Cops Intentionally Cause Traffic Jam to Catch Bikers Splitting Lanes: YouTube Video



NEW YORK, NY — Is the NYPD desperate for cash, or are they just recklessly stealing from people because they know they can get away with it?

That’s a question many are asking this week after footage appeared on YouTube showing police ticketing several bikers.

The narrator of the YouTube clip claims that the police actually shut down the entire highway for the sole purpose of catching bikers driving in between lanes.

No longer content with old-fashioned speed traps, cops are now evidently engineering the sufficient conditions to ticket people for minor infractions.

Several unsuspecting bikers can be seen in the video being pulled over.

As cops demand their license and registration, the video shows the rest of the traffic on the highway at a complete stop.

Not only were the bikers stolen from for a victimless activity, but the motorists were stopped too, losing valuable time on their way to work.

Judging by what the narrator of the clip says, this appears to be one of the most epic parasitic wealth-extractions in recent memory.

These cops will, no doubt, be the same ones expressing confusion as to why Americans don’t like them — well, it’s situations like this. This is why nobody likes them.

What you have here, apparently, is peaceful, hard working Americans being stopped in their tracks so that cops can generate revenue.

Who were they protecting? Who were they serving?

Every ticket that is issued for a victimless activity is ultimately an act of theft. Police always say that they are “just doing their job to put food on their families’ tables” — meanwhile they are perfectly willing to take the food off of our tables in the form of tickets and fines for victimless activities.

If you stopped traffic and gave motorists pieces of paper that said they better pay you or else they will eventually be restrained and locked in a cage, that would be called coercion and theft. If you do it while wearing a special government costume, it is called a “traffic stop.”

Watch the video below:

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  • Pierre Montsion

    How is this even legal …hahaha Police USA …pitiful

    • DrkFngThDragnLrd

      It’s not, its called entrapment.

      “In criminal law, entrapment is a practice whereby a law
      enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offense that
      the person would have otherwise been unlikely to commit. It is a type of
      conduct that is generally frowned upon, and thus in many jurisdictions
      is a possible defense against criminal liability.”

      • Is it illegal to lane filter there? I’m from Australia, and here it is legal. However, if it was illegal, by stopping traffic on a highway, they aren’t FORCING you to lane filter, so how would it be considered entrapment?

        • DrkFngThDragnLrd

          It depends on the state. Some states it’s legal. Entrapment is when a cop or cops does something to make a person more likely to break the law. In this case, they stopped traffic on a major freeway knowing this would get motorcycle drivers to lane split. They forced it to happen, that is illegal in a lot of states and NY was one of them last time I checked. The cops are creating an unsafe environment. Like in NJ, cops must always have their headlights on and not be completely hidden when performing a speed trap.

          • Patrick Borush

            yeah till you go through Nichols NY… They have a speed trap set up heading towards elmira on the side of the road back in the cut like. If you look behind you if you’re not driving you can see where they made a cut out of the bushes and trees so you can not see them till you drive past and it’s too late… I currently do not have a valid license to this day over a speeding ticket there when i was passing a swaying tractor trailer… I did not challenge the ticket as I just wanted to pay it and move along so i checked a box, signed it and sent it in… I never heard another word till a different cop tried to pull me over for DWI like 8 months later… (I don’t drink) When he saw his stop was no good after i passed about 5 different sobriety tests he ran my license and told it was suspended for an unpaid speeding ticket… So I contact the court the next day and ask why my license is no longer valid and why I have yet to receive a bill… They tell they have received the ticket and I forgot to check some stupid box on the back and would have to put in writing my plea and send it in as I couldn’t enter a plea over the phone and just pay it…. The town the ticket was out of (Nichols NY) is a hick town/tiny little puddle in Tioga County, that is extremely money hungry (so I knew it would take them time to sort through all their revenue generators BS why it slipped my mind for a time). SO here it is long story short about 10 years later and I have written this so called “court” 7 times, called in 20, all in an attempt to free my “driving privileges” up. All I have ever got from the court clerk was “its on the Judges desk”, and no you cannot speak to “his honor personally”, how ever we are open on (only) Monday from 8:30-10:30 AM if you want to appear in person… How are you supposed to appear in person when you no longer can (“legally”) drive and the town is about 45 miles from where you live, plus only open for 2 hours a freaking week!!! I HATE N.Y. AND CAN’T WAIT TO LEAVE IT ALREADY!!!

          • John Doe

            In the U.S., it’s not required for you to even have a license to operate a motor vehicle for personal use.

          • PavePusher

            That’s bullshit, and you are an idiot.

          • Aaron Lynch

            After bridge gate, it also seems likely it’s a federal crime to stop a highway like that.

          • smoses80

            That is what I said!!!

          • hstevenmead

            Whether this happens in other states in beside the point. Again the Constitution fore bides this type of behavior by anyone even the police.

          • DrkFngThDragnLrd

            You may have misunderstood me, I was talking about lane splitting being legal is dependent by state and local laws. Entrapment on the other hand, is always illegal, but up to a judge’s discretion sadly. I don’t understand how laws are so confusing for them to interpret, must not take much to be a judge.

          • Neal Feldman

            Please properly cite this ‘constitutional law’ you claim exists.

          • hstevenmead

            How about you learn to use a computer and that doesn’t mean being a Troll. There is a thing called Goggle on your computer that allows you to search for information. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn when you are proactive. Now stop being such a ass hole and go learn something. OVER AND OUT

          • smoses80

            Thank You!!!!!

          • Neal Feldman

            No one ‘forced’ them to lane split. They chose to do so all on their own. It may be underhanded but it is NOT entrapment. Your ‘definition’ of ‘entrapment’ is grossly flawed.

        • Aaron Lynch

          Justyn it is illegal everywhere in the US except California. In CA it’s not expressly outlawed, but not precisely allowed either. so it happens a lot in Southern Cal )la and sand diego and in the SF bay area but is a little more frowned upon in the outer rural areas. But MOST of the world, like Australia has it because it simply works better.

          • 2broke4 her

            a law in Califoreignia AB51 to split lanes is up for vote to legalize lane splitting!

          • Neal Feldman

            Because bikers are so special the same rules for everyone else are not good enough for them.

          • PavePusher

            Legalizing it is a good idea, and actually helps reduce traffic congestion. Also, why not?

            Breaking the law where it is NOT legal, and crying when you get caught? I got no sympathy for those folks.

          • Because INDIVIDUAL motorcycles should take up entire car Parking Spots and not share them …

        • hstevenmead

          OK, tell me how long is one to seat in traffic before they decide they wish to move around traffic if possible? Because someone is on a state, town or city road doesn’t mean you are legally responsible to sit there and waste time because some cop decided to stop everyone. When your on a bike it is easier to move around and get through traffic when it is stopped for any of mount of time. They did this on a highway because the only way around traffic is to go forwards. If this was a back road or town road or basic thruway road people would have had the opinion of driving down a side road. So they picked this road just to cause bikers to go around and in turn ticketing them for it. Where is that just cause?

          • PavePusher

            “…how long is one to seat in traffic before they decide they wish to move around traffic if possible?”

            Same length of time as EVERYONE ELSE, if that i what is required by law.

            I agree that this is a fucktarded tactic by the police and local administration thereof, but it’s also fucktardery by the bikers to complain when they are caught intentionally breaking the law. (And I’m a biker too, for the record.)

          • hstevenmead

            Wrong! Constitutional law fore-bides anyone even officers from impeding traffic and people’s right to move freely. This is just what they did to collect revenue. There is no law that says you have to maintain your place on a roadway if brought to a halt. They went after bikes because bikes would be able to move through the traffic better then a car or truck. And what about those people in cars and trucks that were forced to sit there because these police decided to impede their right to move? These police are misusing their power to collect money it is that simple. There was no crime committed. The police caused this situation on purpose.

          • Neal Feldman

            Please properly cite this ‘constitutional law’ you claim exists.

          • hstevenmead

            Your a f-ing retard dude if you think my advice on the Constitution is wrong. You have f-ing goggle go look it up. I am not here to teach an ignorant person like yourself anything. If your not smart enough to look it up your self and know what your rights are you deserve everything these cops do to you.

          • Neal Feldman

            Actually you have not substantiated your claim in any way. I merely reasonably asked you to cite credible sources that support your claim. YOU bear the burden of proof, not I.

            Your fifth grade rant of someone who cannot back up his BS claims so he lashes out personally is duly noted as such.

            It is neither my job nor my burden to do your research legwork. It is no one’s job or burden but YOURS.

            That is how it works, you see. You make a claim and you support that claim with facts that prove the claim accurate and correct.

            BTW I seriously doubt you will get much research done at ‘goggle’. LOL! Good luck with that.

            Oh you have taught me a great deal… about you… none of it complimentary to you.

            What you seem to miss is the fact that I have studied constitutional law and I know that your claim is utter nonsensical BS and anyone relying on your claims in court will find themselves at a severe disadvantage.

            I challenged you to cite credible sources to support your BS claim knowing there would be one of three likely outcomes:

            1) You would have just ignored me and anyone else who challenged you. You might have done better for yourself to have selected this option… but, alas…

            2) You would have actually complied and presented credibly sourced citations supporting your claim. Unlikely, since your claim is BS, but one never knows… a ruling somewhere might have slipped by me, but I doubt I would have missed something this significant. I’m always up for learning new things.

            3) You would detonate when called on your BS, like you did.

            Technically there was a fourth option, that you would admit you were wrong in making your claim, but I honestly did not consider that outcome particularly likely.


          • Matthew Schutter

            I aswered your question above. You do have a right to travel under the 5th amendment. The cops are the one who broke the law!

          • hstevenmead

            Matthew, this right here is a prime example as to why police get away with what they do. Some people no matter what you say to them will never get it. I could understand maybe before computers were around that people didn’t know or were unable to go seek the information but today it is different. Home computers give everyone all the information they need right at their finger tips and they still refuse to look up what they need to know or they are just plain stupid like the guy up there^^^^. They have been brainwashed since birth and believe every thing they were taught about the police. Don’t get me wrong on the police. I understand every society needs police. because as we know we will also have crime and people whom just don’t know how to behave properly. But the police were never intended to be use to collect revenue for state coffers or federal coffers. If everyone would remember what this country was based on they would know that it was suppose to be a system which would not act like an Imperil or Authoritarian system from which most of our forefathers fled from. So sometime , as in this case your wasting your time with ignorant people whom in I opinion are only here to cause disruption. TROLLS

          • Neal Feldman

            I think I see your problem. You are abused of the notion that if it is on the internet it must be true. Such has never been the case.

            I am still watching, bemused, as you throw a tantrum rather than actually prove the claim(s) you make. Not holding my breath, mind you…

            Not a matter of revenue collection, a matter of scofflawry. By choosing to violate the law those bikers volunteered to pay the fine.

            You referring to others as ignorant is quite amusing.

          • Neal Feldman

            Nothing in your citation says you can go anywhere, anywhen or anyhow one wishes or in any way grants a right to never be inconvenienced in any way.

            By your apparent reading parades are all unconstitutional as they block roads for in excess of 30 minutes and someone somewhere might be inconvenienced by that. Same with road work and any other delays.

            Your argument would also ban non-commercial (and maybe commercial) driver license and testing requirements and ban all rules of the road. Hey, if my pursuit of happiness and personal liberty includes driving down your residential street at 200 MPH tough on you if you don’t like it, right?

            Yup… don’t have a license or insurance and if you are stopped for any reason your vehicle will be towed and impounded and you will get a great many fees and penalties. Refuse to pay them and eventually felony warrants will be issues and you will join the 25% of the world’s incarcerated people in the US prison/jail system.

            As you ‘travel’ down the roads and see the flashing lights behind you, don’t stop… keep right on ‘traveling’ (talk about semantics and word games) and see what happens. As of late one possible result is your ‘conveyance’ (and you) may be riddled with a few hundred bullets.

            Want to drive down a one way street or highway the wrong way? Go right ahead.

            Want to poke along with your horse drawn ‘conveyance’ down the freeway at 3 MPH, go right ahead.

            Want to ‘travel’ in your ‘conveyance’ on the public roads if you are 7 years old? Go for it!

            Want to drive drunk? No problem according to your asinine nonsense.

            You really sound more than anything else like those nutty ‘sovereign citizen’ nut jobs. They do not fare very well in court, you realize, right? Usually are hauled away after they are convicted (often to a psych exam) yelling and screaming the nonsense you are presenting.

            You miss the point in your citation regarding due process of law. Laws were duly passed requiring current plates, driver’s (travelers if you insist) licenses, insurance, etc. Laws were duly passed for every rule of the road that exists.

            I do not care if one is the most perfect driver in the world… you share the roads with those who are not. Get into an accident and you are caught, even if not your fault. Then there are the plate scanners that check every plate automatically as the patrol unit passes. No legal plates, you get pulled over and caught and you get to stand on the side of the road with a handful of citations and watch your ‘conveyance’ towed away and impounded until you pay all the involved fees and fines and prove that the ‘conveyance’ is now properly registered and insured. Also they will not release it to you unless you are properly licensed and insured.

            Failure to pay the fees, fines etc will result eventually in your arrest and imprisonment.

            So grow up past the mental age of 13

            You also seem to miss this part of what you presented… “only so far restrained as the Rights of others may make it necessary for the welfare of all other citizens.”

            The welfare of all other citizens, including pedestrians, is what all those laws are based on. The welfare to not have unsafe ‘travelers’ on the roads, who lack the financial means to pay for any damages or harms they may cause, who ‘travel’ in ‘conveyances’ which are unsafe on the roads, etc. This enforcement event with the bikers falls under this as well. You have no constitutional or other right to never be inconvenienced.

            So you go right along violating the motor vehicle (sorry, ‘conveyance’) laws as you try (to raucous laughter) in court to argue you were not ‘driving’, you were ‘traveling’ and see where it gets you.

            Good luck with that.

          • Matthew Schutter

            Hey I dont right the law. I just site the law. If you don’t like it get you congressman change it or run for office and win, and change it yourself
            Or you can go lick the boots of your slave masters. It your choice I gave you the text of the law. I rather have to much liberty than not enough. By the way I don’t have a drivers license and beat changes of not having one in Pennsylvania’s court system. I dont have a slave master like you do I make the people who work for me obey the law of this constituttional republic

          • Neal Feldman

            You also don’t do literacy much… you should learn about homophones.

            Where do I lick any boots, troll? Slaves? Masters? LMAO!!

            You keep responding with non-responsive fallacies and unsubstantiated claims.

            You gave me an out of context snippet of an out of context law that is only embraced by ‘sovereign citizen’ nut jobs. This in no credible way answers the queries or points put to you.

            It is this pathetic nonsense on your part that proves you to be nothing but a forum troll.

            You claim to have beaten such charges? Then let’s see the court docket #s etc that would prove your claims.

            My bet is you epic fail yet again.

          • smoses80

            Just Stop.

          • Neal Feldman

            Just NO. LOL

          • smoses80

            People like him are Always right no matter what… Don’t argue with him….. No need to ruin your day with an egotist like him. He is also nasty and sarcastic which is very childish but he will never admit that.

          • Neal Feldman

            I tend to win my arguments and be proven right with my claims because when I make claims I can back them up with something beyond your juvenile level of personal attack and hand-wringing.

            I run into your type all the time… you get proven wrong yet you refuse to accept it. You know, basically what you are trying to project of your own tactics. You are indeed quite the hypocrite it would appear.

            You accuse someone of being nasty and sarcastic through your own use of nastiness and sarcasm… yes, indeed, the hypocrite does run strong in you.


          • smoses80

            Where have I been nasty or sarcastically nasty? You seem to thrive on being mean & name calling. How is name calling an adult means of communication? It isn’t. How does one live like that? You have not won any argument that I have seen. You can’t all the time or with the way you speak to others.

          • Paul Gana

            The US Supreme Court in Indianapolis VS Edmond ruled that police roadblocks for the purpose of crime fighting violates the 4th amendment. the only time they can stop traffic and hold it is immediately after the commission of a crime. That is a Supreme Court ruling upholding the 4th amendment as preventing people from being impeded by law enforcement without just cause.

          • hstevenmead

            REALLY? I need prove nothing to you. Matter fact why don’t you prove the false chit your spouting? I’m speaking for what the Constitution says for someone’s rights to be free from having their pockets picked. You sit there and type shit telling me I am wrong and should prove it. If your so smart and know so much about the law maybe you should show some forms of state law or federal law that backs your claims up. Oh and by the way just because a state make a law doesn’t mean it’s a legal law. Many of the laws on the state books are illegal. So I need not prove anything to you,. And if your so schooled in this type of law than maybe it is you whom needs to prove to everyone else we are all just nut cases with false information. Now go away TROLL

          • Neal Feldman

            And more of your tantrum without anything that credibly supports your claim(s).

            I need not prove you wrong since you have yet to prove yourself right. That is how it works, you see.

            You seem to be the troll with your unsupported nonsense and personal attack tantrums. Project much?


          • smoses80

            You are one of the most annoying people ever. You ridicule and use sarcasm and you have the worst case of ego I have ever seen online…. Go Away!

          • Neal Feldman

            Aw poor widdew baby! Should I call the WAAAAAHHHHHmbulance for you?

            Suck it up, buttercup. I ridicule the ridiculous. That is what it is for, you see? As for sarcasm, you show me the law that does not violate the first amendment yet bans sarcasm and I will consider your position on the matter. Until then you’ve got nothing.

            Not that I accept your claim, but what does ego have to do with it?

            As for me going away, I will do so in my own time of my own choice, not yours. And you accuse me of ‘ego’ but think you are in any position to dictate to me or anyone else whether they stay or go? Seriously?

            It would appear that they hypocrite runs strong in you, young padawan.

          • smoses80


          • SJ_Phil

            I’m an attorney, too. hstevenmead is attempting to understand the law. He’s not doing a very good job of it. And, as usual, you get these guys posting what they FEEL while attempting to wrap their arguments in a sophomoric understanding of the law, and when another challenges their POV’s as being absurd or moronic, it turns into a personal attack where they call you names, etc. If ignorance was bliss, hstevenmead should be a very happy man!

          • smoses80

            So your EGO is quite large too. Can’t you say anything nicely without being an AH???

          • Neal Feldman

            I see…. when you talk about the ‘ego’ of who you are talking to what you actually mean is they disagree with you and you have nothing to prove your claims.

            Got it. Carry on…

            Seems Phil has your number quite accurately.

          • smoses80

            Again, condescending.

          • smoses80

            No, that is Not what I meant. I meant exactly what I said. You think you are better then others and you say that each time you comment. I won’t miss someone like you. I am truly thankful I don’t know you.

          • smoses80

            You look it up. You weren’t reasonable. You were totally sarcastic and full of ego!!! Two different people cited the Law. Next time he wants Anyone to Prove anything Please Don’t do it!!! He saw what they provided and he is still arguing!!! EGOTISTICAL….

          • Neal Feldman

            I didn’t make the claim so I bear neither burden of proof nor burden of disproof.

            I have been entirely reasonable. What ‘full of ego’ are you talking about? Are you claiming any sarcasm on my part is unwarranted at this point?

            No, two people posted snippets, not proper citations. What they provided was not even close to meeting their burden of proof. Sorry but nut job sovereign citizen arguments don’t cut it. Anyone attempting such would be laughed out of court, and rightly so.

            Egotistical? Moi? Clearly from your post that word doesn’t mean what you seem to think it means.

          • Paul Gana

            you are a lying fucking bullshitter. US Supreme Court ruling in Indianapolis VS Edmond stating that it does violate the 4th amendment. You do not know law as you claim otherwise you would know that. Police are not allowed to create roadblocks for even the purpose of combating crime let alone minor traffic infraction.

          • Matthew Schutter

            “Personal liberty largely consists of the Right of locomotion — to go
            where and when one pleases — only so far restrained as the Rights of others
            may make it necessary for the welfare of all other citizens. The Right of the
            Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property
            thereon, by horsedrawn carriage, wagon, or automobile, is not a mere
            privilege which may be permitted or prohibited at will, but the common
            Right which he has under his Right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of
            happiness. Under this Constitutional guarantee one may, therefore, under
            normal conditions, travel at his inclination along the public highways or in
            public places, and while conducting himself in an orderly and decent
            manner, neither interfering with nor disturbing another’s Rights, he will be
            protected, not only in his person, but in his safe conduct.” [emphasis added]
            II Am.Jur. (1st) Constitutional Law, Sect.329, p.1135.”

          • Joshua Parrish

            Traffic stops and roadblocks fall under the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures because they limit our liberty of movement. A traffic stop or roadblock is valid when reasonable, and improperly obtained evidence may be suppressed from use in court against you.

            Traffic Stops

            A traffic stop normally occurs when a law enforcement officer signals a motorist to move to the side of the roadway and stop. The stop constitutes a seizure under the Fourth Amendment because it interferes with the motorist’s freedom of movement. In order for the stop to be valid under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, the officer must point to specific and articulated facts to support a reasonable suspicion or probable cause of criminal conduct.

            Amendment IV

            The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

            CASE #1: “The use of the highway for the purpose of travel and transportation is not a mere privilege, but a common fundamental right of which the public and individuals cannot rightfully be deprived.” Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago, 169 NE 221.

            CASE #2: “The right of the citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, either by carriage or by automobile, is not a mere privilege which a city may prohibit or permit at will, but a common law right which he has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Thompson v. Smith, 154 SE 579.

            CASE #3: “The right to travel is a part of the liberty of which the citizen cannot be deprived without due process of law under the Fifth Amendment.” Kent v. Dulles, 357 US 116, 125.

            CASE #4: “The right to travel is a well-established common right that does not owe its existence to the federal government. It is recognized by the courts as a natural rightu.” Schactman v. Dulles 96 App DC 287, 225 F2d 938, at 941

          • Neal Feldman

            Point is they only pulled over the bikers that were violating the law. Their actually watching the commission of the crime in action is more than the required probable cause.

          • Joshua Parrish

            The point is moot due to the fact that they are violating the rights of the people in the cars in order to aquire probable cause for the motorcyclists crimes. The means does not justify the end.

          • Neal Feldman

            Not even close, unless you can conclusively prove the existence of the right to never, in any way, shape or form or to any degree, be inconvenienced.

            They were stopped for 30 minutes or less… are rush hour traffic jams unconstitutional in your fantasy-land as well?

            You might also want to know the word you wanted was acquire, not ‘aquire’, and the phrease should be ‘the ends do not justify the means’, not “The means does[sic] not justify the end”.

          • You should volunteer for Chris Christie’s defense team …

            … where you can also share dieting advice.

          • smoses80

            What an ego you have….

          • PHRASE* since you are obviously not as proper a speller as those you are correcting.

          • Neal Feldman

            Difference between intentionally typing thr wrong word and a simple typo.

            But you knew that, didn’t you?

            Ah well…

          • What you corrected was also a typo (“C” was not typed) – same as you typing phase (“R” missing from phrase). Nice to see you went back and edited your typo though. Now you just need to correct where you typed thr instead of the.

          • smoses80

            Maybe next time you could look it up yourself!!

          • Neal Feldman

            I didn’t make the claim so I bear neither burden of proof nor burden of disproof.

          • smoses80

            So we have ALL already heard.

          • PavePusher

            Yeah, citations required, please.

          • smoses80

            Their are a certain amount of lanes. Everyone is required to stay in their lanes unless passing. Bikers can Not make their own lanes and pass people. This is why some people have a problem with this BS!!!! Everyone follows the rules of the road. You do not have carte blanc to drive in between cars in their lanes on a highway. I do Not agree with how these cops went about this but Bikers have to Learn this too!

          • facethefact

            Oh here we go. Internet lawyer on the loose…

          • Matthew Schutter

            Under the 5th amendment of the United States Constitution (supreme law of the land) you have a right to travel. So when the cops stopped all trafic they broke the law to catch the bikers. These cops should be fired for their actions and so should their supervisors. That badge does not give you a right to break the law, and ignorance is no excuse. Here is a copy of the law on a right to travel.

            “Personal liberty largely consists of the Right of locomotion — to go

            where and when one pleases — only so far restrained as the Rights of others

            may make it necessary for the welfare of all other citizens. The Right of the

            Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property

            thereon, by horsedrawn carriage, wagon, or automobile, is not a mere

            privilege which may be permitted or prohibited at will, but the common

            Right which he has under his Right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of

            happiness. Under this Constitutional guarantee one may, therefore, under

            normal conditions, travel at his inclination along the public highways or in

            public places, and while conducting himself in an orderly and decent

            manner, neither interfering with nor disturbing another’s Rights, he will be

            protected, not only in his person, but in his safe conduct.” [emphasis added]

            II Am.Jur. (1st) Constitutional Law, Sect.329, p.1135.”

          • SJ_Phil

            Yes, Citizens have the right to travel. But imagine for a moment what anarchy on the highway would look like if zero traffic laws existed. No laws whatsoever. Some drunk could come screaming down the highway and crash into your family’s car killing your wife and children. How do you feel about that? Not too good I imagine. So…we have traffic laws. And the ONLY motivation for following them is the threat of losing money (fines) or going to jail Again, losing money b/c you cant’ work and earn while in jail. This i s a very simplistic example of the absurdity of your positions. So maybe you should stop name-calling and read a book or two?

          • Matthew Schutter

            I would be upset if a drunk killed someone I loved. I am not talking about no laws. That drunk does not have a right to harm another and it it is a crime to kill someone in a car. He or she should go to jail for murder. Also I would have a civil right to sue the living hell out of him for killing a love one.
            With the Police State we have today what is stopping that drunk from driviing drunk? Like no drunks kill people with cars today! Your comments show that you can’t think for yourself. “People that will give up liberty for safety deserves nether liberty or safety” Benn Franklin
            I wasn’t taking about anarchy I was talkin about constiitutional law
            So go read the rule of law which is the constitution than judge
            I am very well read it constitutional law and politics

          • SJ_Phil

            For some unfathomable reason…I think your points are nonsense. Have a great day.

          • smoses80

            So you mean for No Reason at all.

          • smoses80

            Those ‘people’ always throw a wrench in to a conversation that has Nothing to do with what you are saying……..

          • smoses80

            So you think it is perfectly Legal to purposely cause a traffic Jam, inconveniencing all the Motorists just to ticket some bikers????? I believe that Idiot from NJ did that too for Revenge and that was Not Legal at all. Yet of course that moron got away with it because someone else took the blame.

          • Neal Feldman

            Your ignorance is astounding.

            You wait as long as they tell you to wait.

            Are you somehow better or superior to those in cars and trucks such that you do not have to wait while they do?

            Don’t want a ticket don’t violate the rules. You are not special.

            No sympathy for the scofflaws.

          • smoses80

            You are Ignorant. Period. Look at the way you are speaking with these people as if they are Below you? Disgusting.

          • Neal Feldman

            Where am *I* ignorant here. HINT: ‘ignorant’ is not synonymous with ‘disagrees with smoses80’s unfounded opinions.

            I am not the one claiming special rights to never be inconvenienced. That would be those two you are so laughably and feebly trying to ‘defend’.

            Where was I speaking as if they were ‘below me’?

            You seem to have some very significant inferenceissues. You should really get that checked.

          • smoses80

            The Way you comment is rude and condescending.

          • smoses80

            Legal bikes on the Road have to follow the rules too. If I can’t move in my car and everyone is stopped they have No Right to make their own lanes and pass people. Besides that, what these ‘police’ did was wrong and they make me sick.

          • facethefact

            Just cause they feel like it. Simple enough. You can’t make your own lanes because you ride a bike.

        • Andre Genisca

          It’s entrapment. The cops here don’t follow any code of ethics.

      • Neal Feldman

        You have no clue. It is scummy but it is NOT entrapment.

        • DrkFngThDragnLrd

          You obviously the one with no clue. It is entrapment, because if they didn’t stop traffic the motorcycle drivers wouldn’t have been lane splitting, the end!

          • Neal Feldman

            Actually… no. You are incorrect.

            Just like when they leave out bait cars… fancy cars with the keys left in them and unlocked (and with enough video and audio recording, lo-jacking etc to make the NSA cry)… you get in that car and drive off you are done. Not entrapment. No one forced you to steal the car, it was just made available.

            Entrapment requires inducement by law enforcement to get someone to commit a crime they would otherwise in all likelihood never commit on their own. In this case there is no inducement. These bikers knowingly violated the law because they were inconvenienced. No one forced them or induced them to commit the crime. They chose to do it all on their own. No entrapment.

            In the interests of educating you and others:


          • DrkFngThDragnLrd

            Like I said, you don’;t comprehend the definition of entrapment, so shut up and move on.

            As for bait car BS, why you think so many criminals get off because of a good lawyer. Once again, force is not a determination of entrapment dumbass. I keep entrapping you to make yourself look even more and more stupid, am I forcing you to do so?!?!?

            BTW, you say my definition is wrong and meanwhile point to Wikipedia, which is where my definition came from dumbass. I also only posted that as a basic example, as it’s just the article’s author’s interruption of the law in a very generalized way, because it varies by state and local laws. Too bad you only see the small picture instead of the full story.

            These bikers broke the law because cops broke the law and illegally stopped traffic, which made them to make the decision to lane split, aka entrapment, the end, shut up.

            BTW, cops violated everyone right to free movement on this country’s roadways by blocking traffic for this little stunt. You can’t enforce laws while breaking laws.

            Every biker can easily get these tickets dismissed if they fight it. It’s a joke and so are you.

          • Neal Feldman

            Inducement is the issue. Force is merely one form of inducement. “No one forced them” is a figure of speech.

            I just finished proving that your understanding of entrapment is fatally flawed and you just come back repeating the same BS over again.

            I also challenge your claim that in cases involving bait cars the perps get off because of a good lawyer. They are fully and completely recorded in Technicolor (another figure of speech) … there is no doubt as to their guilt. They choose to take the car they know is not theirs. Sorry but Perry Mason could not get them off without actually bribing jury members.

            If you think otherwise, as is your claim, please provide proper citation from credible sources supporting your claim.

            You ‘keep entrapping me’? LMAO! Wow, you sure have some pretty elastic definitions for words, don’t you? A true legend in your own mind, that’s you.

            If you think your definition comes from where I cited then you seem to have issues with literacy.

            Right at the very top:

            “In criminal law, entrapment is a practice whereby a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offense that the person would have otherwise been unlikely to commit.”

            This situation with the overly-entitled bikers fails the definition on two points:

            1) There was no inducement by law enforcement to get the bikers to violate the law.

            2) This was clearly not a criminal offense that they would have otherwise been unlikely to commit as all it took to get them to commit the offense was to be mildly inconvenienced.


            ‘Interruption of the law’, hmmm… how does that work, exactly?

            Please cite the law that you claim the cops violated. Please be specific and cite credible sources.

            Actually cops break laws while enforcing laws all the time. Ever heard of a high-speed chase? Hardly the only example. But in this case you have yet to show where their blocking the road for about 30 minutes or less ‘violated everyone right to free movement on this country’s roadways by blocking traffic for this little stunt’. First, it was limited to that one spot on that one road roughly 3200 miles from me. I fail to see how my right to free travel was infringed on at all, much less ‘violated’. Are you claiming I have legal standing to sue?

            I seriously doubt you are correct as to the likelihood of dismissal of the charges. Time will tell.

          • DrkFngThDragnLrd

            You just have no clue, I never said charges would be dismissed. I said a good lawyer always gets them off. I’ve seen this happen numerous times as a kid. I had 2 brother in and out of jail like revolving doors along with their friends. The ones who had money for good lawyers got off. Usually because cop violated their rights. Broken system and 2 negative don’t make a positive. The end, good bye.

          • Neal Feldman

            What, exactly, is the difference between ‘charges being dismissed’ and a lawyer ‘getting them off’, hmmm?

            Laws and court practices may well have changed since you were a kid. That is hardly a credible citation.

            Nowhere did I say, however, that effective legal representation is not a benefit. it was you who said, or in context strongly implied, that a good lawyer *would* get these bikers off using the legal ‘argument’ you presented.

            Why have you tried to change it now, hmmm?

            Where did I claim outside of math that two negatives are even likely to make a positive?

            And so in a flurry of unsubstantiated nonsense and critical thinking fallacies you run away in a poof… Typical of your ilk. You get called on your BS so you just run away.

            Go upstairs from your Mom’s basement. She might cut you slack but I won’t.


          • DrkFngThDragnLrd

            Really, you have to ask how their different. perfect example of how you can’t comprehend crap… SMH none of what i said is BS and you didn’t call me out, i just won’t argue anymore with a moron. I just can’t stand stupidity and yours is testing my patience. So, I’ll just walk away.

          • smoses80

            He is One Rotten excuse for a human being…..

          • smoses80

            Everyone is incorrect but You!! Amazing!!

          • Neal Feldman

            Are you really that retarded?

          • smoses80

            For you to use that word in that way shows Exactly who you are.

          • smoses80

            Nice word. Shows exactly who you are.

          • smoses80

            That word is unacceptable and if you don’t know that by now, so are you.

        • DrkFngThDragnLrd

          Hey, dippy, in no place is the word “forced” used. It has nothing to do with forcing someone to do something. It’s making a situation that promote the breaking of laws. So, once again, you have absolutely no clue what your talking about and can’t comprehend the definition I posted above.

      • facethefact

        Oh here we go, the internet lawyers are at it again…

  • Russell Smith

    It’s legal here in California.

    • Alan D. Harris

      I thought motorcycles were allow to split lanes in CA though… am I mistaken?

      • DrkFngThDragnLrd

        I was told the same. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen motorcycle cops splitting lanes with normal motorcycles all the time and no one getting pulled over. See it all the time on the 5 south in just south of the 14 during morning rush hour. Motorcycle cops come flying down that new car pool ramp with other motorcycles right behind and in front of them.

        • Aaron Lynch

          in CA it’s not specifically ILLEGAL. it’s the ONLY state that doesn’t specifically outlaw it.

  • Luveroflife

    But they want people to respect them for doing their “so called” jobs. This is constant harassment for no reason from police. They seem to be committing more crimes than the general population Sickening

    • rdehoogh

      Just for the hell of it. cops generally drive at around 70 miles/hr on our highways, in the fast lane and will tailgate if you don’t move over. This is, of course, without being lighted up. As a biker I have a clear view inside vehicles. The cops are getting better, about 70% now wear their seat belts. 6 or 7 years ago it was about 50%. I challenged a cop about that once during a “seat belt check” traffic stop. He said that cops were exempt because of all the stuff they wear. This was a blatant lie, cops are NOT exempt. I rarely split lanes Bagger Harley takes up to much space. In Australia we ALL did, including motor cycle cops. Nary a problem. Having said all this, I abhor the way some idiot split lanes at a ridiculous speeds. Gives us all a bad name. Also, re entrapment, Let me tell you cage drivers, being stuck in traffic on a hot day is no fun on a m/c, that motor under your butt gets extremely hot (air cooled engines mostly). being in stop and start traffic for an hour or so requires for you to clutch and de-clutch hundreds of times, this is NO exaggeration and is done by hand. Try that with a Harley. There’s a lot to be said for lane splitting in a safe manner. I do think it is entrapment to artificially set up a situation where people are enticed to break the law, especially a senseless law.

  • Josh Martin

    “judging by what the narrator of the clip said”??!?!? You guys are making it real easy for the pig lovers to dismiss this shit. At least label this as an opinion site if you’re going to post any crap some random person sends you. Please please attempt some actual fact checking

  • John’s Kawasaki

    It is not legal to stop traffic at all, there is a law that protects free travelling, free movement by human rights, its even an international law

  • John’s Kawasaki

    you do not need to pay for it if you tell the judge you were looking for space because it became dangerous in the back

  • Eric Miller

    Ummm…driving in the center of lanes is kinda dangerous and illegal. I’m not saying that shutting down a highway isn’t wrong but they’re only giving you tickets because you’re breaking the law. If they caused a traffic jam and everybody obeyed the laws and just sat there then they wouldn’t have gotten shit. Just waisted time and probably wouldn’t ever do it again. However, some bikers, who want other drivers to “watch for them” and be careful so they don’t kill any of them think they can just break regular traffic laws then yeah they’ll get a fucking ticket. Not too hard to understand. Yes there are some very serious questions about police that need answered and fixed but bring an idiot is very controllable people.

    • Stuart Blankenship

      It is not illegal in every state, granted in NY it is but to stop traffic for however long to coerce revenue out of motorist is illegal and frustrating for the American public.

    • Taylor

      It’s been proven, time and time again, that lane-splitting is completely safe, if it’s done properly, in accordance with the laws. Just look at California, it’s legal there, and there haven’t been any real problems with it. The only people who don’t approve of it are people who never check their mirrors, and people who don’t like the idea of somebody else getting home sooner than they do.

      • There is a difference between filtering and splitting. Splitting is more dangerous than filtering (that is, riding between cars at low speed). However, “splitting” traffic at speed is a lot more dangerous.

        • Aaron Lynch

          Not according to actual DATA. California has DRAMATICALLY fewer motorcycle fatalities than similar states like AZ TX and FL particularly the most common car/motorcycle accident, a rear end collision.

          • smoses80

            I Despise when I am sitting in traffic and the next thing I know I am have motorcycles on both sides of my car. Stay in your own freakin lanes.. It is Not right. That’s BS. I could get hit from behind too but who cares huh??? If all traffic is stopped then there is no reason for Anyone to get rear ended. Period.

    • You are incorrect. Lane filtering saves lives, saves fuel, reduces pollution and reduces congestion.
      It is MUCH more dangerous for a motorcyclist to sit in traffic, risking being killed from behind.

    • hstevenmead

      The f-ing cars were not moving don’t you get that? Everyone was brought to a halt just so the police could get bikers to try and escape the traffic jam. There is no law that says I must sit in a traffic jam. BUt there are laws that say the police have no right to do this just because. Stop being a sheep and learn your rights. WTF If this was done on a road that had side roads to get off of would you still sit there and say no one has a right to get out of the traffic even bikers?

  • Were police to begin having zero tolerance for speeding, even for those exceeding the speed limit by just one mph, the public would not stand for it. If the police department involved believes it can pull this crap without blowback, it is indeed run by very foolish individuals. But this is not likely the case. More likely, this department is run by officials intent on changing the social contract that exists between the public and the government. I believe the officials are purposely inciting hatred of authority in order to forward a nefarious agenda. They have engaged in a calculated action designed to provoke an anti-government reaction and or promote discontent among the population. This is what is known as demoralization, and those who instigate it know exactly what they’re doing.

    • Here in QLD there is zero tolerance for speeding, you will be fined for doing 61 in a 60 zone.

      • That’s true of a locality here and there, or an officer here and there, but it is not the case that the police are stopping all motorists who break the speed limit by one mph, for it it were, the citizens would correct this behavior at the ballot box by voting out the mayor or town council or police chief as the situation would warrant. The fact is that traffic laws are enforced on a discretionary basis, even in Queensland. It is at the discretion of the individual officer whether to pull a motorist over as it is up to their discretion whether to issue a ticket or merely a written or verbal warning.

        • Aaron Lynch

          in the US under 5 is margin of error on a speedo and they cannot prove intent to break the law. (I think.. but IANAL)

          • It almost always varies by jurisdiction or ordinance. Usually the statutes are written to include a margin-of-error (like 5% to account for equipment variations). 5% variation on 70mph speed limit would be 3.5 mph. Most Uniform Traffic Citations will have a provision on the back explaining the right to have your speedometer tested and/or recalibrated, and you can present the results and invoice as proof of compliance and (usually) have a speeding ticket overturned. Generally, this only works on minor violations (not gonna work if you get pulled over doing 25 over in a school zone with construction workers present, so don’t even try it). Again, depends on many factors, particularly statutes and ordinances. With relatively few exceptions, if the statute is written by a larger governing body, that statute will trump that of a smaller governing body (County over City, State over County, Federal over State). My hometown gave a lot of discretion to the officer. Most of them would leave you alone if you were within 15 mph of the speed limit on the interstate unless traffic was heavy or there was inclement weather, and about 10 mph on other major roads, again, depending on circumstances. You generally only had about 5-7 mph of flexibility in residential areas, except around schools, churches, daycares, and major crosswalks, where they expected you to stick to the limit until you were past. With a fairly lenient speeding policy like that, people still managed to keep them busy writing tickets, and not just out-of-towners…

          • smoses80

            On Every highway I drive there are ALWAYS people in the ‘fast’ lane going 80-90 mph in a 55-65 speed limit. I have Never once seen anyone pulled over. If they really cared they would get Those people. It happens just as much in the winter and it is 99% of the time an SUV or a Truck that ends up overturned off the road or cause horrific accidents on the road. I guess they must be told Not to pull speeders over on the Highways and the State Troopers are in charge of most of those highways!!!

          • You’re right of course, it happens around here all the time, too. We only have a handful of troopers on the road in Alabama (431 assigned to actual patrol duty for 67 counties, out of a recommended 1,016). That’s only about 6 per county, and on any given weekday, you can bet some of them are tied up in court handling administrative duties instead of being out on the road on patrol. That’s better than it was last year, when were were down to only 289 patrolmen on the highway (they reassigned 142 officers to patrol duty on 1 January when 12 state law enforcement agencies were combined). In a few areas, the County Sheriff’s Department and City Police Department also patrol stretches of the interstates here and pull people over, but you still see a lot of “nutjob” speeders and left-lane slowpokes (we recently passed a “no-slowpoke” law, too, but I have yet to see anyone get pulled over and cited yet…though that ordinance is still young). Still though, most of the high-speed, limited access highways in this state are under Highway Patrol jurisdiction, and they’re spread pretty thin. It’s easy for people to speed with reckless abandon and get away with it for long stretches now.

          • smoses80

            That is really scary… I don’t know how accurate this is but the NH State Police site says they have 400. I would assume that the more north you go, the less there are. I guess people can basically just do what they want and they can pick & choose who they pull over? Sad.

          • It truly is a bit frightening, considering that the Highway Patrol does far more than act as a “revenue generating arm” of the State. They work accidents, help people change tires on the side of the road, work drug interdiction, assist with Search and Rescue, direct traffic during disasters (natural, man-made, widespread, and localized), and much more. True, sometimes a few of them can be jerks, but I’ve lived in three states, and in all three of them, there have been too many stretches of highway named after Troopers who were needlessly killed in the line of duty (almost always during a “routine traffic stop”). It’s hard to blame some of them for being a bit edgy when they never know if the person they pulled over for an expired tag or a broken tail light is going to shot them in the face or run them over (and these days, that happens…a lot). My birth state of Mississippi was down to about 2 Troopers per county at one point. Not sure if that’s improved or not. One could argue that NH and Vermont (many of the Northern states, for that matter) have fewer miles of road and less land area to cover, but that doesn’t really take into account the whole picture. From the civilian perspective, you have a hard time taking some of their pleas for funding and manpower seriously, but one has to consider that one or two bad cops give the rest a bad image (just like welfare and insurance fraudsters). Just because something is heavily publicized doesn’t mean it’s the norm…

          • smoses80

            It was nice talking to you. There are far too many rude, mean and condescending people on here. I don’t want to be any part of that nonsense. 😉

      • smoses80


        • Queensland, Australia.

          • smoses80

            Thank you!

          • smoses80

            Thank you!

    • JVincent

      This is how you get a federal police force, thus negating the separation of powers. Just watch.

  • Timothy Brown

    Take the cop to court, he himself did not witness said violation and has no legal bounds to issue a citation for an UN-articulated violation. Start standing up America/Humans – forget the term illegal this is not right we just all need to stand when we see the b.s in our presence.

  • The Truth

    Here comes another lawsuit..They were already sued for doing this last year..

  • Chuck Fasst

    Yet another example of their “Us against them” mentality as they plunder the public of America. And we are supposed to respect human garbage in a uniform like this???

    • Rob

      Right, instead we should respect bikers who break the law and cause safety issues for motorists, get a grip on reality will ya?

  • washing65
  • Cora

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  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    and when people start shooting cops, the police will have no one to blame but themselves.

  • hstevenmead

    This is not legal and every one pulled over should file a class action law suit again NY. NY is a mob state run by political mobsters. People don’t want to live here any more and every day hundreds of people are moving away for better lives. It’s the state of extortion and the fucking federal government does nothing about it. The federal government is suppose to be making sure states follow the laws of the Constitution but all they do is create wars over seas while we get abused by our own police. The only way any of this shit is going to change is for people to wake the fuck up and start doing something. And those people have to be people whom have money and connections in places that can make a difference. Right now those types of people aren’t being effected by this shit because state governments are going after the lower class only. it’s easier to get away with because the lower class has no way to fight back. When police departments turn to corrupt actions to increase revenue for their cause than they are not longer police but legalized henchman for state government.

    • Rob

      Of course it’s legal, they do it for DWI stops too, what’s not legal is a biker riding on the line between traffic, it’s hazardous to safety, use your head dude.

    • Matthew Schutter

      hstevenmead I could not agree with you more. BUT there is a way the fight back and that is called run for office By no way am I a rich man but I am the Libertarian candidate for Carbon County Pa Sheriff. It gives me the chance to speak out for LIBERTY and our Constitutional Republic. God gave me a loud mouth and I am using it call out the SCUMBAGS we call politicians! Here is a link to my website . I might not win but I will shake the establishment up!

  • Bella.roy

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  • Rob

    Seriously, I can’t stand the bikers who ride in between cars ON the lines, they’ve nearly hit me and often startled me and when I beeped I’ve gotten flipped off (more than once) AND it’s super dangerous, saw one accident from it, oh and it’s illegal. Bikers complain about motorists not respecting them, well . . . . respect the law.

    • Try2k

      It’s legal in California. Admittedly, some bikers are assholes and go way too fast. The majority don’t and are helping reduce traffic congestion. It’s very dangerous for a biker to be in the flow of regular traffic. If they made it illegal in CA, I wouldn’t ride anymore. It’s just too dangerous to count on cagers to even look for a motorcycle rider.

    • Matthew Schutter

      You have a constitutional right to travel. I agree respect the law. The cops sure did not respect the law when they broke the law in stoppping everyones right to travel and move. Sorry I can’t agree more about respect the law which the supreme law is our constitution! Today what we call law eforcement dont respect the law they are just the Rebloodlicans and Democrips Gestopo henchmen!

  • Mastah Mann

    I thought the US in general was called the land of the free? Your cops look to have had their training with the Gestapo.

    • Matthew Schutter

      Yep you are right. And the American people keep voting for Nazi Rebloodlicans and Comie Democrips. Because they are to stupid to vote 3rd party!

  • Shiprex

    That’s what happens when you allow corrupted LOCAL government get the proceeds from fines. Perhaps the Federal government should get them instead as then the REAL criminals would be left behind

  • Jeff Lagemann

    Certainly should not be doing this, but let’s face it. The crotch rocket people drive like assholes, so I am torn

  • Dave Masterson

    wouldn’t it make more sense to just let traffic move and pull over cars speeding? there are no shortage of reckless drivers. I am not sure I am buying this. Stopping traffic like that just creates problems for the city. Police will then have to direct traffic. I think this is made up. Traffic was stopped for another reason. Perhaps and accident and these bikers are being stopped for trying to get around the accident. It makes no sense to stop traffic just to ticket a few bikers when there are a lot more cars that could be ticketed and to cause problems and accidents that come with traffic jams. Come on people don’t believe everything you read or see on youtube. If they had just panned that camera to the right a little I bet you would had seen the real reason why traffic was stopped.

  • Mike Santino

    That Commie, Big Bird Di Blasio is destroying NYC just as Obama is destroying the country. Progressive Liberal jerks. When will the American people wake up ?

    • hstevenmead

      I would bet the Major have no idea this was done. How much money you got?

      • Mike Santino


  • mjdawlv

    I had always thought that bikers had the right to go through stopped traffic because the bike will over heat if stopped & idling as it is air cooled. Has this changed?

  • fatwillie

    Some people that have sold their souls just don’t care how big an ass they make of themselves to show others that they have sold such soul.

  • Greg Straw

    I would of just went around the pig fucks and keep going, with all the traffic they would have never got me…

  • Say What?

    This is the wrong way for the police to go about this. At the same time I’d say in my travels about 90% of bikers split lanes, ride in between cars, on the shoulder and other moronic things. So I’m glad the cops are finally putting a stop to this, but to close the entire highway off is definitely the wrong way to go about this.

  • miraj67

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  • HANG45
  • Goldie McQuillan

    It’s called a legit sting operation. Motorcyclists that weave between cars, not using a proper lane as all vehs are required to, are a hazard to themselves & other drivers. This sting was for road safety, which is within the scope of these officers’ duties & responsibilities. See the one motorcyclist peek up to the front of the stalled traffic at the end? HaHa; you’ve just been stung. Stop breaking the law & putting other motorists in danger along with yourselves! :/ Good job, NYPD; stay safe! (Y) ^_^

  • Ricardo

    Clearly you’ve never been lane split on the LIE. As much as I would’ve been annoyed at the delay I would’ve been happy to know that this was the reason. I’m a rider, have been since the 80s and stopped riding on the street many years ago. I now only do track events as that’s where the speed belongs: on the track – Not on the expressway. I’m not bothered by this and I drive on the LIE every day.

  • AJ

    Most states do not allow lane splitting/filtering. Some states even have laws specifcially forbidding the practice. And while this is not entrapment by definition, it’s definitely a ridiculous situation if they stopped traffic just to catch a bunch of riders lane splitting.

  • Falm1968

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  • facethefact

    Kudos to the police! Worth the wait in traffic to laugh at these clowns getting written up.

    • smoses80

      I hope one day you are ticketed for something that you don’t agree with. Then we can all chuckle at you. Insensitive jerk. The Cops have No right to cause traffic to stop solely to ticket bikers.

      • facethefact

        When I do something wrong and get stopped for it, I simply admit I was wrong and deal with it. These bikers are assholes that are getting away easy compared to what they usually do in traffic. Obviously they are enough of a problem that the police have to deal with it this way. But of course you know better lol.

        • smoses80

          Of course, you know that ALL bikers are assholes because you know better than anyone else.

          • facethefact

            No, they’re not all assholes but you might be in that group…

          • smoses80

            Of course I am mr. condescending.

          • facethefact

            Condescending, no, observant and perceptive, yes Mr. rainbow cookie.

          • smoses80

            Your comment are condescending. If you don’t see that then you don’t care at all. That is fine. Go away and stay away from me. Honesty. That is what honesty is. Respect it.

          • smoses80

            That picture is of myself and my Dad right before he died. You are so unbelievably rude and callous.

  • Vernon Germano

    There is a difference between crimes and traffic infractions. Calling people who lane split criminals is really pushing the envelope, may even be technically correct but grouping lane splitting bikers with pedophiles, murderers and rapists using such language is inflammatory and childish. My personal experience leads me to believe that most angry people bitching about bikers doing things like lane splitting are really down deep frustrated, jealous, effete and micro-phallus equipped wimpy men whose wives won’t let them have a motorcycle. Shutting down a highway to hopefully catch a biker could be painted as false imprisonment for those stuck in their vehicles unable to proceed or exit. I would bet the department is gonna get sued and is gonna lose. Forget the tickets for the bikers what about the people stuck in traffic unable to move. Its like telling a bunch of people they aren’t allowed to leave a theater and then waiting for somebody to have to pee to arrest him. Dumb.

  • steve

    The bikers broke the law, when they lane split. If they’d just stayed where they were at when traffic stopped there wouldn’t have been any tickets. BTW notice the other lane to the left, moving very slowly. So maybe the lane splitters have created a nuisance or caused some accidents and the police are trying to save some lives, maybe? Or maybe there was another reason the lane was shut down, like an accident further up the road and they landed an helo in these lanes. Given we don’t know the whole story, maybe we should before passing judgement on either side.

    • smoses80

      They have done this before and are already being sued for that time. Therefore this is their 2nd time. No Accident. No Nothing. Just cops causing problems for commuters or travelers.

  • Kanu Singh

    as a nyc resident i can tell you that no place in america is as evil as ny in its insidiousness to fine. absolutely nobody follows the parking rules when they have a city vehicle or city parking permit, they literally block fire hydrants and never do they get tickets. meanwhile normal people will always get tickets. in nyc there is no such thing as pulling someone over and then speaking to them and then acting properly. if a cop spends the effort to pull you over he literally acts like there is no way he wouldnt give you a ticket. on the other hand, anyone who has family that are police get their “tickets fixed”, precints give ticket quotas to their officers and ofcourse the tickets to begin with are soo expensive that they are often more then the daily salary of most new yorkers. its a evil system with no sense of equality or fairness.

  • I thought cops just gave out tickets to get paid overtime for sitting in a court room. Full days pay for a 20 minute appearance in court. Climate controlled also. Maybe it’s the best gig in town!!!

  • Whaviely

    < ✜✱✪✪✲✜ +filmingcops +*********….. < Now Go R­e­­a­d M­o­r­e


  • Laura Broadwater

    I own a motorcycle. I don’t lane split even though traffic laws here allow us to as long as the traffic is under a certain MPH. However you guys that don’t ride have NO clue how flipping hot and suffocating it can be sitting in traffic with the sun beating down on you, wearing your helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, jeans, etc! It causes you to overheat and dehydrate which can at some point lead to fainting and hospitalization. Your motorcycle can easily overheat as well. While I normally don’t lane split, the camera man said he had been waiting for 30 minutes and there were also other motorcyclists in front of him. I wonder how long the police were making those guys wait. Longer than 30 minutes? Lane splitting isn’t just to show off or get around faster than cars. If I was stuck in the same spot of traffic for a long duration, especially 30 minutes, at some point I would NEED to get out of there and I would do it. I would be pissed off if police intentionally did that to me to see how long I would wait before ” breaking the law”! They would be forcing me to break the law! I’m not going to sit in 100 degree weather suffocating with the potential of dehydration and hospitalization. Trust me when I say, those policemen know enough about motorcycles to understand the need to lane split during traffic congestion. So to DELIBERATELY cause a traffic congestion for over 30 minutes is wrong on every single level!

    Analogy for people who still dont get it: If the government was taking food from its people and then putting them in prison for stealing when they’re starving. Whose fault is it? The people who stole but needed to eat? Or the government who forced them into that position? If I were in a car, I’d chill with my AC and listen to my music. No problem! Being on a motorcycle is totally different and until you’re in our shoes, you won’t understand.

    • smoses80

      That is Your Choice though, isn’t it?? Take the back roads or drive when there is No Traffic. I do not like it when I am sitting in my lane and next thing, I have bikes all around me. If you think that is not scary you are wrong!!!

    • facethefact

      You might not like my answer but when the heat gets too hot, pull over, get off the bike and cool off. You certainly can lane split but if you get a ticket, don’t bitch about it. And I’ve ridden Harleys for years.

  • Big10bill

    New York “Turn in your weapons. Submit to us. We can make you stop and sit in traffic as we please.We rule you. Submit and bow before your king”.

  • Andrew Tse

    I might as well throw my two cents in to this… I actually agree with what the police did here. They funneled those who ride between lanes.
    Bikers, yes i’m calling you guys out (not all, just the bad eggs)
    The bad eggs always have and always will ruin it for everyone else, I have seen way to many bikers cutting lanes here in IL. You’re stuck in traffic, deal with it.
    Just because your bike is skinny enough to fit between cars DOES NOT mean you can do it. It causes accidents and trust me, you’ll be hurting and the car/trunk will just get a dent from you. If that’s the case just go on the shoulder it’s safer and we don’t have to deal with your stupidity of driving between lanes.

  • smoses80

    Hello 🙂 Can anyone tell me if there is a way to block people on here? I would appreciate any help I could get. Thank you very much.

  • baruchzed

    It’s really time to shut down corrupt police departments like the NYPD.

  • RickardOGrady

    The Irish Garda (local name for the police force there) used to do the same thing. There’s a choke point from Fermoy to Cork, at a roundabout, which has people going in about 6 different directions at the end. They used to love causing a jam at the rotary, then setting up shop at the emergency lane leading to the left turn lane (where 45-50% of cars go). The pile-up usually goes over 3 miles (I am NOT exaggerating here…)

    On a good day I’ve heard they can pull in 5’000 cars. Adds up fast, $60 per stop on average.

    Then you see them frequently on their mobile while driving (illegal in Ireland), or just plain breaking the speed limit (150km/hr in 120 zone, no lights and clearly no emergency). Park illegally to get lunch. And more still.

    People wonder why cops get no respect the world around? I’m surprised any of them get respect at all…