SWAT Uses Tear Gas and Armored Tank in 10 Hour Stand-off With — a Dog

Philip Janquart | Courthouse News Service


NAMPA, Idaho (CN) — A woman says Caldwell, Idaho, police shot up and tear-gassed her house for 10 hours though she gave them the key to it and the only one home was her dog — and she wants them to pay for it.

“Basically, they had a standoff with a dog,” her attorney said in an interview.

Shaniz West returned home on Aug. 11, 2014 after registering her child for first grade, to find Caldwell police officers swarming her house. West, who was six months pregnant, lived in the house with her two children, ages 6 and 8 months.

Caldwell, pop. 50,000, is 26 miles west of Boise.

West’s ex-boyfriend Fabian Salinas, a wanted felon, had been at her home that day to retrieve his belongings, she says in the Aug. 9 complaint in Federal Court. She’d told him to pick up the boxed items and leave before she returned.

While she was gone, a Caldwell police SWAT team arrived. Unsure whether Salinas was still inside, West, who was on foot, gave police a key to the front door.

She says they never used it.

They brought up an armored vehicle and spent the next 10 hours bombarding the house with tear gas.

“During the course of the standoff Caldwell police officers broke numerous windows to gain entry, crashed through ceilings while they were maneuvering through the home, and punctured holes in the house by shooting canisters of tear gas that released noxious chemicals into the home,” she says.

During the nightmare, she says, her “pet dog Blue was the only occupant of the home.”

“When Ms. West was allowed to re-enter the home, she found the house destroyed. Her and her children’s personal belongings were saturated with tear gas and littered with debris from the walls and ceiling, and broken glass from the windows.

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  • Lady

    How is the poor dog?

    • Christinejgonzalez4

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  • Bruce

    the are the monsters people should kill
    ambush, snipe, any way possible

  • Adam Alkouri

    The click bait is REAL on this one.

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  • Capt Turk

    This is exactly what you get when you refuse to hire anyone with more than half of a brain, and then teach them to be scared of their own shadow, and then give them the power to kill without consequence. What the hell do you expect people? I sure am glad I moved out of the United Police States of America to somewhere that has at least a little bit of consequences for cops out of control.