Remember This When the Media Tells You “The Cop Had to Shoot Him Because He Was Armed”


throw away guns

WASHINGTON, DC — A disturbing confession by John Elliot, a former Fairfax County police officer, illustrates exactly what happens when cops try to get away with murdering American citizens.

Recall all of the cases you’ve heard of officers shooting someone and moments later conveniently “finding a gun” near the dead person’s body.

In these cases, the victim’s family will typically come forward and state that their dead loved one never had a gun and, in fact, never even owned any guns or knew how to use them.

But once the story of a gun being “found” on the victim is promulgated by the mainstream media, the family’s testimony gets drowned out.

How is it that these guns (sometimes knives) keep showing up on people after being shot by police?

The answer: throw-away weapons.

Throw-aways, or what are sometimes called drop weapons, became very popular in Iraq. Some US troops would carry a few throw-away AKs in their vehicles.

The idea behind having throw-aways is that when you kill an innocent person, you can plant the throw-away weapon on them moments after their death.

This allows you to maintain that the victim — who will now be named a “suspect” by Statist media outlets — was armed, that you had no choice but to shoot him, and that you “feared for your life.”

Quite literally, a throw-away weapon allows you to get away with murder.

Crime scene investigators will show up and take photos of the throw-away weapon planted near the victim’s dead body.

These photos are then circulated in State-controlled media, flashing on the screen for entranced viewers.

Sincere but misguided citizens then take to the internet and defend the cop’s action, saying things like “I’m usually the first to point out police brutality but in this case the guy had a gun! The officer was just defending himself, it was justified.”

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Alas, appearances can be deceiving; in the world of law enforcement, appearances are always deceiving.  What you see is not what you get. And what else would you expect from individuals who receive professional training in how to lie to people?

What we have below, is Officer John Elliot explaining how “many, if not most,” officers carry throw-away weapons on them, so they can plant these weapons on Americans after murdering them.

Elliot considers a scenario in which an officer guns down a citizen with a toy gun. The officer will then take some “precautions” to avoid punishment. It will be instructive to quote him at length, as his explanation of how officers use throw-aways is quite elaborate. As follows:

There would sure to be a judicial review board, followed, at the very minimum, by a lengthy unpaid suspension, a stain on the officer’s perhaps otherwise stellar personnel record, thereby preventing future promotions, perhaps even termination, perhaps even criminal prosecution with the possibility of incarceration. So what were those aforementioned preparations put in place by some very well-meaning veteran officers? Well, many, if not most, carried, what became known as, “throw-away weapons.”

Those weapons had any and all possible serial numbers removed, were impossible to trace back to the officers, and were concealable. The weapons in question ranged from switchblades to daggers, derringers to small caliber two-inch revolvers, to the smallest of semi-automatic pistols, and just about anything else thrown in for good measure. The common denominator was that they could all be used if and when the unimaginable were to happen. In the case of the plastic toy gun, in the frantic seconds after the fact, the throw-away derringer, sans serial numbers, could be substituted for that toy gun, thereby ensuring that disciplinary actions would be prevented. And just where does one acquire such a strange and assorted mix of weapons? Well, if you work on the streets long enough, they just somehow place themselves in your hands. You come across those items on nearly a daily basis, and not all of them get turned over to the evidence division.

Yes, I know, I’m a dinosaur, and I’m relatively sure I couldn’t manage to fit in with today’s new breed of highly trained law enforcement professionals. But just give them a few years out in patrol, and, dollars to donuts, I’ll be willing to bet that a high percentage of them will be carrying throw-away weapons as well.”

Elliot pauses to insist that he does not condone such tactics, but then admits that he also carried multiple throw-aways: “Yes, I carried throw-away weapons. I ended up with a shoebox full of throw-away weapons of just about every description. I still have most of them today, but aside from the occasional switchblade, my favorite was an old 32 caliber Smith and Wesson Model 1 ½ revolver. ”

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Friends, read that twice, carefully, and remember it the next time you hear things like “the suspect was armed so the officer had no choice but to shoot” or “the officer feared for his life.”

A tactic once used against Iraqis during wartime, is now being used on American citizens.

Watch the video of a US troop explaining how to use throw-away weapons:

Watch video of man filming cops talking about planting guns on people:

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  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    “shock and surprise”

  • draybrownz

    We must use lie detectors on cops after each arrest asap. Of course 90% of the force will quit because of it, another 9% will be indicted because of it and we will have the 1% left that are good cops. Get rid of them all !

    • Mills Buchard

      Lie detectors can’t be used in court for the simple reason that there is no evidence that they work. All you see about them in movies or read in novels, comes from the advertising spread by the people who sell them or provide the “service” of using them for a fee. They are basically a scam.

      • draybrownz

        You’re misinformed because they do work, or at least the CIA,FBI, NSA, BRINKS, POLICE, and MAURY Povich seem to believe they work and that’s the reason they are not admissible in court. If those officers were to be tested they would ALL FAIL.

  • Bon

    Not surprise I have seen and heard from people that never used drugs of cops trying to plant while yes I know all are not bad but keeping your mouths shut makes you a criminal too

    • tetonmoon

      True story.. Idaho.. where my daughters ashes are in the Tetons and where I raised my son for years.. Now in AZ where medical marijuana is legal.. son drives into Idaho to visit on way to do show in Denver ( second time this happened, first time he and three friends spent over a month in jail before case thrown out with judge warning that it better be dropped or hell was going to be paid) anyway, stopped just inside border for going only 2 seconds instead of 3 behind car ( first of all the 3 second rule is a suggestion not a law, second impossible to “clock” as cop said and third had cruise control on and car in front of him was weaving and illegal maneuvers but Idaho plates) So after three miles of a cop so close to his bumper you could not see the head lights (Trying to intimidate into an illegal maneuver to justify a pull over) he pulls them over. He immediately orders him and friend out and hand cuff them (for his safety) and puts them and the two pups in a squad. He calls five cars and proceeds to tear a rental car to shreds for 6 hours .. SIX HOURS .. telling them that if they don’t tell them where the drugs are he will take car to shop and cut it into pieces etc.. NO drugs at all.. but a bag of organic ginseng tea cubes. Which the cops says tested positive for marijuana … but since the boys where cooperative ( handcuffed for 6 hours I guess they where) he was going to let them go but keeping the marijuana ginseng cubes. First time they arrested all for for a false stop of speeding in a construction zone but admitted the construction zone was over months ago, illegally detained for over an hour to get a dog and then coaxed dog to alert, found some clean glass pipes that where to be traded at a Rainbow Festival where money is not allowed and in Montana where pot is legal and then planted 3 grams of week on them after 4 hours saying it was in the rear window!!! LOL dog never even alerted to inside and if in rear window don’t think it would take hours to find..
      MY daughter was a cop, 14 yrs, she left because of the corruption and the newer hiring practices of hiring sociopaths. She was not allowed to be a good cop and was constantly demoted for trying to help people. She left the force and the country and is about as Anti American as you get. ‘
      I also have a lot of friend who are coming back from the military and are against the US government and the police.. they know whats going on.. I can only hope these young men and women stay sharp and trained and are willing to do the jobs they swore to .. Protect against foreign and DOMESTIC enemies.

  • Mills Buchard

    On the west coast, it is just as likely that the throw-away still has a serial number. Guns taken from suspects are not checked against any sort of “hot sheet”, in fact there are no hot sheets of stolen guns generally. So chances are very slim that the throw-away can be traced. If cops are planning to use a throw-away to murder somebody, they might remove the SR, but after grinding or etching of the numbers, they can still be brought out using techniques that have been around for over a hundred years. Those techniques are pretty simple, they just aren’t used most of the time.

  • Is it just me but is the guns[dot]com link now not working where it says ” John Elliot explaining”????? I tweeted that link and it’s now not working

  • eric


    • David MySky

      Stop shouting already.

    • Mark

      Your a stupid fucking idiot

      • Tiki Steve

        I think you mean “You’re” which is short for “you are” while “your” shows possesion. kinda funny considering your remark.

      • ubail

        Why because he said the truth. You sound like the fucking idiot

      • eric


  • If someone has a cached copy of this link/??? we need it. guns-dot]com took the webpage down after I tweeted this webpage

  • micheal

    when Pigs fly

  • Josie Eckwright

    Well this is no surprise. They don’t even have to bother with doing all that. Now a days they can kill an unarmed man on video no need for any weapons and in the courts or the internal investigations always come out that “The Officer was Justified. ” then a bunch cops wear T-Shirts saying “I can breath.” mocking a dead mans last words. That is shit. All cocky about it and everything….Whatever with that. We don’t need to fight the cops their are some good and some bad. It is the system and we need some reform and find solutions through or governor and congress…And we need more guys like this one to come forward. We need ACCOUNTABILITY for actions legal not just civil if there is an abuse of power. Some of these cops are just freakin out with all this power it’s a sciopath’s dream come true….

    • NegroeDamus

      Very well said…

      • GarrySJones

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      • DouglasCCanela

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    • Eady Trice Morgan

      I was going to say the same thing until I read your comment. No need to add anything further.

    • Randy

      I hope you realize that the officers were wearing “I can’t breathe” shirts in support of the victim. Signifying that they should have stopped at that point. That being said if you can’t breathe you can’t speak.

      • Jason Douglas

        That’s utter bullshit and a long time lie used by those who abuse. You can be choking to death and speak at the same time idiot. Try it.

        • I’ve been choked into unconsciousness and couldn’t utter a word before it all went black.

      • Abusive people say: If you can’t breathe, you can’t talk. They usually say this while they are choking someone. We use “Universal Language and Signs” to communicate. The “Universal Sign” for the inability to breathe (whether by heart attack, asthma attack, or choking) is: “I CAN’T BREATHE!”

        • Breathing = inhaling.
          Speaking = exhaling.
          Ideally you can do both; sometimes you can do one but not the other.

          • dave

            you’re a fucking idiot

          • ToryII

            When a person says they can’t breathe they may mean they feel like they eventually won’t be able to breathe.

          • Nice Ride

            Actually your statement makes you the idiot.

      • Robert L A Daugherty

        if you can’t breathe you can’t speak is a lie you stupid person. Let somebody constrict your breathing you will be able to say I can’t breathe meaning if you keep this up I’m going to die several times before actually dying you are parroting the words of that idiotic union chief and you sound just as stupid as he does. People are able to call out in distress when they are in distress for a little while and if the thing continues they will die just as Eric Garner did. doesn’t common sense tell you that the man stopPed breathing therefore he couldn’t breathe? and you still don’t believe him?

      • beowolfe

        If you’re referring to this:

        The shirt said ‘I can Breathe’. And it wasn’t in support of the victims, they were mocking the victims and the prostestors.

      • Nice Ride

        Bullshit. The term “with his dying breath”
        has been around for centuries.

      • Chum Lee Jr

        BS. Cops wore shirts mocking dead man. If you’re going to lie, Officer, do it in court where they believe every word your lying POS ass tells them.

    • Kansas Bright

      “We the people” as the Militia of the several states – trained, plus the CONSTITUTIONAL Sheriffs are the lawful and only constitutionally recognized accountability.

      • Basil Malik

        well there are now two cases of men saying those exact words while being pinned down. Amazingly. though they could speak, they are both dead. I have to agree with Harry. A person choking on a chicken bone can say I can’t breathe. I’ve seen it and maybe someone should have yelled back if you can talk you can breathe but the decided to help them get air instead and some how they are alive. Viola.

      • ToryII

        Chicago’s sheriff (Cook County) is antigun.

  • Sean34

    I wanted to read the entire article but I had to stop when they implied that “throw aways” started or manifested in Iraq. Purely bullshit. There is no doubt that it could have happened, but for what need? I was in Iraq, and I don’t remember anyone using throw aways. As if being in a war, and being a police officer are in any way similar at all. Just because a few shit bags used throw aways in Iraq, that doesn’t mean it started there or it is some sort of common practice. Let me remind you that the poor little innocent people this article seems to refer to, are the same ISIS ass holes who everyone is after.

    • John Knowlton

      I agree with you on where/when the “throwaway” habit started, since it was clearly well before the second (or for that matter the first) war in Iraq.
      However, ISIS is a group hiding behind the mask of Muslim-extremism. They were trained and funded by the US, UK, and Israeli governments just like Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Kurds, etc, before them to destabilize the region. They are, in fact, the Syrian “rebels” the US initially wanted to arm against Assad (before settling on airstrikes due to public outcry), and Israel continues to arm and treat their wounded.
      I think it’s disturbing that you’d allude to the 500,000 innocent civilians killed in Iraq (many of whom were undoubtedly found with “throwaway” weapons) as being the same as proxy mercenaries fighting the last gasps of a war of colonialism for white Europeans in the Middle East.

      • Sean34

        I find it a bit ridiculous that you consider all 500,000 of them innocent, or civilains. I also find it a bit ridiculous that you want to credit all of them being killed by our hands. Nevermind how many of them killed each other because as we all know, the Sunnis and Shia have a reputation for understanding.. Nevermind how many were killed in fighting with us by rounds passing everywhere. Nevermind the Mehdi milita killing people, or JAM. You won’t let that get in the way of a good argument. I also find it disturbing that you think you’ve got some sort of insight on the situation when you’ve never been there to see it for yourself. I am not saying it never happened because I am sure there were idiots who did. However, for every one idiot who would’ve done that, there were a thousand of us who did not. Why the hell would we need a throw away weapon when JAM and the Mehdi Milita would hit us with IED’s and engage us afterwards? Don’t be so naive, as you seem to have some sort of education. Just because the CIA undoubtedly has funded and trained enemies of ours in the past, doesn’t necessarily mean that every group of pissed off Muslims needs them to back or fund them. Seriously, give those idiots some credit as ridiculous as it sounds.

        • John Knowlton

          500,000 civilians is a confirmed number, buddy. With a little more than that also dead in Afghanistan. Civilians.
          18 more from a drone strike last week.
          Civilians. Not “potential terrorists.”

          • Sean34

            Again, that number may be correct, but that doesn’t mean we killed them. I can see you won’t be moved from your position, regardless of what I tell you from experience. Keep up the good fight against police militarization and brutality.

          • dennisbohner

            When you decide to START conflicts or to ALTER the social dynamics of ongoing conflicts, responsibility is entailed.
            When the basis for these murderous rampages are to profit the rich (naming the exceptions is difficult) then we are also, from the onset, morally depraved.
            I truly do not have any sympathy for our troops who have served in these odious actions. They can quit rather than be militarized whores but they don’t. Even more revelatory is that many like this shit, the murder, the action and the money..

          • Sean34

            You’re an idiot. It isn’t murder when your being shot at. Granted there were people who did fucked up shit, don’t generalize. Crawl back to your commune with your unbathed family.

          • dave

            i agree with you if we started the ball rolling we are responsible

        • Rachel Flanagan

          Hell, US sanctions killed 500,000 Iraq children, that’s not even taking into consideration the adults.
          END WAR: Madeleine Albright Says Deaths Of 500,000 Iraqi Children Is Worth It; UN Sanction Genocide

          Watch the lizard lady, say the death of 500,000 Iraq children was “worth it”

          Pure evil.

      • Joseph W. Egan

        These criminals aren’t just anti-cop, they are against the troops too. They are an anti-American enemy within.

        • Robert L A Daugherty

          tell that to the family of John Crawford

    • JorgeSoros

      Look, don’t get upset over this article. It’s a liberal slush piece written to incite a narrative instead of reporting facts. The only reason they stated American soldiers used throwaways is that the author and his liberal comrades hate the military and do their best to slander it.

      • John J Publicus

        You sound like an angry cop Jorge, or a trolling shill for cops. Your right hate mongering anger act doesn’t work here so run along now and bother some folks with less intelligence. They’re more your type anyway, easier for you to,understand and manipulate. Too bad you can’t just grab us and throw us on the ground like you want to, huh?

        • David Kelly

          Too bad YOU are an idiot. There are bad cops. There are bad citizens. YOU are one of the stupid ones that the good cops have to protect because you don’t know when to STFU. Maybe, instead of trying to incite civil war, you should figure out how to FIX the system. Voted for that POS obaaaaama didn’t you?

          • John J Publicus

            Amazing how easy it is to flush out a bd cop here, isn’t it?

            I see you’re trying to ‘fix’ the system too, eh? Fix it for your angry gang of blue I’d say. Telling me to STFU? Mocking my assumed voting habits?

            As to my name and my avatar, too bad you don’t know too much about constitutional history, isn’t it?

            Who’s the dumb POS?

          • dennisbohner

            Your anger David at those who oppose violence as a knee-jerk reaction is impressive in scope.
            So where are your solutions?
            I have two. Body cameras at all times. No exceptions or be retired immediately. Go back to the station upon the failure of said camera. Second Item, A completely civilian review board for all questionable acts capable of removing officers throughout the ranks. Details are needed but this is the brief form.

          • Rachel Flanagan

            I like the way your think Dennis. Kudos to your post.

          • dave

            i agree

          • Mia

            Hi, dennis, Your first suggestion toward possible solutions is unworkable in practice. In real-world scenarios we’d be left with swaths of rolling enforcement breakdowns due to technology alone.

            Why should review boards be solely civilian? That seems awfully emotional to be truly effective. Yes on the mandate to remove officers.

          • tetonmoon

            oh no this will not do.. First of all if you are a cop and involved in an act of excessive force, be it beatings, tazers or murder.. you go to jail.. JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE. No paid leave and no internal investigation. You see a judge and you either post bail or rot til trial. We need to end the Police Union and all departments need to be privately insured so that if excessive amounts of questionable actions occur then they will loose insurance and will no longer exist. All prosecutors for any police incidents must be independent of any other cases as to not taint them. Grand juries also need an over haul. All evidence both from the defense and prosecutors should be shown as to not deceive and mis inform. Cops also should be held personally accountable civilly and tax payers should be off the hook for the billions of dollars already paid since 2010 in law suits since they would have to be privately insured.

            Body cams should be worn and in various places, glasses and belts.. they should be tamper proof and they should be live feed to a public domain where the people who pay them have access so as to not be tampered.

            One violation ending in injury or death is an instant criminal offense no different then if you beat a guy at a bar. As a matter of fact we have a law on books ” ” which I have no idea why it has not been used or at least I have not heard of a prosecutor using this law to prosecute anyone of authority. Probably because our system is incestuous.

            NO MORE PAID LEAVE..

            There is justified deaths.. I have a daughter who was PD for 14 yrs but never once killed a sole and drew weapon seldom. Took a 200 lb man with a pocket knife down with one finger under his nose. Sorry but cops are not special and they instigate more then they help.

          • tariq

            Correct on all points.

          • Robert L A Daugherty

            Obama is the reason for murderous cops? It rained this morning is Obama the reason?

          • dave

            what good cops if they don’t turn the coworkers in for misconduct they are just as bad

          • Lava


          • tetonmoon

            Again.. someone too ignorant to debate and falls back on Ad Hominem
            First of all .. stop this ” Left Wing” “Liberal” etc desperate acts of insults. You know nothing about anyones political beliefs. As for me I believe in no government.. so you can call me an Anarchist but in your limited scope that would be a bad thing because you have no real education on anarchy or that there is several versions of it..
            I am sick of idiots with low IQs only being able to sling ” Left Wing” ” Right Wing” ” LIberal ” or Obama lover around and think it sounds any more then you are an uneducated, closed minded, drone.
            So if you cannot debate or have anything besides ignorant insults please go back to your TV dinner in front of FOX NEWS or the CBN and let that little bit of brain continue to wither away.

          • Luke Marshall

            voting is a fucking lie mate either one of two things has to be true 1 people are incapeable of governing themselves in this current form of democracy and consistently fuck up their decisions or 2 voting is farcical and entirely made up as a fictional construct to make you more accepting of whoever is the puppetmaster of the time why else would we have been voting for so many hundreds of years to only uphold a gradually deteriorating system…..

        • Tony Crane

          So your left wing hate and insults are any better?

          • John J Publicus

            Care to point out those ‘left wing insults’ son? I’ve said it before; it’s in advisable to come to a battle of the wits unarmed…

          • Robert L A Daugherty

            Standing up for the people with badges authority and a license to kill does not make you brave or patriotic it makes you an idiotic a hole. When they Choke your son, daughter, relative, Neighbor r excetra to death then and only then will you realize there’s a prob

      • chelbee

        Except this article was originally written from a retired cop in 2011:
        Not sure where the Iraq part came from though.

        • JorgeSoros

          Oh, a retired cop? One retired cop. Guess I must be wrong then. I should just fully believe what one guy has said without any sort of evidence or credibility other than “retired cop.” Yea… ok. Do people just not understand evidence and facts anymore? But… whatever lets just go by what ONE guy has said and then shout about how wrong I am because I’m obviously a “police troll.” So much damn ignorance, nobody understands debate anymore….

          • AnnieB

            Below is your evidence. The KKK has also infiltrated law enforcement.Bull Conner was a sheriff. The only thing changed was the color from white sheets to blue uniforms. The strategy is more savvy – codes such as ‘I feared for my life to justify murder by police offers, choke holds instead of a rope for so-called resisting arrest, stop and frisk to pad the victim with an arrest record (no actual conviction) to (1) earn revenue for the state, (2) to convince the public that the victim was deserving of the brutal treatment or murder, and (3) restrict the victims economic opportunities (decent paying job, qualification for student loans, enlist in armed forces) forcing the victim to survive in an underground economy with no benefits, pension- being paid if at all off the books for whatever the boss man think you are worth- just like post slavery. So you see the police has a very strategic role to suppress any real competition from black young men and take great pride in putting niggas in their place. Police are not train to protect the black community (they don’t get out of their damn cars). Their role is to protect property, contain, restrain and suppress the members of the black community.

          • tariq

            Annie B. you are absolutely 100% correct about every last word of your post and I thank you for posting it. Although I am amazed I am not surprised that after three months your post didn’t get any up votes other than mine. But anyway it is good to know that there are socially and racially conscious people who know and stand for right over might/white.

          • tetonmoon

            Ad Hominem show the lack of the ability to express fact. Also shows lack of intelligence.
            My daughter was a cop for 14 yrs and this is not bullshit. She left because of reasons like this. Because the hiring practices of hiring borderline of fully sociopaths with low IQs and who will follow and not ask who have chips on shoulders. Of hiring obviously disturbed ex military and that corruption is the norm not the exception. As for military I know many many ex and they will say nothing positive about what happened in Iraq nor will they back the USA or deny that it was a war for profit and wrong. 100 yrs and only 18 yrs with out the US being in a war.. destabilization of countries so we can steal resources and the murder of millions. Wake up.

    • Jason Douglas

      I was in Iraq and saw a lot of shady crap. Just because you didn’t witness it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    • Robert L A Daugherty

      before the Iraq war there was no Isis. There was no al Qaeda in Iraq. And the Iraqi’s had nothing to do with 911 so there’s that

    • tetonmoon

      Yeah at least in the military you are trained to stand down with weapons in front of civilians and have some code of honor where cops are terrorist to the civilians of this country.

      But I know a lot of ex military and this is not uncommon.

      And I completely disagree with you stating these innocents are ISIS.. maybe you need to study what happened when we first invade and the three years of mistake after mistake made by the people who where to help this country.. OUR People..

      Paul Bremmer was a joke and a child and was put in charge without any idea of what to do and fucked that opportunity to create a functioning and grateful allies.

      WE created the situation that exists there now.. we destroyed all infrastructure.. schools, hospitals, etc. We denied anyone who was part of Hussein to work which included teachers, doctors and scholars.. we left nothing for these people to survive on .. and that my friend turned the cheers and gratitude into chaos and poverty. That created ISIS. The US government has created almost every problem world wide with its greed and power. It destabilized peaceful and functioning countries for decades. For the past 100 yrs the USA has only had 18 yrs without being involved with war..

      I think you need some deprogramming son.. And please don’t apply for a job as a cop.. too many brainwashed PTSD ex military already.

  • TruthHurtz

    Congrats on finding a hack who couldn’t cut it as a police officer to tell you the story you wanted to hear.

    • steve

      who would want to be a cop….some loser that you snaped with a town in gum class

    • useless eater

      Who are your sources? Those same cops who do quite nicely in a corrupt and unjust system?

  • wildman

    does this really shock anyone they have been doing that for ages-

  • JorgeSoros

    Ok so does this article cite any real evidence or just testimonies we have to told to assume are true? You people need to realize that a lot of these articles are light on the evidence and sources because they are trying to fill a specific narrative. In the recent news the anit-cop and police brutality has been used to further the communist agenda in America. Break down the enforcement and rule of law in the nation, breed mistrust in the police, and you’ve got a few of the key ingredients to a communist revolution.

    Remember that next time you go to protest the police. Think about who is paying for the protest, who is organizing it, and who is working behind the scenes. The radical left and the communist are on the march in America, and those of you who protest and fight with them… well unfortunately you will be the first people killed by the Communist rulers when they no longer need you.

    • James Bo-pete Johnson

      STFU Troll…

      • JorgeSoros

        Gotta silence opinions than different than yours. That’s ok. Ignorance is bliss and I know the public education most likely failed you as it has failed many others.

        • David MySky

          And rwnj sheeple who watch Fox news must be the most blissful. Here’s what the fact checkers have to say about Fox News Entertainment channel:

        • David MySky

          That’s their plan- for public education to fail the masses. That way, they’ll have plenty of disenfranchised bodies to fight their dirty for-profit oil wars. Promise them the moon, but once they come back broken and no longer of use to them, just kick ’em to the curb. If they still have all their physical body parts intact and functioning and still have enough neurons working in their brain, they turn into militaristic LEOs with their government pensions, and are turned loose on those who dare voice their eroding 1st Amendment rights in protest of excessive police brutality, cuts in education spending, and corruption in government and finance.

          • Tony Crane

            Do you really believe what you are saying? Better to make your way out of the echo chamber. You don’t make any more sense than anyone on the other side.

        • DSmooth

          @jorgesoros…what the gentleman was trying to tell you by stating “STFU Troll” is simply that you are not making any damn sense, by starting out your post…by asking the question about evidence is pure stupidity. The news reporter clearly stated that the dirty cop have been recorded numerous times using racial slurs & also that the Police Commander is taking this case very seriously based upon the mounds of evidence he had been presented with…so if you are on this thread posting stupid asinine comments…then I think it would be safe to concur, that you are a brain damaged retarded ass troll. Idiot!!!

    • John J Publicus

      Communist revolution my right ass cheek! Open your eyes and look around you, the fascists already won and now they’re just mopping up…..

      • JorgeSoros

        Not quite. The fascist haven’t won and they haven’t “mopped up” until they start mass executions and gulag imprisonment. Does anyone study history anymore? I mean really… go read a book. And I mean an actual history book, not a 30 minute .99 cent kindle throwaway.

        • John J Publicus

          Nice bile and hate filled response there sparky, been in therapy long? How about a nice quote from a historian that’s used by a friend of mine, Doris Kerns Goodwin, quite a bit?

          “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

          There most likely won’t be mass murders OR gulag imprisonment, that’s for the history books. Social media won’t allow that this time and to be just a tad dismissive, if you were actually aware of anything besides your unbridled anger you’d understand that.

          No, this time it will be a very slow but inexorable process of ‘culling the herd’ through social division and perhaps a pathogen which would have a cure, but only available to those that can afford it. No ‘mass shootings’ or gulag needed.

          In fact, take a good long look in the mirror because you’re obviously the leading edge of this problem. Now, take your irrational and uninformed anger elsewhere. I’m far to educated and informed for the likes of you to tangle with.

          Next time you decide to come to a battle of the wits, you’d be advised not to come unarmed….

          • JdL

            Next time you decide to come to a battle of the wits, you’d be advised not to come unarmed….

            Really full of yourself, aren’t you? You provide no evidence to support your assertions, yet preen about as if you’re the biggest intellect on earth. Guess that fits nicely with your pompous handle.

          • John J Publicus

            Another low information dweeb heard from….

            What information would you like that you wouldn’t deride as ‘left wing propaganda’ or ‘MSM bullshit’. Why should I waste my time providing you with a damn thing, with a fouls mouth and a bad attitude, it would be like poking a mangy dog through a gate-somewhat entertaining but really just pathetic in the end.

            So, like I said, the next time you decide to come to a battle of the wits, arm yourself with something more than weak bile and rhetoric…

          • John J Publicus

            Here’s a hint jdl, if you’re really not full of crap and want to actually learn something. Look up the words Prescott Bush and Hitler and read what you find there. The fascists have been in charge for decades, pretty much since Eisenhower left office and warned us about the Military Industrial Complex. Then go look up the family trees of the principles of companies like Boeing, Grumman and Lockheed (all German, all traced back to Nazis eventually, all using tech from Nazi Germany. It’s an open secret fool).

            Now, ask yourself why you feel the need to ridicule your betters so often when you’re really a fool in the dark, stumbling to the slaughter….

            Here’s a website to get you started, so you can’t accuse me of not providing you’re illiterate self with citations:


          • JorgeSoros

            You are right. This is the 21st century after all. We have iphones and twitter so a real gulag style imprisonment would be impossible. After all we could document it and get it all trending on twitter to “shame” our oppressors. That would really stop the fascist-communist take over. After all it’s not like “Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.” Nope, we have social media… that’s really going to top those government tanks when they push us into the gulags! Yup, Social media vs Tanks, guns, and jets! Who wins that fight?

            Hell, maybe if we just all tweet #OneKorea we can collapse the North Korean regime and save all those people in their work camps!

          • John J Publicus

            Enjoy your ignorance Jorge, it’s incredibly entertaining to the rest of us….

        • chris

          All a history book is written through the eyes of a few people that dont tell the whole truth and lightly sugar coat the real story. Break down the word History His Story meaning the white mans story or of the one who wrote the history books.

          • John J Publicus

            Chris, that was certainly true in the past, not so much anymore.

            For instance, the avatar I use has had a dozen or so biographies written about him. He is after all one of our most important and active founding fathers as he wrote ‘Reason’ and several,other seminal works. He was however treated very poorly in history, with biographies written by partisan hacks like you illustrate.

            Today, John Keane has written a rather exhaustive biography of Old Tom that’s much more accurate and complete. It’s happening everywhere these days. After all, if you’re a history major you need to make your thesis about SOMETHING!

            Give it a read, you’d be surprised what you learn and how it applies today as much as it did then…..

          • JorgeSoros

            Yes that is why you have to be objective with history and actually study it to understand it. You need to read multiple sources and accounts to understand what happened. History is not as biased or slanted as people think. That is only what the Leftist revisionist want you to think. Prior to the 21st century, many famous historians, liberal and conservative, believed in accounting the facts as accurately as possible. Today, history has to be rewritten to fit the liberal narrative.

            As far as it being HIStory or the white mans story. That is all BS, history of women and minorities has been covered up by the liberals to further their narrative that minorities are inferior. If you actually study history, you will find many, many stories of women, blacks, Mexicans, etc that have not been told and have actually been lied about. For example, some of the greatest and most prominent slave owners in America were actually black. But we are lead to believe they were all white. See what I mean about revisionism? There is soo much I could list here, but this website is too full of ignorance it’s almost not even worth replying. Everyone here is just going to spew the same garbage they always say.

    • al ryther

      And I thought Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn were both dead.

      • JorgeSoros

        They are dead. But that doesn’t mean they were wrong. If you study history, and I mean real history. Not the history that has been rewritten by the minions of the left, you will find McCarthy was actually right about the communist spies he accused. He is only vilified because he was right and on the “losing” side.

        • al ryther

          You don’t “get” sarcasm do you? They were wrong. They were shown to be wrong, repeatedly. They were fear mongers, that used those tactics to erode our rights and seize control. NO ONE debates this, you are an idiot. Please sterilize yourself.

          • John J Publicus

            Don’t mid Jorge Al, he’s off his med sand hasn’t seen his anger management counselor in months. He’s decided to use Faux News and other ‘fiction news’ sites like Breitbart et al for therapy instead.

            What he doesn’t realize is that his affliction is plain as day to thinking humans.

            Poor bastard….

          • Kansas Bright

            Actually he is correct about McCarthy. McCarthy had to be discredited to be able to continue with the destruction of our nation from within, because people had started listening to him, starting paying attention and that was bad for those traitors, domestic enemies and those from outside our nation who were working to destroy it.

            But you are also correct in that they thought the answer was “erode our rights and seize control”, and that “answer” was from both sides but for different reasons, and both incorrect.

            The Bush’s did support Hitler, still support a (now called) One World Government which is the same as the old “controlling the world”.
            – Prescott Bush was a believer in eugenics, (genetic improvement through selecting parents, or racial superiority)
            – Prescott was convicted by the U.S. government under the Trading With The Enemy Act in 1942 and fined one million dollars. Brown Brothers Harriman’s affiliate Union Bank- of which Prescott was
            director- investing, what were at the time, huge sums of money into Thyssen Steel, the major company of Nazi steel production.
            – – August Thyssen, an affluent German industrialist founded three banks in three countries: August Thyssen Bank in Berlin, Bank voor Handel en Scheepuaart in Rotterdam, Holland, and Union Banking Corp. in New York City.
            —- Using money channeled through these three banks,
            – – – Thyssen financed the rise of the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler,
            – – – ruled Nazi steel production,
            – – – profited from the mining of coal by Jewish slaves,
            – – – and financed concentration camps including Auschwitz.
            1937, as the director of Union Bank, Prescott Bush hired Allen Dulles to ‘cloak’ his accounts so that the funneling of money to the Nazi’s would be hidden.
            – – – – – – In 1942 the U.S. Alien Property Custodian froze Union Bank’s accounts.
            Prescott Bush did not get hit hard because Allen Dulles was appointed U.S. Intelligence Chief in post-war Germany; at the same time he was also the lawyer who represented Thyssen’s bank in Holland. Basically a cover-up saved Prescott from further penalty stemming from a real and lawful investigation.
            – – – – – – 1951, Prescott Bush was allowed to reclaimed Union Bank from the U.S. Alien Property Custodian,
            – – – – – – Then Prescott Bush was elected to represent Connecticut as a Senator.

            Showing that Americans have short memories, or are hit with subliminals from just about everywhere…

            George Bush was director of the CIA and Vice President w hen the Taliban and Saddam Hussein were trained, funded, and empowered.
            – G. Bush (during his presidency) pledged his support for the establishment of a ‘New World Order” and the destruction of the USA.

            And on, and on. It is an unAmerican family, and corrupt – and “proud of it”.

            As far as what is going on here in the USA today as following the Nazi handbook, all one has to do is read the Opening Statement to the Nuremberg Trials to see that is correct also. (Opening statement by Justice Robert H. Jackson, Chief of Counsel for the United States

            Some examples:

            “Uncontrolled search and seizure is one of the first and most effective weapons in the arsenal of every arbitrary government. Among deprivations of rights, none is so effective in cowing a population, crushing the spirit of the individual and putting terror in every heart.” Justice Robert
            Jackson, Chief U.S. Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials (Directly from the communist agenda – all types of communism).

            This is warrantless searches, warrantless breaking and entering by “law enforcement”, warrantless spying, etc all not lawful or legal here in the USA, but used because it is “color of law” (pretend law created by someone who is in a position of authority but was NEVER given that authority to do create those “laws”. It makes traitors and *terrorists of law enforcement who “just follow orders” and “just do their jobs” while following an unlawful order instead of KEEPING THE Oath as required to “support and defend the US Constitution – which IS our government – before and above the orders of anyone and the duties of the position they occupy – which is the ONLY lawful authority they have here in the USA.) It is a felony and the crime of perjury for anyone taking the Oath to break it. It also makes them no longer meet the requirements of the contract they are under whatever their position – federal or state.

            The chief instrument of keeping cohesion in plan and action was the National Socialist German Workers Party, known as the Nazi Party. First they were to infiltrate the legitimate government and from within bring about “change” {As is happening here, the replacement of our legitimate government with Domestic Enemies.}. So began the first part of the “plan” which was to subvert the
            Weimar Republic. {Communist party and some Nazism taking over the Democratic party but renaming themselves as “Progressives”. Because if they use Nazi or Communist Party name many of the American people would be horrified because – they may not know all the facts, but know enough to recognize they do not want what happened in Germany to repeat itself here in America.}

            Some of their (Nazi) declared purposes sounded good to many good citizens, such as:
            – “profit-sharing in the great industries,” {Take from the 1% and share with all}
            – “a land reform suitable to our national requirements,” {BLM, Agenda 21}
            – “raising the standard of health.” {Obamacare}
            – The Party said that a “strong centralized government” was needed. {Same as they are currently saying we need here in the USA}.
            – It demanded the creation of a strong central power with unconditional authority, {Democratic (Progressive) political declarations}
            – and a “reconstruction” of the educational system. {Same as they are saying we need here in the USA – CORE}.

            The Nazi plans were for the overthrow of, and then the “capture” of the legitimate central government so they could change it to what they wanted. {Happening here – how much of our
            Constitution, our legitimate government is now being followed? Is Obama following the blueprint for the Executive branch? Did Bush or Clinton follow it?}

            The Party was organized to take over power in the German State by creating the appearance of the support of a majority of the German people; {As is happening here, Election Fraud} yet it was organized to seize power in defiance of the will of the people.” {As is happening here today: TSA, NSA, DHS, laws against our Constitution, etc}.

            The Party organization had its own source of law in the Führer and sub-Führer, {Obama, Bush, and Clinton ignoring the US Constitution – the Highest law of OUR land, and doing whatever they wanted} it had its own courts and its own police. {Put domestic enemies as Justices into our court systems: Supreme Court and lower courts trying to use “International or Shariah law to try cases here in the USA which is under US Constitutional law ONLY. Law enforcement agencies “bought
            off” with Military grade weapons, etc – “new bigger and badder toys”}.

            A separate government was set up within the legitimate government within the Party to exercise outside the law every sanction that any legitimate state could exercise and many that it could not {Obama’s “Czars”, TSA, DHS}.

            The Party had its own secret police, its security units, its intelligence and espionage division, its raiding forces, and its youth forces {DHS, TSA, look up “Obama youth” on}. It also established administrative mechanisms over time {Patriot Act, NDAA, warrantless searches, warrantless spying, TSA, etc} to identify those who supported the legitimate government.

            They “encouraged” the populace to inform on their own neighbors, friends, family {“See Something, Say Something”, and other videos the DHS put out here in America}.

            History is repeating here unless the American people wake up. There will be democide, it has already started.

            Where are the homeless? Against the law to feed them or give them drinks, some are in FEMA camps and cannot leave – but there for their own “safety”. When those who serve within our governments mention the words “safety”, “for the children”, “green”, “patriot” (Patriot Act), etc start searching and reading EVERY word of whatever document you can find to find out what it really is.

            What happened after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy?

            That was practice and still most are unaware of how many were murdered, etc in and after Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

            Do not let them do that here. It really is up to you to KNOW the US Constitution, OUR GOVERNMENT, not the people put into (hired, elected, contracted, volunteering) to carry out the duties assigned to each branch – state or federal.

          • John J Publicus

            Kansas- you do a lot of Obama bashing but you neglect to mention the corporations in the fascist formula. This is being brushed by both parties, the republicans are simply more out front and in your face about it.

            You would do your argument good cause to,include those facts…..

          • Kansas Bright

            I guess you missed my many arguments about how Bush 1, both Clinton’s, Bush 2, and Obama and all of their administrations are ALL traitors to the USA, and need to be arrested and prosecuted for their MANY crimes. (Admittedly I did not go through all my comments on this particular subject to see if they were used here, so that might be my fault. If so I am sorry)
            I pray that Bush 1 LIVES to be prosecuted for his crimes against America.

            I fight to take back OUR elections, and make known to all about Election Fraud. That it is OUR duty to see that OUR elections are fair; no machines involved, ALL counts at every level done here in the USA and VERIFIABLE by us as they are supposed to be.

            I believe and work to end the use of any party system because they are bad. Parties are another way of controlling the people and dividing them – which is how they destroy our nation from within, dividing us and creating false paradigms to make us “fight” with each other, against each other – a very OLD tactic that all should be aware of with even the most basic education – “Divide and Conquer”. Having two “parties” makes it much easier to insert a false “candidate” into these two controlled treasonous parties who will carry out the orders to destroy our nation. All future candidates must stand on issues and loyalty to the US Constitution.

            This –> Thomas Jefferson: Diffusion of Knowledge Bill, 1779. FE 2:221, Papers 2:526: “The most effectual means of preventing [the perversion of power into tyranny are] to illuminate, as far as practicable, the minds of the people at large, and more especially to give them knowledge of those facts which history exhibits, that possessed thereby of the experience of other ages and countries, they may be enabled to know ambition under all its shapes, and prompt to exert their natural powers to defeat its purposes.”

            Is why they have instituted the “Core” standards of stupidity into our schools.

            When we start holding them accountable for their actions. Example: “Obama bashing but you neglect to mention the corporations in the fascist formula.”

            Guess what, the decision to go along was Obama’s. It was Bush 1’s. It was both the Clinton’s. It was the people in their administrations. They are directly responsible for their own actions involving treason, *terrorism, and other criminal and civil crimes against the USA and the American people. Obama decided to rename First Degree Murder and call it “assassination powers”. Guess what, he and his treasonous administration can call it “kisses” if they want, but it is still First Degree Murder under our laws and no amount of lies and deception will change that FACT.

            *28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”.

            It is the decision of the people working within the government agencies who are unlawfully and illegally (the US Constitution and all that is “in Pursuance thereof” IS the supreme LAW of our nation that ) crossing the boundaries separate between the three divisions of federal and state governments.

            The different boundaries are the legislative branch with specific duties assigned to it. The executive that have specific duties assigned to it. The judicial branch that also has specific duties assigned to it. All those who work within them; elected, hired, contracted, volunteering, etc are ALL bound by that and are REQUIRED to take the Oath to support and defend the US Constitution.

            Those that are in agencies that do the duties of more then ONE (1) branch are traitors, aiding in the destruction of our nation; felons as it is a felony to break the Oath, committed perjury; if anyone is injured or dies or they damage personal property, or use a threat it becomes First Degree Murder and *Terrorism against the American people. They are committing the crime, even treason by “just doing their jobs” and just following orders”. Taking the Oath and not knowing what it means is a dangerous and stupid thing as it is BINDING and it makes the oathtaker PERSONALLY responsible for their actions. That was enforced and more firmly established during the Nuremberg Trials.

            Example, the IRS writes regulations (unconstitutional laws) legislative branch duties. It decides the guilt or innocence of the people involved which is the judicial branch duties and goes against the lawful supreme law requiring that ALL prosecutions be by jury trial. It enforces those regulations – executive branch duty. There is nothing lawful bout the IRS in its actions here in the USA, and yet we let it go on.

            The same with the BLM, and it is not only not a lawful agency, it is 100% not constitutional in any manner. DEA, FDA, etc – see what boundaries they cross, and you will then know that there is nothing lawful about that agency. That those who work within it are working – unknowingly or not – to bring down our nation from inside. They are “just doing their job” and “just following orders” which is no defense in a court of law.

            They took the Oath (if not they have no lawful authority) that makes them PERSONALLY responsible for their actions. They should know what that Oath means when it says to “Support and Defend the US Constitution”, and it is the FIRST duty they are required on a daily basis to do before the orders of their superior, or the duties of the position they occupy. That is why all the government jobs, so that those who work within it will not dump their jobs, even though what is going on will destroy them and their families also, it is treason against the USA and the American people.

            Everything that is wrong with our nation is OUR fault. WE let them dumb us down, we let them lie and get away with it, we let them do things in secret when it is against our basic principles, We let them do corrupt and criminal actions and not hold them accountable when we are required to. We let them establish and keep the Federal Reserve and other unlawful agencies.

            We let them replace us as our safety and defense with governmental professional law enforcement – federal and state, which was forbidden to those who serve within our governments. Those that serve within our governments were REQUIRED to use the Militias, us, as the OUR ultimate protection knowing that we would never destroy ourselves or our nation, that we could not be used against ourselves. THAT is what the Second Amendment means when it says:

            “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        • Kate

          Surely you are a troll because otherwise you’re so stupid there’s no way you could even operate a computer.

      • John J Publicus

        McCarthy has been reincarnated, didn’t you know? Listen to Ted Cruz sometime….

    • David MySky

      This was based on first person account from a former cop.

      Right wing oligarchs have you wiping their asses with your tongue, I see, as you spew their shit. They are the ones who own mainstream media.

      They are the ones who are killing the masses with spending cuts on education and arts. They are the ones tying performance to quantifiable test scores that are devastating to anyone who thinks outside of the box. They are the ones who give unjust tax cuts to large corporations, 1%ers and 1%er wannabes. They are the ones who allow Monsanto to pump food with chemicals. They are the ones who allow Wall Street to kill the middle class. That’s how they go about with their mass executions.

      • JohnH

        When ideologues collide….

      • JorgeSoros

        Honestly, I hear this same speech from every liberal and it makes my head spin. Do you guys just not actually see what is going on? Did anyone study history or politics before the 1990s? I mean it’s not hard to see we have a slow fascist communist take over happening in America and the anti-cop, anti-business, environmentalist, feminist, etc movements are all being used as the tools for insurrection. Look, go ahead and protest the police and their “brutality.” I was not born in America, I was born in a nation where there is real police brutality, death squads, and kidnappings. I know what it looks like. America does not have it. But please, continue to protest and bring down the system. It’s the only way you will learn to understand what a real police state looks like.

        When you do suceed, then you will understand. The people in charge, the leftist radicals. They will no longer you 99% occupy protesters. Infact you will be the most dangerous enemies to the new progressive state. Which is why you will all be the first executed and imprisoned.

        • Jon Richardson

          Anti-cop anti-business fascist takeover…?

          Do you even know what fascist means? People who study history and politics before 1990 do…

    • Kate

      Lol! I have organized protests against police brutality and I know many others who have and I can assure you there is no money involved. It’s simply manpower. You are ridiculous.

    • Eady Trice Morgan

      It’s funny that you question the accounts of a police officer when it shed’s light on their corrupt activity but is willing to believe that Mike Brown charged a cop as he was shooting him. Freaking hilarious.

      • JorgeSoros

        Well I believe that because I only judge objectively based on facts. I’m not going to assume all cops murder and drop throwaways because one retired cop said they do. What the hell kind of evidence does that cop have other than is word? No evidence. And what is his agenda? Why does he say the things he says? Is he being paid? Does he have a motive?

        You see this are all the questions you have to ask if you want to be factual and objective.

        • Eady Trice Morgan

          All George Zimmerman had was his word regarding the accounts of what happened the night he killed him. Yet I am certain that you believed every word.

          • JorgeSoros

            Well he had his word… and witness testimonies, forensic evidence, ballistics, autopsy reports, police interrogations, etc. You see there is a lot of investigation that goes into these crimes to establish FACTS and EVIDENCE to prosecute on. Zimmerman had his word, but the expensive lawyer’s the Martin family had also had their own words, evidence, forensics, ballistics, etc. It was not an easy case and it took almost a year for a final verdict which came down to a jury of our peers. Ya know regular citizens from a jury pool.

            So no. I did not believe every word Zimmerman said. I watched patiently and followed the case as it developed. I saw the evidence presented, the court debates and arguments, and I waited for a final verdict from the jury. You see I followed the rule of law, innocent until proven guilty by a jury of our peers in a court of law. That’s how a civil society works. I didn’t just believe the narrative by saying “Oh that poor black teenager was killed. He must automatically be innocent simply because he is young and black.” Which in my opinion is a very racist statement as it assumes that black people are automatically innocent of crimes simply for being black. As if other ethnicity are second class citizens.

          • Eady Trice Morgan

            Today’s headline “Texas Judge resigns after texting instructions to prosecutors to win cases” This is the reality, Not yours. Lying witnesses (Mike Brown), Lying prosecutors (Mike Brown) No, don’t believe that black people are automatically innocent and they are not automatically guilty. You continue to believe a system designed to incarcerate the poor and minorities. The forensic evidence in the Mike Brown case was clearly states that he was shot while getting down on the ground. You believe the officer who says that he was charging and dismiss the witnesses who says that he was getting on the ground. The key witness for the prosecution has been totally discredited as a liar. Yet. you believe the cop. Vallistices shows that Mike Brown was several feet away from the cop when he was killed. And as regards to the “jury of your peers” that only applies to white people. I don’t see a jury of all blacks when a black man is on trial.

          • tetonmoon

            Have you ever heard of “prosecutorial misconduct”? You see its a known fact that prosecutors will act more like defense attornies when it comes to racial motivated murders, or to cops killing civlians.
            We have a very corrupt system and very incestuous. The bottom line is this kid was unarmed.. PERIOD.
            The bottom line is Zimmerman was told to stay put and not pursue but he did.
            That act alone is called premeditation. And the trial was a joke. Our justice system in its current state is a joke. There is no justice in the USA.
            If I stood in front of my courthouse ( which I have ) on a public sidewalk and pass out fliers informing people of “Jury Nullification” I am threatened with arrest. If I am chosen to be a potential juror and I am informed about nullification I will not be allowed to be a juror. Not because its illegal as for it was encouraged… but because I am an informed and intelligent person who does not fit in the box they need to get their beds filled.
            No No there is no real justice here. And NO America is not the best country in the world and NO America is not the freest country in the world.
            Statistic are out there and we kinda suck. But we can try to get it back.. but not by sitting on our asses not wanting to take risks.
            Yes there are far worse places in the world. Many of them our government had the hand of creating by destabilizing and over throwing. Many of them we ignore as for they offer us no resources like most of Africa. But we are far from what we where and what we can be and we have to fight to stop the insidious corruption threatening to destroy what little is left of this so called great country.

        • tetonmoon

          Oh my gawd Jorge.. its not one cop. Its not one incident. Over 38 civilians murdered in US in February alone by cops. There is hundreds and hundreds of documented film of cops planting evidence, beating and murdering. Torturing and committing massive acts of criminal activity. And we only know this much thanks to technology. Ever since the Police have been created ( which is not a lawfully constitutional entity only Sheriffs) there has been corruption and torture, murder, rape, kidnapping etc.
          As for protesters.. I have been protesting since the 60s against many valid actions. There was no money ever.. The only violence I have ever seen is all brought on by the cops. Even the so called Anarchist that break windows or throw stones are cops that are planted to destabilize and to discredit the protesters.
          You have ZERO idea what is happening here in USA. Our government is corrupt, our cops are corrupt. The only people they protect are the uber rich and major corporations.
          You come back from the blood money wars and are left to fend for yourselves. I have very dear friends that three years later have not been able to get help for PTSD, and a few that did not make it that long and took their lives. I know many living on the streets or in prison.
          We have mass incarceration and over 10,000 felony laws. These laws are paid for by private prison corp and corporations like Micro soft who get slave labor.. in addition we have changed the law denying voting rights from just violent offenders to all felons.. taking a massive populous out of the equation for voting.. this is not just a quirk its a conspiracy.
          You need to really think about what is happening here.
          Because you come from a very bad situation in a country that experienced civil war does not mean we should lie down and comply in exchange for comfort.
          Communism is not even an issue. Oligarchy and Fascism is.. and that is what we protest, fight and are willing to loose our freedoms to stop.
          We are a weak country as a people. It makes me violently ill to see thousands protest Internet restriction and only dozens protesting corruption, war, Wall Street etc. My ideal before I pass would be to see every armed American, every disenfranchised ex military, every ex felon who was caged for a plant or for consensual victim-less crimes; stand shoulder to shoulder at every Capital building and not leave until we no longer have a two party system, till the Supreme Court is no longer a life position, that Public Defenders get equal access to funds as Prosecutors, that Private Prisons are abolished, that cops no longer get paid leave but go to jail and await trial like everyone else, that all militarized equipment is withdrawn from police forces..
          If you do not see what is happening and that we are becoming a militarized police Oligarchy at best then you have no clue what is really happening here and just glad you are not dodging bullets in where ever you are from.

          • tariq

            Excellent and factual post, very edifying.

    • useless eater

      “Ok so does this article cite any real evidence […]”

      – So, YOUR “evidence” is a 1960’s era clip of a KGB person saying the (now defunct) Soviet Union tried to subvert America? Should we simply disregard the evidence of our personal experiences at the hands of the police? Should we disregard the beating death of Kelly Thomas at the hands of the Fullerton police? The murder of a non-threatening homeless man in Albuquerque? The murder of 12 yr old Tamir Rice? The murder of 13yr old Any Lopez? The homicide (ruled so by the Coroner) of Eric Garner? etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc.

      Could we please see your evidence that those protesting police violence are being paid?
      ….No? I didn’t think so.

      • Kansas Bright

        Read my comment.

        • useless eater

          I’m talking about the evidence to support the allegation by JorgeSoros
          that these protestors are being paid.

    • John J Publicus

      Communist agenda? Paranoid old man?

    • Robert L A Daugherty

      isn’t it the Republicans were kissing Vladimir Putin’s ass While Obama is sanctioning him up the wazoo?

    • tetonmoon

      Wow Jorge you need some serious psychological help. I sure hope no one issued you a gun permit or that you work for the government in any form. Your truly paranoid and delusional. Get help.

  • steve

    Been doing it for years

  • Jared Abdullah Garrison

    I WONDER which RACE these PIGS plant weapons on THE MOST?!

    • Rose Blankenship

      cough…………..racism at it’s finest.

      • Jared Abdullah Garrison

        another person who throws racism around but doesn’t know what I means…only the surface websters/google definition, which is why ignorant whites think it is correct to call blacks racist

        • Rose Blankenship

          Blacks are racist, Whites are Racist, etc etc. I am by far ignorant and probably have more of an education then most…

        • M©LĒAN

          so true

    • M©LĒAN

      ikr fuck them pigs

  • You watch too much tv.

    • useless eater

      I guess you missed the part where they’re quoting an ex-cop who still has a shoebox full of thow-aways.

      • Yeah, cuz all cops do that. Gee, I wonder where this guy got all that throwaway shit from? If, in fact, it’s true and not some braggart’s BS. Which I think it is. Funny how all these guys getting shot did something to start the incident in the first place. The only one who didn’t pose a credible threat was Garner.

        • useless eater

          So, when a former cop says he’s witnessed your hallowed protectors of power and privilege doing the very things you call “BS” it can’t be true. But because you, in your position of “knowledge” to the contrary, haven’t personally witnessed it, it MUST be bullshit?

          • It probably USED TO happen. But rarely. Just because this guy was a loser doesn’t mean everbody was doing it. Juries and pirosecutoes aren’t that stupid. Seriously, how many times could he get away with it? And most cops nowadays just don’t pull that shit the way ild school guys did.
            So, yeah, I call BS on this.

          • useless eater

            I think a cop could get away with it until he was caught. What would it take to catch a cop planting a gun? And what is your evidence that it used to happen more than it happens today?

          • The “Thin Blue Line” is getting thinner. Fewer cops are willing to risk their own careers to back-up another cop who has done something illegal. And yeah, the coursts HAVE BEEN complicit but less and less so. There’s much more oversight, from government panels, citizen panels, and even regular citizens. Especially with social media. People don’t need to have a video on Youtube. They just need to get thrir story on Twitter, or Facebook, or put a petition request on to get people to petition for an investigaton into a cop’s behavior in a certain incident, or to get a chief removed because of corruption. Whatever, the cops are now on the defensive becauss they know SOMEBODY is going to be watching, or filming, every thing you do

          • useless eater

            I’m not seeing that. I see the awareness of it increasing. But so far, i’m not seeing that awareness translate to any change in policy or behavior. They’re definitely on the defensive. (As you say). But no one from above is cracking down on them for cracking down on those who expose them. de Blasio just had a mutiny, FFS. And so far, they’re getting away with it.

          • ippon

            agree 100%, suspect moved hands towards waist, suspect was moving around in vehicle…..etc

  • Rose Blankenship

    Hell………..even when a video show’s a perp pointing a gun at a cop……’s still wrong for the cop to use his gun and he must be shot first before shooting back…………….

  • John J Publicus

    This has been going on for decades, right here under our noses. Anyone that ever been or known a cop well knows it too….

  • Jezhar

    Really this only started based on tactics in Iraq? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this in movies going back to the ’70s. It may have also happened in Iraq, but come on. I doubt very much that cops just clued into this form of self-protection.

  • NegroeDamus

    It will not stop Unless you are holding the Cops accountable. Its not Fair that We the people can be held accountable for our Actions and spend Decades in Jail. But they are getting a Paid vacation til the Investigation is over. Thats a big Crock of Shit. Hold these damn people Accountable for their Actions. They are the ones that Signed up for the Job. If they cant cut it then Mcdonalds is always Hiring.

  • JohnH

    The moment I stopped reading:

    “Statist media outlets”

    The fact is that if there is evidence that a gun is planted on a suspect, it would be all over the media. Your conspiracy theories are bullsh*t.

    • useless eater

      What would that evidence look like?

      “In these cases, the victim’s family will typically come forward and
      state that their dead loved one never had a gun and, in fact, never even
      owned any guns or knew how to use them.”

      • JohnH

        Assurances from grieving family members about the virtue of their departed aren’t “evidence”. Neither, by the way, are the claims of police. We know about both claims (the police and the families) because the media report them…both of them.

        • useless eater

          You’ve said what that evidence wouldn’t look like. I’m asking you what it would look like.

          • JohnH

            Impartial eyewitness testimony, video, material evidence, witnesses of the provenance of the weapon, and so on. Come on, this is obvious.

          • useless eater

            We have a cop here saying just that. But it’s not all over the media, and it’s not being reported.

          • JohnH

            Yes, it’s a big conspiracy of the media.

            Sorry, I have better things to do than fight your moronic ideological brainwashing.

          • useless eater

            The ideological bias lies with you. I have simply pointed out what you would rather deny – yet couldn’t help but implicitly acknowledge.

  • Lisa Edwards

    Terrible that’s crazy

  • Bud

    “Consider the source” is first thing that comes to my mind. Who is John Elliott? A ghost invented by the author of this “hate-promoting” article or a real person? If he is real, why is he a FORMER officer? Retired or got fired for his (self-admitting) misconduct? Fairfax County PD is top notch (top 5 agency) in the US and such allegations are just part of massive political agenda that is currently aimed at law enforcement (all branches of government have experienced such hate campaigns in the past).
    To all (brainless) believers of this article: next time when you need police assistance, dont call the police (because they may frame you for sth. you did not do)
    To all other citizens, as it is true that there are bad apples everywhere, law enforcement officers in the US continue to serve and protect you as they have sworn to do until their duty ends.
    And to you Mr. Elliott ( if you exist at all), see you in CIVIL court (expect to see about 1500 lawsuits against you soon), so start saving your money now.

  • briittany

    Nobody knows anything everybody shut up

  • J. Schaub

    The only thing throw away here is this article. The author just called every single person who serves their country or communities killers and you morons bought it. Holly fuck, we are doomed

  • Harold Larkin


  • Frankie

    You people are idiots.

  • physics2010

    How young is this writer that they think the advent of the throw-away was the Iraq war?

  • Lee Nelson

    “Drop guns” have been around since way before WWII so that Iraq remark was just BS from a youngster who isn’t old enough to remember so made up a story. Notice that they don’t do DNA or fingerprints tests to see if the drop gun was handles by the victim or not.

  • Ian Battles


  • JonEdHil

    I like this part: “There would sure to be a judicial review board, followed, at the very minimum, by a lengthy unpaid suspension, a stain on the officer’s perhaps otherwise stellar personnel record, thereby preventing future promotions, perhaps even termination, perhaps even criminal prosecution with the possibility of incarceration.” LOL! Today, it’s a paid vacation, a promotion, and a rigged grand jury! All in the name of the lowest possible bar set: “I feared for my life.”

  • Mitch Mitchell

    Spot checks like random drug checks would be a good idea, in fact why not drug test AND random searches?

  • johnthetreehugger

    Glad this is finally being exposed. its not new, i had a criminal justice professor (lawyer and ex cop) who told our class in the late 80’s about “throw aways”. he claimed he kept a snub nose revolver on his ankle for back up and to throw away if needed during a bad shooting. the class was at a small state college in TN, but he was originally from Chicago.

  • Chris Baker

    I like the guy in the video. 😀 He’s awesome.

  • sickofsexistmedia

    So you felt that you could only use male pronouns here? Why to continue the exclusion of females, assholes.

  • RogerP77

    No surprise here. What do you think they were constantly doing in Iraq? A lot of soldiers carried “drop” weapons so they could “drop” them on an innocent civilian they had just killed so the shooting would be “self defense”. Many of these veterans are now police. They brought this tactic back to the US. This brutalization of police forces is all part of Agenda 21.

  • C. Gonzo

    This practice of planting weapons by police has been ongoing since at least the 1950s – this is nothing new.

  • Charlotte Johnson

    If police officers want to handle citizens like Iraq, why don’t they go back to Iraq. They didn’t learn this in Iraq either, they have been doing this before the Vietnam War. They can kiss grits with all these lies. Cops are dirty, because if they can’t go with the flow, they are out of the department one way or another. You see a video of a supposedly good cop (because he’s dancing in the streets) and all of a sudden, they’re fired. We have got to get the KKK out of government before they destroy this country.

  • victor

    My friend was stopped by a lone police officer one evening. The police searched him and put him in the back of a squad. I have worked security, armored, alarm response, and patrol. So I know my firearms and so does my friend. So the cop questioned him and was acting strange. Then the cop gets him out of the back of the squad car saying I found your gun. Then the cop points at a Russian Makarov 9×18 laying by the back of the squad on the ground and tells my friend to pick it up, pick up your gun the cop keeps telling him. He threw himself over the back of the trunk and hung on and refused to move. Some ladies came around the corner, Thank god, The cop picks up the gun and tells him to get out of hear. He tells me all about it describing the Russian 9×18 saying I know that cop was going to murder me if I touched that gun. 8 days later the same police officer is on the news, he shot a 19 year old veit kid to death in a north Minneapolis park. The family was on the news kept saying the victim never owned any gun. The security video tape from the school by the park Went blank / white for 1/2 minute rite at the time of the shooting. Weird the same rare gun was found like 20 feet from the dead teen. The same cop and low and behold the same Russian Makarov 9×18 the police officer had instructed my friend to pick up ? .