Native American Tribe Converts Bowling Alley into Epic Marijuana Lounge, Politicians Freak Out


Justin Gardner | The Free Thought Project

Flandreau, S.D. — The Santee Sioux tribe is wasting no time harnessing the lucrative cannabis market after the U.S. Justice Department said last December it would no longer go after possession or sale of the plant on Native American lands.

The tribe, located in South Dakota, is currently converting a bowling alley into a cannabis “smoking lounge,” which is expected to bring $2 million a month in revenue. The grand opening is set for New Year’s Eve.

“Tribal President Tony Reider envisions a hotspot with a stage for performers, a dance floor, a bar, restaurant, smoking lounge and marijuana dispensary.”

In June, the tribe legalized cannabis on their Flandreau Santee Sioux Reservation. They promptly began construction of a large, high-tech grow facility that is now completed and growing the first crop.

The organic, pesticide-free plants are destined to become the first products in the Santee Sioux’s “budding” business ventures. In September, they announced plans to open the country’s first “marijuana resort.”

Both the lounge and the resort will adhere to strict guidelines so they don’t run afoul of the eight prohibitions in the Justice Department memo, or any state authoritarian figures looking for an excuse to shut down the place.

The lounge will ban anyone caught trying to sneak cannabis out of the door, and will enact other measures to prevent “stockpiling.”

The tribe invited South Dakota’s governor and all 105 of its legislatures to visit the grow facility and the soon-to-be smoking lounge, but only five showed up.

Many politicians are still hypnotized by drug war propaganda. Governor Dennis Daugaard’s chief of staff said the governor “believes this facility violates federal law. He also opposes the legalization of marijuana in any part of South Dakota.”

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  • Steven Spencer

    “Whether you agree with marijuana use or not, many have indicated their
    dislike of the concept of showing their children that it is acceptable,”
    said state Rep. Leslie Heinemann.

    But you have no problem showing them Tylenol, Oxycontin and any other pain killer, which they have easier access to. Kids can walk right into the medicine cabinet and consume those chewy medicine pills shaped like dinosaurs and die. PEOPLE DIE FROM USING THOSE LEGAL DRUGS. People don’t die from using marijuana, FACT. LITERALLY impossible to overdose on THC.

  • Difdi

    I wonder how many of those politicians who constantly regurgitate propaganda about all drugs being bad use tobacco or alcohol? Both of which are exempted from the Controlled Substances Act by powerful lobby groups, and both of which are many times more dangerous drugs than cannabis.

    If cannabis were judged on its actual effects, not the scare-mongering of the cotton and pharmaceutical industries, it would be Schedule I when smoked and not even that dangerous when eaten. For comparison, alcohol would be Schedule II, smoking tobacco would be Schedule IV, all other pure forms of tobacco would be Schedule III and pure nicotine delivery systems (patch, gum, vaporizer) would be Schedule II.

    I really do wonder how many of those drug warrior politicians use tobacco or alcohol? Because those really are far, far worse than marijuana.

  • Robyn Ryan

    Sovereign territory. not in the UN. Suck it, DEA.

    • Evelyn Howton


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  • Justin MacDonald

    Im just curious here. Its not ok to show your kids that weed is alright but its fine to get absolutely shitfaced drunk its ok to show kids that

  • Jeff Brown

    Cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet, food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. Any law against it is a crime against humanity

  • Asper ACT

    Pussy boy Jim Bollin says: “It violates federal law”…

    Whatever happened to the TENTH AMENDMENT…