man was defending our country and freedom……PP…aka…Pathetic Pigs

  • f0rtylegz

    Cops really expect people to OBEY their “commands.” If they don’t obey then they believe that they can do what they want to make you obey.

  • warhawk

    Such brave heroes protecting the community from this 80 year old veteran. I truly hope someone thanks them by curb stomping their skulls in to paste. Worthless cowards!

  • Stuart

    “God bless america” and how we treat our veterans when they get old. mother
    fucker probably lost at least 8friends during nam or korean war ,saw horrible stuff that he won’t repeat,and came
    out alive out of hellish circumstances to only to feel back in them
    again on his own property being harassed by cops.
    I loved their crappy story though i am sure an 80 yr old man with cancer is just SOOOO dangerous.

  • TinaNokc

    why is the video no longer available to view?

  • sjb

    I came to this to read about the poor man that was beaten. And all I’ve been reading in the comments are filthy arguments about blacks and whites, and race being the issue. It’s a shame that this poor man was beat by police. It’s also a shame that no one seems to give a damn.

  • Mark Desade

    Unless you kill someone in self defense, your life should be forfeit and you should be executed.

  • Terrence S M Popp

    comedy lecture on why cops are such ass bags at times, enjoy and share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRiwGVFtAo4

  • tony

    It surely isn’t a surprise to discover that the Police Force do not work for the welfare of the people. The modern Police Force was created in England by Sir Robert Peel who was a high ranking Freemason and ex Prime Minister for the sole reason of keeping the rich safe from the poor (black or white makes no difference!), things have not changed they only got worse!

  • Denton Young

    If I needed help I’d sooner call the Hell’s Angels than the police.

  • Hah roasting pigs

    This is why they get shot up LOLOL keep up the good work America

  • Derek Worthington

    Small town Commie thugs.

  • GuamTippedOver

    Cops love when their victims are children, women and the elderly. So much easier to beat someone when they are too weak to fight back!

  • JWHacket

    I sure the government thugs feared for their lives.

  • Talyah FinallyFamous Medley

    We need to protect and serve our own against all threats foreign and domestic. Take up arms and realize we are all we have#IAmMyBrothersKeeper

  • Sandra Gallant

    oh boy really brave cops eh beating up an old man i hope you can sleep at night and if you have a dad or grandfather they kick your ass. this is so wrong i hope this man will be ok he is a hero faught for your ass in the war and he gets this wow

  • anna

    you really think the American citzens will stand for this much longer, now these Police abuse the children in the schools, big mistake and thanks to social media the proof is out there keep it up Blue Coats and you will see what happened to the RED coats when this great nation was born

  • carolyn_stjohn

    Think about this…cops are supposed to serve and protect. Todays cops are brutal and a lot of KKK are infiltrating the forces. These would be the perfect kind of people if the fascist GOP wants to get them to turn on all of us. These are people who care nothing about an old man, or a child, etc. There is something really sinister going on in this country…please vote wisely…#feelthebern

  • BC

    Why do people continue to believe the police are there to ‘serve and protect THEM’??? They are not, they are there to serve and protect the entity of big brother.

  • Nyarlathotep Ozymandius

    That is some fucked up shit!

  • wildman

    these fukin tin star thug piggies are now reaping the harvest for the years they sowed the seeds of hate and they don’t like,so suk it lil piggies suk it hard as your reign of terror could end at any time click click boom

  • Chris Mathers

    Back in this guy’s day, the response would have been to find the motherfuckers who did this, get some buddies, grab a couple of Thompsons, wait in the bushes, light them the fuck up with a wall of lead, and then go loot the carcasses to look for liquor, Lugers, swastika flags and little pocket copies of Mein Kampf. Now all you useless millennials are just sitting on your fat asses playing video games. Hell, so am I, but at least I’m aware of this shit.

  • George Whitman Too

    For many years our own government has harassed us making us feel uncomfortable. They attack the citizens through children, the old and weak, the sick, and many others. I’m sure other countries are noticing this. They now see us as a worthless country thanks mainly to our own government. One day others countries will even tire of this, and then bomb the living sh** out of us. Then and only then will this country improve.


  • agshare

    interesting that the video is no longer available and no assault charges were filed on the cops.pepper spray on an 80 yr old man,and multiple cops taking him down. he must be one big,bad SOB,if they were THAT scared of him.