Officers Open Fire on Small Dog as it Runs Away From Them, Shoot it to Death


photo via PETE WICKLUND pete.wicklund@jour


RACINE — A SWAT team has shot a small dog as it was running away from them, sparking outrage in the small community of Racine.

It began when two neighbors got into an argument over leaves blowing on each other’s yards.

The argument escalated and one of the neighbors threatened to fight the other.

At that point it is believed that a nearby witness called the police to calm the neighbors down.

But when police arrived, the situation escalated far more than anyone could have predicted.

As the officers rolled up to the home of one of the men involved in the neighborly dispute, he ran inside and barricaded himself in.

Kim Polk, a neighbor who lives diagonally across the street from the man, alleges that he has problems drinking a lot — apparently he was drunk at the time of the dispute and brandished a machete, according to reports.

“The guy comes over to the house all the time and is real nice and polite and everything. But when he drinks — different story,” said Pirk, another neighbor.

As the man was barricaded in his house, that’s when police called for back-up.

A SWAT team arrived and engaged in a stand-off with the man.

In the video, a fully armed SWAT team can be seen huddling behind an armored vehicle in front of the man’s house with militarized fatigues and K9-units.

According to reports, the man, who may have been drunk, said that he had a “bow and arrow.”

After three hours the man was eventually taken into custody.

swat team

photo via PETE WICKLUND pete.wicklund@jour

Unfortunately, however, a small dog was outside while the SWAT officers had their guns drawn.

In the video, the small dog can be seen literally running away from the SWAT team, posing no threat at all, when the SWAT team opened fire and shot the dog to death.

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Witnesses filming the slaying of the dog can be heard screaming in shock.

The dog’s owner said her dog’s name was Angel and was a 3-year-old blue heeler.

“I just feel bad for Angel. They didn’t have to shoot the dog,” a neighbor said.

WARNING: The video below is graphic. Discretion is advised.


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  • nikola mardesiccivilianopinion

    Kill my dog I kill you…that’s my family. Plain and simple. Fucken pig

    • Winford Griffinn

      I totally agree.

      • Tom Gozettee

        I’d blame the ‘concerned neighbor’ who decided to intervene with his neighbors conflict by calling the police…

        People like that need to be run out of neighborhoods.

        • Jan

          So that’s means they should shoot a small dog , so if a small child came running at them they would shoot that too.!

    • meconiummm

      Kill someone else’s dog and I’ll just posture on the internet before masturbating and ordering pizza.

      • bonnie

        PERVERT !!

      • StupidityIsAbundant

        Whatever gets you there, dude.

    • Sandra Cannon

      this happened to us in 08. It isnt as easy to get “revenge” on armed cops as you might think.

      • Sandra Cannon

        Especially when in your grief and anger you tell them you are going to do just that.

        • Jesse Bains

          How’s that jail time and probation working for you, hotshot? Obey the law, and you won’t have to worry about it will you?

          • matty black

            Yeah, sage advice. You don’t follow current events much, do you…

          • Jesse Bains is a moron

            Obey the law? You’re a fucking idiot. What kind of sick asshole shoots a dog for no reason. You deserve a bullet to the dome.

          • wolfman

            You’re right. We can’t overlook the police killing a dog.

          • wolfman

            What about the killers.

          • eponaswolfleader33

            one more time Jesse you show just how stupid you really are!!!

      • hggfjhgfg

        you gotta do it incognito.

    • Bear-Ninja

      You’ll do absolutely nothing, keyboard warrior

      • Randy Morris

        Says the person that calls himself Bear-Ninja

      • GenEarly

        What would You Do….Bear? Donate to the PBA? Do you even have a dog in this fight?

      • tim thompson

        some day

      • Bear-Ninja is a tough-guy

        …says the keyboard warrior… what’s wrong, nothing intelligent to say?

    • GenEarly

      and doesn’t animal torture precede the murder of people by beginning killers?

      Oh, Not to worry, the killers wear uniforms and have shiny badges of Authority. I feel all better now.

    • wolfman

      You’re the kind of person that makes this country great.

  • Enrique Elizondo

    Time to take matters in our citizens hands and start the slaughter of pigs

    • raythemixer

      I hear this a lot. I have yet to see but one or two take action… You want to do this, you better get organized and make a plan… Because they will come for you and they will be looking to kill you.

      • Steve Newell

        chris dorner? eric frein?

      • meconiummm

        Me too, I hear little kids say this every day talking about tough ass they are behind their keyboards fondling their guns. I’m still waiting for the spineless shits to do anything, even just voting would help. If all the millions of self appointed tough guys did one thing this problem would end today.

        • Aliel The Heretic

          Meconiummm, I am “associated” with certain groups who have trained me to weed out certain “individuals”.

          These individuals often work at an NSA networking center and are paid trolls.

          After looking at your profile and all the articles you have been commenting on, and HOW you have been commenting, it is my conclusion that you are a paid agent provocateur.

          You are paid to sway public opinion by presenting “facts”. And when you cannot do that, you undermine or distract the readers from the meat of the articles by using ad hoc attacks or marginalizing the commenters/subject matter.

          • Ethyl Alcyhol

            Why would NSA agents waste their time trolling us? o.o

          • Jeff Lachance

            Time to put the tin foil hat back on chief

          • William Anthony Suder

            time to eat a gun because your a cop sucking bitch

          • matt

            Fuck you. Cocksucking bitch. I’ll rectally insert a keyboard in your body

          • William Anthony Suder

            no fuck you you piece of shit! I would love to insert some lead into you

        • Jeff Lachance

          Yea voting is so legit…. moron…. of course 1 or 2 people arent gonna rise up against the feds…. are you really that ignorant?

        • Fred_Mertzberg

          Sadly another cop was shot and killed for a broken headlight stop. That officer had two little kids who will go up without a father.

          • J.James

            Ya and why should any one care that there father was killed because of the gang he CHOSE to join.

          • Rothbardian Slip

            Another happy ending. Thanks for the good news.

          • Tina

            Whaa that’s the thing these assholes killing,beating cuffed people or unarmed people if the can’t do that they kill people’s dogs so more and more people don’t care how many cops killed

          • watersisland

            Sadly, there isn’t room to list all the articles about unarmed innocent citizens that were accidentally/recklessly killed by police…and had kids…that will grow up without a mother or father, or WERE kids, or grandmas & grandpas. For that matter, many more electricians, or truck drivers, or roofers, loggers, fisherman, and a host of other occupations that are more dangerous and deadly that L.E. Their kids also will grow up without them. These courageous workers don’t even carry firearms to kill any threats that they might fear. Fred, your song is very flat and off key.

          • Philippe Krueger

            I agree. Police do a thankless job that is inherently dangerous.
            BUT THIS FUCK…killed Benji.
            That dog was just just checking out the police dog that was barking up a storm and bam ended up dead because he never learned anything about levels of force protection.
            To which point may not deserve mob justice.
            But most definitely did not have the right to ever possess a gun again and be drummed out.

          • mikrat

            Sniff Sniff. 1 less we have to worry about.

      • Chloe Belle De Vil

        No one will make a move until ILLUMINATI does and they are majorly planning. Time to come out in the open. 1950’s Operation Paperclip happened which gt some of the worst Nazi criminals to America. What makes matters worse were many which ran Death Camps became spies and they spied on the Soviets. There are around 5000 Nazis in the Top Levels of Government another 200,000 in Israel. We are not facing thise just within our government. but the world. We will be fighting the Nazi Fourth Reich.

        • Shmucky

          and that kids is why you should never do crack…

          • William Anthony Suder

            No that’s why you shouldn’t. I worked for the government they are run by a shadow government what you trust and love is a farce. They are drumming you down and making people like you stupid and fat. Slowly poisoning us in our food with pesticides and preservatives that give you cancer. Drugs that don’t cure anything and law enforcement armed to the teeth. Our own forces in the us are outnumbered by NATO forces from other country’s that are getting free “training”. Open your eyes because it already be too late!

          • Tom Paine Fan

            Agreed with what you wrote, except for the part about “what you love and trust is a farce.” Government is a necessary evil, and people who love and trust the machine of government have the Founders’ plan upside down. We the People are the power in this country, and people in the government are servants. I do hear a lot of people talk about our “leaders” and trusting them. This is not what the American REvolution was about. It was about keeping government in its place, as a servant.

        • Eric East

          This sounds like the plot to Captain America: Winter Soldier.

          You do realize the Illuminati only existed during the period of the Great Jesuit Suppression of 1773-1814 right? Coincidence?

        • Bear-Ninja

          it’s time for you to move out of your mothers basement.

          • Jutt

            Dude you’re so cool…Bear ninja…come on faggot. Ill bet you’re a fucking mall cop. Are you not?

  • jessica ciocca

    One more reason not to call the cops. It’s not the good ole days where your friendly policeman comes by to calm things down. No. They bring in an entire SWAT team. It’s disgusting. It’s like they want to make things worse. The ‘concerned neighbor’ should mind their own business.

  • ben dover


    • Jano


  • Jeremy Wyatt

    you dont run from the police. he should have complied when he said sit

    • meconiummm

      He was reaching for his testicles! I was afeared for my life it might bark.

    • anonofmass

      the dog had a knife and stole a box of cigarettes… oh wait no the dog went back into his car after being asked to get his license for the cop… cops are such a joke now a days they are all so high they think they are playing call of duty while at work.

  • 432424

    I love stuff like this. It just inches us closer to the day when enough people hate the cops to burn them all to dust.

    Also, the neighbors who called the police are the type of low IQ simpleton who is a danger to everyone. You called the government to intervene in a quarrel between neighbors? Really? 2014 and you think the government needs to be on hand to solve arguments between neighbors?

    911 calls should be public record so we know who the stupid citizens are among us.

    • Dan Morgan

      A drunk ass with a machete? Uh, yea, I’d damn sure call the cops! The guy who shot the dog should be fired and prosecuted along with whoever told him to do it but not call the cops when a drunk is going after someone with a machete? Are you the Mr bad ass who will step in and settle this guy down?
      Yea, didn’t think so. You morons sit here and watch these videos over and over which gets you in the mindset that all cops do is go out and shoot people and dogs for fun. My brother was a cop for over 20 years in a little town outside St Louis called Ferguson, maybe you have heard of it? In that 20+ years he told me he drew his weapon like 3 times ever. And never fired it at anyone or anything. Yes he was one of the old fashioned “good guys” you have heard of in days gone by.

  • Collin Ryno

    this is just nuts. every gun owner on the street should have walked out ther house and just opened fire on these scum bags.

  • Fuck them.

  • ted
  • Katie

    I cannot believe that they shot an innocent dog who was running away scared. What assholes, and trust me when I say they if this were my dog, these “cops” would be wishing they were never born. This is absolutely not okay!!! I hope they all rot in hell for this.

  • Anita smith

    I am so sick of these low life maggots.
    They need to find a life. They are bunch of
    Cowards that think that because they own a gun they have authority to do what ever crap they want. YOU DONT LOOSERS!!
    You will be sorry. You can run but you can’t hide. The dog didn’t do anything to you BIG COWARD!!!

  • jack vivirito

    Seriously! what the fuck is wrong with the police today. These fuckers have some serious issues to address.

  • miguel

    pigs logic.

  • Jano


  • fatwillie

    Maybe if these cowards would learn a little about dogs, they would not feel threat this dog was wagging its tail and only wanting to play. But I am of the opinion that they just like to hurt and kill everything and anything, and have not the heart, the soul, the conscience nor the brain to learn a damn thing.

    • JAM

      They do know about dogs – they work with K-9s. But those are “officers,” where a citizen’s dog is “just a dog”

  • John’s Kawasaki

    lol, it shows the mind set on these assholes, dumb fucked ass security guards with guns

    • Rothbardian Slip

      Security guards don’t work for stolen loot and enjoy qualified immunity when they screw up. Security guards are actual humans working a productive job. Cops are parasites.

      • security officer

        but people call security officers all kinds of names while we do our jobs ive been called a rent a pig and i guess they dont know the defination of rent a pig , rent a pig is a law officer tha is off duty . but their umb and i let it slide so i call them stupid

        • William Anthony Suder

          yes parents are letting kids be dumbed down by their government they love. After being the the military it taught me to be more disciplined and not to trust my government. I love my country hate my government!

  • brad

    Look at the arms and protection…..and the cowards shoot a dog no bigger than Toto. Coward weak punks

  • Mike Fleming

    If you kill my dog you had better be prepared to kill me as well….

  • Robert Zraick

    Here we have a bunch of cowards armed to the teeth covered in Kevlar, cowering behind an armored vehicle, dealing with a guy who apparently was drunk and armed with a bow and arrow. Of course the real threat was a small dog who barked at them.

    The police in our country have been militarized by our beloved government. The cops themselves have been screen and hired on the basis of how low their intelligence is and how well they will blindly follow orders to shoot, regardless of any threat or reality.

    These cops are killing people for no good reason. These cops are scumbags, not worthy of respect or support. They get away with theft and murder. They are never prosecuted, or jailed. They are usually promoted up the ranks, and receive paid vacations for their crimes. If anyone pays any damages, it is the tax payer. The corrupt judges in the judicial system are more likely to let them off with no punishment, because the judges are a part of the same corrupt system of government which has broken down, become criminals and is stealing from and killing the citizens.

    Our system is completely broken. There are those who are living like comfortable slaves and are afraid to make waves because they have been raised to obey authority without question.

    But this is getting out of hand. When I was a child, I had respect for the policeman. I even wanted to be a policeman. but over the span of my life I have seen a slow but steady degradation of the police. This has run parallel to the corruption and decay of the government and I am convinced that the police state today is a direct consequence of the tyrannical and criminal government.

    I happen to like dogs. If I had to choose between the life of a dog, and a life of one of these criminal murdering cops, I would choose the dog.

    This is a very bad sign of what is happening to out society. It will continue to get worse unless acted upon by an outside force. The government is force. The police are force, the military is force. and none of this will change without the action of an outside force.

    The system is not just broken. It is a perfect tyranny and force for evil. I know that good and evil are abstract concepts and a matter of value judgment, but I have no doubt that we are talking true evil here.

    What other name can you give to a government and a system which wages aggressive war and kills innocent people by remote control? What other name can you give to a system which condones torture and murder? What can you call a system which commits these crimes motivated not by any ideals of philosophies except those of theft and murder for profit.

    There is going to come a day when we realize that this system can not fix itself. The system itself does not want to be fixed. It has excluded its victims from the process. No elections will fix it. It will not be fixed. It must be removed. It will only be removed by force. It is the only thing it understands. The outside force has a name. It is revolution.
    It will become the only way and if we wait much longer, it may never happen.

    These cops have no more concern for you than they did for that little dog. The difference is that a person can shoot back.

  • jollyroger

    This is very sick. Cops who shoot dogs are known to be suffering from sexual inadequacy ie: they can’t get it up. They are eunuchs: dickless and without any balls.
    That’s why they like to shoot dogs; for them it’s a sexual thrill.
    Now what would have happened if someone shot their K-9?
    I would have…with a 30-06
    Sixteen shots from a 30-06!

  • Native Born American

    The cops firing at the dog should receive the same treatment. Let them run and shot them down.

  • Phil Freeman

    Where is this? Where is Racine? I have several infantry brothers who will be happy to pay these wannabees a visit. I need locations and department names, thanks.

  • Austin Theman

    lets go kill their dogs and see how they feel about it

  • Julia Anderson

    they didn’t have to kill the dog??? OH, but they did, because that is what serial killers with badges do, they kill. be it dog; cat; child; adult armed with plastic, fake weapons or imaginary weapons or cell phones or real weapons or nothing at all; they kill. they can’t help it. and they have a badge. and then there are the ones who are serial pedophiles and rapist, too… with badges… guess what they do?

  • ter ber

    Your city council and Mayors run the police chiefs…. Get involved people, complain constantly to them. Run against them. Put in police chiefs and mayors that are against agenda 21 and federalized Stasi police forces.

  • crapsandwich

    That’s what happens when you call the cops. Pussy.

  • D.cole

    What the hell is wrong with the damn cops. That poor dog was doing nothing but running scared and no justice will be served for the dog either. I swear they don’t need guns if they can’t use them right. I hope something gets done about this. But I bet nothing will. RIP sweet baby.

  • katmandoo009

    People have no rights. Expect they will continue to shoot your dogs, break into the wrong house instead of the crack house, beat you up in the holding cell ‘just cause’, arrest people helping the homeless, hell – kill the homeless if possible, etc etc etc. It’s only getting worse, and if your protest too much – they will crush you – one way or another.

  • katmandoo009

    I’d also like to know WHY the SWAT team was warranted over two men fighting? Overkill…and then some trigger happy idiot does this. sickening

  • Bob Smith

    As a retired Police Officer and past Team Leader and Commander of a SWAT Team in Wisconsin I will give you my perspective of what happened, which is lack of Training and Leadership by the members of this team. I will not defend them when the “threat” is walking away from them and the idea of the dog being a distraction is not a justifiable reason to destroy the animal.

    They make the rest of the Officers look like idiots just because we are all painted with the same brush. The sad part is even after reviewing the video the Chief backs them up with his idiotic statements he had made. Within the law maybe if I reach a lot a real lot but what they cost in credibility with the public they serve will take a long time to recover if ever.

    Just stupid!

  • The Police work for their UNIONS, not the community. All public employee unions must be abolished, especially POLICE unions!

  • RetdMSgt .

    I’ve got two little dogs, that together don’t weigh 25 pounds. They have both proven, on more than one occasion, that they will risk their lives for me. Seems like the least I can do is return the favor. So if you come onto my place and shoot at my dogs, you’d better bring your A-game, cause you can damn-well bet that I’m gonna bring mine.

    There aren’t 50 people in the world that I’d trade for my dogs. None of them are cops.

  • tim thompson

    Don’t worry,the war is coming and we have the overwhelming numbers!

  • wolfman

    Suppose the SWAT team in Racine will get a commendation medal. What if it was a police dog. The person would have went to jail or possibly prison. Thus the officers involved should be punished and serve some community service at the least. Hope justice will be served but it probably won’t.

  • wolfman

    Thank you mayor for the killers under your command. At least the badge shows us killing a dog allows someone to get away with murder.

  • badgerstate

    It wasn’t about blowing leaves into each others yards, the dog pooped on the yard of the neighbor. The neighbor whose yard was pooped on, went to the dog owner’s house FOUR times. It was my understanding they were the ones that calked the cops, not a concerned neighbor. That’s right this is about dog poop. Seriously, can the media get ANYTHING right???

  • Trixinyah

    Am I the only one that noticed that is a video of a computer?????

  • Mario

    Low IQ, pre-school grader, trigger happy, power trippin mother f* scumbags.

  • rimohamed .

    The officers who shot the dog should be fired and charged with abuse. Simple – no excuse for what they did. Trigger happy cops all over the US turning the country slowly into a police state.

  • eponaswolfleader33

    assholes friggin cops do this all the time if cops are in your area get your dogs inside because are murdering fiends who will murder your dog just because it is outside!!!!!

  • Li Lucy

    And I havent heard anything about it, sick and unnecessary brutslity

  • kim labelle

    i cant believe this shit that poor family that owned the dog 🙁

  • Lisa Palmateer

    Wow an innocent animal not posing any harm and u fucking assholes shot and kill it u all should be fucking shot and killed to many ppl r getting away with sport killing something needs to be done this is getting out of hand and poor innocent animals r dying wow if that was 1 of my babies u would get the same fate

  • Donna Cox

    The dam cops like shooting any kind of dog, they probably have to shoot a dog to get it up ,or they are so afraid of a dog they pee their pants . Thank God for the good officers that aren’t scared of dogs, because these guys are just as bad as the criminals ,worse, because they think they have the right to kill just because they have a badge and that makes them more dangerous





  • Curt Johnston

    tfilmingcops webpage unfotunate to have so many ads that clutter it up.

  • roseanna calloway

    Yeah..someone tries to hurt any of my animals and I will kill, or risk my life and liberty to save my pet.