Cops Crush Dying Man’s Head Into Pavement and Curse Him Moments After They Shoot Him to Death


TULSA, OK (April 11, 2015) – Haunting raw video footage has finally been released showing the final moments of Eric Harris’s life.

What you are about to see in this footage, is even worse than anybody could have possibly imagined.

The footage reveals a horrifying glimpse into the psyche of police officers, as they are seen cursing at Eric’s dying body.

Eric had been trying to get away from the cops and posed no threat to them, as can be seen on the video.

Eventually, a deputy caught up to Eric and took him down to the ground.

Moments later, the deputy fires his gun, shooting Eric to death.

The deputy later tried to claim that he “accidentally” mistook his real gun for a Taser gun, an excuse that many find utterly implausible given the vast differences in weight and shape between handguns and taser guns.

The footage only gets worse.

As Eric lies on the ground dying, an officer is seen using his knee to smash Eric’s head into the pavement.

Eric can be heard screaming “Oh my god! He shot me! He shot me!”

Nearing death, Eric then added “I’m losing my breath!”

To which the police responded, “FUCK YOUR BREATH! SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

To shoot a man to death for no reason, and then to begin cursing him as he lay bleeding to death, reveals beyond any doubt the psychopathy of police.

Later, Tulsa Police Sgt. Jim Clark would tell the media that “a threat was going down,” according to reports.

That claim turned out to be patently false now that the video has been released, showing that Eric was merely running for safety from police and posed no threat to them.

Eric was completely unarmed.

He died only an hour after the deputy fired the fatal shot into his body.

Watch the video below:

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  • jy kelly

    Please, NOT to worry.. The cops will investigate themselves and find they did NOTHING wrong.. How many times must we hear this same OLD B.S.? Another two week vacation coming up. What a racket, you kill someone you get two weeks paid and then probably a promotion… SMFH..

  • Jes

    Another pos pig that will get a ”paid vacation”..Sick of seeing these psycho’s running around killing unarmed ppl.

    • Bob

      Send them to vacation in Hawai’i. The volcano gods need a sacrificial offering.

  • Chuck C R Baker

    What did this man do? Was he a pedophile, rapist, murderer, or a threat to national security? What did you think would happen if he got away from you? Something is going to happen that will change your attitude if you don’t change it first and its probably already too late for that, PIG

    • Eric Diggs

      Ran from the law enforcement.

      • Chuck C R Baker

        Why were they trying to arrest him? If running from the law a valid reason to shoot someone? Was he a threat to the public? They would have caught up with him sooner or later if he had gotten away. Why was he being arrested?

        • Eric Diggs

          Would he be alive today if he stayed in his car and received his warning or ticket for seat belt and non registered vehicle. That is my point, the cop was obviously a crazy ass after he ran, but unfortunately he ran, now he is past on.

    • xdrfox

      it’s called Contempt of cop is law enforcement jargon in the United States for behavior by citizens towards law enforcement officers that the officers perceive as disrespectful or insufficiently deferential to their authority.[1][2][3][4] It is a play on words, and not an actual crime.

      • Bob

        I have nothing BUT contempt for these cops. The government needs to start publicly executing corrupt public servants on Pay-per-view television with the money going to the people (or kin of people) they victimize. viewers can vote on the method of execution. guillotine, gallows, garrucha, or the good ol’ drawing and quartering. Highest bidder gets to push the button that starts it.

  • Enrique Elizondo

    bullshit no faces shown

  • Outlaw

    They should’ve shown their faces!

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      they all look the same. flat turned up noses, curly tail. best friends with a pregnant spider. and ultimately served up with eggs and hash browns

      • Outlaw

        LOL awesome reply 😀

        • Gary Williams Jr.


  • Julia Anderson

    serial killers with badges and guns. and the higher uppers cover for them, they lie for them, they don’t care. and it goes on and on at tax payer expense.

    • Guest

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    • Guest

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      • barrydesborough

        What sort of miserable shit uses the discussion of an incident like this as an opportunity to spam? Call yourself a human being?

        Flagged. Others, please flag it too.

        • Davo Paul

          ^cop? LOL

        • RockyII

          Tattle-Tale, Tattle-Tale
          Hang your britches on a nail.
          Tattle-Tale, Tattle, Tale
          Go to Hell.

    • Guest

      ★✩★✩I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak16:



    • RockyII

      You are an idiot. I hope you get shot and die.

      • Rose Heels

        Hey rocky, what does cop asshole taste like and do you ever get tired of licking?

        • RockyII

          Do you get tired of licking your mums puzzy?

  • Debbie Stinnett

    Sickening just like all the rest. No regard for human life. Who is the true criminal here? Not the unarmed black man. The asshole with the knee on the head – just as bad. How these low IQ brain dead morons get a badge & a gun amazes me.. I would love to see about 20 automatics come out & show these losers in life what a gun fight is. How it feels to die. Justice. Just a faded dream. I would really like to know how one unarmed man who is fleeing is a threat. Keep poking the bear & laughing. One day he will rise and roar and then you wiil get what you have coming.

    • crazybitch

      Not ALL cops are bad!

      • Justin Finch


      • xdrfox

        when cops don’t report other cops for crimes, …there are no good cops

        • Gary Williams Jr.


      • Michael Fuson

        what 1 out of 1000. and if the 1 says anything about the other crimes they will become a victum

      • EmmittBrownBTTF1

        may be 70%, but 30% is bad enough.

      • Mozart

        Fuck off – SO sick of you ignorant fuckers saying this! ANY (very dubious) GOOD cops are ostracized if they try to prevent anything criminal from their co-workers, and are run out of the Force or and/demonized in other ways… It has NOT been a case of “a few bad apples” for a very fucking long time now – THIS is the Standard Operating Procedure for cops these days… Shoot First, (and if killed), no need for questions later – just multiple (usually bad) Lies and Cover Ups…

        • upagainstthewall

          Okay Mozart… I knew a good cop. You are right he was ran off the force for trumped up charges which left him with a felony… so those monsters he once called brothers screwed him good. His real crime …. yeah wait til you hear this… his real crime was trying to uphold a stalking order when his fellow officers refused.

          • Mozart

            Sorry to hear it, man – I also had a mate who was in the Force – and who IS a decent man, and he also initially joined for the right reason, but had FAR too much integrity to be what passes for a “cop” these days… He didn’t last too long after working out the System, but luckily got away before being pinned for any bullshit charges…

      • Maribeth Adams

        Where are the “good cops” to get rid of bad ones? If you are a “good cop” and letting the “bad cop” do whatever they want, then the “good cop” is just as bad as the “bad cop” . So there are really no “good cops”.

        • QuietlyThinking

          Do you really think all cops in the USA think the behavior of these individuals is okay? You’re making huge assumptions based on absolutely no evidence. Many cops would prevent this if they had the ability to. Do you really think the cops in Hawaii, California, or Vermont had the power to prevent those individuals from behaving horrifically?

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            do they carry a gun? yes. do they have hand cuffs and powers of arrest? yes do they EVER arrest them, and testify against them….NO and until they do, they are ALL DOUCHE BAGS

        • HealingLight

          I agree. You know what happens when some civilian is with another civilian who kills, he goes down with him. Cops who allow unnecessary violence need to be schooled, too.

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          actually, if the alleged “good cops” allow it to happen, that makes them far worse then the douche bags, or should I say the OTHER douche bags

        • Hollywood

          YOU are the ‘good cop”

        • crazybitch

          My co workers?? No we do our job
          I am watched by cameras in every corner .. No problems .. Again Not all cops are bad

          • Kenneth Henderson

            Technically you aren’t a cop, you work in a prison, you are a corrections officer. Tell me Ms Crazy Bitch corrections officer, do you have the right to pull over, arrest, and book someone who runs afoul of the law outside your prison gates? I checked, no you do not, your job is solely in the prison, you are not allowed to enforce laws outside of it. Hence you are not a cop, and yes 99.999% of cops are bad, if they refuse to speak out against the atrocities and stand up with the citizenry, then they are no better than the cops that commit crimes. Perhaps your delusions are getting the better of you. Shall I inform the MHP’s at your job, I don’t think you’re stable to be working in said environment. Please seek some help soon. As your name implies, you’re mental.

      • Kenneth Henderson

        Sorry crazybitch but perhaps you need to have your medication adjusted. All cops are bad, if they refuse to stand up and speak out against these atrocities. Less than ,0001% of cops have done this, and those that have, take a serious risk for their safety and their career. I get it, however those good cops that you screaming on about need to do MORE to protect its citizenry. (Btw, I had a neighbor who was a cop, he is a class A douchebag with the IQ of a rock. Our entire neighborhood shunned him and he got the message when he put on a BBQ and no one showed up, we all feared him, and none of us trusted him. He finally moved a couple of years ago and we’re better for it. He is a cancer on society and unfortunately some other neighborhood is dealing with that cancer now.)

        • Rico Ironhart

          Good reading. .cops are fucking leeches on her back of society.

          • Rico Ironhart

            Back at police headquarters

          • Bob

            swastika is bass ackwards.

          • Gary Williams Jr.


          • Kenneth Henderson

            I would rather have leeches than cancer but yea I agree. Have a good one!

          • Rico Ironhart

            Very good point..stay safe watch your six.

        • hatestupity

          You ar stupid you had a neighbor who was a cop who gives a fuck this whole article is ridiculous you can’t lump all police together just like you wouldn’t do the same to all black people just because some are gang member you are the one who is close minded and ignorant BTW I have a police officer for a neighbor to and he is a great guy so much for all are evil rotten douchebag theory. I hope you don’t plan on reproducing I would hate to see more like you in the gene pool

          • Dave the Rave

            I would hate to see other people use English the way you do. Also, most “nice cops” are also turning a blind eye to the corrupt cops. Whether it’s out of fear for their job security, or just that they don’t care, it’s their job to protect the public, even if it’s from other cops. Ask your neighbor if he/she has ever confronted a fellow cop/higher up about their corrupt ways. THAT is the only way you can be a good cop, as far as I’m concerned.

          • Kenneth Henderson

            Sorry? I’m having difficulty following and understanding your response. Did you complete your schooling? Because I’ve seen 3rd graders string together better sentences. Come back when you can type out a response that everyone can understand not just LEO’s. Have a good evening!

          • Jenni Morrison

            Lol! Did you see his screen name? He can’t even spell “supidity” right! I think HIS “stupity” is showing! Lmao!

          • Kenneth Henderson

            Yea, I did, but I was giving him/her/it the benefit of the doubt and figured he was trying to be funny.

          • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

            LOL! Cretin

          • Kenneth Henderson

            You’re still not funny disqus_xp4GYx….err I mean hatestupity.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            excuse me sir, what’s that gooey white liquid running down your chin? wait a minute, is that you in the picture above? it is you

          • Rose Heels

            What exactly is stupity and why do you hate it? Lol 😀

        • Good Guy

          You know all cops have there Goods day and Bad days. I have a friend that is a cop and he is good what he does. So Fuck all of you guys.

          • Tim Weaver

            Everybody has good days and bad days. The obvious difference is everyone doesn’t execute fellow humans without serious consequences… I have to say I’d feel better about all of this if there was some semblance of balance. Where is the footage of cops with shitty tattoos gang tackling the fraudsters on wall street?

          • Kenneth Henderson

            Awww, so I guess a good day is when they don’t beat, rob, taser or shoot someone? Get a life, twat!

          • Hollywood

            Fuck yourself first pig

          • Mike Arsenault

            Yeah, there’s the logic right there :” I know ONE person, and I like him, so therefore fuck everyone who has a problem with the endemic brutality, corruption, and narcissistic egomania which infects his profession.” News flash “Good Guy” Your buddy has the a fucking special responsibility to make sure he doesn’t take his own petty “good day/bad day” personal bullshit out on the people he’s been entrusted to SERVE. That’s the main part of the job, and if you can’t handle that, you can’t be allowed to run around with a fucking weapon and the ability to ruin peoples lives. For fucks sake, can’t you fucking blind cop supporters SEE that? Giving power and weapons to unstable/aggressive/ego maniacal/psychopathic bully cops is no different than hiring a drunken brain surgeon to operate on a member of your own family! For all that’s good in this world I hope your buddy isn’t one of these kind of scumbag cops.

          • Penn_Patriot

            No. Fuck you and your dirty pig friend. If he was a decent cop, hr would be exposing and arresting the bad ones. You’re just another pig loving sheep.

        • tinkr55

          Do you remember the Knapp Commission and Serpico?? Late 70’s, a rogue cop ratted out his corrupt brothers, and spent the next 30 years hiding in Switzerland. See the movie “Serpico” with Al Pacino. Very factual…

          • Kenneth Henderson

            I have seen it! Yes a very good movie. Unfortunately, what happened 30 years ago is still happening today, the few good cops out there who have done more to try and rid their depts of corruption, greed, murder, ect. have paid a heavy price. Even Frank Serpico paid a price, even though he is still alive today. The thin blue line protects its own, everyone knows this. Have a good day.

          • mike

            Totally, look at what the LAPD did to Christopher Dorner! He was framed as a murderer and then burned alive because he reported the use of excessive force by one of his own. His partner I believe it was.

          • Penn_Patriot

            Frank to this day receives death threats from police officers.

        • Sylvester

          Look what happened to Frank Serpico.

          • Kenneth Henderson

            Exactly. His life hasn’t been a bowl full of cherries.

        • crazybitch

          I work supermax lock up in a male unit .. I have a very stressful job.. I do it .. I do agree officers need to be evaluated maybe every couple of years to make sure they’re still stable and able to work in this kind of environment I don’t think you know what you’re talking about I’ve seen some really crazy is stuff ever and it’s played hard on stress for me I still go to work I still do my job but it does play a role on people and if they don’t have outside support after the public now you have convict in your face 12 hours a day calling you names or your family names are telling you that they got the 411 on my family and tell me where my niece goes to school at walk the block before you damn talk to talk cuz you don’t know what you talking about

          • Kenneth Henderson

            Crazybitch, actually I do know what I am talking about. My wife has 2 RCMP constables in her family and I had a neighbor that is a cop who has gotten in trouble with regards to being violent to the citizenry. (Look up the name Shandy O’Brien……) At the very least cops in Canada do have higher IQ’s and there are a lot of good ones that do protect and serve with impunity, and don’t have a disrespectful attitude towards those that they come in contact with. In the US, yea not so much, there was a reason why my neighborhood shunned the LEO that lived amongst us. He was (actually still is) dirty, who has the IQ of a rock. He lacks critical thinking skills and has severe anger issues especially towards those who are minorities. He is an incredibly scary fellow who needs to be behind bars. Stop defending your fellow LEO and stand up against the travesty that they have wrought against our society. Until you can do that, I have nothing more to say to you, as your name implies, you are a crazy bitch.

          • littlerusty

            Your lack of punctuation solidifies the perception that cops are stupid.

        • Lisa Marie

          Love this comment

      • bobby dee

        False. There’s a thing called misprision of felony which is a crime for failing to report a felony. ALL cops have seen one of their fellow badges commit a felony and NONE of them EVER report it. Thereby, ALL cops are felons.

        • QuietlyThinking

          I don’t disagree that there are plenty of bad cops… However, I’ve personally seen a cop cry after she had to remove an old man’s dogs on a court order (she even offered to take them home and care for them until the man regained custody) because he’d threatened to kill himself and the dogs (he was terminally ill). That kind of cop is disgusted by these evil cops behavior and hate the reputation they give everyone else. I’ve seen (and experienced) other local cops stopping people with beater cars for expired tags and just reminding them to get new ones without issuing a ticket.

          * I’m talking about rural cops (2-3 person police departments) that have no interaction with huge city police departments.

        • hatestupidity

          None are you sure. Never mind I know your not you are full of crap

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          WELL, while I agree they are douche’s, the only crime that ANYONE is required to report is treason. and even then, there’s only been a handful of convictions

      • Rico Ironhart

        Fuvk you..all cops are’re either a pig or related to one.
        the tide is slowly turnning against pigs in amerika. Just as in Germany. .after liberation. .you’ll be screaming about how you never knew or even spoke to a fucking nazi…you are truly a waste of oxygen.

        • hatestupidity

          I can’t believe that comment really wow honestly your the kind ostupid that needs to be stomped out if only these “bad” cops would get rid of unintelligent retards like you just like Hitler did to the useless back then.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            maybe before telling someone else how stupid you think they are, you should actually learn how to spell “of stupid”. that big long plastic thing is called a space bar, try using it. your comment might not look “ostupid”

          • Rico Ironhart

            I see by your name that you hate yourself. What a shame. A pig who hates himself. I can believe you wereso callous as to uuse the word “retards”
            wow..what do you have against those unfortunate enough to have some degree of mental defectivness that you would actually label them with such a derogatory term?
            You certainly have shown that you possess the IQ of a cop. Care to try it again? Poor little piggy..I thought I detected the stench of pork here before you even opened your pie hole..with the three brown teeth protruding from your yellow filthy gumline
            crawl back from whence you came. You are a turd, you’ll never be anything but a turd…maybe a shiny turd with a tin star stuck to your turd body but nontheles a turd.

          • Rico Ironhart

            So Hitler done a good job? Is that what you’re saying hatestupidity?
            youbthink we need more hilerd running around and becoming presidents?

        • crazybitch

          Correct! I am a officer . my God father was one and a few other family members. The other half are firefighters.. So are they bad 2?? Gezz get a grip

          • Rico Ironhart

            Fire fighters are some tough in shape go getter done motherfuckers. .I’d rather go toe to toe with 2 cops as opposed to 1 firefighter. .those fucking firemen rely on quick thinking and muscle to get the job done..firefighters. ..the REAL heroes. ..those motherfuckers walk into anything. No Weapons. .just the gear they can pack in and then some. I also had the privilege to work with firemen in a non sworn capacity for about 2 and half years. In that time I never saw a fat slob firemen.

      • Stephan Williams

        I understand why you call yourself a “crazybitch” after reading your idiotic comment.

        • crazybitch

          B/c I’m a cop and I do my job . b4 u run your mouth . I would suggest that you go to your local police department or Sheriff’s Department and sign up as a rider then you can see first hand how officers do their jobs how they are treated by the public because yes a few bad officers have done some stupid stuff but that’s not all officers I put on my badge did my job I don’t put on my badge to hear your opinion or anyone else if you don’t like cops then apparently you were doing something really wrong in your life possibly criminal and you are fear of being caught everyday civilians have no problems with cops… they ask you to stand there and not move!!… then do it!! Why make life harder then it is?

          • Stephan Williams

            Anyone who could post the following,

            “I don’t put on my badge to hear your opinion or anyone else if you don’t like cops then apparently you were doing something really wrong in your life possibly criminal and you are fear of being caught”,

            is certifiably psychotic.

            And what makes it even scarier is the fact that a belligerent numbskull with a god complex like you carries a gun and has the power of life and death over intelligent, informed and concerned people like me. You’re not only stupid, arrogant and immoral – you’re also dangerous enough to warrant commitment to an institution except these days that won’t happen because the lunatics are running the asylum.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        no, just the ones with badges. take your cop sucker excuses some where else. we’ve heard it all before. “they have a tough job, I was in a bad mood, I was in fear for my life”. did I miss anything?

        • crazybitch

          I am a cop
          I do my job . Thank you very much

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            that’s not enough. you took an oath to uphold the law and that includes cops. If the good cops want the publics trust, and respect back, then it’s up to YOU as cop to speak out against the corruption, and demand the immediate termination of his/her employment. AND to aggressively convict them, and sentencing them with HARSH penalties for their abuse of the power, and the violation of the trust given him/her, by we the people!!!

          • Rose Heels

            Just wait until a real cop fucks with you or your family. Then you’ll realize that you have no protection either. You’re scared of the inmates and how they stalk and threaten you? Someday you’ll be on the other side and you’ll finally understand.

        • crazybitch

          Yeah u forgot something .. Walk my beat and then your opinion may mean something

      • Lee

        yes they are…

      • Terry Rodeback

        i used to believe that to.

      • ThomasVandenOever

        Bwahahahahahah. Yes they are, when they do not uphold the law against their own or their family and friends.

    • Zack

      amen. i wish they could get taste of what goes down south in mexico with the cartels i’d like to see a video of that the dashcam cuts on and they roll up fast onto the scene and theres standing a coked out mexican with an rpg and boom

    • Andrew

      The guy who was shot sold a gun to an undercover police officer, and then fled when they tried to arrest him. He didn’t deserve to get shot, but let’s not act like the guy was simply an “unarmed black man” like this narrative you’re trying to paint. Was it excessive force? Definitely. But don’t give this guy the Trayvon Martin treatment, he wasn’t just some kid going to get skittles, he was a criminal who knowingly and voluntarily put himself into a situation where bad things can happen.

    • Evans John

      Are you referring to the criminal that died? I would agree with your statement.No person should sell illegal guns and drugs to innocent people who in turn uses said items for the wrong reasons and put many innocent people’s lives at risk.This is wrong and people like them should be locked up for life.

  • Frisco20

    This might have been an accident as one officer says “oh shit, i’m sorry” and drops the gun, then another picks it up. But it certainly doesn’t help police’s reputation and now a man is dead because of that simple mistake.

    • Sixpackbinky

      Then why did the cop say, “fuck your breath?” Nasty thing to say to someone you, “accidently” shot.

      • Vakas Shah

        A different cop said that. The one that shot him was at the back and not on top of the guy.

    • Anit Copper

      This is not a ‘Simple mistake’, and these cops are plainly abusing this guy….fuck, they murdered him. What these cops did was MALICIOUS and there isn’t any other way to slice it!

    • Soops

      No mistake with the lack of medical attention though, even if shooting him was a mistake an officer is supposed to provide immediate medical attention to someone severely injured in a situation like this. Instead they lied, that was also no mistake. Take that as you will though

  • Fuck these pieces of shit. Cops, fuck you. I’m done. I can’t take any more and I just can’t defend you any more. THIS has to stop.

  • Devonellah

    This is absolutely chilling… Can’t believe this.

  • micky

    Prayer to the young mans family , no justice no peace

  • False Flag Skeptic

    This video is shady as fuck. Doesn’t seem legit

  • Steven

    If he hadn’t ran, he would still be alive. Wake up people: if you don’t follow the law, you will be punished. If you run away from said punishment, prepare for the worst. We don’t know why this guy was running, we just know he was. By now, you should know the terrible possibilities of what police are capable of doing, so why give them any reason at all to get rough with you?

    Also, just think for every bad/crooked cop you see on the news killing some criminal, there are hundreds of cops out there that aren’t on the news doing the right thing. To label all cops under one term is ridiculous and incredibly ignorant.

    That being said, it’s never a good day when someone gets shot/killed unnecessarily.

    • Ron Rivers

      Apparently, you keep missing the news and the point…Standing still or running still doesn’t give the police the right to treat us as “enemy combatants”…No one labels all law enforcement, except the ones that are recognized as bad cops….They reveal themselves by divine order, and karma….

    • Randall Williams

      you stupid ass wipe , you don’t kill people just because they are running from you especially after you have been subdued . you wake up , you stupid bastard . your a sodimite just like the cowards you defend .

    • Anthony Massey

      STFU COP LOVER ain’t no dick thing as a good cop!!! They’re sill pigs, cause if one do something all the other “goodcops” cover it up for them they are the world biggest gang of tyrants FUCK THE POLICE

    • Justin Finch

      You are an idiot.

    • Na_na99

      Maybe he was running because cops have a HISTORY of shooting unarmed people regardless of whether they’re committing a crime or not?

    • PJ London

      You are a truly sick POsomething.

      You want to live on your knees, with your lips puckered, be my guest, the rest of the world demands that people in authority be responsible.
      They are SERVANTS not masters!

      “In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”

      ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

      “By the Brezhnev era, after tens of millions had been exterminated in the gulag, many Russians lamented that “submissiveness had softened our brains to such a degree” that resistance was no longer possible. All of this could have been avoided, Solzhenitsyn contended, if resistance had begun “at the moment of arrest itself.”

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”– Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

    • bcomm50

      So attempting to elude is now punishable by the death be tried, convicted, and imposed immediately by the police.tyi sure dont want to live in your world.

    • Mike Malcom

      You should go run from a cop before the next voting cycle or before having children. Hopefully we will get a nice video out of it.

  • Tim England

    I often wonder exactly how My Brother Died. Although it was a car
    Accident, I’ve been told that the police told Dale’s mother that they
    caught the two stealing. If thats the case How’d they end up dead.

  • Mytch

    Stop paying the taxes for Abusive police practices, and SHUT DOWN THE WHOLE FORCE! Only the CITIZENS “CAN” DO THAT! It’s been and is BEING done in other towns in the USA…smh.

  • John Redman

    May the family of the murdered man find justice…or may they burn murdering cop alive in his own home.

    • QuietlyThinking

      People love to make comments like this without considering any innocent children who may happen to call that place home. We don’t punish children for the actions of their parents.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        tell that to Waco, and ruby ridge

  • David Markham

    Total psychopaths – the cops are out of control.
    There’s no such thing as a good cop, for those of you who are trying desperately to stand up for the thugs who have now become animals —
    rabid animals who need to be disappeared just like the infected dogs they are.

  • Amos

    None of you facebook trolls are making any difference by sitting on your computers and griping about taxes, fair treatment, police accountability. It’s not goin to happen because none of you are willing to give up your luxuries to fight a war that’s being waged all around us.

  • Leo Bekker

    The ONLY good cop is a DEAD cop. KILL ‘EM ALL !!!

  • xdrfox

    Contempt of cop is law enforcement jargon in the United States for behavior by citizens towards law enforcement officers that the officers perceive as disrespectful or insufficiently deferential to their authority.[1][2][3][4] It is a play on words, and not an actual crime.

  • Na_na99

    People forget something: police actually have a QUOTA for the number of people they should be arresting and their promotions and raises depend on their meeting quota. So, if they don’t have anyone to arrest, they have to MAKE someone arrestable.

    • Joey Pruett

      fuck off

  • IDont EvenCare

    You pigs need to shot and put down like the many black males you have done like this. Y’all cock suckers are a disgrace

  • jazmine howard

    Just another officer to get off…the laws are not meant to protect us (black people)…Just the kkk in my eyes with a different uniform that’s protected by law

  • shaun mabry

    After he shoots him you can haer the officer say OH I SHOT HIM OH IM SORRY witch i think is a cover up cause of the body camera on so he wanten to make it seem as an accidental shooting

  • The_Irish_Samurai

    Damn straight there are bad cops. There are also bad civilians. The media makes us aware of both but rarely focuses on the GOOD cops or the GOOD civilians. To judge all police officers (as the wording in this article did) by the actions of SOME officers is the same mentality that judges ALL black people (or insert your choice of color, religion, nationality) by the actions of some. Media focuses on these outrages, not out of some higher moral leaning, but because CONFLICT AND BLOODSHED EQUALS RATINGS. By all means be outraged by the actions of THESE cops and those LIKE them but if you fall for the game then youre a sucker. Wording in the above article such as the “the psychopathy of police” shows exactly what Im talking about. This page is no different than the conservative or liberal news sites that have a narrow focus and never show the OTHER side. In short? Its a rag. Why dont you cover the police in Oklahoma in the WalMArt parking lot brawl that did everything they could NOT to shoot before one of their own was finally shot in the leg forcing them to kill a man? Why? Because it doesnt suit your purpose, thats why. Irresponsible petulant hacks with an audience of myopic sheep. You aholes think youre so enlightened but your just as bigoted and narrow minded as those you profess to despise. Hypocrisy in action. Bravo. THESE cops deserve the full weight of the law to fall squarely on their heads as do cops like them but stop throwing the baby out with the bathwater and stop being chumps for sensationalist rags that do nothing but stir up hatred and offer nothing to balance the scales

    • Michael E Wright

      This man was just fatally shot. I did not see a single officer show concern. He ran because he was afraid. Now he is dead. Kinda proves why he might instinctively flee from danger. With all of those officers and no bystanders around, did they think he was an immediate threat?!? Did they think he would get away on foot? All of these cops disregarded his right to life. That would be closer to 100% failure. They blindly follow training and unlawful orders while giving their oaths zero thought. They are being trained to strip us of our rights. We are being conditioned to think they are authority. They are our servants and need to be reminded. They are not trained in the law. Almost all have no idea what their oath means. It means they are supposed to uphold our rights through the constitution and bill of rights. Instead they read these documents and try to create loopholes in order to get around their sworn duty. They are almost all breaking the law and neither the masses or most cops even realize it!!! A PO not knowing that his job is to protect my rights IS a bad cop. An officer that realizes his duty, but, knowingly twists the law around to bully the public is atrocious as a person and a cop!

    • Duder

      well said.

  • Michael Fuson

    and the cop trolls come and justify this murder. cops are beating and killing everyone they can. a story just came out where a cop slamed a 4 yr old against a wall

  • Sandra

    DEAR LORD “you the People Tax payers =Pay these officers Wages= to Protect and keep you Safe= Its Clear there Murdering People at will =It could be your Family Member Next =

  • Michael Fuson

    Dont you people get it you live in a police state. the cops are beating anyone they can from 4yr old to eldlery people confined to their bed. it will not stop until the american people as a whole say no more
    , but theres to many sheepe that have no problem with cops violating their rights

  • Tom

    true not all cops are bad….. Im really good friends with some. but the ones that are bad should RECEIVE PUNISHMENT by LAW

    • mic

      they should receive punishment by the people, because theyre payed to serve us with the written laws. All they have to do is detain people and let them face the law but theyre taking it into their own hands and feet. Its easy to NOT kick the crap out of a guy on the ground, or shoot in many recent cases as well.

  • Padge Vounder

    roid raging warpigs on a rampage

  • Jacob Sabat

    The main purpose of the police, the military, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the laws, the courts, is to serve and protect the plutocratic families, the corporate oligarchs and the international banksters…NOT We the People.

    Horseriding Fugitive Brutally Beaten By Cops [VIDEO]

    Police Assault Unarmed Black Man At Traffic Stop (Warning: Disturbing Content)

    What Dickhead Racist Police Officers Texted Each Other This Time

    VIDEO Released Showing Alabama Police Paralyzing Innocent Grandfather from India.

    Denver Police Killing of LGBT Teen Jessica Hernandez Sparks Outcry as Officers’ Claims Disputed.

    American Citizens Recording Bad Police Behaviour

    We the People need to change this.

    We must win the hearts and minds of the People, including members of the police and the military.

    An Open Message to Police Military

    Police: Reclaim Your Integrity

  • Marc Bagby

    Am sick to my shomach

  • anon

    That cops a fuckin punk i hope.God serves his life an eviction notice

  • elliot

    The police in this video are total pycopath and belong in jail.

  • Mar Gal

    Shot while in custody, that’s murder pain and simple, the man was already on the ground, a taser was not even authorized as the officer holding him down would have been tased as well. This is just plain murder, just like the guy in SC but only worse, THE MAN WAS IN CUSTODY!!!

  • Sonny Thomas

    clearly obvious are the tribal tatts on the officer. Clearly gang mentality. These officers need to go to jail for a very long time!

  • Bob

    Absolutely no excuse for this., This lame excuse for a cop should go stick his head in a wood chipper.

  • josh cannabis sativa

    I’m beyond getting sick of seeing 20 or more of these type of videos appearing every single day. It’s past time for a revolution…

  • gwf1213

    I am losing my breath, “fuck your breath”
    that pretty much sums it up.

  • Jeffrey Grimes

    Well, they will back down when we start hunting them. We’re cowards for letting this continue without any kind of backlash. Until we actually do something, then we need to stop bitching.

  • upagainstthewall

    “FUCK YOUR BREATH! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” We need to demand that the officer be removed from the force and never allowed to carry a weapon again. I am angry now… and tears are welling up in my eyes. How sick our society is to continue to ignore the plight of fellow citizens. Who in the fuck does this? That could have been my brother, my son, or yours…. and this is how they serve us? I say no more, its time for each of us that write, (and yes, I am aware that my writing may not be good enough) but we have to show that we have voices even for those that have lost their lives to those that are intent on forcing us to live under tyranny.

  • Dr. H. E. SAWYER, Jr


  • Kerry

    Your story is wrong. Tulsa Police is a separate entity from the County Sheriff Dept. The shooting happened in Tulsa, but by the Sheriff’s Office and TPD was not involved at all nor did they investigate. Your video title is wrong too.

  • msbar

    what can off tattoo is that on policeman arm

  • Noting to say that hasn’t already been said. It seems lkke these cops are just getting more brazen and no one no where is doing anything about it.

  • Robert Moore

    Find those cops and punish them like the dogs they are.

  • Black Woman

    Damn when is this cop shit going to end!!! Why wont they stop? Are they looking for people to retaliate and begin killing them? Why are they waiting for this to happen? Damn near every day Im seeing another Black Man being KILLED by these power hungry Pussy Foot bitch ass cops.

  • tinkr55

    What is wrong with these cops??? Do the police depts. hire from the list of paroled psychopaths, as soon as they are released form prison?? This cop needs to charged with murder, like his counterpart in SC… This seems to be happening EVERY DAY and it is SICKENING!!!!

  • Howard Treesong

    This is seriously problematic. We’re seeing that cops can no longer contain a situation. This is an arrest. They take down a man. It’s a matter of: controlling the man, handcuff him (which I think is standard procedure) and proceed to book him.

    What we’re seeing here is symptomatic of the helplessness of police officers. They simply are no longer capable of controlling a situation without the use of lethal force. The man is down. He’s done. Once you’re on the ground the game is lost. What the officer then should do is de-escalate the situation and guide the suspect into complying so that he can be properly taken in.

    For some reason this police officer draws his gun. There is no threat to him and proceeds to fire a round. This is at the very best criminal neglect. It bespeaks extremely poor training, an inability to take control of the situation and a lack of imagination. Police officers are supposed to be better at the use of force because they have the monopoly on the use of force.

    There is no request for compliance, there is no warning that lethal force will be used on non-compliance. Just as with the execution of the 55-year-old man who ran away from the cop after a traffic stop, at no point does the officer indicate they are going to be using lethal force. At no point was lethal force advisable or required. This is an extremely poor performance on the part of these officers.

    Who is training these people and why are they so embarrassingly bad at it? We are seeing people who are operating from a siege mentality. They are ‘at war’ and use combat tactics to subdue civilians. They should not want to do a traffic stop until death do us part. An arrest of a man on the ground should be a scuffle at best.

    If you see the amount of needless and gratuitous violence perpetrated on the populace, certainly now there are cameras just about everywhere, imagine how many people were shot to death for no sane reason when there were no cameras about to record the counter point of the officer’s story? If what these people do is what it ‘takes to be a cop’, I can be a cop today, like right this very minute. I can take a gun and shoot someone too. That doesn’t take effort at all. Anybody can do that.

    Policing in America, what an abysmal performance.

  • hey

    vigilantes must be imposed an all out decapitation on cops

  • Evans John

    Why do people believe that fleeing felons are the victim?The author left out a lot of key information in his article.
    First and foremost,the guy sold an illegal gun to an undercover police officer,secondly,he sells illegal substance called PCP,was high on it at the time and lastly,you don’t ever run from the police.This gives them justifiable cause to use deadly force.A fleeing felon can pose a threat to the pursuing officers as well as to the general public.
    Not all policemen are bad.Don’t run from them and you’ll live to tell your sob story to the judge.

    • This gives them justifiable cause to use deadly force….Absolutely not. That is why the SC cop was charged with murder

  • Michael Watkins

    Organized crime has always been a part of this country. So this killing was done by another one of these organizations. However if you are not willing to die for what you believe in the all you are is a complainer. Put action behind the words and things will change. This is what Martin, the civil rights marchers, the Black Panthers, Malcolm X and so many other were willing to do. I know I am.This is the way some think they can iintimidate their way into the hearts of a black man but I and those who believe this same way will NEVER accept this. We are truu African warriors.

  • Herb Reberger

    Another idiot thinned from the herd. Maybe the libtards should be spending more time educating young people “how to survive an encounter with the police” and less time organizing riots and encouraging people to get revenge against the police. I hope the cop is punished and fired, because he clearly can’t keep his composure. cop was way too jacked up considering what I saw on the video. Not all the cops involved here are bad, just the one idiot.

  • andy

    The vid is very suspicious.

    Why, if the man is running, did he swerved and run back TOWARD the cop car.

    Why, if he was shot, did he continue to speak, and was able to form sentences. He sounded normal. …didn’t seem to lack breath.

    Why is there no blood showing? The man had a white tee, and there was not trace of blood, not one drop.

  • Police brutality and violence against the defenseless population is not
    some thing new. But, over the past few years, the frequency and the
    degree of this violence has gone up drastically – the beatings and
    tortures have given way to outright murders and executions. It is
    resembling more and more like the hunting season – the duck hunting.
    Armed to the teeth, police seems to be enjoying killing their victims in
    a volley of bullets. Defenseless people are just the game!

    The Case For Disarming The Police

  • Law Abiding Citizen

    Maybe people should stop breaking the law and running from the cops.

    • Yeah, that’s right. Bet you blame rape victims too.

  • mike

    God damn! Just when I’d thought psychopathic pig violence couldn’t get any worse, this unbelievable, repugnant waste of skin pig takes the fuckin cake! This is OUTRAGEOUS! I hope the Tulsa pig farm burns to the fucking ground over this!

  • Davo Paul

    Shoot them. Line ’em up and shoot them in the faces. Period. End of story, these fucks.

  • Afshin Nejat

    Do you fucking libtards now understand the right to bear arms? Put it in perspective: This man was a SUSPECT at most, legally speaking. He represents every individual citizen vis-a-vis the state. The deputy represents the state. The state accuses, the state abuses. Sometimes, much more often then you’d like to believe, it does falsely accuse, and even knowingly for ulterior purposes involving control, manipulation, and outright psychopathy.

    Better to be tried by twelve than buried by six.

  • Archie1954

    Not only the police executioners but also the police chief should be fired!

  • Eddie Cruz

    I only have one word: SERPICO

  • Rick Carufel

    The Police should never be allowed to put their full body weight on someone’s head for any reason.


    ALL police are order following COWARDS, police and the military are the creators of the dark new world order not the so called “law makers”. These little boys in blue ARE the standing army the founding fathers warned about.

  • Marylissette Torres

    wait listen to the video really really closely, the moment the gun set off you CAN hear the officer say (though you cant hear much)”omg (implausible) i shot him, im sorry” and no im not making excuses for the cop but he genuinely was sorry, the jerks are the other cop putting his knee on the guys head and the other one saying and screaming “fuck ur breath” and shit.

  • carnac123

    Most cops aren’t bad people. I am not saying that there are no ‘bad cops’ among them either. I would say this. Do away with them or tie their hands even more and you will see how safe you and your family are. Even if you are a good shot, will be outnumbered eventually. You can make your own vigilante force and get the same criticism the cops get and worse. Black people usually do not like cops but without the police even the black neighborhoods would more of a hell they are now. For some people who hate the cops, they certainly call them a lot. This crap about the ‘thin blue line’ is true. The police keep the hoards away from you neighborhoods. Most of you do not know how bad things are. Without the police you would not sleep at night. You would setting up with your automatic rifle waiting for your door to get kicked down by home invaders. If you want to federalize the police force,…think again. The police would have more power than they have now if they were federalized. You think there would be more control of them????? How many FBI or Secret Service agents have you seen go to jail over “mistakes”? They do make mistakes. They do abuse people in terrible ways. When they are caught there may be a big deal made over their activity but then it disappears. Do you know what happens to them? Nothing. They get transferred somewhere else. They might get a demotion or a cut in pay for a short time for show. A person has to get permission from the Federal government to sue it? I’ll bet some of you did not know this. Good luck with that. A federalized police force will almost be impossible to sue. So will the officer. Do you really see any great outrage from the police when some people ask for the police to be federalized. No! The only thing that will happen to the police is they get more money and more job security.

  • Jason

    If this happened in Perth WA. Those cops would be in the shit.

  • Talyah FinallyFamous Medley

    We need to protect and serve our own against all threats foreign and domestic. Take up arms and realize we are all we have#IAmMyBrothersKeeper

  • Joe

    I feel bad for him

  • katiee1

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