Cop Caught on Dashcam Plotting to Kill Dog



Cassandra Fairbanks | The Free Thought Project

Michigan resident Brittany Preston is suing the City of St. Clair Shores, police officers David Jacquemain and Jeremy Moskwa, and Animal Control Officer Tom Massey for violation of her Fourth Amendment rights as well as her civil rights in executing her beloved pet.

Preston’s dog, Lexie, was a 45 pound lab mix who was shot multiple times by these officers. The independent necropsy found that she had died from 15 bullet wounds from a suspected 8 bullets fired into her.

According to statements made by Preston, police surrounded the dog as her grandfather tried to let her inside the house.

The police report says the dog charged police and they shot her, however, Preston says witnesses told her that the dog cowered against the house as the officers kept shooting.

Neighbours cried as they filmed the incident.

All of this, over a noise complaint.

The dog was being watched by Preston’s grandfather who suffers from mild dementia and sleeps with a sleep apnea mask on while she worked her overnight shift. He had left her out in the yard and forgot about her.

In the disturbing dash cam footage taken before the incident, the officers are heard outside the residence planning to kill the dog.

“The only thing I’m going to do is shoot it, I do not like dogs.” an officer is heard saying.

Watch the videos below:

After being shot Lexie was still alive for hours, she can be seen here walking into the animal control vehicle.

The officers are still currently armed and dangerous on the streets in Michigan.

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  • Shinji’s Soul Reaver

    Can we quit calling these pit bull mutts “lab mixes?” These cops are disgusting sick fucks, but that senile old goat who was supposed to be taking care of the dog didn’t help matters.

    • DogMomma

      Can you quit making it matter what mix is in a mixed breed mutt? The very fact that it’s a mixed breed means it’s just a DOG. And I sincerely hope that if you or anyone you love (do you know how to do that?) is ever diagnosed with dementia, you encounter more class and compassion than you have shown here.

    • Jenn Tate

      So she was probably a Lab/Pit mix. I can see both breeds in her. The dog in my profile pic is also most likely a Lab/Pit mix. Her mom was Lab. We know that for sure. She likes to ‘talk’ a lot and is a goofy pup…so Pit and Husky are also most likely based on her personality and her behavior and I lean toward Husky because of her coat length/texture and her tail carriage. Considering she came from a kill shelter in Joliet, IL, it’s most likely Pit. I’m still going to call her a Lab mix because that is the part of her I know without a doubt. A lot of people do the same thing. Deal with it.

    • CodyD313

      Can we quit calling these Lab mixes Pitt bull mutts? That senile old goat has dementia, ya dumb fuck, who is also some hard working young lady’s grandfather. ..can’t believe you bothered to type that what type of personality you are..a POS LOL

    • CodyD313

      …w y dumb ass lol

  • michael92064

    This old…..nothing happened to the killers…..the animal warden got a warning

  • Thomas Tirrell

    the cops that shot the dog should be shot in the face with a shotgun. here is hoping they die the most extremely violent deaths imaginable. worthless pieces of human shit.

    • Charles Bundy

      You’re as sick as that cop mate.

  • Randy Bobandy

    “The independent necropsy found that she had died from 15 bullet wounds from a suspected 8 bullets fired into her.” I’m not a mathematician, but I’m thinking these numbers don’t add up…..

    • Tony

      Well 7 of those bullets probably went all the way thru and the last one probably got stuck some where. So hence 15 bullet holes

      • ReadumAndWeep

        The real question is why did police find it necessary to fire *8* shots at the dog in the first place? It’s a dog, not King Kong.

    • lets be real

      you’re also not very bright on how guns work, bullets either stay in the body or exit it…. that being said. 7 couldve went through and 1 could’ve stayed in, resulting in 14 wounds from the 7(entry and exit wound) and the one bullet that didnt go all we way through…. this isn’t even the issue though stop getting away from the fact these cold hearted cops blatantly murdered a dog.

    • Depending on how the dog was positioned, the same bullet can enter the body multiple times. For example, a bullet that passes through the chest could still have enough velocity to enter the leg but not enough to exit the leg. Thus, it would be one bullet, three wounds: two entrance wounds, one exit wound.

    • Matt Socie

      Not if you consider entrance and exit wounds as separate injuries. This indicates that 7 of the 8 bullets passed all the way through the dog and only 1 bullet remained inside the dog.

  • FEster

    These cops are fucking dickless. They talk like those assholes on Fargo, too. Oooo Jeez yew guise. Oooo, he ateacted us. If you’re scared, just admit you’re scared and go get a job selling shoes.

  • Mathieu Hubin

    Pizza delivery guys, Mail carriers, door to door salespeople… All people who encounter dogs on a daily basis and never feel the need to kill them… Cops are fucking cowards with guns. Take the guns away from them and they would be nothing at all. Fuck the police.

  • old409

    This why I couldn’t care less when one of these azzholes gets it. They like to call them heroes when somebody whacks one of them, no way is anybody belonging to a group that allows one of their own to do this a hero.

  • Algernon Benway

    Death. No questions asked. Time to take out contracts on killer pig scumbags like this. Death. Pure and simple. David Jacquemain and Jeremy Moskw, your days are numbered.

    • Ryan James Fitzpatrick

      amen to that

  • wildman

    would have been the perfect time to kill a bunch of pigs

  • CindyV

    Loser cops! This is only one reason why so many people hate you! WHO the hell do you think you are???? EVERYONE KNOWS THAT POOR DOG DIDN’T ATTACK OR GO AT ANY OF YOU. I can only hope that Karma comes back on you and yours!

    • George III

      Especially the “yours” part! Then maybe they’ll see how we citizens feel when they mistreat, abuse and/or kill our family members…even our 4-legged furry family members. I feel absolutely no sympathy when a cop, deputy or trooper is killed. None at all!!

  • Lee Majors

    Where are the animal rights loudmouths whenever a cop does anything to an animal?

  • SL Abrin

    It’s not that the police dislike dogs rather they could care less about anyone and/or what they hold dear. Do you think they are concerned for your automobile or home? No. They are revenue collectors, debt collectors, and guards for your local chamber of commerce.

  • Jimmy D

    These cocksuckers should die.

    • leastyebejudged

      It’s a fact, they should. What they did here and got away with was fucking evil.

  • Lucy Hennessey

    This makes me so angry. OMG I can’t believe they felt the need to kill the dog. There was absolutely no need to kill him. And they couldn’t tell that the poor man was confused? Cops should know better and know how to talk to a person who is elderly. Cops have been shooting dogs for years and it needs to be stopped. They have guns and become brave. Useless killing….they should be prosecuted. I know there are good cops out there that would never, ever think to kill a dog. But there are many that feel the need – the power to shoot and kill. They are the ones that should not be allowed to carry guns, or be officers of the law for that matter.

    • Jay

      They didn’t feel the need to kill the dog, they wanted to.

  • Thanael

    The police would be happy if humans were to give up their millennia-old habit of keeping dogs. Dogs protect their owners and their property at any cost, and so make the populace harder to control.

  • Tracer76

    I wonder if they would like me to shoot their family in front of them. All cops should die.

  • paddy cannon

    cops are out of control and they know they above the law it makes me so angry come the revolution people will take there revenge

  • disqus_M4N88EtOMX

    I would like both of these assholes to take off their badges and guns and come to see me.

    • DanSimpson

      You know they won’t do that, they are chickenshit without their guns.

  • sonic

    Poor dog and his family affected by Brainless, testosterone charged dickheads issued with guns. It’s a US phenomena. Think they are still in the Wild West.

  • Marian Blalock Bernstein

    i posted this on the city’s site

  • amosnme

    It’s no wonder people hate cops. The good cops get blamed for all of the things that the bad cops do, so they need to turn the bad cops in. If a cop did this to my dog or if I saw them do it to any animal, they would be dead too.

  • Brian

    spineless little cunts, todays cops are all corrupt, degenerate scumbags with no morals, ethics or fucking balls. They all need to get a bullet to the skull, replace them with fucking monkeys and we would have a better sense of safety. when more and more of these delusional spineless idiotic scumbags get shot in the face maybe then they will get the message, cops aren’t the only ones with guns, and they would do right by themselves to remember this . fucking cowardice little cunts every last one of them. they were all beaten in high school and feel the need to take it out on the rest of the population, as if any of these cock smoking fucking douchebags aren’t corrupt low life frightened fucking babies , but as Mathieu said take away the badge and the gun and what do you get? a scared little bitch who couldn’t think their way out of a fucking room with 1 wall. ignorant, degenerate low life scum. I have never in my life seen so many ignorant little bitches in one agency , its like a prerequisite to be a scared little cunt bag cock sucker in order to put on the uniform. you have to be as ignorant, as delusional, and scared shitless in order to be a cop today, if you have any critical thinking skills, any spine, any balls, any courage, or concern for life you can not be a cop, they told a guy who aced a test that he was to intelligent to be a cop , he had entirely to much couth and reasoning skills he tried to sue but the judge apparently felt the same way. they look for people who are dying to pull the trigger , for people who will lie, cheat, steal, gang up on and beat the elderly, to molest children, and the elderly, to steal from dug dealers, to falsify reports and to always say ” he was resisting” or he was going for my gun” or “I eared for my life” there have been over 350 cases of cops raping children and elderly Americans in the last 3 years alone, and these are just the cases that are reported, over 3000 murders of UNARMED citizens, over 600,000 beatings some of which were pregnant women who lost their babies and their lives, and in each case the police union reps say they were justified in breaking the law… its pathetic and these scumbag cops are poor excuses for men, they all need to get the fucking shit beaten out of them or like a few rich people in this country are proposing, if you can show them proof that you either beat a cop to death, shot a cop to death stabbed a cop to death these rich people are willing to give up millions of dollars, some are saying they will give you their mansions with everything in it if you can prove you kidnapped a cop and tortured it for a week before killing it slowly, a billionaire in California says he will give anyone 5 million dollars and a passport and 500k a year for life if you can prove you shot a cop in the face and killed it, another billionaire says he will buy you any car you want with 2 million cash to kill a cop. people are tired of this bull shit these fucking spineless idiotic scumbags getting away with murder, animal cruelty, beatings, rape, stealing, doing drugs, selling drugs, lying in a court of law, falsifying their bull shit reports to cover their own asses, something has to change or more and more cops are going to be dealt with , if the judges, grand juries and chiefs of police cant do their jobs the people will hold these cocksuckers accountable anyway we can….

    • DanSimpson

      I agree with you 1000% my friend. Every time I hear or read of a cop gettng killed, I dance in my house. If it had been my dog, or if I had been there, those 2 chickenshit fucks would have died that day. I have 2 dogs that I adore, and would not heitate to shoot a fucking cop in the face if they shot my dog. I couldn’t give a fuck less about a fucking cop. All they are to me is a waste of time, and a waste of humanity. Hope I read about one getting offed today. Fuck the goddamned slimeballs. And I pray tha these 2 worthless fucks get what they deserve real soon. Wish we could be friends on FB, we sure think alot alike. In all of my 54 years of living, I have never hated cops so much! Fucking filthy ass scum, thinking they can do whatever they want with no repercussions, or reactions.

      • Brian

        I don’t wish for anyone to get shot, anyone to die. I just think that with the way cops conduct themselves ( or lack thereof ) and the people getting tired of this bull shit, and these very rich people offering huge bank to off a cop I figure its going to happen more often. In a perfect world the cops would all be fired, charged and convicted for their crimes against humanity and they would be replaced with actual cops, who actually serve and protect, who know about the constitution, and who aren’t rapists, thieves, angry, out of control little bitches who shoot at anything , who always use the excuse of someone was going for their weapon or they were resisting. someone who wouldn’t put up with the corruption, who wouldn’t be afraid to arrest another cop when they break the law. someone with morals, ethics and a sense of duty to the people. as it is now, 99.999999 % of all cops are fucking punks with that chip that resides on their shoulders, they fucking hate their jobs, hate the public, hate everything and everyone. and they have been running the largest criminal empire the world has ever known. spineless scumbags that deserve a life long prison sentence . or a bullet to the head


          FUCK OFF AND DIE

  • maggie belle

    I hope these p***y officers soon suffer the same fate they bestowed on Lexie when they’re out on patrol.

  • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

    White fkkk pederast child raping police race of niggers are rotting from the head down!!!




    Blood thirsty race soldiers! Negroes you better wake up b4 its too LATE!

  • WhiteEagle

    Uh, how can a dog be shot 15 times and still walk to the animal control truck…did they shoot it more somewhere else? Or were they all such horrable shots,and the poor thing bled slowly to death. Isn’t there some sort of regulation that animals picked up by the control officer have to be delivered to a shelter or some facility and that if injured basic treatment at the least given the animal?

  • Paul Val

    piece of shit COWARDS, they KNEW the dog belonged to the man, he repeated it several times, f* these police criminal cowards

  • michael92064

    Nothing happened to the cops. The animal control officer was suspended for 30 days for taking too long to transport the injured dog causing it to bleed to death. The city council was massively afraid of the police union.

  • Mike

    I hope and pray all the cops that shot the dog end up being gut shot themselves and bleeding out in the gutter, while everyone just watches them die a slow painful death like the SCUM they are! They deserve to die!!!

  • Eric Bolt

    This to me is criminal Malice-! They lie about it -! Non Humane -! not reasonable nor rational-! Think, this is what they say about you & your kids then they do the very same to you & yours-!

  • brandoo

    That is the city of St. Clair Shores for you. Police here are greedy corrupt pricks. Who the hell threatens an elderly mentally ill man with a ticket? Disgusting.

    • leastyebejudged

      Cops. That’s who.

  • leastyebejudged

    Where are all the “good cops” ?

    Any “good cops” out there with anything to say about this ?

    I’m getting so that when a cop dies, I have a little party, since no “good cops” ever fucking speak up EVER.

  • dave

    How can a person who fears dogs become a cop?!?