Cop and His Supportive Wife Charged for Locking Children in Room for Years, Tortured and Starved Them


HABERSHAM COUNTY– A police chief and his supportive wife have been named in a disturbing report involving the torture and abuse of four children.

Officer Richard Burton and his Wife Cheryle were charged with 28 counts of child cruelty, and Officer Burton himself was also charged with child molestation.

Because they pleaded guilty to four of the 28 counts of child cruelty, a deal was struck resulting in all of the other charges being dropped as if nothing happened. Even the child molestation charge was dropped.

The officer and his wife kept four helpless children locked in a room for years, and barely fed the children.

Amazingly, they are getting only 10 years on probation, and will only have to be in jail for 25 weekends.

The children are older now, ranging from ages 13 to 19.

But they still remember what happened to them vividly and are trying to heal.

They were originally adopted by the officer and his wife.

They say that they suffered years of neglect and cruelty. They were locked in a dark room, the windows of which were sealed with boards, and then they were beaten inside of that room.

“Getting hit in the head with a wooden paddle, being swung around the room, throwing us on the walls we had to stand upside down on the corner on our heads,” said one of the children.

“We had to eat noodles and they would put leftover food that they didn’t want into our pot of noodles…We didn’t have warm food, it was cold from the refrigerator,” he added.

The cruelty finally came to an end when one of the children escaped in 2012 and told people what happened.

The children’s new foster parent is in utter disbelief that the Officer and his wife are only getting sentenced to 25 weekends in jail — a mere slap on the wrist.

“I think it’s way too light,” she said.

“We feel like this is just sending this wrong message.”

The Chief Assistant District Attorney admitted that Officer Burton’s connections played a role in the sentencing.

“The witness list for the defense included law enforcement officers from this community,” he said. “Those are the people we go into court everyday and tell the jurors, ‘These are credible people.'”

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  • SickOfTheStupid

    Why do we tolerate stuff like this ? In a sane world when people learned of this pathetic sentence they would stand up and do something about it ……….there is a lot to be said for mob and vigilantly justice when the courts and cops are corrupt beyond repair .

    Lets face if folks if we want our change and our country back we must STAND UP FOR OURSELVES! We need to start putting some fear of the people back into these vermin or we might has well just lay down and die …..

    • Jennifer Baker McDonough

      Every single day I shake my head in disbelief over the total lack of justice in cases like these. I do what I can which is write letters, participate in protests, vote. I am getting ready to write a letter to the district attorney in this case and express my utter disgust with the fact that this man and his wife got away with some of the worst crimes imaginable with no real punishment. What else can I do?

      • LillianIHeard

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      • Alexander Borges

        He will laugh at your letter , vote him out… and the Governor that saw what happen in his state, and the congress of the state that weren’t appalled by this behavior in public.

    • Alexander Borges

      What do suggest we go get them and hang them in front of the court house, thats justice , only problem is were not trash like them, but how about some real justice like 28 counts , 28 charges, ran one after the other. and whats this weekend crap, it wasnt driving without a license or something petty, how about 6 months for each charge, they can get out in 10 years with good behavior

    • K3LLI

      Reading your blog gives a bad taste in my mouth for authority.

  • roshan68

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  • Sandra J

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    • Jennifer Baker McDonough


      • Liam Phoenix

        Spammer, not troll.

  • Inc.

    Can anybody find out if these two POS are getting there pension? The Judge and Prosecutor should be tortured.

    • dhodge

      If you find out they are, will that change anything or are you just going to be even more pissed off? I wouldn’t bother asking unless you plan to rise against these assholes because the answer to your question is probably yes and that’s just going to put an end to a good day. Sadly. We need to do something now, for our families, for our children and our childrens’ children. It’s not going to get any better until we do.

  • Norman Kickery

    that is bovine feces those children are scared for life and the two involved are laughing about it how is that justice it just proves that justice is not equal

    • Dee Dee Schneider

      They will be scarred for life too…..

  • Maybe I should be come a police officer so I can start a life of crime with little to no punishment…

    • Padge Vounder

      it would be too easy though, there’s no challenge.

  • Paul Waldeck

    They should have child abuser tattooed on their foreheads

  • bkungl

    Ten years probation and perhaps they serve 25 weekends….what is wrong with this judge…prosecutor? Did they go easy on these monsters because the husband was a cop? I just don’t get it.

    • Padge Vounder

      “The Chief Assistant District Attorney admitted that Officer Burton’s connections played a role in the sentencing.
      “The witness list for the defense included law enforcement officers
      from this community,” he said. “Those are the people we go into court
      everyday and tell the jurors, ‘These are credible people.’”

      So yes, because they didn’t want to upset the other cops they have to work with all the time, or something like that.

      • bkungl

        Thank you, Padge Vounder, you just verified what I had thought. Doesn’t seem fair, does it, to have the poor children who were starved, abused and neglected not have justice? What is wrong with this world!

  • debrasimons

    If these allegations are true, the perpetrators are psychopathic monsters and should be exterminated or locked up the rest of their “unnatural lives”……….repulsive

  • Charlene Roseth

    How horrible. What a damn disgrace our justice system is. If that were anyone else, they would be a registered predator and sitting a few years. I hope these poor kids go to a loving home that wont harm them. You hear about this sick shit all too often. Imagine all the ones that never say anything. I say kill them. These people are horrible humans that never change. God forbid they get their hands on another child…the next may not be so lucky to get away. And a police chief…makes me sick!!!!

    • dufas_duck

      CPS will probably put the children into another ‘credible’ home of more police officers…

      • sadamsmo3

        The children are actually not in a home with anyone associated with the police and they are very good people who have a history of adopting children and have devoted their lives to those kids. These poor children will finally have a chance in life…they could not have found a better or more loving home.

        • dufas_duck

          I grew up knowing a lot of CPS protected kids, most of their lives were a living hell and CPS didn’t seem to care except by shuffling them from one bad situation to another one…

          Then there was the case of CPS checking on some kids and not realizing that those kids were abducted and were being used as sex slaves. It was not found out until one of the abducted kids escaped and got some help. Even the police had previously checked on the kids and did nothing…

          One does not know if they are put in a ‘loving caring’ home until something happens. To blindly believe that the kids are being cared for is naive…….

  • Barbara Bue

    These weren’t even their children. I bet CPS likely took these children from their REAL parents….let these monsters adopt them….because they all work together….and never looked back. They should be charged as well.


    This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

  • MaryAnne

    it wont be long until the people revolt. you can tell from the public feedback in all these incidents with corrupt law enforcement. i cant wait for the day people start taking them out… an eye for an eye!

    • Alexander Borges

      MaryAnne, they don’t deserve to be treated like an animal, an animal doesn’t have the brains to do this type of thought out harm there only animals these were grown ups, who took these kids for a check, and made them suffer on purpose. They need a special Wong Tong soup just for them.

  • MaryAnne

    the judge is most likely a pedophile.

  • Blackk41

    USA Needs a Revolution…really need to clean up all the corruption in your government if you really want things to change..take money out of politics,that would be a great start…my opinion

  • Dj.A.K30

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  • Malinda Sherwyn

    There is very little accountability for the harm done to children in the hands of the state. When an airliner goes down we have the NTSB, The National Transportation Safe Board moblized, to protect the evidence, investigate, name those responsible. We have NO such investigative body to report their findings to the public, make recommendations and to protect the public from the severe neglect, sexual abuse, battery and murder of children who have been removed by the state from their families and put up for adoption.

    As the body count of young children rises each week in foster care, group homes and with poorly vetted, fast tracked adoptions…here are some questions to ask:

    Who are these children?

    Where are their parents and families?

    What are the facts behind their placement with these monsters?

    Does the public know that the vast majority of children in state hands have been removed from “non offending” families by so called “Child Protective Services” and do NOT belong in foster care and should not have entered the adoption rolls?

    Want to know more ask us we are court watchers and witness unwarranted kidnappings of American children by the state from loving parents every day. It was a bevy of social workers who placed and kept these children in the hands of the couple above.

  • Craig

    So who is the judge in this case? In each and every case where a cop gets away with a crime it is the judge that allows it. Maybe it is time that We The People start taking our angst out on the judges that let these cops get away with murder.

  • Nalsan mang


  • dufas_duck

    There is “justice” for police and the is justice for the citizen…

  • fromaway46

    So, exactly where is this “Habersham County” and who is this Chief Assistant District Attorney? Very odd reporting.

  • What else are kids for?

    • Alexander Borges

      you want to make your statement clear Altmail, I dont quiet understand what you meant.

  • Linda Gonzalez

    Rob a bank and you get life in prison, steal a loaf of bread and you get 10 years in prison but molest a child and you get parole. Money and things have more value than life. We treasure items above our children. Look at the fight people have put up defending gun rights and to hell with the fact that hundreds of children have been taken by crazies running around with weapons. (Take my child just don’t take my gun) Tell me that makes sense?

  • nans11

    As I repeatedly state….we no longer have justice! Everything comes down to politics. If this guy passed the psychological exam, explains why we have so many “bad” cops! Read every day about a case where a child is murdered and the perp get’s probation!!!!!! How is this even possible? We MUST protest!!!! We can attempt to get new legislation passed and storm these courtrooms in protest!!!!!!!

    • Corey Groves

      That cop pulled every string,and used every resource available to him to keep away from people like him that he put in jail. If he had made it behind the wall, definitely would’ve been his turn to be abuse 20x’s worst

      • nans11

        Too bad he didn’t make it.

  • Amanda Ham

    These kids were probably taken by DHS from their real parents and families for a parent faux-pax or services needed and these monsters, they look like monsters don’t they, that cop is scared to death, i hope they rape him to death in jail….got PAID to abuse these children. CPS is just as culpable.

  • kikz2

    it would be informative if the State where events like these happened, were included in the reports. eyeroll. an originating hyperlink would also add to their credibility.

  • Brooke Sheraton

    The epitome of WHITE TRASH! !

  • Larissa Finney

    I’m sure if the Chief and his wife were black and the children white, this would be a different story……

    • john

      Always got to be one stupid bitch to bring up racist Bullshit.Pull the black card for everything shut the Fuck up not any blacks in the damn story go cry on Obamas page.

      • Debbie Knight

        Must be hard for you john to be reminded that we live in a racist society. I feel bad for you, all that suffering you’ve endured over the years. If only those black people would take the hateful treatment dished out to them with good humor we’d all feel so much better. And certainly they should never compare any bad treatment they’ve received with how someone else is treated. How rude! It’s obvious that the most important thing is not the suffering of those mistreated, but the suffering of those of us who have to hear about it. Our fragile white egos cannot take the assault. We demand better treatment!

        • Dan

          It’s true, bringing up race only further divides us… It doesn’t matter who is getting treated worse or why for, that’s what they want it to be, oppressed white people vs oppressed colored people instead of all of the oppressed together against the true oppressors. I’m Irish, my skin may be white but my people were oppressed throughout history, since my oppressors were white people from England, are we the same people because of our skin color? The president is black and has signed plenty of legislation to further oppress black people, does that make him a racist? Skin color does not define people the way the media wants you to believe, there is only one race and that’s the human race! It’s not black vs white it’s class warfare, the poor must stay poor for the rich to stay rich.

          • Debbie Knight

            I agree with you that there is a class issue at work. And it benefits one side to pit racial groups against one another. I don’t think the monied and powerful are above such disgusting tactics. Not for a minute. But even so, two things can be going on simultaneously. Bearing witness to the injustice done to a group one is not a part of is emotionally difficult. It’s much easier to point away from it while thinking that doing so is the logical and morally superior position.

          • Patrick

            “and has signed plenty of legislation to further oppress black people, does that make him a racist?” No, it makes YOU a racist for lying.

      • Sabrina

        Nothing to do with race

      • Patrick

        …said the dickhead

      • tiredofyt

        Go to hell John. You pink mutt. Race should be bought into this. You and your sick raping, child murdering, lying, kind are evil. You get away with injustice all the time and you tell every other race to shut up and deal with it. Well, not any more. Time for you and the rest of the pink mutants to crawl back to the caves of europe and die.

      • Rachel Leigh Tucker

        What does Obama have to do with this?

    • Sabrina

      nothing to do with race

  • Alexander Borges

    Interesting , how people you see everyday, same people you tell your kids to run to in case of emgercy , and there the worst criminals of all, worse than robbers, drug dealers, and there getting no punishment ,but a guy smoking pot 2nd time can get 60 days , no defense for it. unreal.

  • Jarred Salha

    Give him his uniform and make him stand in the middle of the yard wearing it every weekend. He’ll get what’s coming to him.

  • john

    Hopefully one of those weekends someone will rape and kill them in jail and get real justice.or kill them in the streets don’t matter as long as it’s slow and painful.

  • 8u3dInI InId3u8

    they only fostered them for the goddamned money, people. he was double dipping at the expense of these kids. they should be burned. publicly and naked.

  • upagainstthewall

    The article says these children had been adopted by this couple. Shouldn’t the state agency that allowed these choldren to be adopted by monsters be held accountable? The sad thing is that many foster children suffer. Chile Welfare caseworkers get a bonus for each child they adopt out. I hope the older children file suit against their adoptive parents and the agency that failed to place them in a safe home.

  • wellard

    sick people from a very sick country

  • Haven Lee Angelus

    The longer we stand idly by the worse this situation will get, and if we stand by for too long there won’t be anything we can do to change it. Technology is constantly progressing, and that means the weapons at Police Officers disposal is progressing as well. Soon they’ll have the means to slaughter entire rallies with lasers, and you think I’m wrong if you want on that regard. I’m not, and someday you’ll all see that when you’re shackled, and your children lay dead at your feet.
    Consider this, we’re developing drones with lasers capable of disintegrating whole buildings, and all within it. How long do you think it’ll take before Police Officers carry a smaller version of this weapon, how long before they kills dozens because they feared for their lives?

  • Cris Littrell

    I get so sick of cops whining that they don’t get enough support and then these monsters get off so easily. I think they should be painted in black face, put in hoodies, told to run, and used for cop target practice because you know cops love to shoot unarmed black kids.

  • Mitch Mitchell

    How do the corrupt DA’s and judges sleep at night? Every time it appears they imprison someone for a tint bit of weed but if you are a cop………..

  • Caroline Murray

    I really wish the people in that town would go protest in front of the courthouse with signs! Go stand by the judges car with a sign, completely calm and non violent, but simply tell him hes disgraceful on the way to his car. If enough people did this everytime this happened, things could change. Even if only a little change. The power is in OUR HANDS. To an extent, the American public is also somewhat responsible for this because we keep doing NOTHING.

    OF COURSE, another problem is when you do organize a rally, you know who sends in people to throw rocks and break things. Then the government can justify tear gasing them and arresting them. And the mainstream media will convince the sheeple that the people protesting are criminals and gang members. And the other issue of the fact that people have no sense of responsibility to their communities anymore. They don’t care until it happens to them or their family!

  • Come on people

    This is clearly not properly sourced and therefore can’t be proven true or false. You need to be more critical when reading these things.

  • Jessica

    Fuck the situation! My main idea behind why only such little time is this is a police officer. I truly hope the demons of hell pray on him and his curse of a wife. They are horrible people. Round of applause for our fucked up justice system. These children bear scars from years of torture from then and the rest of their lives but this sick couple gets a little slap. Oh Johnny don’t do that again, I hope an inmate or two fucks them up in prison. Sickening!!!! Where is the justice for the children who live with forever scars!!!

  • Mike

    These kids that were tortured by this POS cop and his wife, need to exact some revenge and make both this cop and his wife disappear forever.

  • D Laurier Beaulieu


  • Ms T

    I know someone serving a LIFE sentence for weed (a plant) in California…..put violent horrible monsters get to walk free……I’d rather have a pothead as a neighbor than someone who beats, tortures, and sexually abuses children! This country is f*cked!!!

  • Kateree

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  • RevVincent

    It’s time for us to put the division behind us and rise up and protect our fellow Americans from the cancer that is cowardly sociopathic creeps that infest our police