Police Arrest 9-Yr-Old Child for Missing Court on Gum Charge


Trevor Hughes | USA Today

POST Falls — Prosecutors in Post Falls, Idaho had police arrest a 9-year-old-boy who failed to appear in court to answer charges he stole a pack of gum.

Kootenai County Prosecutor Barry McHugh said he now regrets that his office sought the arrest warrant. The boy was arrested and released Jan. 9.

“After reviewing the file today, I have concluded that my office’s request to have an arrest warrant issued was a mistake under the circumstances,” McHugh said, referring to a statement his office issued Monday.

“I regret this having taken place and will do everything in my power to avoid this type of mistake in the future.”

In an interview, McHugh said prosecutors sought the warrant because the boy had missed two court appearances.

Post Falls Police Chief Scot Haug said the boy was accused of taking a pack of gum this summer.

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He said his officers were legally obligated to arrest the boy, who was taken to a juvenile detention center in nearby Coeur d’Alene for processing.

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  • Edwin Sequeira

    true or false ?

  • Edwin Sequeira

    true or false ???

  • Edwin Sequeira

    false or true ???

  • Laci Hart

    yes we have no real criminals to arrest. I think it’s time to start cutting the police force. save some Tax money.

  • The Glider

    Jesus fucking Christ. You got to be kidding me.

  • notyouthankgod

    they should arrested the kids fucked up parents for not taking him to court!!!!

    • ZeroDay

      Ridiculous to charge a kid that young (or calling the cops in the first place) for such a petty crime.The store could have told the parents to pay for it and leave it at that. Even more ridiculous is the judge is the only one authorised to issue a bench warrant for his arrest. *Since we know that the DA’s and judges communicate on a daily basis. DA’s so far seen only represent what the state wants and go after criminals that are brought to their attention. And another thing, If you stand by your front door outside and shut it, unless you say specifically “You do not have permission to walk/enter in here” they are allowed to apparently. Even if you are standing directly in front of the door.

  • Burn The Obedient

    If the police showed up at my door with a warrant for my 9 year old son, and attempted to arrest him for stealing a pack of gum, there would be hell to pay. Ill just leave it at that.