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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

Amid Reform Efforts, Another Baltimore Cop Accused of Being Dirty

If the Baltimore Police Department’s (BPD) efforts to implement systemic reform and the actual behavior of its officers seem perpetually out of sync, this week’s developments only added to that

WATCH: Asheville Set to Pay Settlement to Pedestrian Beaten by Police Officer

ASHEVILLE – The city is on the verge of paying a settlement to the unarmed pedestrian who was beaten, shocked and choked by a police officer after being accused of

WATCH: Angry Louisiana Cops Strangle Man to Death After He Asks To See His Arrest Warrant

Armando Frank, 44, refused to get off his tractor when stopped by police. He demanded to see an arrest warrant. But the cops arresting him didn’t have time for that

Huntsville Police Officer Charged With Murder After On-Duty Shooting

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A former Huntsville Police Department officer has been indicted on a murder charge stemming from on-duty shooting in April on Deramus Avenue. Police confirmed Darby was relieved

Marion County Deputy Suspended For Selling Stolen Shotguns

A Marion County Sheriff’s deputy arrested Thursday is accused of selling several stolen shotguns. Sean Thomas Banks, 49, of Keizer, was booked into the Linn County Jail on five counts

Chicago Cop Who Lived Extravagantly on $300,000 he Stole in Tax Fraud Given 6 Months in Prison

When it was all over, only $238.47 was left in Chicago police Officer Steven Segura’s bank account. Segura pocketed $300,000 in bogus income tax refunds, only to burn through the

WATCH: 84-Year-Old Woman Sues Arizona Police Citing Excessive Force

PHOENIX — A woman who says she was seriously injured by police officers from an Arizona department under investigation for complaints of excessive force filed a lawsuit Thursday against two

Vietnam Vet Killed by Police After Fighting Off Naked Intruder Who Attacked His Grandson

An Army veteran who served in the Vietnam War was fatally shot by police in his home after he shot and killed a naked intruder who was attacking his grandson.

WATCH: Dashcam Video Shows Events Leading up to Valley City Man’s Death

VALLEY CITY, N.D. – It started off as a routine traffic stop. “He’s a danger to the community, and even more than that, he’s a danger to himself. So law

Swedish Police Kill Man With Down’s Syndrome Carrying Toy Gun

A young man fatally shot by Swedish police while carrying a toy gun in Stockholm had Down’s syndrome and a form of autism, local media report. Officers opened fire on

WATCH: Detroit Police Chief Calls Footage of Cop Punching Woman in Hospital ‘Troubling’ and Suspends Officer

Detroit police officials have suspended an 18-year veteran officer and launched a criminal investigation into allegations he assaulted a naked mentally ill woman in Detroit Receiving Hospital after she spat

Boston to Phase in Body Cameras For Officers After Pilot

BOSTON — Boston plans to begin phasing in body cameras for its police department after a report found the devices led to slightly fewer complaints against officers and reports of