Innocent Child Mauled by Police Attack Dog, Citizen Intervenes and Saves Child’s Life

TRACY — A heroic action was taken by an American citizen after a 13-yr-old child was almost killed.

“He’s hurt, you know? He probably won’t ever walk out of here again, because he’s scared,” said John Jocobo, the child’s father.

The child is in recovery after a police attack dog lunged out of a patrol car and began mauling him.

The animal was supposed to be locked inside the police patrol car, but for reasons unknown, it was free to jump out and start attacking the innocent child.

“I want answers,” said John.

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“The dog spotted him and just started chasing him,” he continued.

John then showed graphic photos of his son’s frail arm, revealing where the animal’s fangs pierced into the child’s skin.

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The child was minding his own business and simply walking home from a friend’s house when the police-trained animal began scampering toward him.

The animal literally lunged onto the child, mauled him, and began dragging him as if the child were a piece of prey.

Once the animal’s teeth were hooked into the child’s arm, it “started to try and drag him all over the place by his arm,” says the father.

The child was about to be killed, but that’s when a courageous bystander jumped in and intervened to save him.

The citizen restrained the dog and stopped the potentially fatal attack.

“…it was actually a bystander that pulled the dog off my son and was laying on it in the middle of the road waiting for someone to come help him,” said John.

The police were not around during the attack, and it is unknown what they were doing, according to reports.

“There’s two things wrong that happened that I want to know. What’s wrong with the car, first. Second, why did that dog attack a person that was walking away and is a child?” asked the child’s father.

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“It’s going to affect him for a long time… he thought he was going to die by something that is supposed to protect you,” he continued.

He is thankful that a neighbor had the courage to act decisively and save his son.

“I’m so grateful for him because he was there when I wasn’t. He became that man. I wasn’t there and he was and I appreciate him,” said John.

The officer and the attack dog are currently out of service while an investigation is conducted to determine why the dog was allowed to get out of the car and maul the child.

Watch the video below:

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  • Strawman

    Good god this is horrible. I hope that the lawsuits against the department and especially the handler are massive. That won’t remove the trauma but neither the dog or the handler should be on duty ever again.

    • Guest

      Individual police are never held personally accountable for their misdoings, a judge would never hear a case against him. And any lawsuits to the department come out of the taxpayer’s pockets. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Saw a body cam video of a cop calling a dog over to him from behind a fence, drawing his pistol and shooting it several times. No charges. No punishment at all really, no wrongdoing found by the department. He is still on active duty. We like to protect our men in blue, no matter how sociopathic.

    • Rex

      The lawsuits against the department make absolutely no difference in how the cops behave. The local taxpayers pay for them, not the cops. The only time I heard about lawsuits working was a whole department which was literally shut down. The insurance company refused to issue a policy eventually.

  • Some Dude

    Should have choked that flea ridden mutt to death.

    • Brian Crawford

      It’s not the dog’s fault it was trained to do this. your an asshole.

      • raythemixer

        You’re an idiot… whether or not it is the dog’s fault is irrelevant. It stills needs to be put down, along with its handler.

        • BrunoFehr

          raythemixer, both need to be retired. A dog should not be killed for the irresponsibility of it’s handler!

          • Hazmat

            Thats not how cops see it though, they shoot dogs before they attack

          • littlerusty

            If it was a citizen’s dog, and it mauled a kid, it is the law that the animal be put down.

          • Will Vega

            It’s also the law to be imprisoned for cannabis use, what’s your point?

          • littlerusty

            Not in my state, hell, I smoke weed on my front porch in front of everybody, no biggie. My point is, malicious dogs get put down, period. Stop being stupid Will Vega.

          • Will Vega

            You’re talking about state law, federal law states that it’s a schedule I drug and therefore you could go to jail and be fined by the feds. For someone who is on an anti-cop page, I’d assume you actually would be knowledgeable about your rights and the law of the land. Go look it up:

            And you’re clearly not getting the point. Should I explain to you like a child?

          • littlerusty

            And? I thought we were talking about biting dogs, why are you bringing up weed? Did you know that under cooked bacon is more tasty than over cooked bacon?

          • Will Vega

            Alright, little Timmy, sit down by the fire. It’s storytime.

            Just because it’s law, little Timmy, doesn’t mean it’s always right. That’s why, little Timmy, we need to recognize it’s wrong by understanding the situation first so we can influence change in legislation. I know it’s a big word, Timmy, but say it with me. Ledge-Is-Lay-Shun.

            Understand, Timmy? Good. Now go to the bathroom before you head to bed, don’t want you to wet them again.

          • Voelker Sandman

            Hey leave my name out of your mouth man or shall I say little nutz?

          • Will Vega


          • Sebo-chan

            Man, you’re a condescending prick. If you want people to respect what you have to say and learn from your views, that is not the way to go about it.

          • Will Vega

            And calling people “idiots” is okay with you? What a hypocrite.

          • SirTerrance Murphy

            Its ok with me you’re an idiot .

          • Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem

            It is if you value freedom of speech, but it also, shows the level of intellect that a person resorts to childish ad hoc name calling.

          • timdnml .

            I see you have a bad case of Know-It-All-Syndrome. I understand the cure for that is the consumption of a large bowl of steaming hot dicks.

          • Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem

            Your logic is flawed from the academia sense and as a social scientist I am calling you out on your logic, it has no relevance at all to this debate, how is a small thing like Cannabis which, is not wrong to use by the way, my medical science colleagues have shown this enough, Federal Law or not makes no difference. Also, German Shepherds are not small, a 13 year old does not deserve this period, now he will need rehab and to get a professional dog handler in with a calm submissive dog to help this boy get over what will be a crippling life long fear. If his parents can afford it, the cop involved should pay out of his own pocket for it all because his misconduct of office and dereletion of duties are felony offices, im sure if his reminded private prosecutions can override a Judges willingness to see a case, show that they cannot bully us all, they will pay if it was my son they already fear what Army Personell and Vets like me know how to do by training.

          • Will Vega

            Pretty funny you simultaneously agree and attempt to discredit me on what I was trying to say. Either way, it (unsurprisingly) completely misses the point of what I was saying. I suggest you re-read the paragraph you replied to above.

            And I have no idea what the point of the rest of your paragraph is. My point was not to put the dogs down immediately.

          • Robert.B

            will vega,..fuck off you prick

          • Will Vega

            Ladies first, sweetheart.

          • SirTerrance Murphy

            The dog will attack again maybe next time kill it most likely would of if it wasn’t for the man who saved the kid , must I sit you down like a child to explain .

          • Jake Martin

            Who the fuck said anything about weed? How is your comment the least bit relevant?

          • Will Vega

            Do you also need to have it dumbed down like a child?

          • Hardlee_Ded

            Will… that was what educated people call a, ‘non sequitur’.

            non sequitur : a statement that is not connected in a logical or clear way to anything said before it.

          • Will Vega

            Fortunately for me, it’s relevant then.

          • Jake Martin


          • Gary Hawthorn


          • Sgt. Killgood

            Tell that to the cops when they shoot your dog .

          • actually, the dog should be put down … because it’s dangerous …

          • SirTerrance Murphy

            Yes it should it will attack again fool .

        • Will Vega

          Settle the fuck down, Frank Castle.

          The dog is a trained animal, the people training it should be held responsible and the dog needs to be retired from duty and placed elsewhere. The dog should only be destroyed if it has an incurable disease like rabies. I know you’re blood thirsty to destroy anything with a badge attached to it, but think rationally before you become no worse than a bad cop.

          • your ignorant my friend

            Idk where your from but here in America they kill our dogs right out of our front yards for no reason and yes sir they put dogs down just for biting I have experienced it so maybe you should think about the stupidity flowing from your mouth before you spout it the dog is violent it needs to be put down the reason he is violent doesn’t make a difference

          • Will Vega

            That’s because people like YOU uphold laws that destroy animals thinking that they’re automatically bad without placing blame on the owners who intentionally train them to be this way.

            And learn how to type properly before you lecture on intelligence, friend.

          • littlerusty

            You sir, are an idiot. I’m surprised you even know how to use the internet. Stop bending people’s stories.

          • Will Vega

            Timmy, be sure to brush your teeth before you go to bed.

          • Robert.B

            if a dog is trained this way, it should be put down, same goes for police. prick

          • Will Vega

            u mad brah :3

          • it’s not about ‘automatically bad’ … the dog was trained to do harm, and that’s all the dog knows and it cannot be untrained


            Once a dog is taught to be violent, there is NO UNDOING it! Sell that dog to the Koreans to use as a meal!!

          • mrwhitesheep

            This is a trained attack dog that a tut tacked without order and without cause. Tell me how you fix that? Answer is: you can’t. that dog needs to be put down before he actually kill someone.

          • SirTerrance Murphy

            And put where ? around other people once again you’re an idiot .

          • Will Vega

            Charity run dog rescue shelters where they attempt to rehabilitate the dog and then adopt to new owners?

            I know you and several of you on here prefer to only “shoot and kill” (interestingly the same conclusion done by your foes–the dreaded cops) because it’s easier than putting forth the effort to actually fixing the issue, but I think it’s a much better alternative.

            But you and many like you here prefer to either call people “idiots” (with hilariously bad punctuation) or pretend to sound intelligent while bypassing the point altogether. So please, keep it coming.

        • traveler25

          Oh, heck yes. That dog definitely needs to be put down and cut into tiny little pieces.

          • nella

            Your a sick animal. You should be put down.

      • BrunoFehr

        Brian Crawford, the dog is NOT trained for this, he is trained to follow commands. If there was no command that this dog should be retired immediately.
        Btw before saying someone that they are assholes, learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

        • unbiased

          The dog most likely was trained to do so, that’s why it did what it did. Now, that’s not to say what the dog did was right. The dog is just as poorly trained as those supposed to train it…

          • fuck the police

            the dog was trained to attack children without command? fuckin american cops are brutal these days.

          • unbiased

            A correctly trained dog can be turned “on” and “off.” Seems this dog was trained to always be “on” and as showcased here, can be very dangerous. Poor training. Or as others have said, could simply be poor temperament and should not be fit to serve…

        • Simonistheshit


      • billmartin1

        It is the dogs fault it’s not trained to attack only when the pig says attack you prick

      • John Dix

        You’re ignorant. They are not trained to attack random people. This dog was not trained right.

      • Guest

        I really don’t think it was trained to do this without a command……could be wrong…

        • alisha2673

          my bother in law trains police dogs and no they r not trained to attack without a command. they r however trained to make false hits on cars.

          • Guest

            Thanks for verifying….I was being slightly sarcastic to Brian….. 🙂

          • Michelle Uyekawa

            Oh my god that totally makes sense. I remember in high school a police k9 found something in my trunk. Turned out to be a rotten ham sandwich, or at least thats what the officer said. But they definitely seized the opportunity to search all my belongings and bags. It was very violating. It did make me research more on the training of police k9s. Turns out there is no exact uniform handbook on training police k9s. Some k9 handlers are just required to attend a week seminar in training before getting their k9 and working the streets.

      • jim

        the dogs are not trained to attack for no reason in fact most have to be ordered to do it or see it’s owner being threatened
        the cop dogs are supposed to be on a leash at all times and the cops right with the dog
        they don’t just let a dog go to roam around and hope it only attacks bad guys

        • Vanessa Fluttershy Labreche

          What’s also terrifying is the fact the dog was able to get out of the cop car… AND the cops were nowhere to be found? What /were/ they doing?

          Anyone could have walked up to that car and stolen it if a dog that large could jump out of it.

      • your an idiot brian

        Hey dumb ass the dog bit him it was not anybody else’s fault the cop didn’t bite him and nobody told the bite him that dog should have taken a bullet

      • Simonistheshit

        You’re an idiot. What happens to protect and serve?

      • Axemonkey


      • Robert.B

        your the asshole

      • Carrie

        Attack dogs are supposed to attack only when the handler tells it to. When the dog attacks the man with the funny sleeve during training, his owner gives him a reward. This dog attacked on its own. The handler didn’t give the command, and he wasn’t there to give the dog the intended incentive for attacking.

        So, no, the dog wasn’t trained to attack willy-nilly. No police dogs are trained to just randomly attack people. That would be counterproductive.

        I also like how when a dog saves someone from drowning or tracks a missing person, it was all the dog’s doing. But when a dog chooses to maim a child, suddenly the dog has no control over its actions.

        This dog has shown he has no inhibitions against trying to kill people unprovoked. Dogs are not robots. Sometimes they choose to do things we don’t like. It needs to be put down or locked away somewhere far away from other people.

      • BeenSoup

        I think we can see clearly who the real asshole is. Brain.

      • SirTerrance Murphy

        you’re the asshole they are not trained to kill innocent children they are supposed to attack on command .

      • nadzaroni

        you’re the asshole. cop dogs are trained to attack ONLY by command. clearly this is a rogue dog. this kid did nothing antagonizing to the dog. and the cop is just as responsible too

      • ZeroHostile

        Whether trained to be violent or not, if an animal attacks a child, it needs to be exterminated… I’ve killed dogs for less, and mind you I LOVE dogs, but just like humans, some just aren’t wired right, or were raised wrong, and just need to be gone… You can plead that an animal is a product of it’s training, or raising all day, and to an extent I definitely agree… If you abuse or mistreat an animal, yes, odds are you will have a mean animal or distrustful of humans at least… If you raise them to attack, then yes they know to attack… But, mind you I have a 4 yr old pit bull / german shepherd who is the most person friendly submissive pet I’ve ever encountered, loves kids, other pet friendly, just all around a great dog… The neighbors pit bull got loose one day, attacked my dog, my dog tore the ever living #$% out of the pit bull… Capable, but able to differentiate acceptable violence, vs. non-acceptable… I had a 5 year old beagle… BEAGLE… who attacked a child for startling her… I raised both dogs the same as I have every other dog I’ve ever had… My “dangerous breed” pit/shepherd along with ever other dog I had, will let me put my face in her food dish while she’s eating, which is a MUST if you have small, curious kids… Yet that laid back beagle, with no reason, just flat out attacked a child… It met the business end of a rifle, same day, not because the law said I had to, and I assure you I LOVED that dog… But, what if it had happened again? Why take the risk? I concur, that dog should have been bled out by the citizen soldier who intervened, or later humanely destroyed before given the chance to kill a child next time…

      • Chris M

        No, the dog is trained to obey commands givin by there handlers. They says a K-9 unit is as much an officer as the human counterpart, but I would of killed the dog. It had no reason or provocation that would justify the attack. It was just a poorly trained animal not worth of the standing it holds.

      • Gary Hawthorn

        It is the DOGS FAULT

      • runstowin

        So police dogs are trained to jump out of police cars and attack children? Thank you for educating me.

      • Ryne Pinto

        What would happen to my dog if I trained it to do the same and it attacked a civilian? It would be killed. Same should happen to this dog if we are to assume badges do not grant extra rights.

      • Donovan Nin

        The same can be argued for “human” LEOs

      • Jake Martin

        The dog was trained to attack innocent people?

    • Mike Wilen

      It is not the dog it is the Douche Bag who trained and handled the dog.

    • Ceri

      this is what happens when you take a dog and train it to be a violent monster. The dog is just as much a victim of the police as the child is here

    • George McJunkins

      Couldn’t have been my kid or any of the kids in my neighborhood. Dead dog, &a lawsuit.

  • Rex

    Even damned police dogs don’t have to play by same rules. This is second time in less than a month I’ve heard about some police dog mauling a kid.

    If the dog was a “civilian”, it would be immediately put down for being vicious, and the owner sued, if not arrested. This one and the other I read about? The usual… paid vacation until the Cops put some bullshit story together.

    • 94c2500

      Dog was probably trained to attack anyone not wearing a cop’s uniform. All civilians are guilty of something anyway or will be someday right? Dog probably got the “canine of the quarter award” for his pre-crime situational awareness.

      • Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem

        Dogs cant distinguish uniforms, they can distinguish scent, they will not attack their handler or anyone he directly says not to. This is derelect of duties and misconduct of office, both are severe felony offenses.

  • sfreely

    This is what you call a Community…. Great job saving this child’s life Neighbor!!!!!!

  • ThreeCents

    Am I the only one disgusted by the use of the term “canine officer”?

  • Sgt. Killgood

    Attempted murder by the cop . That dog is a deadly weapon . If any body else dog did that the owner would be charged . This just can’t be swept under the rug , because it’s a cops dog or it was an accident . Shoot the dog and charge the cop with attempted murder . I’ve asked twelve dog owners , and they find the cop GUILTY . And that is a jury of his peers . We the people ask for 20 years in prison for that cop whose service weapon ( the dog } attacked an innocent child .

  • Some Dude
  • Scott Weiser

    There’s quite a few problems that this department is going to have to answer for, but I have to ask the biggest question first: why was this department using a German shepherd? Most departments have stopped using German shepherds for exactly this reason and other major behavioral problems! The breed most widely used for police dogs is the Belgian shepherd, others would be the Malinols shepherd and the Dutch shepherd, they are widely used due to their temperament and their easy ability to train. Now the other problems are going to be is why or how the hell was this flea bag able to get out? Because I’m pretty Damn sure that this dog doesn’t have opposable thumbs so how did it get out? Where the hell was the handler for this killbot? Why was this animal trained to attack the way it did and if it was not trained this way then refer to my first statement. This kid is very lucky indeed that there was someone like this guy around, police dogs don’t stop until their handlers have to literally pull them off their target!

  • Stian Uchiha

    Dam USA cops should be shoot! Corrupt losers !

  • Joe Clam

    Heroic indeed, but now I FULLY expect to see an update that the good Samaritan is being charged with assaulting an officer.

  • Zeus Isgreat


  • Zoo

    The citizen who attacked the police dog should be arrested for assaulting a officer. The dog was scared and had every right to attack the citizen because it feared for its life. Now see how fucking dumb that sounds-well we let Human Offires do it all the time!!1

  • RB

    If he would have SHOT the dog he would have been KILLED by the police!!

  • Blue

    *woof* I feared for my life! *woof*

  • Kenneth Paul

    anytime an action is taken by agents of government there has to be a bond to indemnify the harm that their actions can bring to a man or woman. enough people suing for the bond of an agent and the agent becomes uninsurable and thus looses the ability to perform their agent job. the dog shall be no different. after exhausting the bond the man aggrieved can go for a claim of trespass at common law and directly attack the man who sometimes works as an agent for government but is always a man. ignorance of the law is no excuse for a man in society. go get your fair and just compensation from the man who decided to act as an agent and cause the agent to do wrong. leave the citizens who fund that corporation out of it.imo.

  • RandyBoBandy

    The citizen who pulled the dog off the innocent child is more likely to face charges (assault on an “officer”) than the negligent pig who left the dog in a position to roam free.

  • wedontneedthepolice

    No dumb ass if the dog is that aggressive it needs to be put down and agreed had I been the bystander I’d have put the dog down on the spot the police officer would have also been eligible for citizens arrest also on the spot if you do not agree with that then you pretty much agree with the cop they must be held accountable even for their stupidity they cannot be exempt from the law my dog would have been put down at the pound if not on the spot had it been my dog and not a cop dog

  • wedontneedthepolice

    Lol your right I’m sure they will find it justified…son’s of bitches

  • BuckTard

    Wonders if theres a dash cam showing the kid messing with the dog.

  • Voelker Sandman

    Any animal hurts a child should be put down immediately including human!!!

  • Walt Karma

    sue the mofos

  • traveler25

    Sue for $10 million dollars.

  • Camgore

    Couldn’t this technically be called Police brutality on a minor? K9 officers are regarded as human police officers by law, they even get similar funerals.

    • KevinAidenLogan

      Had someone shot the dog they would have been charged with murdering a police officer. Yet police shoot dogs everyday for just wagging their tails. I wonder if assault charges or interfering with official police duty will be filed against the man who pulled the dog off the boy.

      • Michael Gordon

        Id say that they won’t be charging the man with anything, but they sure as hell are not going to remove either dog or officer from service. The law is ridiculously untouchable.

  • Michael Gordon

    The comment section makes me lol. There was an article about a police dog being shot by a criminal (in self defence) and then the criminal was murdered by an officer. There was a police funeral for the dog and the police was praised (by the comment section) for killing the dog murderer and both the officer and dog were considered heroes. Now, police and his dog are being insulted by the comments section.

  • Vanessa Fluttershy Labreche

    The cops were probably out smoking a J. But watch out, because they’ll give you 10+ years for one.

  • F.T.P


  • Geneva Maynard

    Those dogs are treated badly, cops should be charged with unprofessional practice, the dog was trained to kill, just like the cops, animal abuse should be another factor …

  • Nicholas Wayne Lowery

    I must agree but I would have shot the goddamn thing as I always carry..

  • Frank Amado III

    I’m surprised that the courageous citizen isn’t behind bars for assaulting an officer. I’m sure though that the cop is on paid leave, and the dog will get a bowl full of Scooby snacks for his actions.

  • wildman

    hope every fukin pig involved in this gets to watch everyone they love suffer tragically just like this 13 year old did

  • djtorchMusic

    Let me guess…The dog “Feared for its life”?

  • Storm

    put the mut down

  • Mike Rebel Carman

    Why is the dog alone in the car?

  • BC

    Unfortunately, the dog did what it was trained to do..attack..
    One of the bigger problems here is WHERE was the officer who was supposed to have control over the dog??

  • Jason Peart

    What they mean is the cop is on paid leave until they figure out the excuse to justify this so the dog and officer can continue to collect their glorified welfare checks to continue attacking, kidnapping, and extorting the public. Just doing their jobs. Warren vs District of Columbia, Robert Jordan vs New London Connecticut, and Heien vs North Carolina.

  • Boko Hos

    Should have arrested the dog and and filed a federal lawsuit. They act like dogs are officers so they should have to pya fines based on that same assumption.

  • Alan Williams

    I wonder what would have happened had the bystander killed the dog. Looks like he had more restraint than officers do when the feel they have to “shoot the dog” for their own safety.

  • Cynthia Andreoli Powers

    I would have choked that dog to death

  • Anton Shields

    I try to take every story i read with a grain of salt, but its really hard to not be angry even if it was an accident. Thank you towards the guy who helped the kid survive and to the dad who stood up towards the tyranny the cops probably exhibited.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    police dogs, that is the four legged variety, are every bit as psychotic as the two legged ones

  • longa

    I thought only Pit Bulls were vicious dogs? German Shepherds should be banned !!

  • nadzaroni

    that dog needs to be put down! same with the cop that left the dog unsupervised in an unlocked patrol car. fucking stupid

  • Joshua Smith

    The bystander that pulled the dog of will probably be charged with assaulting a police officer.

  • vicarofrevelwood .

    Will Vega, cop troll, animals over people, (children), defender of the donut muncher class. The dog was out of control, it mauled a child, it needs to be put down. The handelers need to be punished. And you need a new occupation other than paid cop defender.

  • Gary Hawthorn


    • Michelle Uyekawa

      That’s exactly what they did in my area… Very upset. I would much rather my tax dollars go to better training facilities and more rigorous training and testing for k9 and k9 officers.

  • Dana Lo

    put them both down! incompetent cop should be jailed , and dog should be euthanize.better yet , euthanize them both. world be better off without either of em. remember folks , euthanizing is “humane”.

  • Donovan Nin

    A cop is a cop. Just because it is a dog should mean it should have to follow the law. The dog is a cop, therefore it’s life is more valuable than any impoverished “civilian”.

    The cop perceived a threat. It made a split second decision. That’s what cops do.

  • Donovan Nin

    Police, like pit bulls, get a bad rap (no bad cops, only bad owners)

    They are sometimes very large, but even the small ones are powerful and dangerous. They are equipped with the tools to force submission; the public is afraid of them, with good reason. Often, they seem perfectly calm and reasonable, but they can snap quickly, and turn into a vicious snarling beast that, once they sink their teeth into you, they will not let go. When an average citizen encounters one, they are justifiably concerned for their safety.

    But the fact is that most of them are friendly and reasonable, and would not attack you without good cause. While it is true that some of them are simply vicious, violent animals that are beyond reform, in most cases, this is simply not true. Yes, some of them are just born sociopaths that love to hurt others, but the fact is that most are not inherently violent creatures. The truth is that most of their behavior, aberrant or otherwise, is the result of upbringing and training.

    There are no bad cops; only bad owners.

    Bad owners? Really? Consider the following…

    First thing you do is take your group of candidates and weed out all those with above average intelligence. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York said that was cool (Jordan v. New Britain, 2000). They said it was “unwise, but legal.” I am not making this up, google the case for yourself. Bad… Owners…

    Now that you have expelled all the exceptional people, you are left with the average and the below average. These are the folk that have problems with logic and reason. These are the folk who have a hard time thinking for themselves. Then you train them to be fearful, violent, and aggressive. You provide them the tools to inflict that aggression and then you tell them that physical violence shall be their primary tool when it comes to problem solving. Bad… Owners…

    Next thing you do is hamper the citizenry’s ability to defend themselves against said aggression. Statuates and policies are enacted that severely penalize citizens for standing up to police misconduct. Furthermore, we enact laws like “obstruction”, and “resisting”, that give blues carte blanche to impose their will on anybody, anytime, anywhere as they see fit. Bad… Owners…

    Finally, after we have removed the exceptional, train them in aggression and fear, heavily arm them, the next thing we do is exempt them from prosecution. They are shown, again and again, that even in the case of extreme police malfeasance, even if caught on video, they are extremely unlikely to face serious, if even any, consequence. Bad… Owners…

    Considering the way we have cultivated our police forces, how can anybody be surprised that they behave the way they do. If you train a pit bull to be aggressive and violent, and then reward it when it attacks without good cause, how can you possibly be surprised when it mauls a small child to death?

    Bad… Owners…

    Consider South Carolina police officer Michael Slager. 33 years old, born in ’81-’82. When he was about ten years old he watched Stacy Coon and his accomplices viciously assault Rodney King for no less than 90 seconds. All caught on tape. Those men did not face serious consequence.

    When he was about 20 years old he watched as Johannes Mehserle put a bullet into the back of Oscar Grant’s head despite the fact that Grant was handcuffed, on his belly, and had another officer literally on top of him. He was not resisting; it has never been alleged he was resisting; the man was not a criminal. Nonetheless, Mehserle faced no serious consequence.

    When he was about 25 he watched as Manuel Ramos and his accomplices tortured, disfigured, and “justifiably killed” Kelly Thomas. Ramos was acquitted, no officers faced serious consequence.

    At age 28, after drifting through life and not really knowing where to go, he decides maybe a career in law enforcement is for him. So he takes the test, and thankfully, he is not too smart to be a cop. He is trained to be aggressive and fearful, and carries with him the lessons of Coon, Mehserle, Ramos, and all the other LEOs that have gotten away with horrific violence. How should we expect him to behave?

    Slager was named in a police complaint in 2013 after he allegedly tased a man for no reason. Slager was cleared in that incident, although the victim and several witnesses said they were never interviewed. North Charleston police said they would now review that case. Slager has been named in a complaint for unnecessarily tasing a man during a police stop in August 2014. In another complaint in January 2015, he was cited for failing to file a report after an African-American woman called police because her children were being harassed.

    Personnel documents describe Slager as having demonstrated “great officer safety tactics” in dealing with suspects.

    Obviously, the jump from behavior noted above and first degree murder is not all that great. How else could he possibly behave?

    And guess what? Based on how society has dealt with previous criminal activity by blues (including Slager himself), Slager has a reasonable chance of acquittal.

    Bad.. Owners…

    Consider the case of Francis Pusok. In case you haven’t been paying attention, he is the suspect who fled from cops in California, got caught, surrendered and was brutally beaten anyway. He never committed violence or threatened it. All this occurred in full view of news cameras. But that didn’t slow down these blues. Think about that. They did not hesitate to beat senseless a man who was not resisting, even though they were fully aware of the presence of the news crew.

    And why should they hesitate to mete out punishment as they see fit? They saw what happened to Kelly Thomas. Those cops didn’t get in trouble. Hell, they killed the man; based on that, why would those deputies that did what they did to Pusok think there would be any chance of serious consequence for a kick or two (or three… or four…)

    Bad… Owners…

    If we let Slager walk that will be the ultimate lesson for blues. They will know, with absolute certainty, that they have complete and total authorization to kill anyone, anytime, for any reason they see fit without consequence.

    Whose fault will that be?

    Bad Owners.

  • Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem

    Lucky it was not my child or a child I was helping I would of tried to get the dog off a lethal attack which, is next to impossible, or I would shoto and kill it and then go insane at the cop and call the police for neglect of duties, misconduct of office, assualt on a civilian, actual bodily harm and other crimes that are all felonies. I would tell the cops im taking a private prosecution out and that im going for their badges and freedoms, they should be locked up like savage beasts.

  • Cadence Wallace


  • William Kendrick

    if there are any police officers watching: know that i will shoot and kill your dog if you sic him on my son.. and i fyou have a problem with it i’ll shoot you too. i dare you.

  • Donovan Nin

    Was the “heroic” neighbor charged with assaulting a police officer?