Citizens Claim “Torture” in Response to Horrifying New Police Footage

Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project
When pepper spray was invented, it was, in the words of one of its creators, to be “used to avoid confrontation or injury.”

But in the hands of so-called law enforcement, it is increasingly being used as a device of torture, especially when the subject getting pepper sprayed is already in four-point restraints to a chair.

Increasingly, it seems, law enforcement feels it is within their rights to pepper spray individuals who are already restrained.

But one victim of apparent police brutality isn’t taking the abuse sitting down. Charles Wade, a resident of Montgomery County, in Dayton Ohio, had been arrested in October 2016, on drunk driving charges.

From the video taken in the Montgomery County jail cell, it was clear Mr. Wade was disturbed. He was beating his head against a cinder block wall, then a padded wall, until officers, for his own safety, decided to place him in a restraint chair.

Wade was compliant, offering up no resistance to officers. But did warn them he’d consult with a lawyer if they attempted to cause him pain.

Even after being placed in the chair, and having his hands cuffed behind his back, he made what some would have considered a legitimate claim. He said being restrained in the chair, while having his hands cuffed behind his back, amounted to “cruel and unusual punishment” the definition of torture.


Officers then attempted to remove the cuffs, freeing his hands, and allowing his arms to be strapped to the chair.

It’s hard to imagine any real consensus would think it improper to restrain such a man, who had already demonstrated a propensity for self-harm. But what happens next, in the eyes of many, amounted to torture.

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