Cop Shoots Unarmed Teen Boy 7 Times, Killing Him on the Side of the Road

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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

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  • Aaron Miles Davis

    Such a senseless thing…. When will we all wake up?

  • Dominic Blais

    so what about that native girl no one will mention just the faggot white boys with short hair doubt you would care if he had pot instead of a beer and hair on his head

    • LaurenRFrantz

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    • mo_dem

      Excuse me? Is that supposed to make some kind of sense? Faggot? Hair on his head? What the hell?

    • Kyle Davinski

      You’re an idiot…… -ALL- you hear about in the news lately is white cop shooting “unarmed” black guys… I hear #blacklivesmatter is paying people to show up for “protests”….. could be an opportunity to connect with “like-minded” individuals, and the best part is you can even ‘earn’ a paycheck!! get fuct you racist chump

      • Ph

        Actually the black lives matter folks have been making a whole lot of noise about this case.
        YOu know who hasn’t been making a lot of noise? Those All Lives Matter people.

        Wonder why.

        • Kyle Davinski

          …..Riiiiiiiight…. I’m sure they have been pushing for justice in this case…. Wonder if they ‘ll get him a memorial like the one in ferguson.

          • Ph

            I hope they do.

            They have been pushing for it. They’re actually the only ones that have been while everyone else just kind of shrugs and moves on.

            I hate to say it but that’s pretty telling about white folk and protecting their own, eh?

          • Kyle Davinski

            I’ve said from the start of this movement that it is extremely disappointing the way white people are just brushing it off like it’s the fault of the deceased …. That overall complacency is evident in so many other aspects of social issues in this country. It actually makes me angry that most white people just don’t seem to give a damn until it hits home.

          • Clockiel

            Ive been saying for over two decades how irritating it is that people just ignore the constant government abuse of peoples rights. But because the ones who were being attacked were nonviolence and anti-war activists, no one cared because we were “unamerican”.

            Do I expect you to take responsibility for it? No. That wouldnt be fair, unless you actively participated. What I do expect is that you will learn how long this has gone on. And how long its been getting worse, and why it happened.

            Because without that knowledge, you are doomed to failure. Maybe with it, you can win this one.

    • joe foley

      well you mister this is your chance to talk about the native girl .. so why are you being so shitty ? I dont like racists white red brown yellow blue black or purple what is your problem??

  • Garnette

    I thought this was going to be a story about Andy Garcia,, another boy killed

  • freedom of jobs
  • Matthew Smith

    …Don’t have a weapon , but do you have your license ? Do you know you have to give it to the cop when you get pulled over, and do you know he can make you leave the car ? Ignorance can be fatal.

    • Arron Barringer

      Ignorance can be fatal? Are you kidding me, Troll? Having a badge does not grant special rights or privileges. Should the lad have given his ID, absolutely. Did he deserve to be killed, absolutely not. You are just another fat, out of shape keyboard warrior.

      • Matthew Smith

        I’m not saying that this is ok, or the way it should be, but just stating the way it is, based on what we have witnessed lately ….p.s., don’t be.such a douchebag !

        • Arron Barringer

          Don’t worry, Chunky McChunkerson, I won’t take your douchebag crown from you. An unarmed child was MURDERED, and you sit there (obviously stuffing your glutinous face) and remark that “ignorance can be fatal.” Your intellect is as weak as your grammar. By your very statement, you are CONDONING the actions of yet another murderous Cop, though I doubt you thought enough about your ignorant comment before letting your porky fingers fly. I can only hope you have not produced offspring, lest they turn out as myopic and simple as you obviously are.

          • Matthew Smith

            Think whatever you want, I’m not condoning anything.

          • Matthew Smith

            BTW, I have 3 kids, they’ve turned out great.

    • dxsmopuim

      The PIG never should have stopped him in the first place. THAT is the issue here.

      • Matthew Smith

        Cops stop people every day, learn how to conduct yourself when it happens to help ensure your survival , we have countless examples of how NOT to behave.

        • George Washington

          How about some examples of how cops SHOULD behave?
          This isn’t a one way street

  • Justice for Deven. That cop is a POS murderer.

    • dxsmopuim

      They’re ALL, POS murderers !!!!!

  • Michael Cowan

    This could be my son Jacob in a few years. He died because he did not believe that in America, a government Agent could pull him over and murder him on the side of the road with the only ‘punishment’ being a free paid vacation.

    This kid was not taught to fear the police, he believed he lived in a free country and that if he did nothing wrong, he should not be afraid of the police.

    That was a fatal mistake. In the stress of his first encounter with a police officer became frustrated by an obvious injustice and within seconds he was dead.

    I will teach my kids to be terrified of the police. When they see a cop I want them to fall into a hyper aware survival mode. They need to realize that the smallest mistake on their part could get them beaten, falsely charged or killed.

    That fear will cut through all the stress of the situation, it will remove frustration or anger at a perceived injustice. They will bow to the authority, because that will save their life. However I will never force them to blindly worship or respect that authority.

    They will have to decide that on their own.

  • Keith Griffin

    Kid took his “Rights” to a gunfight. RIP little man………………………

    • dxsmopuim

      The PIG never should have bothered him in the first place. THAT is the issue here.

  • Beverly Brown


    • dxsmopuim

      Cops lives DON’T matter !!

  • Robert Johns

    Excellent presentation of the problems. Accountability is a requirement sadly missing.