WATCH: Police Tase Man to Death on Wedding Day as Parents and Fiance Watch


Dan McCue | Courthouse News Service


The family of a Florida man who died after being repeatedly Tased by Georgia sheriff’s deputies are seeking a federal investigation into his death.

Chase Sherman was returning home with his parents and fiancee from a family wedding in November when he appeared to begin hallucinating.

According to subsequent news reports, as the family continued down Interstate-85 south of Atlanta, Sherman bit his fiancee, and then tried to jump out of the back seat of the car.

Sherman’s fiancee pulled the car over, and his mother called the police, hoping they could calm her son. Thirty minutes later, the family says, Sherman was dead, having been Tasered several times by sheriff’s deputies while handcuffed in the back seat of the car they rented to drive to the wedding.

Video footage later released by Coweta County, Ga. prosecutors showed the deputies struggling to subdue the handcuffed man as he attempted to get out of the car, and then suddenly realizing he was dead.

Sherman’s death certificate says he died as the result of “an altercation with law enforcement with several trigger pulls of an electronic control device.”

On Tuesday, attorney Chris Stewart, who represents the Sherman family, said he’s sent a request to the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division requesting a federal investigation of the incident.

Stewart said Coweta Judicial Circuit District Attorney Peter Skandalakis has taken too long to decide whether to present the case to a grand jury.

Skandalakis said Wednesday morning that he hopes to reach a decision soon on whether to prosecute the case.

He also said he would welcome the Justice Department’s involvement in the case and would cooperate fully with federal investigators.

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Watch the video below:

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  • The fact that they were apparently tasering the man WHILE HANDCUFFED is sufficiently outrageous enough to make the story without the clickbait false implication in the headline that it happened on HIS wedding day. Please don’t let the importance of the problem get cheapened by unnecessary tabloid tactics that discredit the source for twisting information. It becomes easier to dismiss the fact that a handcuffed man has been tasered TO DEATH by police when its obvious the title was an attempt to make it seem more scandalous than it already is. It doesn’t need spicing up, folks. Despite the fact that it is becoming a common occurrence, it should make us angry without the added bs.

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  • Kerry Walker

    What are the names of the Georgia deputies who did this????

  • lurid

    it doesn’t matter, the guy is white and cops only kill black people

    • Dartmouth ’11

      Nothing to see here folks. Ignore the troll and it will die from lack of attention…

      • lurid

        I am no troll and was not looking for attention

        • Sam Cat

          you might not be a troll but you are a worthless piece of shit …

          • lurid

            I am far from worthless Sam, I’m worth just as much as you are. I pray you find the Truth and Love of Jesus, God bless you and your family greatly.

    • So What

      Killedbypolice. Net says white men die at the hands of cops far more than any nygger. The only reason you don’t hear of it is because white people don’t riot and burn down their own neighborhoods you dumb fuck idiot nygger spook bitch

      • lurid

        So what, wow – you clearly did not get that my statement was SARCASTIC. I am not black and I am disgusted by most of the actions of the BLM movement but I’m saddened by your racist actions as well. There is no reason to insult black people, you are no different than they are, we are all EQUAL and RELATED as we are made by the same Creator. I pray you find God and the Truth of Jesus, God bless you greatly.

        • So What

          Boo hoo hoo

    • Mark Savage

      Black lives matter,,,just not to blacks… on black crime kills more blacks than any other skin colour put together.

      • lurid

        Mark – my statement was something called, “sarcasm.” I am disgusting with what is going on in this country as it seems a large people group act like Black lives only matter when they are killed by cops and that police only seem to be out to kill Black people.

      • Kevin Gretzinger

        This is a classic tactic my friend that has been utilized by the “elitest class” as a way to control the population. If we get them to blame each other and fight among themselves they will be too busy doing that and fighting to survive to fight against us. This is where the saying “divided we fall” comes from

        • Mark Savage

          divide to conquer, a war tactic being used by the media and politicians against us, fully awake to the bigger globalist agenda.

      • reggie

        White on white crime is doing white folk in too.You racist little pig .This crime by police had nothing to do with black folk .

        • Mark Savage

          The difference is in the no.s, oh and stating given known documented facts is somehow racist, your part of the problem cupcake.

    • Rebecca Dawn Gillespie

      That is total bullshit.

      • lurid

        um, that was sarcasm… smh

  • Jay Paradiso

    They knew they screwed up watch this at the point that the cop says Dont kick me . He was already docile and they were clearly hamming it up for the observers. I am so sorry for the Mom that called the police for help .These cops are untrained thugs this is a disgrace.

    • Spartacus

      Actually, they ARE trained. That’s the problem.

  • dustyloco47 .

    She fucked up when she called the pigs. I bet she don’t support cops anymore after this. We told you so!

    • Spoonman44

      I bet she still does…brainwashing is strong stuff

  • RW

    The missing link here, is what made the man start hallucinating? This should have been pursued in the autopsy. As for the cops they killed him, and nothing other than paid leave will ever result from it!

    • nyonic

      It said that he was smoking Spice or synthetic marijuana. It is NOTHING like real pot. It’s known to cause hallucinations, problems breathing and heart failure.

      The tasing probably didn’t help matters, but he was out of his mind on a synthetic substance that’s been central in more than a few deaths worldwide.

  • commonsense

    This is so wrong, why aren’t those “cops ” ever tazed themselves and see if they can follow one command after a few million volts going through their body? Just like that one guy,Alton Sterling, who was executed for selling Cds because they tazed the shit out of him and then give him commands that are impossible to follow especially after he’s been put through a human size bug zapper!! You HAVE NO MUSCLE CONTROL,that’s the WHOLE REASON FOR STUN GUNS, so how can one do what is ordered of them by these small penis, picked in school azzholes that are quick tempered and freak out if you dont /cant follow their orders after they shocked the hell out of you? “He’s not doing what he was told” yeah no crap because he cant, his nervous system is locked up from your tazer you POS SEMI-Retarded AZZHOLE! They must have some sort IQ, Psychological testing to be and ARC(Armed Revenue Collector) oh wait, we still call them cops. Here in Illinois the State Police will bypass a 4 yr college degree requirement for 2 tours in middle east??? WT F ? So they will take some stressed out(possible PTSD) guy trained and programmed to kill over an Educated individual? This explains a lot of these cops kill first mentality, deal with it later, ill get off because we are the law! Unless its recorded and undisputable? The guy was HANDCUFFED!!!

    • Andrew Benton

      They generally do get tazed and get sprayed with mace/pepperspray/whathaveyou during training.

    • nyonic

      He broke out of the handcuffs and got hold of one of the tasers.

      Anyone carrying mace or a taser has been on the receiving end of whatever it is they are carrying, that is considered non-lethal. Though, this is a practice that some departments have changed over time.

      There’s not much doubt that the multiple tasings didn’t contribute to his death, but the synthetic garbage he felt the need to smoke MOST CERTAINLY did.

      • Wendy Colby

        Unless something was slipped into his drink or food…..I wouldn’t automatically say he smoked or knowingly took anything since his family didn’t know what was wrong with him.

    • Buzz Andersen

      Alton Sterling was robbing a homeless person when the police arrived. He was hardly a saint.

  • does anyone else want to know why he was hallucinating?

    • Sam Cat

      not anyone with a fucking brain …. it matters not

    • Spoonman44

      . “Apparently reacting to synthetic marijuana he took days earlier”

  • twen

    This is what happens when you call the cops.

  • Joseph Slabaugh
  • art mon

    Why would a mom call a cop? Knowing all these things going on? Well, am black, the cops look for black people.

  • Alex Knight

    Lesson people NEED TO LEARN: NEVER, EVER, EVER call the cops. EVER. You’re only creating further trouble for yourself.

  • purplediamond

    Unless there is a more detailed story somewhere, this article says NOTHING about the man smoking spice a few days prior! Don’t add things that are not true. People with diabetes can hallucinate & other medical problems.

  • crazytrain2

    I have to make an apology. When I said several weeks ago, that even though freethought and filming cops are affiliated with copblock, they seem to take the high road and are better. This incident proves it, as well as several others I read the last week. This was not his wedding day, despite the purposely false article header.

  • crazytrain2

    I owe an apology for saying that this site was better than copblock even though they are affiliated. Purposely making it sound like this was his wedding day is cheap as hell.

    As for the video, he is biting, kicking, grabbing the taser, and bends the handcuffs that are in front because they could not get him handcuffed in front. All of the taser uses after the initial are drive stuns because the wires are obviously broke. This man is fucked up on some hallucinogenic drugs and is immune to pain and not responding like normal people do to pain compliance.

    I think it is likely he died due to weight on him, and one of them even says “got all my weight on him now” while waiting for backup. This is awful for the family to have to watch, but he was out of control because of drugs that he took.

  • etyrnal

    is this why some people are increasingly like “FTP”? #Wonderlic21 #TrainedToMurder

  • ndelco

    She called the police!! How stupid…

  • HanzP_Is_A_Pretentious_Douche

    Death to traitor pigs !