Cop Shoots and Kills Ex-Wife With 7-Yr-Old Girl in the Car


Tamara’s life was taken on Tues, June 16th, 2015, by a police officer.

UPDATE (7-12-15): Police Were Called Over 20 Times Before Officer Executed His Wife

Why didn’t police ensure that the wife was safe, after 21 calls to report problems? Is it because the abusive husband was a fellow cop?

The reports as follows:

Local police produced 21 reports, some involving domestic violence and police Sgt. Philip Seidle, before the officer shot his ex-wife to death on an Asbury Park street. One report was filed less than a month before the killing.

Documents released to the Asbury Park Press after it requested public information related to the June 16 shooting and the Seidles’ marital discord show that police reports were produced since 2001 regarding one or both of the Seidles. The number of reports increased as the couple came closer to a final divorce decree in late May, for a total of five in 2015.

UPDATE (6-16-15): Raw Footage Captures Moment Officer Unloads Hail of Gunfire on Woman

Raw footage of the execution has just been posted to YouTube. You can see the cop walking toward the victim’s car as gunshots ring out. Just imagine how this woman and her child must have felt in the final moments of her life.

This footage is extremely disturbing, but many readers have pointed out something even darker and more twisted.

it's finally here long editable finIf you look carefully, you can see cops run up to the active shooter —  but they did not shoot him. Did they refrain from shooting him because they knew he was a fellow cop? Even though he was murdering a woman in cold blood?

As notes:

When Sgt. Seidle [the active shooter] did finally surrender he was met not with a hail of bullets, but with hugs and reassuring pats on the back. So far as I can remember, cops don’t usually go full PDA on murderers.

Another commenter wrote:

He shot her again AFTER the cops were on the scene and they did nothing to stop him. She might have been saved but cops were more concerned with talking him out of killing himself than using necessary force to stop him from sending a second barrage of bullets into his ex-wife.

(Raw footage is included at the end of article.)

ASBURY PARK — We have received breaking reports that police officer in Asbury Park, NJ opened fire on a woman with her 7-yr-old daughter in the car.

The little girl was in the front seat of the car watching and screaming as Sgt. Philip Seidle aimed the gun at the woman, and shot her to death, according to reports.

Several witnesses were terrified when they observed the slaying.

Sgt. Seidle has been charged with murder, unlawful possession of a weapon and endangering the welfare of a child.

The woman, Tamara, used to be married to Sgt Seidle, reports say.

She was 51-years old.

Apparently Sgt. Seidle had been chasing her through the streets.

A prosecutor described the situation as follows:

“As Tamara Seidle was trying to flee, her vehicle crashed into a parked car on Sewall Avenue. Philip Seidle’s car then crashed into hers, and he got out of the car, pulled out his handgun, and approached her car, immediately firing into the driver’s side several times.”

It is a tragic and painful reminder that domestic abuse among police families nearly double that of normal families.

The national average for abuse of wives is 1 in 4 woman, but if they are with a cop that average becomes 1 in 2 women.

We have seen case after case verifying this, including, tragically, cases of fatalities.

In one horrifying case, a cop shot his ex-girlfriend for breaking up with him, then also shot her pet dog to death, and burned her house down while her corpse was inside, according to reports.

If you know someone who is dating an abusive cop, please reach out to them and encourage them to contact professionals.

As The Free Thought Project notes:

Law Enforcement officers beat their significant other at nearly double the national average. Several studies, according to Diane Wetendorf, author of Police Domestic Violence: Handbook for Victims, indicate that women suffer domestic abuse in at least 40 percent of police officer families. For American women overall, the figure is 25 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to The Advocates for Human Rights Organization, studies indicate that police families are 2-4 times more likely than the general population to experience domestic violence, making the potential for disparities in protective success particularly troubling.

Our hearts go out to the little girl who was traumatized watching her mother shot to death as well as the family’s left behind by the victim.

Watch the video below:

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  • Daniel Martin


  • E=MC2

    Another victim of unfair child support laws! When will we learn. Those laws are in serious need of reform.

    • maxiemom

      Right. Spoken like a true deadbeat dad, loser. Unless, of course, you’re trying to be funny without any sense of humor……

    • tinalouise

      She isn’t a victim any longer but her child still is. Hopefully she will be compensated well now that he’s going to be in prison for life for shooting her mother!

      • Yahsur’EL

        This man probably still won’t get life

  • maxiemom

    Yes, he thinks he can get away with anything, and he did it in full view of the child who might very well be his, and could have been injured or killed by a stray bullet…………

    • Adrian

      I wish them cops would be screened upon hiring. In my eyes, the police force everywhere are very irresponsible when it comes to them hiring psychopathic officers on the force. This must and needs to end!

      • Mel Lewis

        The problem is that they have to pass an intelligence test, if they’re smart, they don’t get the job. They intentionally hire people with low IQ’s because it’s easier to force them to follow orders, because they don’t know any better.

      • Yahsur’EL

        These people hire friends promote their friends and good friends of their friends so they will not get anyone in there that will be a good cop to rat them out.

      • Rusty

        They also “crack” after a time on the job, but due to Unions and cost do not or cannot be fired. None of us “know” for certain how we will react in a given situation, or a job full of situations. These officers used to get forced out and fired before they escalated into murderous psychopaths. There is currently no mechanism in place to fire cops or even write bad reports on them.

    • tinalouise

      The man in the video said the cop was bitching about being tired of paying child support so it might have been his daughter in the car.

      • maxiemom

        It WAS his 7 year old daughter in the car, according to our local news reports.

  • Robin

    Imagine what this man has done to people who pissed him off when he was working as a cop.I bet he has a lot of complaints of excessive force in his file.

    • Ben Dover

      I guarantee that there’s LOTS of cops out there that have raped or killed someone in the middle of the night and the case remains “unsolved” or pinned on some poor bastard that the cop/s have a hate on for….

      • wise wunn

        No, he actually was a very good cop. Respected, liked, and was a mentor to people in our community. I’ve known him 20 years that is what is so crazily ironic. But Tuesday all the respect I had left with Tamara, I hope he gets the maximum penalty possible with no leniency. He is no longer a human being in my eye.

        • N J Kimmie

          Same here Wise….I was totally stunned by this….just when you think you “know” someone. I, like you lost ALL the respect I had for this adulterer woman beating murderous COWARD!!

        • Brian Reese

          you are a fucking moron. this isnt a good cop.

          • qweztionz5

            This proves once again, there are NO good cops.

        • D. McCue

          Yeah, as if good cops commit cold blooded murder like this. Give me a break. You just were not aware of all the awful things he did to people in the past because his fellow cops helped cover up his crimes.

        • ‘Craig Bruner’

          Bullshit!!! Just because he had you and others fooled doesn’t make him a good cop, it just makes him good at deception!!! This murder wasn’t a spontaneous act that was done in the heat of anger, this cowardous badged lunatic haD at least 21 reports filed on him of spousal abuse and still was allowed to keep his job, carry a firearm, and murder his ex wife in front of his daughter after chasing her thru the streets then ramming his car into hers…
          “Why didn’t police ensure that the wife was safe, after 21 calls to report problems? Is it because the abusive husband was a fellow cop?”
          You (wise wunn) talk like this cowardous wife abusing badged lunatic just snapped and was a good cop up to the point of murdering his wife in front of the 7 year old daughter.. I call BULLSHIT!!!
          This badged coward needs to spend this rest of his life behind bars and beaten everyday by cons for the rest of his life!!
          The murdered woman’s 7 year old daughter and parents need to sue the city and the police departments asses off for ignoring the at least 21 different spousal abuse reports and their negligence in letting this tragedy happen just because he was a cop!!!
          Good cop MY ASS!!!

        • Noonoo

          You’re crazy as hell if you think this is a “good” anything! Idgaf if you knew him and that MF was once the pope he EXECUTED his ex wife in cold blood right in front of a seven year old child! He was and is BAD! Hell we all get mad enough to funk chit up but we don’t do it because of the consequences involved!

    • kilamia38

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    • RosalindaBWells

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  • Cops don’t like that “child support” , the corrupt cop that arrested me was jealous because I have nobody to support and he ends up with triplets the last time and now has to support 5 kids. This prick Tpr Matthew Sweet arrested me 3 times and tried a 4th. He fabricates evidence and everyone knows it, but they all protect this scumbag and he lives to destroy other people’s lives. I know all about trying to get an asshole cop off your back!

    • Ms plissedOff

      That sucks. Hope he gets a real job and leaves you a alone.

  • Patrick H.

    Im surprised he didnt shoot the younger girl. This is what you get when you hire people tell them they have unbridled power, give them Military equipment, and say go get em. Then unleash them on an unsuspecting public. Now if he can only team up with the DA, he’ll be unidictable and get his job back. Sick sichopath.

    • jj merago

      None of this makes sense. What is a sichopath?

  • Dina

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  • LisaRSanders

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  • Lover of Truth

    How long until society realizes guns just aren’t working out? They are just too dangerous and too many people using them are either mentally unstable or corrupt. To own a gun you should be the most mature of persons. But among other things we have governmental organizations in every city armed to the teeth yet often abuse their power. First step is to disarm the police, and public for that matter except in very special circumstances.

    • Sarah Mangeno

      Lol Right let’s disarm the public……you’re an idiot…..guns do not kill people!! They are inanimate objects!! The guns are NOT THE PROBLEM!! The problem is these police officers being trained to consider everyone they meet as an enemy combatant and they are being loaded up with a bunch of military gear and making sure they know that they can do what ever the hell they want and get away with it. Who do you think is doing this favor for these pigs?? THE GOVERNMENT!!! So what happens if you take the guns from the public and even the police?? The government just finds other ways to satisfy their sick need to slaughter people!!!

  • PithHelmut

    We’re the schmucks because we think we need to be policed. We allow this to happen. We the people allow everything to happen to us. We just cower through life and bend over for jerks.

  • Judd Zimmermann

    Yeah…..with a woman and child in the car if that was just your every day Joe those cops would have opened fire. Than they pat him on the back? I wish we had footage of that to see.

    • Robert Richardson

      probably is footage….. lots of dash cams there…… probably be erased ……. and the people who saw it, will be labelled liers by more fucking cops, protecting their own…….

  • Falm1968

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  • Janet

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  • Finneas

    And instead of being gunned down,, this caucasian gets reassuring pats on the back and hugs,,,,,,THIS makes me sick as well.

    • Neicy

      YOU are the sickest one for thinking or saying this dumbass racist bullshit!

      • AbysswalkerLuca

        Well.. I’m still thinking the sickest one is the cop that put the hail of bullets into his ex who was trying to flee.. Just saying.

    • Buck D Elder

      He is a COP before being a “caucasian”. AND, if you happened to notice through your “I hates YT” eyes, none of the BLACK cops put a bullet in his ass.

      • Annette Williams

        He was born a “Caucasian first” then BECAME of cop..nice try.

        • Buck D Elder

          You were born “black first”, THEN, you became an “I hates YT” racist.Have I got it right?

    • james

      he look black too me just like his wife

      • Indepenent_Analyst

        He looks black? Where.. I guess you look black too! smh You could even see the man’s face. smh

        • james

          well i guess its my eyes then i mean im not even looking at rite then but then again im not worried about his race more about tht lil girl id ok

    • wise wunn

      I’ve known the officer 20 years he is Black

      • AbysswalkerLuca

        I hope he goes away for a long time

        • Ms plissedOff

          Paid leave

      • Teresa Roberts

        cops are cops.

      • AlvinBr

        What else have you known about him?

    • Seymour Hynee

      He’s a black man. Very yellow. But black, I assure you…

      • Ricky Bates

        color doesn’t matter all should receive what you gave…if that was death then so be it…death in return…any one on scene that could have stopped it and didn’t….accessory to the death nothing less

  • Dilip Kumar

    It is surprising how the US police start killing people by shooting on the road as in the barbarically ruled countries.

  • ‘Mikee Edwards


  • Marek Edelman

    Fucking-Pigs !!!!

  • Robert Richardson

    but they will gun down a kid, in a playground, with a toy gun…………. just another reason to hold all cops with the highest of distrust………. fucking pathetic, disgusting and absolutely tragic for that little girl……..

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    if this was anyone but shaved head pig, each one of his brother criminals would’ve opened fire. each of them would’ve fired 30 rounds. but since he has a curly tail and a flat, upturned nose, he was allowed to fire several more rounds killing her, with the kid right next to her. so he killed two people that day. the mother, and the little girl! she will never be the same. and since he’s a pig, IF he gets convicted it will likely be ONE charge. and then he will do a fraction of the time anyone else would get!!! since it’s on video, he SHOULD BE LED STRAIGHT TO HIS EXECUTION!!!

  • Malik Wilson

    this is a direct result of people allowing cops to treat certain people bad and then think they wont do it to “people they are not suppose to treat bad”, hate, greed, power and many other emotions cant just be turned on and off, think about that when you agree with how they treat other people.

  • Matt Kovach

    divorce should be illegal (sarcasm)

  • 2broke4 her

    just think, would a restraining order have kept him from shooting her? the law states if there is a restraining order on you, you cant buy, own or possess a firearm! since he was a cop would that have gotten him fired? but New Jersey law might be different! and, who would say he would follow the law, after all he did shoot his ex!

  • Mateelyah Mahmoud Sousa

    So sad. These cops are under so much stress. This world is under so much stress. We are failing at an epidemic rate

    • Sarah Mangeno

      Right feel sorry for the guy that just murdered an innocent person because he was “stressed”…. Wow…..

      • Mateelyah Mahmoud Sousa

        Everyone is a victim of some sort here. Did you miss the part where I said the world is under so much stress. Cops are involved in DV twice as much as other families so to my point the stress must be extremely high and overlooked. My sentiments go to everyone here. I don’t need to condemn him, he did that when he pulled the trigger.

  • Morgan Morris

    Sad thing is… We KNOW he’ll get away with it. Even if he’s indicted the judge with instruct the jury to let him go free.

  • Yahsur’EL

    No no no coos are wonderful people. We should stand with cops because their job is stressful. I’m pretty sure he was scared for his life. This woman probably didn’t hold her breathe like he told her so he had to defend himself. Cops make mistakes and shouldn’t be made out as evil people. We need to love and support our cops. Cop need a medal for defending us against this harmless women. I feel more safe already.

  • Rusty

    I am surprised any woman would marry a cop, you would have to be blind to not see what kind of psycho the police are.
    But there are those who marry serial killers in prison as well, but at least those serial killers generally stay in prison.

  • Terry

    They should have let him off himself.

  • Bill Hughes

    We were taught in college that there is something called ‘The Blue Wall of Silence” It is where corrupt cops then teach it to the younger officers and the ones that they think will be wissle blowers are pushed out of a career. Along with flashing your lights cops have justified lethal force for just about anything. Regardless the peons is unarmed and cops duty should be to retreat to say and call for back up. that what is expected by private citenz in public places to find a retreat first before having to use lethal force. l Of course right now the law says cops dont have to related to their car and call for backup but we will change that.

  • bongwaterstudios

    Crazy as hell someone could have killed him and they would have been justified even if not a cop.

  • Melanie Adams

    okay, first let me say that EVERYTHING about this is horrendous-especially that the other cops doing NOTHING to him when they arrived on scene, especially letting him shoot her again! that being said, this headline is yet again, somewhat misleading. the fact that the person that he shot, was his ex-wife does add a different slant to this story, that makes it not just about a cop killing yet another unarmed innocent citizen. you, copblock, and counter current news are all guilty of being somewhat misleading with your headlines and you DON’T NEED TO DO THAT! it makes you look cheap and dishonest and there’s enough people who want to shut sites like yours up and also make you look like liars and you give them the ammo. believe me, the truth about what cops are doing all over this country is plenty horrific enough, without you gilding the lilly. i follow all these sites daily, but i really wish you would stop doing this. it doesn’t serve your purpose, a purpose that i support whole-heartedly and will continue to support. please just think about this.

    • Sarah Mangeno

      Yes she was his ex but she was still an unarmed citizen!! It doesn’t really change much! In fact, it makes it worse!! If he would do this to her right in front of his own daughter then what do you think he would do to other innocent victims he encounters that he doesn’t have any past relationship with? So what she was his ex, he still murdered an unarmed citizen!!!

  • Seatired

    This piece of shit killed this woman over child support. He has 9 fucking kids.

  • David Madrid

    Looks like he might have thought she was reaching for a weapon. So maybe it was justified?

    • Sarah Mangeno

      You’re joking right? I ask because it’s common place for people to actually be this stupid! You do realize he shouldn’t have been chasing her to begin with right?

      • David Madrid

        I was only saying that because the police took so long and doing anything about the situation yes it was a joke bad pun but then his back to offend your sensibilities

  • clara colon

    We cant not continue to turn our backs on the Survivors of Officer
    Involved Domestic Violence. This needs to be addressed immediately. Our
    lives are not safe society, we do not have a free ticket to stay
    alive……Our lives are just a jump and step to being murdered by our
    ex’s……Remember they are armed and dangerous and 100% abusive and
    unstable mentally. 5 long years repeatedly stating Help! the OIDV/LEIDV
    Communities , no one listens….2 gun shoots and than all his fellow brothers in blue allowed him to continue with 2 more shoots against his ex.

    What is wrong with this picture? He is just a man……But no he is a
    blue brother of the honor of the badge and granted and protected with
    extra authority to be A law enforcement officer and his brothers will
    protect him. Hey, reality check PBA or FOP are all ready getting a
    defense attorney for him…..Guess what 2 million dollar
    bond….Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His defense PTSD job related…..Wait and
    see…Thats the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • philly

    and yet they keep these nuts on the job without and psychological updating and drug use updates——-many cops are pure sociopaths and they know it

  • teaser28

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  • John Danger

    i live in the area and have had many experiences with this department. believe it or not a lot of the guys especially the fat black cop who was holding the kids hand are good people, usually when a cop (and im related to two) looks into my jacket they start treating me like shit-scum, but some of these guys still treat me like a person. that being said there’s also a bunch of assholes there as with all departments. this is sad as hell and should not have gone that far at all. if i was busting off in asbury id be dead when the first car arrived.

  • Teresa Roberts

    Please sign & share my petition against our current hiring, training & retention policies for cops, directed to the DOJ & IAPC.

  • Naomi ‘Guenther’ Grovenburg

    Cop Shoots unarmed woman???? Really?? Why not put what the real root of it was, Husband Shoot Ex Wife?! Stop frickin labeling cops, I don’t care if he was a pig farmer, or a tennis coach. Media needs to back off of labeling cops, blacks, whites etc. Get your crap straight!

    • harchestr

      True but the only difference is that the farmer and the tennis coach would of been shot and not patted on the back.

    • Chuck Schwinger

      In their desire to console their brother officer, they allowed him to stand there, waving his gun around until he walked back over to the car and PUT 3 MORE BULLETS INTO HIS WIFE…..and they still did not shoot him……they went right back to “talking him down” …..would your “hypothetical pig farmer ” have gotten the same courtesy? or would he have died in a hail of bullets before the coupe de grace was administered….those cops are all to blame for that womans’ death……her blood is on all their hands…..

      • sotiredoflies13

        The other cops should have at least taken his weapon!

  • Plain and simple 1

    We are giving average people because their job (COPS) above the law status and this needs to stop now. I think all of the good cops are being treated bad because all of the bad cops and the sad part of this is the department was to protect the bad as not to look bad. When the simple things to do get rid of the bad and praise the good. Then you will see change.

  • Whaviely

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  • Bill Catz

    More paid vacations coming up, I’m sure.

  • Rob

    This article makes it seem like a police officer murdered a civilian. This is just a husband who lost it on his wife. While I agree many cops abuse their authority, I’m tired of both right and left wing media try to push their agendas on the public. Don’t be sheep people! Learn to think for yourself and maybe there is still hope for our country!

  • JMB

    I see it as 50% of all cop are of the same quality. They think that they are the law and the law is below them. they sit and act like professionals and really they are a loose canon waiting to go off. How many live will be lost be for a war brake out where the american people say they have had enough. It is more than likely that it is a matter of time.

    One bad cop equals all bad cop’s, with that said it was told to me as a U.S. Army soldier that if one dose something bad then there action reflect upon the unit the branch and the military. Cop need to police up there brothers and sister knowing that the american people are sickens by the ignorance of the justice system. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, this apples to all of the justice system that say they enforce the law. It apples to you are well.

    According to Thomas Jefferson, if the Government fails to fulfill it’s full purpose, the people have the right/duty, to get rid of those in the Government and choose others to fill the spots. It is time for you to fix the problem befor the people fix it for you…

    In God we trust,

  • WilliamDKorte

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  • wellard

    come on people have some empathy for the boys in blue !!! imagine their position, you work hard all day terrorising law abiding people, beating some, illegally incarcerating others, occasionally shooting the odd one when ya having a shit day and the pepper spray just wont get ya hard, then ya gotta go home and some bitch burnt ya fucking toast. We need to send them our love, the sorta love you can only say with a parcel of anthrax.

  • RichardJOdell

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  • Gloria Applegate

    Why have you eliminated easy access to respond! This post really didn’t go as planned! Where do you share the.concerned videos of the fucking hoodlums who put a cop, firefighter, medic in their sights daily, while they put themselves in the line of fire every day to save your ass! Do a ride along some day & see the reality. If you were any relation to me, or in striking distance, I wouslap you upside your stupid head(s)

  • Gloria Applegate

    Did anyone see the cop fire one shot, or did the camera point to the ground “every” time you HEARD a shot?

    • AlvinBr

      Yes, the witnesses did see him fire. Please take your time to look up the extensive local coverage in Asbury Park Press and The Star Ledger, instead of jumping out of your skin to show everyone what a terrific badge bunny you are.

  • OPAN78
  • ElizabethOWelsh

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  • Havinthangs

    what a scumbag !

  • Trudy Crandell

    Quite a few yrs ago, there was a cop in Merced, CA whose wife had divorced him. He kept trying to reconcile, but he was a violent person, so she refused to take him back. They had a five yr old daughter together, and she had two teenagers in high school and one in Jr. high, from a first marriage. They shared custody of their young daughter. This woman was a Veterinarian who owned a Veterinarian hospital aside from being the mother of four children, so she had schedules for everything, and this cop, ex-husband knew her schedule. She and a girlfriend always went out jogging early in the morning, before her kids got up to get ready for school. On her return to her home after jogging, she noticed her ex-husband’s vehicle in her driveway. She raced inside the house, because he was not supposed to be there. She had a restraining order against him. When she walked inside the house, it was as quiet as a mouse. As she started down the hallway she found her 15 yr old daughter dead and bloody. She raced to the boys’ room, they were dead in their beds. She raced to her young daughter’s room, but she wasn’t there. Then she raced to her own bedroom…where she found her ex-husband and her five yr lying in her bed, both dead, shot through the head. The cop, ex-husband had killed everyone she loved, then killed himself. He didn’t want her to die, he plotted to give her more pain than any mother could bear…he took the lives of all her children. She was on Oprah about two yrs after this event took place. She said that she almost didn’t make it through the pain. In the beginning she didn’t really want to live, but her family and friends, and the whole town helped her survive. A judge there in town kept bringing her over soup every evening for a year. Eventually, she started to want to live, and to keep the memory of her kids alive. Two years after the event, the judge convinced her to marry him. Then they decided to try to have a baby, someone who would call her mommy again. She didn’t think she would ever hear those wonderful words ever again after the loss of her children. But three yrs after the horrible event, she got pregnant and had twin girls. She said that she didn’t think that she could ever feel such deep love again after her loss, but when her two daughters were handed to her after their birth, that she felt such pure love just pour over her soul, and all she could do was smile and cry with joy. She and the judge decided to move back into the home that she had shared with her four children, because she had shared a lot of love and good times with them in that home, and she could still feel their presence. She has four beautiful pictures of her first four children in a place of prominence, above the fireplace mantle, so they will never be out of her thoughts. The last I heard, the twins were growing like weeds, and she and the judge were falling even deeper in love every day, and she was finally able to smile again as old memories sneaked up on her unawares pulling her back into a time of long ago…

  • artislife

    You need to reword your title. It is too inflammatory. It says, “Raw Footage Captures Moment Officer Unloads Hail of Gunfire on Woman”. What actually happened was an EX-HUSBAND killed his EX-WIFE in front of their daughter While it was disgusting, this is not a true case of police brutality, is disingenuous, and calls your agenda into question. Definition of police brutality: “Police brutality is the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose”.

    • AlvinBr

      Speaking of disingenuous… Cry me a river.

  • GaryDCornette

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  • Thomas Meadows

    And the cops on the scene should be charged with conspiracy to commit murder!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john doe

    Good thing too…about time more guys shot women like this.

    This manbook article has had more than 430 views.

    I congratulate this man for shooting her to death.

    I certainly hope more men will do the same.

    I am sick of how women commit crimes with complete impunity and how men cow tow to them.

    How many women need to be shot to death like this before men decide to remedy the crimes of these women?

    • AlvinBr

      You absolutely should register for conjugal visits with this guy.

  • Eagle

    The Blue wall of silence strikes again!!

  • Denton Young

    Someone needs to put a bullet in the no-reflex zone of this scumbag AND all the other cops on the scene who did nothing to stop him from murdering this woman.

  • Padge Vounder

    His fellow officers, after the murder, pat him on the back and hug him. Wow… I don’t even know what to say.

  • Omar Stanley

    Poor fuck, probably feared for his life. Shooting will be deemed justified.