WATCH: School Staff Tells Witness to Stop Filming Cops Choking and Tackling Teen Boy



A parent from Round Rock, Texas has decided to press charges against at least one police officer, who he says used excessive force in dealing with his 14-year-old son.

On the afternoon of October 8, the boy who is a student at Round Rock High School had an argument with his fellow student over a pair of football goggles.

The school administrator decided the matter was serious and she needed the police to help her.

Round Rock Police School Resource Officers decided attended the scene and tried to break up the fight.

The cops started to talk to the student to calm him down and manage the situation.

They also took him to another part of the school building , according to a press release by the local police he kept trying to get past the officers and go to the person he was having an argument with.

One of the students who had gathered around pulled out his phone and captured the event.

The African-American student is seen talking to two policemen; from the video it does not seem like the boy was aggressive.

However, moments into the footage one of the police officers lightly pushes the boy then abruptly reaches out for his neck, turns him around and pins him to the floor.

The two officers restrain him as he tries to get up.

This entire episode plays out in full view of the school and students can be heard gasping in the video.

A female voice is also heard crying “how can they do that?”.

After a minute and 25 seconds the student who was filming the incident was asked to switch his cell phone off by school staff.

Watch the video below:


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  • philly

    “However, moments into the footage one of the police officers lightly pushes the boy then abruptly reaches out for his neck, turns him around and pins him to the floor.” what fckn video is this writer watching? obviously this site is full of cop ass kissers! @filming cops just lost credibility with me….

    • CvilleGuy78

      You really need to work on your reading comprehension skills. It happened exactly as described in the article and the description was CRITICAL of the police, not supportive. Filming Cops is anything but cop ass kissers.

      • philly

        No you dick face troll—–The cop did not lightly touch nor turn the kid around—he pushed hard, grab and twisted the kid and threw him to the ground—— obviously you need glasses and need to take off the cop goggles

      • Lee

        From a reader’s standpoint, the officer took the kid trying to get his hand off his arm as a threatening action (even though he shouldn’t have) and choked and slammed the kid on the ground. The writer seems to have taken a bit of liberty with understating rather than overstating like Cop Block generally does.

  • Eli

    The kid is at no time is aggressive

  • David Sureshot Brown

    If that was my kid I’d b sitting in jail !!!!

    • Betty Seward

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  • Antonio Cruz

    is it coincidence, it is allways, white cops assaulting black people, I think not!