Militarized Police Now Using ‘TANKS’ (Armored Vehicles) to Pull Over Citizens On American Soil


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It is hard to imagine that this surreal story does not originate in a nation run by a violent warlord (or maybe it does), but it actually comes from Florida, where Lucas Jewell, a resident of Gainesville noticed local members of the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department were riding through town in a tank-like armored vehicle that appears to be a Lanco BearCat, an armored personnel carrier intended for military use.

As Mr. Jewell believes that this is a gross abuse of taxpayers’ dollars and is opposed to the militarization of police, he found this display of military hardware on public roads offensive and showed the individuals in riding in the tank his middle finger and proceeded to continue on his journey.

The deputies from the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department had other plans; they followed Mr. Jewell closely for several blocks and then decided it to pull him over in an attempt to punish and intimidate him.

What appears to be paramilitary group of individuals exited the armored vehicle and immediately proceeded to assault Mr. Jewell, accuse him that he was receiving oral sex from his girlfriend and his middle finger gesture constituted an “improper hand signal” in violation of Florida traffic law.

The suggestion that a middle finger raised in the air was intended to be a traffic hand gesture is ludicrous, but it did not stop these cops from attempting to bully Jewell into submission.

This unidentified member of ACSD did not want to be photographed because “there are weapons involved.”

The video below was provided to TruthVoice by Mr. Jewell and it illustrates the level of militarization that local police forces are reaching, including patrolling U.S. streets and using military vehicles to enforce minor traffic violations or punish peaceful citizens for protected speech. (Full disclosure: the video was edited to remove some personal identifiable information about the victims).

11022547_10205369508708846_6771363327688874491_nAs these police officers were property informed, an obscene gesture directed towards them is considered protected speech and has been cemented by a number of federal court cases over the years.

This did not deter the cops from pursuing various accusations against Mr. Jewell and his girlfriend, none of which were sound or reasonable.

Fortunately, a crowd started to gather and take pictures which prompted Mr. Jewell to start chanting, “Tell me what a police state looks like? This is what a police state looks like!”

After this the cops gave him a warning for an “improper hand signal” and let him go.

Regardless how one feels about making an obscene gesture towards police officers, the bottom line is that such a gesture is a protected constitutional right and nobody should be harassed for it, especially by heavily armed thuggish individuals riding around in what appears to be a tank through downtown Gainesville, Florida.

Watch video below:

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  • Thomas Hillgardner

    Ah, Florida! Where cops being dicks is a competition.

    • Guest

      You sir, are so correct!

  • shaun h

    what a lying piece of shit

  • shaun h

    you talk too much kid

  • Matthias Crandall

    It isn’t a tank, but can’t say we don’t have a militarized police force. These are nothing but army rejects or retirees trying to get some action in and feel tough.

    • Matheus Grunt

      Sadder part is, some of these guys did serve. But they obviously don’t care about the RULE OF LAW. So we need to make them care, by knocking them the f–k out of the game they have no clue they’re part of. This is our home, why in the world do we allow our own people betray us & the Constitution is beyond me.

      • Uncle Arty

        There’s a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the
        enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the
        military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the
        people. ~Adama~

        • Susan Van Cott

          Amen to that, Uncle Andy. You hit the nail on the head. Now be careful, because there are armed gorillas on this thread that don’t like the voice of reason, and are horrified that their manhood may somehow be challenged. This is why they need their guns. To feel tough and powerful. It is beyond pathetic.

          • Matheus Grunt

            IDK who you’re directing your comment at on here but I’m just going to tell you, I’m armed & I’m proud to be armed & anyone who isn’t armed because they’re against weapons is a damned fool & I’m afraid of being around people who are against arms for our defense & offensive uses. Manhood & arms don’t have anything to do with each other, grow a brain.

          • Susan Van Cott

            I hope it makes you feel like your penis is big.

          • Matheus Grunt

            1st off, I’m a veteran so I understand weapons alot hell of a more than you do or most people out here. Those of us who grew up around them, or hunted with them, or served & relied on our weapons are very educated in these things. We know they’re meant for not only defensive measures, but offensive purposes, DOH! The patriots used them against their own govt/police forces here in 1775 & in countless rebellions since. THAT’S the purpose of our arms, to be a deterrent against criminals & sometimes, unlawful acting government’s & those working for said govt’s. Don’t come off as a moron, which it’s too late for that though, you leftist. Your insistence at making personal attacks regarding men’s genitalia only reinforces your immaturity regarding arms issues.

          • Susan Van Cott

            It always amazes me when American adults can’t write properly in English. I am thrilled for you that you love your guns. Enjoy.

        • Matheus Grunt

          Yeah, that’s true. But remember, it takes a sick person to want to be a cop or deputy these days because you have to be willing to murder someone or torture or kidnap us out here when we don’t wear our seat-belts, go over the unlawful speed limits or some other asinine BS that isn’t a crime in the 1st place!

      • AS1124

        i am completely against ex military working on police forces in the USA. And this is just another example of why.

        • Matheus Grunt

          I can see why there will be issues with veterans working as Sheriff’s & deputies. Police departments aren’t even constitutional at all, so they don’t count, but even those, it’s a real bad idea the same around. I almost became what we call LEO’s when I left the military & I am glad I didn’t, looking back on it. Not because I’m against the Constitution but because back then, I was gung ho & I would’ve thought I was serving the people but in reality, I would’ve been party to a criminal organization called “LEO’s.”

          • AS1124

            thankyou for sharing your incredibly honest insight. I have always felt and stated that when the Pentagon sends in Americans to ( mostly unnecessary ) wars, we should make sure to give them full benefits, higher pay and better medical care than our stupid politicians. You are a perfect example of one of our best. Thankyou

          • Matheus Grunt

            Most people I’ve told this kind of stuff to online do not agree & have called me an anarchist. So thanks.

    • idiot5

      it’s funny because when I break into your house with my cell and begin slaughtering your family for shits’n’giggles you’ll cry out for those, “rejects.” help 🙂

      • Josh

        You’re screen name sums everything up.

      • libra8a .

        And they will show up after the fact and fill out a report. Your name suits you.

      • Stuart Shaft

        What would be funnier….you break into my house and get eaten by my dog if you are lucky.If you are not lucky, you get your head BLOWN clean the Fuck off..

        • Cane Vandas

          I dunno. I think blowing his head off would be the nicer of the two options. It’s quicker. Getting mauled to death by a dog would be pretty brutal.

      • samoanpunch .

        I wouldn’t, I’d shoot you dead and call them to clean up the mess. Only an idiot5 would place the safety of their family in strangers that wouldn’t show up until it’s too late. But you go ahead and keep believing in your fairytale police are there when you need them crap. You’ll learn the hard way what an idiotic statement that is.

      • Dumps Klown

        even funnier, your comment can have the same pigs you love so much, showing up to arrest you for making threats of bodily harm online. Dick scabs like yourself are too fucking stupid not to get fucked over by the pigs you love.

      • Tom

        Cops will show up on average about 12 minutes after you’ve been murdered. That is comforting!

      • Trish House

        How do you manage to slaughter people with your cell phone?

      • Mike Arsenault

        Your argument here is pathetically weak. What you are saying is ” If you expect this organization, whom you fund through YOUR taxes, to possibly attempt to actually perform it’s stated dutiers once in a while, you had better shut your mouth and not complain about ANYTHING else they might do.”

      • Matthias Crandall

        I am plenty of capable of defending myself. If you break into my house. it may be in your best interest to call the police first.

  • Rrivera77

    Police State USA… Gotta love it! Firearms in the shape of a phone… lol

    • f.x.koch

      fake phone story has never happened yet is repeated often

    • Frisco20

      You’d be surprised. There are single bullet belt buckles. Two bullet cameras. And also single bullet smartphones.
      What the officer said it is legitimate but in that instance it was just unnecesary to worry about that.

      • samoanpunch .

        Nukes exist, does that mean they should worry about those? Fact is these “legitimate” arguments are there as an excuse for them to drive around in armored vehicles intimidating people because they’re afraid of every so-called “legitimate” threat. Cut the BS, this is the same argument they are using to justifying killing people or even pets. BTW, the number one killer of law enforcement is car related accidents. Not hidden weapons.

        • Loken Xanatos

          Fukn say the truth brother. its nice to hear it!

      • Rrivera77

        I’ll tell you what if someone is that scared for their life in doing their job, they should reconsider their profession.

        So let me get this straight we are suppose to blindly trust police officers, however they are trained to not trust us

        News Flash: They Are Public Servants they work for US.

        • Frisco20

          You need to read the full comment before you start pointing unrelated issues to what i said.

        • Rrivera77

          It actually goes along with your comment in that, not everyone is armed with the above mentioned weapons you stated. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? He didn’t want him filming him so he couldn’t be identified it had nothing to do with thinking he had a weapon.

  • The obvious militarization of the police is the concerning things here.

    • Matheus Grunt

      It’s a DONE deal too, been that way & will only stop until we use our arms & use tactics to stop it.

      • Trish House

        DON’T fund this. DO NOT pay taxes to any government put there with our dollars that refuses to represent us and instead treats us like the enemy. The red line has been crossed. Civil disobedience is a requirement when the government has made itself our enemy. Find out who ordered this and get them and everyone following their orders tried with common law courts if necessary and get them CONTAINED.

        • SickOfTheStupid

          to late for that crap we tried all that for over half a century and it got us to here .

          We are at the point we have no other choice but to start dropping them where they stand……………..if they are going to try and stop me with a tank it better have 50 cal on it if they hope to walk away alive . It may cost me my life but I am taking more than one of them with me it beats living life on our knees.

          • Damon Anthony Darrough

            I dont think we`re quite to that point yet. I disagree with with pretty much everything todays justice system stands for. But at the end of the day these people go home to a family and are, for all intents and purposes, just like you and I. There are some actions that would justify taking another persons life, doing their job is not one of them. If the day ever comes when they start firing live rounds into crowds of protesters or they start rounding up families in the middle of the night never to be seen again, by all means take up your arms folks cuz the revolution will have begun and I,ll be out there somewhere fighting beside you. But still at this point we are losing battles left and right, but these are battles where the weapon of choice is intelligence and sad to say but we are critically low on ammo. 😉 So with that said, arm yourselves, with knowledge, and numbers. FTP!!

          • Ed Yagerman

            By that time it would be too late and it will be much harder to get the corruption out of the system

          • Matheus Grunt

            Exactly Ed. There is a alot of warfare being deployed against us & has been for decades, but it has picked up alot of steam since 9/11. Psychological warfare is rampant against us & is used alot in elections & on TV. People, 75% of Americans, are WORTHLESS. Useless. We individuals, who may very well DIE for our belief in freedom & willingness to use violence for just causes, we’re on our own, whoever they are. Whatever the end has in store, we won’t lose I believe & we will burn their playhouses down in the end.

          • kd142

            Don’t they do these things now but no one gets to hear about it. They control the media so we know what they want us to know… Unless it happens to your neighbor and even then anytime someone speaks out against these things they are ridiculed and called crazy and told to just do as they are told and they won’t have any problems.

          • SickOfTheStupid


            now that you see this you can fight this! if you can understand what is going on then you can explain it to someone else that can, not everyone, but at least one

            dont lose faith in your fellow man no matter what sort of ahole they may be remember they are victim of the same BS just having different effects…………..if they threaten your life liberty or freedom do what you have to do but until that point do what you can to try and save them .

          • Matheus Grunt

            Yep. They got most people so stupid afraid that if someone farts something that smells off or like a “terrorist action” or “plan” then you get a ton of cops looking for you & busting into your life for no reason.

          • Matheus Grunt

            If people like you keep that frame of mind, being pacifists, that’s exactly what the enemies here want us to be like, pacifists who do nothing, maybe talk some, but that’s it. They keep us in line, fearful, dreading a SWAT no knock raid but in reality, Sickofthestupid is 100% correct. Look up the Battle of Athens, TN, 1946, or the Revolutionary War, we have the right AND DUTY to violently attack the domestic enemies here.

          • Newsbreak Canada

            Stalin, murderer of 60,000 Christians in Soviet Union also went home to a family.

          • Trish House

            WHEREAS, the “Right to Vote” is the essence of America’s form of government, and;
            WHEREAS, the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) recognizes the importance of federal and
            state constitutional rights of Americans to elect local, state and federal officials. The elected
            Sheriff is directly accountable and responsible to the will of the people to provide public
            safety/law enforcement in their local communities, and;
            WHEREAS, for over 350 years in America, the elected Sheriff has not been directly controlled
            by county boards or executives. Over 90% of America’s 3,083 Sheriffs are directly elected by
            voters to perform the public safety activities and law enforcement duties, and;
            WHEREAS, in forty-six (46) states, the election of the local Sheriff is the primary means used
            to administer local public safety and law enforcement. Throughout America, the Sheriff is
            deemed to be the “Chief Law Enforcement Officer” in most of our Nation’s local jurisdictions; WE HAVE THE POWER TO REMOVE THEM.

          • SickOfTheStupid

            Look around my friend although what you say is fact the reality is the vast majority of our nations Sheriffs are already bought and paid for by the DHS and fedcoats .

            Sheriffs departments all across the nation are participating and actively enforcing unconstitutional laws and directives .

            Do not put your faith in your local Sheriff until he has actually proven himself to be worthy of it .

            One of the local Sheriffs departments here in New Mexico just executed a citizen and father of 5 for demanding they produce a search warrant …..There is a massive coverup going on at this point has they try and paint this man as a deranged Constitutionalists and sovereign citizen…………….The sheriffs are in on the treason.

            Trust but verify no longer applies , we must verify before we trust now.

          • Matheus Grunt

            Yep, the Sheriff’s, most of them, are no better than the pigs they work for in the state/federal govts. The feds actually control all things locally these days anyway, so IDK why people put trust into these tyrannical offices, depts & agencies.

          • Ragin Don

            trish, i like your post but have one question, when was the last time the people were allowed to see the counts. We have a long tradition of letting our government tell us who won with little to no ability to verify its accuracy.

          • Trish House

            Then we must fix that too …

          • SickOfTheStupid

            Corrupt governments always pre-legalize their crimes and tyranny. The first step to tyranny is always commandeering the power of the courts. We have reached a point in this country where all the checks and balances have been neutralized by a NSA/CIA apparatus with the ability to blackmail or extort any human on the planet. This same organization has openly and flat out told the American people that is exactly what they are doing to even our elected members of house and senate and the judges of SCOTUS along with the nations journalists

            has long as this situation exists we can do nothing, absolutely nothing that would be permitted under our current regime .

            has it stands the only option they have left us is insurrection and revolution ……..The good news is we do have the old and dusty almost forgotten blueprints to rebuild what you remember and envision………………….but we got to do some hard bloody work first

            best of luck to all of us we are about to make history again.

          • Matheus Grunt

            Trish, you’re a nice person I can tell you but your answers are not solutions with validity these days. Idealism is getting us killed out here, figuratively & literally. We are not free & we currently live under what is called an electronic concentration camp. There’s no need for physical camps anymore, we’ve already been made slaves because we refuse to fight back the way we need to since everything else has failed.

          • Trish House

            As Robert Heinlein said “If a grasshopper tries to fight a lawnmower, one may admire his courage but not his judgement.” We pay them in taxes annually $4.5 trillion – so take it out of their hands, peacefully refuse to cooperate with their system they use to punish us and we instantly empower ourselves with enough revenue to keep us strong while we make the transition. Your comment makes me think that you have given up because you fear them. One thing is guaranteed, we all are going to die sometime – we might as well risk it all and make our stand for the freedom of future generations …

          • Rene Arizona Craig

            I know the cop guys are mad cuz no one is suckin it for them and this guy is cute and they are fat and ugly yeah????

          • Sgt. Grimsley USMC

            Best to pray things don’t reach that point but be ready to rumble if they do. Although having seen some of these violent cops, it makes you wonder… Lord knows the Federal Government is only exacerbating the problem by handing out military equipment to these guys. I wonder if the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. ever considered the implications of what they’re doing?

          • Louis Stephen Carrozzi

            I respect your view on the matter, but the better thing we can do right now is keep filming them, keep them on their heels and keep the public pressure on. The pressure is actually starting to work, even the U.S. Federal government had to eat some crow on national TV over this – a very rare event. The last shooting caught on film actually made it on the national 6pm news! The cat’s out of the bag now. If we start gunning them down at this stage it would only play into their hands and give them even more justification to keep on doing bad things. Actually, it would make it worse.

            But there is more than one way to skin a cat. The better way? Hunger strike! Why go down in a haze of gunfire to be lost as a statistic on some back page of a newspaper? Conduct a hunger strike on YouTube asking for reform or death. They can’t come after you with the guns, it would be a huge built in audience, and you can’t fuck with someone who’s already prepared to die.

            I have been seriously considering it, but the one thing holding me back is my poor mother. She’s 71, and worries about me too much. But after she passes away, the hunger strike seems like an effective tool. But I won’t just be going after the cops if I decide to die in 30 days. I’m going after the Feds and the Constitution! Let’s lay down some more American blood in the fight for freedom.

            I’m not wasting any more time and energy on these assholes. If I’m going down, I’m going to make sure they are coming down with me.

          • SickOfTheStupid

            how are hunger strikes working out down in GITMO? The Fedcoats are not known for their compassion nor are they really swayed by public or global opinions .

            There are lots of tools we can use however some are more expedient than others………At this point it is a issue of expediency we must concern ourselves with. You are right our governmnt is feeling some pressure , unfortunately they respond by tightening the noose has they blow smoke up our a$$………The old hand you a cat turd and tell you its a tootsi roll…………….and that is Operation Jade Helm 15. They say its training and we have nothing to fear , THE MILITARY DOES NOT TRAIN FOR ANYTHING THEY DO NOT INTEND ON DOING…………. This unprecedented in size and scope ‘training’ mission encompassing over 12 states and growing has more Special forces Seal teams and Special ops here participating than will be fighting actual wars against ISIS and Al Qaeda at the height of the battle season in the middle east………………..Think about that for a minute .

            This is it my friend we no longer are going to have the luxury of time They have started the clock and hope to get us locked down before many more of us wake up .

            All of us, those opposed to violence and those not have to come together………….The armed will protect the unarmed but we must take to the streets and take action and it has to be BEFORE the false flag us into a civil war

            All we can do now is be alert and be prepared and do what we can safely do to sabotage and subvert their plans but be ready to fight .

            Best of luck to you and yours ……………we can and will win this

          • Louis Stephen Carrozzi

            If and when we get to that point, good luck to you too! It’s always prudent to prepare for the worst.

        • Guest

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        • Matheus Grunt

          Um, no, that won’t work & you’ll end up in prison if you try that. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll have your accounts seized, you’ll lose your job potentially, your life will be ruined & then whatever preps you’d have already will be gone because you’ll need to sell them due to loss of income. What you suggest is not a solution at all & will not work, unless you are willing to get violent to defend your principles (which are right, not wrong). Over HALF the population do not so called pay taxes, so that refusal to pay is a lie.

          • Trish House

            What’s your solution Matheus? If people go violent then they still lose in the ways you mention and it hardly makes a dent in the existing machine. As Robert Heinlein said “If a grasshopper tries to fight a lawnmower, one may admire his courage but not his judgement.” By refusing to pay for people giving us a disgusting product we take the $4.5 trillion that we hand to them in State and Federal taxes annually and we use it to empower ourselves while we build a new social design that doesn’t include them. If we ALL stop paying taxes and use those funds to take care of each other so we remain stable the government and states will lose their ability to function. If we do nothing, like you seem to suggest, – well, you know what Stalin, Pol Pot, and Hitler did to their people …

          • Matheus Grunt

            Solution? It’s in the DOI, or did you conveniently forget the 2 parts in the DOI that TELLS us our duty & right when we have no representative form of govt, which we DON’T. It’s not to be nice anymore, it’s to use the 2A & fight. Period. That is why the 2A exists in the 1st damned place. I don’t like it but that’s the way it is & has to be done every so often. I suggest you do alot of homework on areas other than just being a pacifist because that kind of stuff is getting us nowhere. The rule of law is ignored entirely & we’re slaves because we won’t do nothing about it. Talking to an enemy who use military tactics against us & a whole list of other forms of tactics & warfare on us daily is not an answer. I give you the real solution now because once upon a time, another form of solution would’ve been better but we’re past that these days. It doesn’t matter what you think anyways, because in the end, a new civil war will spring forth here again, which it IS coming. God willing, as many of us have been through it before overseas & other men who have a desire to see us free again, men like me will use our weapons & our desire to free America to either die fighting for these good things or if God allows, to allow us to restore America, even if it’s only a quarter of the country left. If there is no justice for 1 person, there is NO justice for any of us.

          • Trish House

            Well, I see that there are some of you who believe that and will likely act on it. But I gotta think that most of the men and women who work for the government, like the police forces, are there simply because they have no other options. Like the rest of us they have been captured by the financial system that has forced us into paying for a land base and shelter when those can be free if we decide to make that so. If we take that option away from them by failing to pay taxes, fines, and license fees, and thus their income dries up, their mortgages will fall apart and they will be faced with homelessness. In that case they will likely be desperate enough to either start taking by force what others have or they will come on side with the idea that we can create a breakaway civilization in which we all take care of each other by granting rights such as free land and resources, etc.

          • Matheus Grunt

            No other options? Seriously? No, everyone has options. Don’t make excuses for these domestic enemies.

          • Trish House

            Well, I can’t argue with that.

      • Rene Arizona Craig

        This video has got me SICK….statures are not LAWS…they are only given the force of law by the consent of the governed. WE have taken back our consent to governed by military force for petty crimes that have harmed NO ONE but the state…..

    • OfficerM

      you planning on breaking the law…. boy?

      • SickOfTheStupid

        Planning on following the Constitution…… corpse.

      • FreedomOFspeech

        You planning on harrasing citizens… BOY?

      • Loken Xanatos

        I plan on find you… boi….

      • Lucas Perkins

        Your a dirty ass shitstain officerM….pop on out cheesedick…pop pop..

      • Brandon Swords

        The “law” is imaginary. It’s not real, it’s just a fake god created by the government, which is worshiped by the police, and is used as a subjugation device. Killing someone for breaking the “law” is no different than some ISIS guys killing a person for breaking their laws. The law and morality are diametrically opposed concepts.

      • disqus_zUibfyfU5r


      • Barabbas

        You think you’re intimidating anyone?…. Boy. Threatening strangers while hiding under internet anonymity. Says it all.

      • Tom

        I have a list of names of people who have broke the law. Give me your address and I’ll send you the list.

      • FTP

        Didnt you used to get spat and picked at school…..boy?

  • Matheus Grunt

    It’s not a tank for one thing people. Civilians, read up on what these are actually. 2nd, we live in a POLICE STATE, get that through your heads. The cops are nothing but an unofficial part of the Military now, being private “troops” for the State & they’re equally guilty in crimes against us & the Constitution (because they violate the Constitution!). We need to fight back, especially when confronted by them, instead of acting afraid. Why are we afraid of cowards with badges & suits & robes who work with these cowards on the streets? I have no clue. Rejects who couldn’t join the military pretend to be soldier or Marine on the streets here & who think they’re in some war (they’re not but they have made this a war now) at the behest of their bureaucratic bosses & other politicians. So let’s use our resources & take them down. I have no clue why we let this shyt happen to us today, no clue at all. Burn their crap down & restore things, one fight at a time. As a former grunt in the Army, that’s what I say needs done & that’s really what alot of patriots are coming to the conclusion of doing more & more as each day passes now. It’s just one man’s opinion because we are not free, we have no rule of law in effect & it’s OUR fault.

    • Trish House

      I agree with everything you said except the burning down part. JUST STOP PAYING TAXES. STARVE THEM OUT OF EXISTENCE. Don’t pay fines, don’t pay for licenses. Every dollar you give them is a vote for this violence against us to continue.

      • bigbird2071

        Its a nice concept however I don’t see enough people going along with it to have its intended effect.

        • Trish House

          We can’t go on allowing everybody to just watch TV news for their data. We have to get busy living or get busy dying. It’s our choice.

  • Hombre de mar

    Amerika land of the slaves..

    • Trish House

      Home of the fee, land of the slave – America! Taking $4.5 trillion dollars a year in taxes and treating us like enemy combatants!

  • AntonioVoluntario

    Cops are heroes that put their lives on the line every day to protect you. Show some respect. NOT!

    • Ragin Don

      um the supreme court ruled that police are not obliged to protect you. catch up with the times they are there to enforce the laws as they deem appropriate and to boost revenue for the local government by prosecuting victim-less crimes. They are in essence the enemies of the people by and through there clearly adversarial role declared by the courts and upheld by their murderous reign of terror they are conducting nation wide. they are on track for a new record setting year of killing more citizens then any other free nation on earth! gratz to you boys in blue for killing the people of the red white and blue.

      • AntonioVoluntario

        Thanks for the lecture. Now reread my original post and realize what you wrote was a waste of time, as I’m already hip to the game.

    • Mook ~^^~

      Haha. Yeah, right. More like a bunch of cowards out there on a power trip terrorizing and murdering innocent civilians when they’re not in the process of collecting money for the State to make quota or fund vacations for their departments. Fuck all these corrupt bottom feedings scumbags.

  • Ragin Don

    just wow……pulled over for flipping off the cop by a fucking armored personnel carrier, are you kidding me, absolutely sure they are not militarizing our police forces. I love the line by the cop “are you calling me a liar?” um hell yeah your a liar, police officers are the only people in our society with a statutory right to lie and are even trained on how to lie so yeah when we call you a liar we mean it you morons! on a side not, this young man is well showing his youth in this childish display….his video is important, it shows the problem quite well, he could of kept his fly trap shut and made a much more credible video. The side of the road is not a place to litigate your case, they are cops, they are not contrary to their attitude the judge. Save the litigation for the court room. People need to embrace their right to remain silent!

  • CTOH

    ‘Officer Friendly’ is dead and buried. This shit makes me puke. These goddamn boot-jack brown shirts. Disgusting.

  • Nick Skulski

    You give people these “Armored” vehicles and let them drive around like they are in a war zone..they obviously are going to be on a power trip and stop people over petty things. What else are they going to do, they aren’t in a damn war zone so the only way to put their toys to good use is to harass people.

    Lets say they actually need Armor vehicles, do they need to drive them around all day?….if Terrorist or Bank robbers attack… just bring the damn Vehicle/Tank then.

    I feel less safe having “Armored” vehicles that look like tanks driving around.

  • Bruce Durgess

    Hard to believe this officer has a cross tattooed on his arm. Incfredible. Obviously not living his faith.

    • Susan Van Cott

      Well, the extremists think they go together. Guns…God. You know the drill. I had a conversation with someone a while ago who was convinced that Jesus carried a sword. He is certain that Jesus killed many people while he was going around preaching love and peace. And he isn’t the only one who thinks this. The whole thing is sickening.

  • And the traitors in DC tell us Jade Helm 15 is nothing to worry about, smdh. It’s obvious all this build up and militarization of police will be used against Americans, and these spineless, soulless, coward cops are willfully fulfilling their roles as traitors to America and the Republic. The globalist scum in DC were smart giving these armed vehicles to local towns so that they don’t have to pay for the upkeep of these war machines that will be used against Americans when the coup against the Constitution and Bill of Rights goes hot. I just hope Americans save their ammo and aim for the politicians and CEOs who manipulated the idiot police into their roles as domestic terrorists and traitors.

    • Trish House

      This is why we need a money free system. The only way people can survive in this country is to get paid for some shit the corporations want done, no matter how insane it is. If these guys don’t have jobs the same thing happens to them as happens to the rest of us – we get thrown into the streets with our kids and our belongings in plastic garbage bags.

      There are 2+ acres of arable land per person in America so there is no shortage. Eighty percent of us live in urban settings that occupy merely 3% of the land mass. This government has captured nearly 50% of our land and would rather 3.5 million of us live as homeless refugees than return what they have stolen so we can live in dignity and take care of ourselves. We pay this government $3 trillion dollars in federal taxes and another $1.5 trillion to the States. AND THIS IS WHAT THEY GIVE US????!!!! OH HELL NO!

      If I was President I would say, “That’s it on the predatory banking system, and on the hoarders of wealth. There are two acres of arable land per person in this country and more resources than anywhere else on the planet. We have long since paid in full for America and each one of you is now free of tax obligations, free of mortgage and fiat debt obligations, free of criminals who have done no harm. You are free. Take your share of land and resources and work together to create a new social design that includes everyone as a valued member of our human family. Create something that doesn’t ‘require’ jobs for your existence, instead provide each other with free health care, free education, a healthy food supply, and just and wise local government. Build your economy, if you want one, upon the bedrock of a stable and secure population of truly free people. All laws are cancelled. You must make your own laws based on social agreements with each other. All wars are cancelled and we will maintain an army for defense purposes only in case some group decides to invade. That’s it. My job is done. I’m spending the rest of my term on vacation at Camp David raising goats. If two thirds of you vote that you need me I will show up to help. Now pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps since you now have something to tug upon. I love you. Bye” Of course, it would be better if we all decide and do this together. I don’t need leaders, I KNOW where I’m going.

  • copkill

    Most of these guys are just Call of Duty video game wannabe thugs. Sick power hungry low lifes.

  • Albert Tomka

    I wonder how many of these police murdering civilians are done by cops who did multiple tours in Iraq? No one should be allowed to become a cop if if coming back from Iraq!there should be a 2 year waiting period and weeks of mental testing,many soldiers were killing over there just for target practice.This has nothing to do with soldiers doing there duty this could be about soldiers who became cold blooded murderers over there.This could raise the question,is this being done by certain gov. Factions with a more sinister plot in mind?Every soldier coming back from multi tours has PTSD at variable levels.

    • SickOfTheStupid

      I have been saying that since day one unfortunately veterans get preference and are sought after for the gestapo.

      This has bee a key aspect in creating the rabid maddog police forces we are seeing today. Police forces will hire a PTSD diagnosed veteran before they will hire just a citizen.this has all been intentional.. .

  • Eiríkr Karl Sørengaard

    “This vehicle saves lives!”

    What? is it an ambulance now?

    • libra8a .

      The only lives it MIGHT save are the pigs that are hiding in it when the SHTF.

  • Lee gregory

    When there are weapons involved, that’s when you WANNA film the damn cops. Film them anyway, don’t listen to their crap !

  • dave

    So the cops try to make up a lie about the guy receiving oral from his girlfriend, what a fucking dickhead! So what even if this was true? You jealous of him? Go back to watching video games losers! Guess it’s time for civilian to carry larger caliber weapons now!

  • BEK

    this kid’s heart is in the right place, but he needs to read more, and talk A LOT less….if he’s going to take it upon himself to instigate a confrontation with a criminal gang in a killing machine, he needs to do his homework and be prepared to show their abusiveness and be prepared for the worst. They lie, cheat, steal, and ultimately, kill; and it’s obvious he’s watched a video or two of street journalists standing up for their rights while filming; this is not what the kid did here, he was run over from the first second and they controlled him and told him what he could and couldn’t do. Close your mouth kid, know that these people aren’t there to help you, answer questions with questions (if you choose to answer at all) and let the camera do the talking. If you’re going to instigate an altercation, you have to know what you’re dealing with and be prepared!

    • kd142

      I’m not sure anyone would be prepared to be pulled over for flipping someone off by an armored truck! I know I wouldn’t. Where are the pros when you need them? Lol, at least he taped it…

  • StevieP65

    Seems like the extended middle finger was wholly appropriate and proper, given the context.

    • libra8a .

      The PIG certainly proved the guys point.

  • Apparent Asshole

    too be completely honest, if I caught him making, “an obscene gesture.” in my direction and caught him at a redlight I would have pulled him out of the car and kicked in his teeth. JS

    • bigbird2071

      Of course you would…behind a keyboard…because you truly are the Apparent Asshole.

  • Peter

    This cops a prick on a power trip. He’ll eventually get whats coming to him.

  • Trish House

    My blood is boiling. HOW DARE THEY TREAT US LIKE WE ARE 4 YEAR OLDS. These arrogant assholes should be tried for treason. WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY. Every fine you pay, every license you acquire, every tax you fund is a vote for this to continue. Peaceful revolt is now a requirement, the red line has been crossed!

  • Kai Nilsen

    Why do they have military uniforms instead of police uniforms?

    • bigbird2071

      You mean costumes?

  • Guest

    Lets think like adults here for a second and realize this man has half a brain. He Flipped off the officers to start with. He was asking for negative attention instigating the situation. It is a violation of the law so they had the right to pull him over. Also, If it was percieved by another witness as well as the officers that the female in his car was perfoming lude acts then thats something he can try to fight in court. Clearly he cant even justify himself. Listen to him talk. Hes an idiot. Next, Its not a “tank” its an armored vehicle. As crime in america grows and idiots like this man are on the rise so does concern for officer safety. So the security of officers is going to increase. At any time during a routine traffic stop someone can pull out a gun and start shooting. And it happens more often than you people realize. The need for armor is justified. Its not “militarization” of the police force. Its idiots like this that instigate a situation and then when reprimanded play innocent and claim abusive power or control by cops. Ridiculous. These men and women are highly trained and do things most of you would never have the balls to do. And they do it selflessly knowing that every day they say goodbye to their families before heading to work could be the last time they see them. Whether you like it or not there will always be a police force to regulate the people. Without one there would be complete chaos. Next time youre in a situation where you need help and call the police try to realize how things would be if you had no one to call for help. This is an ungrateful extremist country full of idiots such as this man.

    • samoanpunch .

      funny talking about thinking like adults and then bitching about flipping off cops using a armored vehicle for daily activities. If yo ureally want to act like an adult try not making fictitious laws to make your point. No it NOT against the law to flip them the finger. The SUPREME COURT already ruled it’s freedom of speech. End of story. Listen to yourself talk. Not only do you not speak like an adult, YOU speak like an idiot. LEt’s see how you speak when officers are bullying you around. You apologist no appreciation or concept of freedom.

    • Jim Ulm

      Thank you, Finally someone that is speaking the truth. Not to say there are not abuses within law enforcement. God know there are. But approximately 5% of the general population are buttheads, “Wolves” if you will. About the same are “Sheepdogs”, the protectors of the SHEEP. Those that try to keep the Wolves at bay. In the hiring process of LE we draw from the general population and still have about the same 5% try to enter into LE service. In that process, over half are weeded out. But, with over 30,000 officers in the greater Los Angeles area, that still leaves approximately 600 potential wolves in sheepdog’s clothing. Never mind across the nation.You see it in the news all the time. When one of these rouge officers does cross the line, it taints the good name and service of all the officers that gear up every day to keep the wolves at bay. It is rarely heard or seen a story about the good these offices do every single day, because bad cops sells news time. We laugh, we cry, we save a family from a burning car crash, we find the burglar that robbed your house, we get justice for the murder victim, we prevent the fight from happening by our shear presence; They HAVE to do that, its their job. And no one bats an eye. But let a very small percentage mess up, and the entire force is corrupt and has to be dealt with on the national news. Let the bad cops be dealt with, and harshly I may add, as they were supposed to be the example. But, let not the work and sacrifice of those how do their jobs everyday go unnoticed. God save the knights that bear the shield for the protection of the realm.

      Chief James Ulm, Retired

      • AS1124

        VOMIT… oops. I couldn’t help myself after reading you faux patriotic horseshit. Theres a good reason you are retired. And Im sick of the violence I have seen POLICE committing against non violent Americans. Period.

      • Steve

        Thoughtful response, Chief. But…that would leave about 25,000 “wolves” wearing badges across the USA by your math. If you were a Chief, you spent what? 30+ years as a Cop? You have no idea what it is like to be on this side of the equation, do you? To be the one that encounters one of those 25,000 wolves with a badge, and know there is nothing you can do to defend yourself, protect yourself, or stand up for yourself. Nothing. Anything you do will get you dead, or put in a cage. You’re at the mercy of a Wolf with a badge and gun. And, thanks to your ridiculous thin blue line bullshit, none of the “good” cops will breathe a word about what the “wolf” cop does, thus becoming complicit in all that the “wolf” does.

        I notice that you don’t attempt to address the unlawful stop, at all. Flipping a cop off isn’t an unlawful hand signal any more than waving to a cop is. See how you didn’t even address that? That makes you just as bad as the assholes that pulled this idiot over. Now do you understand why your kind is increasingly despised? You “good” Cops are indistinguishable from the “wolves” these days.

      • kd142

        It seems to me that what most Americans want is accountability for the “bad” ones. If they were held accountable for their bad decisions like the general population maybe it would be easier to trust them and their actions.

    • bigbird2071

      Wow!…did they do a good job brainwashing you. You are gonna walk real easy for them to the FEMA camps aren’t you.

  • samoanpunch .

    God damn bullies making up random perverted shit they have going on in their heads. This is what terrorism looks like.Notice how immediately the man behind the camera is felt intimidated? Terrorism. Plain and simple.

  • Craig Winans

    Obvious militarization of police force but that guy is an idiot if he can’t tell the difference between a tank and an armored personnel carrier especially if he was in the military himself. lmao.

  • Chicadee

    wow. a waste of time and resources. so while they are harrassing innocent people an wacko killer could be on the people would be in danger while worrying about a hand signal. wow. sad state of affairs.

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    Many states have rules that prohibit officers from using anything put plainly marked police cars for traffic duty. I would check and see if they violated state or local laws or departmental regulations. Either way this kind of stuff as well as all the other criminal activity that is going on will eventually prompt armed citizens to stand at an “Oath Watch” for every police interaction to ensure that those who are charged with enforcing the law are abiding by it themselves.

  • Stefon Scott Loch

    Police state grows.. land of braindead cowards . Wake up !

  • wolfmunjack
  • David L Grabill

    stupid cop does not even know the law

  • Jay Paradiso

    Why are cops dressing like military? You want the respect of a military man? Give up the pay and the benefits and join the armed services like a man. Look at this clown!!! A tank and military gear to pull over a man for hand signals and accusing him of getting a BJ,

    • Stefon Scott Loch

      What a Joke .. militarized thugs under guise of police ! THIS is what’s going down , period !

  • Guest

    I recommend installing a go pro in your vehicle like the Russians do to protect themselves from corruption…We pay they their salaries with our tax dollars, these CHEESEDICKS serve us not the other way around…THEY ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS!!! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS AND SAFEGUARD THEM WITH VIDEO FOOTAGE…

  • Lookin down from on high

    Funny, in this interview, it didn’t say anything about using them for traffic duty. Only emergency and swat situations.

  • Mook ~^^~

    Holy shit, the war on the American people is right around the corner. Nazi Germany, here we come.

  • Belowthecrest

    I know they don’t but they should feel like idiots dressed like a pair of frustrated wanna be’s. Plates, headsets, looks like he even has a tourniquet for some reason. On top of it the attitude, good lord that clown has some issues.

  • marc

    Welcome too the United States of North Korea!!

  • jwoop66

    The cops are assholes. I would have busted their balls so easily, without profanity. This guy is a dumbass. If you’re going to “stand up for your rights”, have half a brain.

    • jwoop66

      Oh, and officer… Don’t tell me who I can or cannot film in public.

      • AA

        no but you want to complain rather than provide alternatives your a punk and cancerous hype man for complacency. eat beef,drink beer,and vote to support the subjugation of the majority rather than the minority
        of humanity at having to see white gods and angels when giving to envision heaven through closed lids. And you find this to be of no concern, so if i came and kicked your kids teeth out for being white you would want some form of retribution and justice but instead
        fuck my kid’s teeth right? you just love hearing others think inside your pea sized brain for you, because i have heard nothing out of you that suggest otherwise.

        • jwoop66

          Beef? Beer? Absofuckinlutely! Not sure what alternatives you want me to offer? Only complaint is the guy is a dumbass. I would have insulted the cops, even invited them to my house when they were off work, but told them they were probably be too afraid to do so. All while filming. If I wanted. Then I’d be telling them to call their supervisor and have him report to the scene.

          I’ve had run-ins with the cops since I was in eighth grade. Been chased many times. My friends and I used to make sport of them. We weren’t violent, or “criminal”. We just liked to hang out where we wanted. The cops always seemed to have issues with that.

          I’ve also had run-ins with “superior officers”, principles and neighborhood do-gooders.

          I’ve also had a cop thank me once for being so polite, as he wrote me a speeding ticket(had shitloads of those). I’ve also gone down to the station and raised hell because I didn’t like a cops behavior, and I let the head cop know it.

          The key is to not be a dumbass, and to put them on the defensive. Let them know they are public servants and that you’ll be a pain in their ass – without breaking the law.

          Based on your angry demeanor and you incoherent rambling dialogue, I’m guessing you’re a mindless fucking idiot. Whats with the “White gods and blah blah….” ? Kids teeth?! dumbass.

    • AA

      rather than you stand down and complain without a solution . sounds like your the dumb ass without a clue. blind ignorance is bliss for you and your loved ones is more important than the good of the whole, with 911 on the line cause you want to report as a good little nazi does.

  • AA

    1: Stop thinking because your thoughts are not your own. How so ? Because find me something that has not yet been discovered. 2: Stop living in Today. why? Because the powers that be do Not. Odd as it may seem to you is quite frightening for me, because not only being spectator to History mimicking life from the very pages of history books with regards to religion, movies and art. No one seems to be a taken back by the facts that the Rulers of this world have done this. 3: As i give my life for the pursuit of liberty and justice for all humankind,in defense of the republic thereby declaring the truth. Have you no thought of your own to form other than that which was giving by men who rob all of ever having a future to see with deceptive catchy phrases such as; ” live for today”, “live in the now”, “one day at a time”, thus giving way for it to be pogrom as

    reasoning at being policy that “in order to to have a future one must learn from the past thus resulting in history at repeating itself.exactly the plan they had in mind so that the

    robbing of 97% of all the worlds wealth and natural resources right from

    under your nose with out one alarm being raised for concern,being looked upon by those whom have clearly demonstrated for all at seeing his position for

    playing GOD at being compared in part with regards for


    fight for your right to choose

    • bigbird2071

      Seek your local mental health center.

  • AA

    no but you want to complain rather than provide alternatives your a punk and cancerous hype man for complacency. eat beef,drink beer,and vote to support the subjugation of the majority rather than the minority
    of humanity at having to see white gods and angels when giving to envision heaven through closed lids. And you find this to be of no concern, so if i came and kicked your kids teeth out for being white you would want some form of retribution and justice but instead
    fuck my kid’s teeth right? you just love hearing others think inside your pea sized brain for you, because i have heard nothing out of you that suggest otherwise. RE:j wooperneedsflipped66

    • Guest

      Can someone tell me what he is talking about?

    • bigbird2071

      What the hell are you trying to say?

  • InnerMysteries

    The BALD AND UGLY cops…. what’s the solution? Carry with you grenades and a good shotgun! If someone’s going to pull me over with a tank, then they’re getting blown to hell!

    • bigbird2071


  • AA

    kind of ironic that the criminal justice system profits while the criminal are used as means of collateral, while the victim who was victimized goes home empty handed. Docket Fees. detention center cost for housing, medical, treatment, probation, prison(double the cost of jail due to greater security risk), sheriff patrol, police patrol,attorney fees(public defender, DA, Judge) jURY,COURT REPORTER, COURT CLERK, PROCESS SERVICE, BAIL BONDSMAN, PAROLE FEES, WHILE THE PERP GET FREE CLOTHS, FREE WATER, CABLE TV,MAGAZINES,RECREATION,LEISURE,TEETH CLEANED, EXTRACTED, DENTURES, THE WHOLE PRSIDENTIAL PERKS AT THE HILTON WHILE THE VICTIM GETS 0, ZILCH NOT-TA BUT THE SENSE OF JUSTICE PREVAILING.SOUND LIKE THIS STUFF IS MADE IN NEW ORLEANS.


  • blackrulon

    At the least they should have shut off the APC. It was not necessary to keep it running. it was just pumping poison into the air. But they don’t seem to care and they can bill the taxpayers for the unnecessary fuel. but the police will not admit they were wrong and will make up a rreason to pull you over and lie about the reason. They will twist the words of the law to justify their acvtions.

  • Gainesville firefighter

    I am not a law enforcement officer but I do work closely with them. This unit was not on patrol. They were returning from the Uf stadium after a football game. With 21,000 fans in attendance, security and safety is a top concern. Working along side this department for more than 5 years, I have only seen the unit in action ONCE! It is a valuable tool when needed. The ASO officers are good guys. Everyone has the right to free speech but show some damn respect for the guys who will risk their lives to save yours.

    • AS1124

      you know this is the FIRST time in 50 years I can say: I am disgusted with a firefighter Today. Thanks for that milestone. When cops start acting like firefighters they will get peoples respect. meanwhile, stop defending these MORONS.

    • kd142

      This is all the more reason what they did in the video is inappropriate and out of line! They weren’t even on patrol and still felt it was necessary to act as though they were and make a minor traffic stop while in a ridiculous vehicle? Sorry but that just makes the situation worse on the police departments end. I would be filing a formal complaint if they weren’t even on duty or within orders and rights to be making traffic stops. Just shows you this was all about intimidation not enforcing laws.

    • bigbird2071

      They could care less about the people as shown almost daily as they continue to kill unarmed Americans and then lie their way out of it. That deserves respect? Respect is earned not automatically given just because you put on some costume and profess to fight crime when in reality YOU are the problem. Until that changes Eff Them…I never call them, need them and never will.

  • Holy cow!
    Amerika Stasi State!

  • Susan Van Cott

    This is not the kind of country I wish to live in. The cops are getting retired pieces of Military equipment, and these Nazi cops are loving every minute of feeling tough and powerful. I am utterly disgusted by this. WE let this happen. I am glad I am in the later years of my life, because I don’t want to see what the next step is. The NRA, the militarization of the police, the right wing extremists…you can have them all. I don’t want any part of this. It makes me sick to think that my grandchildren will have to grow up in this country. This is a disgrace.

    • AS1124

      no susan WE didn’t allow or permit this. Please read Rise of the Military cop. It explains everything and puts it in historical context. But you are correct about not living long enough to see the conclusion. I am middle aged and NOT looking forward to it for my or my children.

      • Susan Van Cott

        I will read that, AS1124. Thanks for the tip. But we did vote in the people who support this sort of thing. Our complacency as a nation allowed much of this chaos happen. The love of the almighty gun by the loving religious. I don’t understand why people do not recognize the dichotomy,

        • kd142

          Susan, I’m sorry don’t the NRA fight to protect the right to bear arms? Sadly the way things look to be going we all will be happy to be able to do just that. It is very scary to know what is coming, I had hoped I would not have to be witness to such horrible situations and definitely don’t want my son to experience them either. If I am wrong please correct me, I don’t have a lot of first hand knowledge with these types of things but I do see we are headed for trouble…

          • Susan Van Cott

            We HAVE the right to bear arms. No one is trying to take those rights away, and yet the NRA wants everyone to think they do, while they push for more efficient guns and make more and more money through their sales. This is the mentality behind this kind of militarization of the police. It is the old ‘might makes right’ proposition. The part I find particularly sick, is that it is done behind the banner of Christianity. As if this is a Christian principle of killing as many people as possible in as little time imaginable. More and more efficient means of killing people are being manufactured every day, and somehow this is patriotic to want more of this garbage. No. This is not the kind of country I loved as a child growing up. This is turning into something fearsome and sick.

  • Pamela Collett-Macy

    If everyone in the United States chose EXEMPT on their tax forms for one year I am almost certain things would definately change.

  • Phillip T Ventura

    that’s not a tank, it’s an mrap, a bomb resistant vehicle… why do cops in fla need that?

  • lerch

    … just …wow.

  • Sergeant Major Bill

    Tank? Seriously? Are you folks that retarded that you don’t know the difference between a wheeled vehicle, a civilian Humvee and a tracked tank, which would have a turret and a main gun (cannon)? Over hyped much? Dumb asses hurt your own cause when you show this level of stupidity.

    • AS1124

      i think the point was its NOT a black and white police vehicle. If you didn’t understand peoples points maybe we should see YOUR license and precinct number now!

    • bigbird2071

      Most of us weren’t in the military GI Joe!

  • FuckThePolice

    This guy gives all of us that are fighting for our freedoms against militarized police state, a bad name! Intentionally trying to start shit, and doesn’t even have his facts straight. He’s as dumb as the cop who kept saying “flick” a cop off! Last I checked, it was “flipped”!

    • Bendy Bentley

      I have heard ‘flick’ before, mostly in rural or poor areas of Florida.

  • Bendy Bentley

    Courts have ruled that flipping a cop off is protected speech. Cops dont know or dont care. I think everyone should do it.

  • Tom

    If you put sunglasses on you are bullet proof. These clowns are useful fools. They create hate and they start revolutions. I wonder if the redcoats wore sunglasses? I wonder if the Third Reich wore sunglasses?

  • Guest

    That’s an MRAP. Not a tank. But still it’s unnecessary tech for police to have possession of.

  • Von Der Burg Davius

    That’s a MRAP. Not a tank. But still it’s unnecessary tech for police to have possession of.

  • Bruce Durgess

    Tired of hearing that 99.9% of the cops are good. 100% of the 10 officers in San Bernardino kicked the daylights out of that man who was on the ground. Show me once where an officer provided evidence that put a “0.1%” bad officer behind bars. Never happens.

  • Busch

    So, local sheriff department is militarized around the time OpJadeHelm is taking place across the southern U.S.. Coincidence.. Nah. Don’t they say practice is to recite a routine or move to achieve a goal.
    Just food for thought.

  • Jefferson Craddock

    Come off it! These cops were using the equipment issued to them. They do not set policy. The police were being much more civil to him than he was to them. He should be ashamed, as should any citizen who behaves that way.

    • kd142

      Maybe they were issued “equipment” and they had no say in the matter but them stopping him at all was unnecessary and unwarranted. They stopped him to harass him. They should be ashamed of themselves for wasting tax money on unnecessary equipment and not using their time on the clock more wisely and looking for actual criminals!

    • Trish House

      You disgusting bottom crawler. You spineless asskisser of Tyranny. You moronic rejector of the dignity of humanity. You traitor to freedom and human rights. When they kill civilians you will be the first one there to give them a cool drink and to mop their brows. I guess you already give them free blow jobs. You are a sniveling waste of humanity.

      • Jefferson Craddock

        Gee, Trish, now let me get this straight. You are not in complete agreement with my point of view, right?

        • Trish House

          LOL! You got it!

  • bigbadbubbaanne

    Dude is brave enough to flip the cops off and then goes full pussy when they use their intimidation tactics and lying on him. Nice. Next time reach down, pull them out, and use them. Stand up to these clowns and their trumped up charges like the fellatio bit. Don’t have a conversation with them – shut them down, and stand firm.

  • Jamal Warner

    He should not have said a word besides here is my license. The reason he was stopped and harassed is he “flipped” them off. Now they want to stop him and make up stop about him! First, file a complaint with the police department and follow up with it. File a claim with the state board that oversee police departments. Nothing may not come of your complaint, but it will be on their records. So in the future when they do something or someone sues it will give them proof of a repeated pattern of abuse by the officers and department.

  • nerys

    IT is NOT a protected constitutional right. it is a constitutionally protected right. The difference is absolutely critical. the constitution does not GRANT you rights. that is what is called a privilege. the constitution forbids THEM (the police) from violating your rights.

    The constitution is not for US the people. it was NEVER EVER intended to be APPLIED to US the people. It is FROM US the people TO government spelling out their duties and what they are not PERMITTED to do.

  • chuck peterson

    A blind person can see what they are making the police like the Marine Corp

  • Jurg Bangerter

    Thats why its so important for us Swiss to have an constantly armed Milice with their assault rifles plus ammunition and uniform at home,strangely enough for us the leftists are working against having an armed Citizen/Militiaman which for me is the only way to prevent police forces to become Pretorian Guard or GESTAPO like powers in any democratic state.

  • Jeffery Fierceblues Rahn

    So….you have to have both arms in the car and both hands on the wheel while driving……that is so much BS. The Officer wanted to lecture and be “right” when he is full of shit!

  • JBC

    Sorry folks…there’s no such thing as protected speech when it’s in the context of “road rage”.

  • Rene Arizona Craig

    Who does this military man think he is? GOD! well newflash! He isn’t …Arrest for flipping the bird? OMG what an ASS

  • Most law enforcement in this country are sociopaths looking for ways to kill, scare, and harass citizens.

  • Robert Brennan

    They have been using the terrorist threat to commit acts of terror. Who are the real terrorist!

  • Mike Arsenault

    What’s with the aggression and the BDU fucking mall ninja uniforms? lol Shouldn’t these guys be grown up enough to handle a fucking guy flipping them the bird without doing the whole pull over and harass bullshit? Not sure if people with such ego deficiencies should even be allowed to run around with this equipment. lol…the fucking goof troop.

  • Jefferson Craddock

    for kd142 — Look at the situation from a practical, everyday point of view. When an officer sees an individual give him the finger, he naturally becomes interested in that person. His experience tells him that people who would do that sort of thing have a gripe due to outstanding warrants, prior arrests or convictions, etc. These are the people for whom there is a reasonable chance they are carrying illegal substances or weapons. That is only common sense on the part of officers, it is not intended harassment. He stops them, enacts the “plain view’ doctrine, converses with the person to get a read on him… and any of these stops put the cop in possible harm’s way.The local police are militarizing because 1.the federal government has made surplus equipment available to PDs at low cost, 2. sadly,local PDs are often outgunned by the criminal element in society. Deadly force is the modus operindi in criminality but used as a last resort in law enforcement, thus police need equipment to be able to effectively defend themselves from the potential violence of the citizenry.

    • Trish House

      You are delusional. Putting militarized Sheriffs onto the streets in a college town is INSANE and an act of social aggression. This would be the same as sending a SWAT team to your home to break in your door because you are late paying your auto registration (which, by the way, is a needless expense for most of us).

      Though most states don’t keep records of their swat raids one state does ; But in the one state where we do have the date, here’s what we know:

      • Since the law passed in 2009, the data have consistently shown that on average there are about 4.5 SWAT raids each day in Maryland.

      • Prince George’s County alone averaged well over one SWAT raid each day in 2012 (510 in total).

      • In 2012, nearly 90 percent of the SWAT raids in Maryland were to serve search warrants.

      • About two of every three SWAT raids used forced entry.

      • Half the SWAT deployments in 2012 were for “Part II” crimes, the nonviolent class of crimes. The vast majority of those raids were to serve search warrants on people suspected of drug offenses.

      • In 22 raids in 2012, or a little over one percent of the total, a law enforcement officer fired his gun.

      • About 15 percent of the raids in 2012 resulted in no seized contraband of any kind. About a third of the raids resulted in no arrests. The Maryland law doesn’t track what charges resulted in the raids that did produce arrests, but past reviews of SWAT raids by local newspapers suggest that only a small percentage of raids result in felony charges.

      Here’s hoping Utah and other states follow Maryland’s lead in creating a law that requires the state to report statistics of SWAT raids. The criminologist Peter Kraska has estimated that there are are somewhere between 50,000 and 80,000 SWAT raids per year now in America, and that number is likely growing. It’s past time for a public discussion about whether that sort of figure is appropriate and consistent with the values of a free society. But we can’t have that discussion until we have a better grasp of why they’re conducting all of these raids, and what they’re finding when they do.

    • bigbird2071

      “Deadly force is the modus operindi in criminality but used as a last resort in law enforcement”

      …do you get out much?…talk to other people?…read the news?….just about every damn day some pig somewhere is killing a citizen…usually an unarmed one I might add. Our Coproaches kill more citizens than any other country in the world. And this is your idea of using violence as a last resort?…get a grip pal.

  • Lord Skeletor

    Just because a police officer is wearing cargo pants, boots, and camo shirts and wearing external (as opposed to under-the-shirt) body armor…Doesn’t mean that they are “militarized” by any stretch of the imagination. So it’s okay for them to wear armor under their shirts, but if they wear it outside of their shirt in a heavier form to protect themselves from more bullets; they’re “militarized”?

    Their armored vehicle is unarmed. It was designed to rescue shooting victims who couldn’t be evacuated or provide cover for police officers in case of barricaded gunmen or high-risk operations. The officers don’t have military-grade weaponry. They don’t have access to gunships or air strikes from overhead planes. They lack rocket launchers, mines, and mortars. They don’t have artillery support. They lack the military’s very liberal rules of engagement (being that police are responsible for every round fired from their gun), they lack heavy armored support or air powers. They lack any real infrastructure for backup and support like the military has. They lack military training and are nowhere close to being real soldiers. In fact; they lack pretty much everything that the military HAS and USES—on a daily basis.

    You guys need to loosen the damned tinfoil and come back to planet Earth. This sort of crap is along the lines of Alex Jones and does nothing but serve as an example to lump you all in the with the fucking legions of crazy nutballs out there.

    • Susan Van Cott

      If what you say is true, regarding the use of tanks, why then was this tank used to pull over a motorist who used an improper hand signal?

  • Nicholas R. Gramlich

    I think it’s funny how that supposed navy vet thinks that’s a tank and a 5 year old that’s played battle field would know it ain’t. And if your so worried about a ‘police state’ then change it but using your arms and tactics. Ha you think the hammers dropped bc they role around in a armoured vehicle. Start constantly shooting at them and the national gaurd will be patrolling your block with a .50

  • Diamondback

    Shooting a bird at government officials is PROTECTED EXPRESSION UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT which has been INCORPORATED AGAINST THE STATES:

    This man should immediately file civil and criminal charges against these arsewipes pursuant to one of more of the following US Codes for KNOWING, OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, VIOLATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW:

    18 USC Sections 3, 4, 241, 242
    42 USC Sections 1983, 1985, 1986

    Use the 14th Amendment to pierce their “qualified immunity” and pursue them both professionally and PERSONALLY.

    Until govt officials start experience PERSONAL, SIGNIFICANT consequences every time they USURP our rights, privileges and immunities which it is their PRIMARY DUTY to “uphold, protect and defend”, NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.

  • Sgt. Grimsley USMC

    Jesus Christ, are the police *trying* to provoke the citizenry into an uprising? Or maybe it’s just that police culture has become a militarized, steroidal, bloated, corrupt mess?

  • Steve Cooper

    fuck this dude, scary piece of shit

  • Trish House

    This works for me …

  • Trish House

    Don’t pay taxes for this

    Exhibit #05.051: Former IRS Commissioner Steven Miller says the income tax is “voluntary”

  • MapThePolice, map their tanks… share their movements with the crowd when you see them. Record incidents of violence against your community and let them know you’re doing it. Help spread the word and raise awareness, while we still have a platform to do it.

  • bvdonjuan

    What a fucking piece of shit asshole cop that guy is…. really. Butt hurt over the middle finger. What a pussy.

  • DERP

    Things aren’t going to get any better after what just happened in Dallas. And this is also why people hate pigs.