Cop Shoots and Kills Dog That Is Tied Up In Its Own Yard


UPDATE (6-23-15): Cop Lied About Dog Being Leashed

Unsurprisingly, the cop who shot this do was found to be deceitful on his report, sources say.

At first he said he never noticed that the dog was leashed.

But then later he admitted that he knew about the leash the whole time, according to reports.

Nevertheless, the department believes it’s still justified to shoot a dog to death while it’s on a leash as long as the officer “feels threatened.”

The Clarion Ledger reports as follows:

Muzzi [the dog’s owner[ said the police officer who shot the dog apologized to Muzzi and told him that he felt threatened and didn’t see the leash, but later on, Cleveland Police Chief Charles Bingham told Muzzi and his wife Bethany that the investigator saw the leash but had the right to shoot the dog since he felt threatened.

Jean Strong | FilmingCops.com

CLEVELAND, MS — The Muzzi family from Cleveland, Mississippi is looking for answers after a cop shot their one and a half year old yellow lab, Miller, on June 12.


Can I have some icecream Daddy? They always shared the recliner! 💔

Tyler Muzzi and his family are in mourning. Tyler was trying to be a good Samaritan when he called his neighbor to inform him that a suspicious character was sneaking around his place.

Muzzi was getting ready to go to work at around 1:15 pm on Friday, when he saw the man. “We live on a dead-end road, so we all know who should be in the neighborhood and who shouldn’t,” he added.

His neighbor called the police, who arrived while Muzzi was still keeping an eye on the lurker. They searched the area and apprehended the suspect.

Muzzi’s yellow lab, Miller, was on a run in his yard. The run was a wire that stretched between two trees and Miller was on a tie down that moved along the wire. He was able to access a large area of Muzzi’s yard and about a foot onto the neighbor’s property.

After watching the man being taken away and seeing a plains clothes investigator, Greg Perkins, arrive, Muzzi resumed getting ready for work. All of a sudden he heard three shots ring out. Thinking the cops had shot the suspect, and knowing that he was in custody, he ran to the door to see what was going on, only to see Miller lying on the ground in a pool of blood screaming in pain.


Investigator Greg Perkins of the Cleveland Police had deemed it necessary to walk back into Muzzi’s back yard and shoot the dog. All the other officers had been around the dog the entire time they were searching for the intruder. The line was clearly visible, and none of them had any problem with the friendly dog. “We do not have a fenced in backyard, so we keep Miller on a line when we are home and he needs to go out. They saw him, knew he was there, and never asked me to put him up,” Muzzi said.

He ran back into his house and called his vet and grabbed some towels to wrap his dog in. The cops stood around and didn’t help him until Animal Control pulled up and helped him get Miller to his car. They made it to the vet, but Miller’s injuries were too severe for him to pull through and he had to be euthanized.

Here is a picture the day we brought Miller home! I am sharing these pictures because I want to make a point that he was our baby! He was a part of our family! He was loved! I want them to see what they took from us!

Here is a picture the day we brought Miller home! I am sharing these pictures because I want to make a point that he was our baby! He was a part of our family! He was loved! I want them to see what they took from us!

Muzzi said at that point he didn’t know who had shot his dog until the investigator came up to his car and apologized. “He said my dog tried to attack him on the line and was vicious,” Muzzi said. “I repeated over and over that I didn’t understand. He was attached to a line. He said he didn’t see the line when he saw Miller, he said Miller was rushing towards him.”

The officer was given a paid vacation while the city investigates the incident.

Folks, this is an amazing family. I have been in contact with them since the day after it happened, and they are handling this awful situation with grace and dignity. Their world has been turned upside down and they are grieving deeply. They have set up a Facebook page, Justice 4 Miller Muzzi and a petition to ask for justice. Their page has taken off like wildfire, they are receiving thousands of messages of support and love. Within two days it had 4,000 likes.

Please visit the page and like and share to show your support for them. They are determined to see that this does not happen to any other families. They are advocating for change. Cops kill a family pet at an estimated rate of one every hour. These are not isolated incidents. It is an epidemic and it HAS to stop!

The Muzzi family has now filed a Notice of Claim with the city threatening litigation as a result of this incident. The Cleveland Current says, “Because of the threatened litigation, the city is limited in the comments it can now make regarding the matter. However, the City does wish to express its sincerest condolences for the loss of Miller Muzzi. Additionally, the City has determined that it will schedule, as soon as possible, animal behavior/sensitivity training for all employees who may come into contact with animals as a part of the City duties.”

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  • Mike

    This cop should be fired and thrown in jail, but we all know that won’t happen, so please somebody kill this POS cop, before he murders another innocent!!!!

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  • So What

    Put him on the end of a rope… Problem solved

  • Bill Matthews

    Photo of dog killer Gregory C Perkins from the Cleveland Mississippi Police Department. The coward shot a lab puppy who was in his own back yard and on a leash( run line)

    • The Glider

      Someone should put him down.

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    • Kelly Lauckern

      Big ass coward P.O.S. If a tied up lab pup scared his ass he has no business with a gun and representing an officer! Officer Perkins, WE ASK FOR YOUR RESIGNATION!!

    • magikwyrkz4u

      Fucking coward.

    • Monty Simmons

      lol. Investigator? Looks like an idiot affirmative action quota employee.

      I am surprised he was smarT enough to find the place. But then again even idiots can find a place these days with the help of navigation and enough time.

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  • John E. Smith

    Just another example of a coward that has NO business carrying a gun. I drive Fed Ex Ground. My route covers several hundred square miles in which there are about 700 farms. I encounter dogs every day, and I make friends with them every day. I don’t carry a gun (at work)… I carry dog treats. The dogs on my route LOOK FORWARD to seeing me because they know that they are going to get treats. Cops should carry a pocket full of dog treats. I admit that I have been bitten once, but the owner shot that dog dead on the spot, I didn’t.

    If during the course of your job you are “in fear for your life” to the point where you feel the need to discharge a firearm and kill someones canine family member then just maybe you should be flipping burgers at McDonald’s and not be patrolling the streets with a lethal weapon. Pussy.

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    That’s one stupid piece of shit that needs to be put down.Investigator Greg Perkins of the Cleveland Police,maybe his superiors,too! What a joke saying they are in law enforcement.

  • Patrick H.

    Time to become more independent like Independence Day suggests and Limit governmental service like the Constitution suggests.

  • G

    Anyone know the officers current whereabouts?
    I wouldn’t mind seeing some real animals put down.

    • Steve H.

      Greg Perkins the idiot that shot Miller lives on 1122 Johnson St. in Cleveland. He also joked about it on facebook. He has since taken down his timeline so it is not visible.

  • Gorilladin

    Anyone know the officers current whereabouts?
    I wouldn’t mind seeing a real animal put down.

    • Steve H.

      Greg Perkins the idiot that shot Miller lives on 1122 Johnson St. in Cleveland.

  • jy kelly

    Dog lives matter…

  • Candlefly

    What the hell are you waiting on Cleveland police, lock this asshole up before he kills again.

    • Nanette Valencia

      They don’t care if he kills

  • old409

    Another example of an Idiot with a gun and a badge and scared to death of his own shadow. If this type thing keeps up and the cops keep getting slapped on the wrist, I’m afraid people will retaliate against them and their families and all He77 will break lose (maybe that is the plan). I wonder how cops would like it if they were to feel the samew pain they deliver to others by killing family members and pets?

    • Monty Simmons

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  • saganhill

    If it were my Golden Retriever that cop would have been DOA that night. Fuck cops.

  • Tim Graf

    I’m apt to believe maybe the dog knew this ‘Greg Perkins’ cop was a nasty, corrupt piece of shit and may have gotten aggressive if Perkins tried to pet him. Perkins got butthurt the dog didn’t like him and murdered it?

  • Mathieu Hubin

    Cops killed by dogs… 0. (google search https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=number%20of%20police%20officers%20killed%20by%20dogs) PEOPLE killed by cops in March of this year alone… OVER 100! Do the fucking math people!

  • Russ Nagode

    This kind of thing is happening with such frequency these days, that to do it (kill pets) must be something that is being passed around in certain circles within police departments. Sad to say, but until the guilty party policemen start suffering the same fate as the family dogs they kill, this behavior will continue at expanded rates nationwide.

    • Kobutsu Malone

      It will continue….. so long as the cop gets “suspended” (with pay) for a week or more. Shoot a citizen’s dog, a family member, and get a paid vacation and walk away scot-free.

  • magikwyrkz4u

    I had the police come to my home several weeks ago in the middle of the night on a matter that I didn’t even call them on and one of my chi’s got out and was running around. I told the female pig that the dog wasn’t aggressive and just excited. He was not displaying any aggression either. However, being the bitch cop that she was, he said he looks like he is aggressive. I told her she better not touch my fucking dog and to let me get him and put him in the house. She just stood there until I got him and put him in the house. However, if she would have done anything I would have no hesitation on going off on her. After that incident she was a complete bitch the rest of the time. I hate cops and do not weep when they are injured or killed. They are sadistic, brutal assholes and I don’t trust them one bit.

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    I live in Australia I have rung 3 times to speak to the Chief of Police or his assistant seeing he is in a COnference somewhere when asked by a Police officer you have there if someone else could assist me I said yes could I speak to someone regarding the shooting of Miller the lab female cop got real nasty told me to ring back after lunch 1pm your time which will be 3.30am Adelaide time guess what lady I will be what a bitch

  • Neal Feldman

    So this wuss is such an abject coward he ‘feared for his life’ from a dog that was tied up.

    The dog-murdering cowardly thug with a badge should be sentenced to 5 years in prison, general population with no extra security, hard prison like Riker’s or San Quentin. Make him wear a yellow uniform that says “I am a cop that murders innocent dogs” across front and back. Let Karma take its course.

  • Greg Perkins

    Greg Perkins

    1122 Johnson St.
    Cleveland, MI

    [email protected]

  • Pierre Montsion

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    It shouldnt be up to a Cheif as appossed to a Jury. Let the courts decide. That what they are doing is circum venting to court its due jursdiction.

  • HoneyJoRumples

    Sounds to me like this cop just felt like killing something. They had apprehended the suspect. They had no more business there. The dog was obviously on a run. Everyone saw it. The owner heard no growling, no fuss, no barking, nothing until the three gunshots. This cop was just in the mood to kill something, saw a dog and knew he could get away with it, so used Miller as target practice, and then lied to get away with it. And then they run the BS line about sensitivity training. Sensitivity training only works of the problem is insensitivity. But this cop did not kill Miller because he misread cues, or didn’t understand dog body language. He killed Miller because he wanted to kill him and knew he’d get away with it. This will continue, cops will continue to murder our beloved 4-legged family members until we start throwing them in jail for it. we the people have to take a stand.

  • Penn_Patriot


  • Monty Simmons

    This cop was arrested twice for DUI and was not fired. Black Privilege.

    • DewyB

      Cop privilege, jails are full of black privilege.

  • Tanya Triplett

    i not call cops unless it a last resort, or for them to come in your house to retrieve the body of the trespasser. as for the neighbor he may have had insurance. install cameras around your homes. this day and time arm yourself,protect yourself.

  • freedom fighter

    Coward. I’ve been bitten by a dog before. The bite would have been much worse if I hadn’t been wearing my leather jacket which prevented him from being able to tear a chunk out of my arm, and had the owners not immediately grabbed a hold of the dog and pried his jaws open. Never did it cross my mind to shoot this dog and I also did not sue the owners or demand that the dog be put down. I am not a coward. I’ve encountered many lost dogs and most of the time I’m able to catch them, and return them to their owners. I worked at an animal shelter and so I worked with a lot of dogs. I have never feared for my life around any dog, not even the one that bit me. These public SERVANTS go through training to catch hardened criminals, yet they fear for their lives around dogs. People say that cops are heroes. Does killing a dog on a leash out of fear sound like a heroic thing to do? Or the cop that shot a 4-year-old girl trying to kill a dog? Or the cop that killed Autumn Steele in front of her husband and 4-year-old son when he tried to shoot their dog and slipped on ice right as he pulled the trigger? How about the cop that shot into a crowd of people trying to shoot a dog? Or all the times when a cop goes into someone’s fenced-in backyard unannounced, and a dog, unable to recognize a badge and defending their property, runs toward the officer and then the officer just shoots the dog instead of backing outside the gate? Is that a hero? Is it?

    • Kelly Lauckern

      Very well said Freedom. True with everything you said. Like Mossad above said, they are the largest terrorist organization in the United States and “We the People” are just suppose to sit back and take because they are “The Law.”

  • Daniel Mummey

    Sad I feel for the family killing a dog is like killing a family member they adopted the dog as a puppy raised it like one of their own I can imagine what the family is feeling right now……..

  • Police are the largest terrorist oganization in the United States.

  • Timothy Y.

    Mississippi. The backwards uneducated asshole of America. ..

  • John Long

    He has a facebook page. I sent him an inbox message. I doubt he’ll respond though.

    • Nanette Valencia

      I sent him an email and he insulted my appearance and called my place of employment. That’s called harrassment

  • Mike

    People need to start killing cops when they murder their dogs, and just use the same defense as the cops. ” I feared for my life after that cop killed my dog for no reason, and thought he would shoot me next”

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    Keep being sheep, your government appreciates it. If a thug with a badge kills my dog, there are going to be dead thugs with badges.

  • distachio

    What kind of idiot looks at a YELLOW LAB and thinks “vicious dog?” One that wants to kill something — anything.

    • luckyintheorder

      You must be a mind reader…. Awesome.

  • Kobutsu Malone

    My Harley-Bear can hear the UPS truck coming down the road. He gets very excited and waits by the door for the driver who always brings him a “cookie”……

  • Nanette Valencia

    This cop was cited twice for DUI, is this the kind of person that should be wearing a badge and carrying a gun?

  • Dharma666

    Any Cop kills my pet for no reason, they won’t ever fear for their lives again. Cause dead people don’t have lives. Plain and Simple.

  • Nanette Valencia

    Disgusting ape typically lies like all cops do when they’re caught doing something wrong

  • Nanette Valencia

    Lying coward scum

  • Kim Faulkenbury

    If this POS is afraid of a dog, he does not need to be a police officer.