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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

Amarillo Police Officer Arrested on Three Additional Counts of Possession of Child Pornography

Former Amarillo Police Department Officer Earnest McDonald III was arrested Monday and booked in the Potter County Jail on three additional charges of possession of child pornography, according to a

Des Moines Police Officer Charged in Planted Evidence Case

A former Des Moines police officer has been criminally charged in relation to allegations that he planted evidence in a narcotics case in 2015. Tyson Teut, 30, was charged with

[WATCH] Man Paralysed After Being Shot Four Times by Pittsburgh Police Walks Again

A man who was paralysed after being shot four times by US police has released a video showing the extent to which he has recovered from the controversial 2012 shooting.

Edison Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Firebombing his Supervisor’s House

NEW BRUNSWICK – A former Edison officer struck a deal with the prosecutor’s office Monday resolving two arson cases and a host of charges, including multiple counts of attempted murder

New York Homeschoolers Appeal Cop’s Unwarranted Break-In

A homeschool family in New York is asserting their Fourth Amendment rights by appealing a court’s decision made in a police officer’s favor after he broke into their home without

Baltimore State’s Attorney Announces Third Body Camera Video of ‘Questionable’ Police Conduct

A new body camera video that appears to show “questionable activity” by a Baltimore police officer has come to light, the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office announced Monday — the third

[WATCH] Boston Transit Police Officer Gets Six Months for Beating Woman With a Baton and Lying About it

A Suffolk Superior Court judge today sentenced now former Transit Police officer Jennifer Garvey, 34, to six months in jail for an incident at the Dudley T station in 2014,

Police Shooting Body Count – 633 Citizens Killed so Far in 2017

The latest statistics for police killings in America in 2017 are as follows: White – 254 Black – 137 Hispanic – 97 Other – 18 Unknown – 127 Body camera

Texas Cop Urges Facebook Followers to Use ‘Deadly Force’ Against Anyone Harming a Confederate Statue

Writing on Facebook, a Texas cop and police academy instructor explained to his followers that they can legally shoot and kill anti-racism protesters if they attempt to pull down a

Lack of Video Footage Clouds Debate Over Bradley’s Police Shooting Death

Law enforcement groups and civil liberty groups agree on this much: Police video is generally a force for good, helping settle disputes over use of force, providing training resources and

Evanston Police Undergoing Internal Investigation Following Arrest of 12-Year-Old Cyclist

The Evanston Police Department is conducting an internal investigation to determine whether it acted lawfully by arresting a 12-year-old boy for riding on the back pegs of a bike in

[WATCH] Southaven PD K-9 Dies After Being Left in Hot Squad Car

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. – A Southaven police K-9 is dead after it was left in the back of a hot squad car. The police chief has said the dog should have