$10,000 Cash Offered If You Can Find Just One Good Cop — Definition of “Good” is Very Clear and Easy


Do you want some extra money? How about $10,000?

We’ve got a deal for you. We just ask that you complete two tasks.

The first task is incredibly easy. For the first task all you have to do is acknowledge the definition of a good person.

That the definition is clear and correct is boringly obvious. Here it is: a good person is someone who, at a bare minimum, does not routinely engage in acts like armed theft, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, and the initiation of violent force or the threat thereof upon innocent people.

Simply send us an email acknowledging that you agree with this definition. You’re now half-way to $10,000.

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The second task is perhaps more difficult. In fact it might be impossible. Thousands of Americans have tried to accomplish this second task but they’ve all lost hope. But maybe you can do it.

For your second task, we ask that you find us just one currently active cop who meets the following requirements, all of which are consistent with the very minimal definition of a good person outlined above. Find one currently active cop (i.e. employed for at least a year and still working as a cop) who has:

(1) Never taken people against their will, locked people in cages, or extorted money from people for a victimless “crime” like carrying marijuana, that is, who has never participated in the War on Drugs.

(2) Never accepted a government paycheck to enforce the rule of corrupt politicians.

(3) Never stolen money from hard-working Americans (who don’t harm anybody) in the form of “traffic tickets” in order to generate revenue for a government.

(4) Always used his training to actively speak out against and arrest officers who abuse citizens.

Note that a person who fails to meet those 4 requirements would not fit with the definition of a good person above.

So here’s the challenge: find just one active cop who meets those four requirements and we’ll concede that a good cop exists, and that it is not inherently immoral to be a member of the modern state-monopolized US police force — and then we’ll send you $10,000.


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They were “just following orders.” They were just doing it to put “food on the table” for their families.

Of course, you can’t find one, because none exist. None can exist within the modern institution of state-monopolized policing, because it is an inherently abusive institution.

Does this mean that individuals who become police officers are all involved in evil?

Think of it this way. As individuals, Waffen-SS members in 1930s Germany sometimes did good actions, such as saving lost dogs, providing food for homeless Germans, and saving wounded people.

But none of us today would say “most Waffen-SS members were good people.” That’s because the role itself of a Waffen-SS member was inherently immoral.

Were all the individual SS members involved in evil? Yes.

The good actions they sometimes performed were merely incidental and could have been done without joining the Waffen-SS.

Their role in the Waffen-SS still required them to spend most of their time oppressing people. Parallel reasoning applies to individual cops who do incidental good deeds sometimes but spend the rest of their time oppressing and stealing from people on behalf of a corrupt government.

That’s to say, cops are individuals who routinely engage in acts like armed theft, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, and the initiation of violent force or the threat thereof upon innocent people, on behalf of a corrupt government, violating the basic definition of a good person.

Nobody will ever win this $10,000 because “good cop” is a contradiction in terms. None exist. There are good individuals, individuals who sincerely want to protect others, but to the extent that they serve in this particular institution, they are doing more harm than good.

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  • Jeremy Wyatt

    a cop on his first day of the job is this… can i have my 10k?

    • Clever, but that would not meet requirement #4.

      • Douglas Thistle

        How so? when they start their first day ,they have already been doing number 4

        • Richard L

          My thoughts exactly, I can give you names, badge numbers, and agency to find multiple cops that meet the requirement. Though you can donate my money to a charity of my choice.

        • Rob Barron

          “Find one currently active cop (i.e. employed for at least a year and still working as a cop) who has:
          The part about being employed for at least a year and still working” is the most important part of this contest.

      • Guest

        Will you actually pay ?

    • fuckdapopo

      who has never participated in the War on Drugs.

      (2) Never accepted a government paycheck to enforce the rule of corrupt politicians.

      (3) Never stolen money from hard-working Americans in the form of “traffic tickets” in order to generate revenue for a government.


    • thaNorthStar.com

      probably have to find an ‘explorer’, don’t know if that’ll count as ‘active cop’ & if you not familiar with ‘explorers’, its a program we have in MN where kids/teens can ride around with police & experience how police do their ‘jobs’

    • Guest

      Or #2…

    • Jeffrey Kelly

      Don’t count … He has to be on the job for a full shift! He would be disqualified shortly after he walked out

    • A good person would never want to associate with people who beat their wives, rape helpless women and kill their fellow man. Police do theses things at rates much higher than the rest of us,

      A cop on his first day has spent a thousand hours to be one of them

    • BT

      Has to have been active on the force for a year at least, it says. Lol no one will EVER collect this 10g

  • felixinmontana

    In my opinion number 4 is all that matters. A person can choose to become good at any time. It does not erase their past, and they cannot, but if they never return to it, It is the most that can be asked.

    • RiverMikeRat

      Here, here. Well said.

  • Troy_Davis

    IMPOSSIBLE! First I thought this was a joke but I believe that the prize offer IS real, sadly.

  • Traylor

    Clever wordplay. Also very nicely done at the deliberate misinformation and purposeful nix on vital information.

    • Jerry Coker

      mis information would be saying there are so many good cops out there.. most are just thugs..

  • martymarsh

    This can’t be won, honesty and integrity can’t be proven as easy as corruption, just because someone says it does not make it so.

  • me myself and i

    too much impossible to find such carecter

  • E Dennis Skipper

    I could find lots of Okinawan Cops ?

  • markheinlein

    they wouldn’t get promoted if they followed all that criteria

  • Casey Joe Rife

    There is a cop at the courthouse that has always been on courthouse duty (works the metal detector)… one time when i was in there he arrested a cop that wouldn’t relinquish his personal firearm that was “undercover”… does that count? Please note that even though he didn’t have to he walked out on his break and signed my ticket for the bumper i replaced…

    • Casey Joe Rife

      it actually makes sense on why he’s never been promoted…

    • Stevie Russell

      Technically, he arrested that cop for a victimless crime against his will.

      • RiverMikeRat

        Public safety violations are not victimless crimes.

        • MarMac2768

          Yeah, ask someone who was hit by a drunk driver.

          • RiverMikeRat

            Ask someone like myself who is a former paramedic.

    • Stevie Russell

      And he probably is still payed by the government.

  • julie

    you should just be good all the time …if someone is doing something wrong then let them know that you could do something to make a difference/// and change things …doing good is something everyone always does and the bad is well the bad there is nothing you can do if that person is in the wrong…our world has done so much wrong and hurt towards everyone its sad to think our kids are going to have to have a ruff time changing what we have fucked up ….please lets bring back taking care of people and making a difference in our world for our children and then there children…what is the point of screwing our life up and trying to get kids to understand this is how it is and now they have to clean up our mess? its not fair to hurt them and have them fix our problem….where is the love and where is our hearts at??? please lets give back what we fucked up and change it for them??? our children are going to be in effect of our problems

  • Ben Franklin

    Not fair! There is none.

  • Douglas Thistle

    (1) Never taken people against their will, locked people in cages, or extorted money from people for a victimless “crime” like carrying marijuana, that is, who has never participated in the War on Drugs.If you catch a person who you saw murder another person and then try to run away from the police and get caught you will be taking them against their will.

    (2) Never accepted a government paycheck to enforce the rule of corrupt politicians. So they can’t get paid for doing their job?

    (3) Never stolen money from hard-working Americans in the form of “traffic tickets” in order to generate revenue for a government. So you catch someone speeding, or they run out of time at the parking meter and you give them a ticket. all traffic tickets are used to generate revenue for a government.

    (4) Always used his training to actively speak out against and arrest officers who abuse citizens, to the best of his ability. When someone on their first day on the job. you already said no to that one.

    So by your criteria and the responses I have given that any good cop would be doing, is still not a good cop to you..

    • Liberty4me

      1) Did you see the “for a victimless Crime” qualifier? Murder is not a victimless crime.
      2) I agree with you here.
      3) yes, traffic fines are designed to be revenue generating, not designed to make anyone safe. Roads can be designed to be safer without the need for a myriad of traffic rules. There are examples in Europe where towns have removed all customary traffic control devices.
      4) Unless that officer reports or speaks out against anohter officer on that first day, then no, he does not count.

    • MarMac2768

      I loved your response. I would love to see some of these idiots that don’t think that cops should enforce traffic laws the next time they see someone cut them off and almost run them off the road. Or the next time they have circled the block downtown a dozen times looking at all of the expired parking meters and no one has given them a ticket for overparking. Or, the guy who ran the 4 way stop almost hitting them who has stopped completely. It’s amazing to me how many people only hate the law that they are guilty of breaking!!

  • Leah Pike

    You definitely got my attention, though…this is quite impossible.

  • MrPuzzleBox

    It appears that a “Good-Cop” is about a likely as an “Ex-gay”.

  • MrPuzzleBox

    Does “Kindergarten Cop” qualify?

  • Ben Matlock

    Man I was SO close until the second part!

  • dylansanderson

    so a pig that works for free who has never put somebody in jail or issued a traffic ticket. Find a pig who is on his first or second day who has complained about another pig abusing their power. You will have $10,000

  • Chris

    That’s some bullshit. While the advent of cellphones has led to the increased discovery of cops abusing their power, there are still good cops who believe in their responsibility to serve and protect their communities.

    If any person claims they cannot find a good cop, I find their claims to be full of bullshit.

    Yes, there are bad cops out there. But there are bad people in every single large organization out there. Whether that organization is private, public or federal, no matter here you look you will find bad apples.

    That does not mean that anyone associated with local, city, state or federal agencies are automatically “bad apples” based on association.

    • Chris

      And no, I am not a cop. I am not related to any cops. I am currently an ex-navy member who is out of a job and looking for work.

      So I am not some “cop lover” or whatever bullshit you want to label me with. I do not personally know any cops, and am not a friend of any cops or cop organization. But I just cannot support the liberal agenda that ALL cops are racist pieces of shit looking for some nigger to kill. It is bullshit to the 9th degree.

      And if you disagree with me, look up stories of black cops shooting UNARMED white males, (of which there are quite a few), and see what the racist obama medias reaction to those stories were. (which is to say, nothing. They refused to report them. AT ALL).

      • RiverMikeRat

        All cops may not be racists looking to kill someone of color. However, any cop that knows of abuses and violations committed by fellow officers, is, by law complicit, and an accessory after the fact.

    • John

      You’re confusing good intentions with doing good. All cops, well intentioned or not, participate in immoral government actions like the War on Drugs, and benefit from them with each paycheck. All cops are active players in a corrupt system.

      • guest

        You are fucking retarded.

        • MarMac2768

          People like John are just anti government. He wants to live in a country where HE can make up his own rules. Like so many others who have commented on this thread. They want everyone else to decide what a good cop is. I was pulled for speeding a couple of months ago. First ticket I have had in over 30 years!! The cop wrote the ticket, gave it to me and explained the fine and how to pay it. When he was turning to leave I told the officer, thank you and to have a good day. I was polite to him and he was polite to me. I didn’t enjoy getting the ticket and I didn’t enjoy paying it, but I wasn’t angry at him. He was doing his job because I broke the law. He had every right to pull me over and it would have been ignorant for me to get angry at him. There is no telling how many times that I will never know about that a burglar or a robber was out looking for someone to rob or some place to break into and a cop came by just before he would have picked me or my house. But he didn’t, because a police officer was patrolling my area or where I was at. We never know how the cop was a deterrent to someone doing wrong to me or my family or my property. I am just glad that we have them even though, from time to time, we may get inconvenienced by our own mistakes. I sometimes think that it might be interesting to know how, in an alternate universe, what would happen if cops just decided to not do their jobs just for one day??? How many lives would be lost??? How many cities would be chaos?? It would run into tens of thousands of people dying and zillions of dollars would be lost. That “thin blue line” is what keeps us from falling into total chaos. I am glad that we have police officers.

    • RiverMikeRat

      If a “good cop” witnesses or knows about violations and abuses of power committed by fellow officers and does nothing, they are complicit and accessories after the fact.

  • Keith Bourbon

    I know one and would like my cash. He’s a sheriffs deputy that has been effectively the local high school security guard since day 1 that he was hired at my local sheriff’s department. He’s never written a single ticket or arrested a single person. He’s been on the job five years I believe.

  • Daniel Snyder

    I’ll give 10000 to the first person on this site who isn’t bias 😉

    Inb4 10000000000000000 butthurt comments

  • Eric Auld


    • americanscott

      Whoopee. That means exactly $hit. I grew up in a bad, bad neighborhood. 27 gangs with four major ones, all Hispanic, most Catholic. They were bangin’ on Friday and Saturday nights, killing people, stealing cars, B&E…then it was off to church Sunday and confession from time to time during the week. You should hear their mamas howl when one went to jail or got killed;”NO!!! My mejo, he’s a good boy.” Whateva.
      Why would anyone assume different from someone involved in the biggest gang in the world? It takes a certain mindset to be part of any gang. It makes them bad people by default.


        HUMOR, you do take a nice photo. Nice to say hello take care Wolfie

  • Luel Hayes

    I have just the officer! Possibly two. Please forward a contact number or email address for the information of the two policeman.

  • Al Wolf

    sadly dead pigs dont count but we can have fun trying to see if it will.

  • Sam

    I know one But I didnt see the email address? Brian Clark SC

  • the chik

    So they aren’t allowed to get paid for their J.O.B. JOB!!!!!

  • Bonnie Sue Paterson

    I nominate Tim Fry, of the Ponderay , Idaho Police Department. He is a good cop! It would be a Christmas miracle to win that money.

  • Bonnie Sue Paterson

    I nominate Tim Fry, of the Ponderay, Idaho Police Dept. Hes a good cop, and that money would be a christmas miracle.

  • Aliel The Heretic

    Actually Filming Cops, I HAVE presented you with a single good cop. About a month ago I believe. I even tagged you in the post. YOU IGNORED IT.

    Probably because your offer is bullshit and you don’t have the money to pay.

    His name is Randall Scott Gates. He has a peace officer’s license and
    is on the “emergency reserve” roster for Mclennan county Texas.

    He regularly shows up to city council meetings to expose their corruption.

    If you are REALLY SERIOUS about your offer, here is a link to his timeline :


    • Alan Williams

      You can actually sue them if this is true. Their offer constitutes a valid contract if you execute your end of the deal. Ask a lawyer!

      • MarMac2768

        No, because, if you read the rules they say that a “good cop” would not accept money for their work. A paycheck would disqualify them because, in their way of reasoning, a “good cop” would not take pay for his work. They think that most of our laws are enacted by “corrupt politicians”. They are not just Libertarians, they are Anarchists, pure and simple.
        This entire website is asinine to the thousandth degree! Their rules are impossible for ANY cop to obey. Even Batman or Superman would not qualify. After all, they put people (like the Joker and Lex Luthor) in cages and carried them away without their consent. They don’t think that anyone should do that. They are all crazy!! I just hope that, if they are ever in danger, they make sure that they call a “good cop” (by their definition) to help them.

        • Eric Slafter

          Doesnt negate the fact that 90% of so called laws are illegal. Fly in the face of natural law. And abridge the constitution.

          • MarMac2768

            You have googled just enough “law speak” to be an idiot.

        • Eric Slafter

          Its the diffrence between malum insay and malum prohibtum. Malum prohibtum is not a legal concept of our constitutional republic. And as such anyone enforcing such is in fact a criminal. And can be prosecuted under 18 usc 242

          • pyrodice

            *malum in se
            I’m going to guess your dictation screwed you on that one.

          • terminalbrd

            False. Our constitutional republic leaves the door open for the states to enact numerous laws (including malum prohibitum laws) under their own constitutions through their “police powers.” The several states have great leeway under the constitution in that respect.

        • While your points against their definition of good cop are valid, I don’t discount the value of them bringing attention to many agregious cases. I don’t have to (and could never possibly) agree with their entire agenda or outlook to appreciate them actually reporting these things which go largely unreported by the mainstream.

          • Angry American

            I have a friend that works for the state disability system for cops & she said that they all apply for disability, ALL OF THEM. She also said that she has been threaten by them when she has to tell them that they do not qualify for any percentage of their pay under the disability act. So how does that strike you for these “honest” cops they try to work a system that is skewed in their favor anyhow trying for all the extra benefits they can get if found to be disabled. It makes the first $240,000.00 tax free in fact their pensions are overly generous as it is. No one in the private sector has such great retirement benefits. Here in Ca. the cops get what is called #5 at 50 which translates to 3% of their pay times the number of years served at 50 years old so at 50 years old they get 90% of their pay + the fact they build up lots of overtime & save vacation days & sick days so they can add to their final pay period lots of money to where they actually get over 100% of their pay during normal times & they also can buy for $5,000.00 what is called “air time” time they did not work but can add that to their final paychecks

          • pyrodice

            3% is better than the military offered, which was 2.5%.

        • Ian Sean

          They didn’t say he has to work for free. They said he has to not accept money that’s been taken by threat/force. Which is by definition all taxes. Does the city run on donations or on services it doesn’t monopolize by force? Then this requirement is possible to fulfill.

        • pyrodice

          Of course the rules are possible to obey: I don’t do any of that, but I manage to do it by way of not being a cop.

    • richardruscoe

      Those are the people we should be supporting. The few that put themselves in harms way, to do right.

    • He doesn’t meet the requirements.

    • MichaelP

      Being on the “emergency reserve” doesn’t make him an “Active” cop. An “active” cop is one who works full time as a cop. Not a “sometimes” cop.

  • Puck

    yeah ok, this is fucking stupid. is it your contention that noone should ever be arrested? is it your contention that someone burning through a school zone at 80 mph on a school day shouldn’t even get a ticket? Number 4 is the only reasonable measure, and by that measure Regina Tasca fits the bill as a good cop – fired for stopping another cop from beating a citizen. Google it, Bogota NJ.

  • Bob Boldt

    Frank Serpico
    Small denomination bills only will be accepted.

  • kenney_m

    Do they have to be living?

    If not then I nominate my grandfather… he was a Pennsylvania state trooper and a rail road police police officer, he never bothered anyone unless they were a danger to other people he even caught armed two robbers with out drawing his own weapon he left because they wanted him to start harassing people and trying to drum up charges on them (state trooper days) and he would catch hobos on the trains buy them food and a drink and would get them a ticket to where they wanted to go so they could legally ride the train to their next destination and be comfortable in a seat instead of a box car or being in a jail cell ..(RR police days)

    I have pictures of him in his uniform upon request…

    His name was Joseph Byron Mabie.

    Cops didn’t used to be all bad….

  • Julie

    You’re not looking for a good cop. You are looking for a cop who fails to perform his duties! Never participated in the war on drugs??? Drug use and abuse is NOT a legal activity. You want cops to let that go? Much of drug money ends up funding terror organizations as well. Never “stolen” money from hard-working Americans in the form of “traffic tickets”??? You break the law, whether it be speeding, inproper lane change, etc., you should EXPECT to receive a ticket for it! You aren’t looking for a good cop, as a good cop ENFORCES the law, whether you like it or not. If you want to drive like a maniac, you put hundreds or thousands of lives at risk. You want to do drugs? Fine, but realize that it IS illegal and you SHOULD be arrested for it. Drug abuse ends up resulting in higher property crimes when junkies can’t afford their next fix. Be serious when you say you’re looking for a GOOD cop, as what you’re actually looking for is a cop who refuses to do his or her job!

    • Liberty4me

      Drug prohibition, just like alcohol prohibition before it
      does not lesson crime, in fact it increases crime and provides a method of
      revenue for organized crime. Any time a product is deemed illegal, an
      underground or black market rises up around that product giving cash flow to
      organized crime. Drugs, gambling and
      prostitution all provide lots of money to gangs.

      Drug use itself is a victimless crime. The only victim is
      the user. Now if the user decides to rob someone, that is a different story
      because robbery is a crime with a victim and is already illegal.

      As far as traffic citations go, there are cities in
      Europe that are starting to remove “normal” traffic control devices
      and rules and are finding that people drive safer and there are much fewer
      accidents. Traffic citations are nothing more than a revenue generating scheme.

      A GOOD cop does not enforce immoral and unconstitutional
      laws. A good cop reports or stops those that do abuse citizens. A good cop does not just follow orders
      because some corrupt politician says that a particular action or item is

      You need to recheck your
      moral compass.

      • guest

        Victimless until the drunk driver kills my kid….

        • Michael Molash

          “Drug use itself is a victimless crime.” Yes, use is victimless unless you count the user, as stated. Drunk driving is already illegal and what killed your kid, not the use of alcohol. If the simple use of alcohol killed kids, they would have all been wiped out long ago.

      • RiverMikeRat

        I used to be friends with a cop that turned bad cops in. He would also stop abusive cops and arrest them. He only lasted about 10 years on the force.

        • pyrodice

          I’m amazed he lasted past the first time he needed to call for backup.

          • RiverMikeRat

            70s and 80s.

      • MarMac2768

        You need to GET a moral compass. In Europe, traffic laws are enforced to the “nth” degree. Even the vaunted Autobahn in Germany is now over 80% speed limited. There were just too many idiots who killed people by driving their powerful cars over 150 MPH. On the road. And your last paragraph really shows how stupid you are. A cop does not make the laws, he enforces them!! If you think that a speed limit is an “immoral law” enacted by a “corrupt politician” you are just stupid. I’ll just ask you; what kind of law that is on the books somewhere would you say is an “immoral or unconstitutional” law that a cop should not enforce?? Name a couple. Oh, I know what you are going to say; a cop should not arrest someone for possession of pot. It’s immoral and unconstitutional. Says who??? You??? Friend, we live in a nation of laws and we have a system of courts that determine what is right or wrong. We call it a “due process of law” and that is what we have. I personally don’t believe in abortion. I think that it is murder. Now, suppose I was to go to the local abortion clinic and kill the doctors that perform abortions. A cop is called and he responds. Now, he might agree with me that the doctor was a murderer. He might be against abortion. Should he just say that he was not going to arrest me because I told him that I was defending the life of someone (an unborn baby)? Of course not! It would be murder. We, and especially not a cop who has authority, does not have the right to determine the laws that should be enforced. Do you remember what happened in the 60’s. There were thousands of cops in the south who would have said that for a white woman to have been with a black man is “immoral” and he would have arrested both of them. The black guy would have just disappeared in many cases and we know that was wrong as well.

        • MarMac2768

          Oh, one more thing; you said, “Drug use itself is a victimless crime.” Again, says who?? You?? Look at where the “drug lords” live?? Columbia? Murder capital of the world. Gang wars kill thousands over drug territory. I know what you are going to say; legalize it and tax it and you won’t find crime. BULLSQUAT!! Instead of a nation of drunk drivers, we’ll have a country of drunk drivers and pothead drivers!! People driving high! Again, I know what you are thinking, driving doesn’t impair your driving. If you believe that, I have a great bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell you CHEAP!! I’ve been high, in my younger days. I was in no shape to drive a 2000 lb piece of steel anywhere while I was high. We need more impaired drivers on the road today, sure we do!!!

          • Michael Molash

            You need to stop. Your leaps in logic are amazing and the stuff you make up is hilarious.

            – A quick search will show you that US speed limits are among the lowest in the world.

            – Liberty never said “cops make laws” as you put it

            – Ever heard of “I’m going to let you off with a warning”? That is the cop choosing not to enforce at that moment. Just as an officer can choose not to enforce, so can the jury. Look up Jury Nullification.

            – In the case of you killing abortion doctors, that’s murder. I don’t think the court’s definition of “a person of a sound mind” would say what you did was justifiable

            – Racism has no place in anything, your comparisons are like apples to car engines

            You: ” legalize it and tax it and you won’t find crime. BULLSQUAT!! ”
            – According to you, Colorado, Washington, and other areas of the US that have legalized recreational marijuana should have imploded with death, crime, and carnage all over by now. Let’s see, last I read, the schools got a budget increase and crime is down. Try again. The Drug Lords only have their place because of the black market created by our prohibition. How much marijuana do you think is being imported from Columbia and being sold in Colorado? NONE. It’s now done locally because it can be, without crime. Impaired driving is already illegal.

            You: “driving doesn’t impair your driving”
            — What does that even mean?

            Stop typing, unless it’s into Google to do research and learn.

          • MarMac2768

            No, your logic is very flawed. Sure cops can just give them a warning, that happens all the time. However, for them to do that, they have to pull a person over and let them know that they are breaking the law and, for many people, that will take care of it. They just should not ignore the law breaker, let them KNOW that the law could have punished them. A very minor infraction, sure, but how many people are killed by speeders who were speeding excessively. Many times, the reason that they were doing an “excessive” amount is because they weren’t pulled and given a ticket that cost them a pretty penny before they went to the next level. But, that is not the real point. Society has to have police officers to enforce the law. And, we need laws to make people not to put people at risk of being innocent victims.
            For your assessment of what I said about murdering an abortion doctor, the original poster said that the cop can ignore a law that he thinks is “immoral and unconstitutional”. My analogy was not out of line. If the cop thinks the same way that the killer thought, he was simply protecting an innocent life from being murdered and that is acceptable by many people. Your “jury nullification” would be outrageous in a situation like that. Kind of like what a lot of people think happened in the OJ Simpson case.
            As far as legalizing marijuana, the jury is still out on that. How many people in 1933 foresaw that with the legalization of liquor would lead to thousands being killed by drunk drivers on the road and the number of people that have been affected by a drunken spouse, parent in a negative way. It’s too early to see how legalizing pot will affect other innocent people in that person life or in their way on the highway.

          • Kahler Nygard

            No its not too early one can see the effects of medical cannabis within minutes with an epileptic, people who argue for the safety of society over the freedom of those with illnesses to choose their own medication, are straight up defenders of tyranny.

        • This is a scam

          The funny thing is Pot is still illegal in most of the 50 states

          • MarMac2768

            Yes, it is. And rightfully so!

          • Austin Miles Revell

            Lol. I used to blindly follow my government as well

          • MarMac2768

            Are you saying that a person who obeys the law is “blindly following my government”? That makes no sense whatsoever.

          • Austin Miles Revell

            Really? So when Rosa Parks disobeyed an unjust law, her actions made no sense?

          • MarMac2768

            You guys are really stretching what the entire conversation started out about. It was about cops doing their job in enforcing the law and now you are stretching it to include some civil disobedience to an unjust law. Of course what Rosa Parks did was key in changing an unjust law. That has nothing to do with the duty of a law enforcement officer in doing his job. An unjust law should be changed and it may take a person being charged with disobeying that law for it to happen. However, until a law is changed, it is against the law and police have the responsibility to enforce that law. This ought to make it clear; an unjust law needs to be changed, but it should be changed by using the system to change it. It took peaceful, non violent protests to do it and every American has the right to protest an unjust law. However, here is my question for you; what if someone on the bus had taken a gun and shot and killed the police officer who was arresting Rosa Parks? Would you say that that person had the right to kill an officer who was doing his job? Answer that question for me.

          • Chaos

            It does if you follow laws that require you to think of things that are not wrong as wrong and think of things that ARE wrong as right. Legal does not equal good and illegal does not equal evil.

        • pyrodice
      • jdre

        Hard drug use is very rarely victimless. A normal, healthy person who becomes a junkie has basically become a different person. Hard drug junkies generally ruin their lives, but also the lives of those around them. They become negligent parents, abusive spouses, and often end up having to steal to survive, since they lose their jobs. Your argument that the crime is the robbery is irrelevant. The drug use itself produces victims, the robbery and negligence are merely the means by which it happens.

        • pyrodice

          You’re describing child abuse, spousal abuse, and burglary. What you are NOT describing is drug use. There are already laws against those things, and you haven’t heard anyone advocate that they go away. Your point is misdirected.

    • Austin Miles Revell

      What you mean is if you commit a crime you deserve a punishment. Breaking a law is not synonymous with committing a crime. A crime must have a victim. Anything can be made illegal as a means to extort money from citizens.

      • jdre

        You don’t seem to know what words mean. Break a law is indeed synonymous with committing a crime. Seriously. Go to dictionary.com and look it up. Crime – synonyms: “a breaking of law.”

        • Austin Miles Revell

          Someone get this msn an award. Yes, a purely denotative interpretation would lead to your conclusion, but as we all know, words have both denotative and connotative meanings. Connotation is often more powerful and definition as in the case of morality, the topic of this article we can all agree. So here we can come to the connotation of crime. We must have a victim for there to be a crime committed. Many laws have been passed by many unjust men throughout history, but the breaking of an unjust law is in no way a crime.

          • jdre

            The logical fallacy you’re committing is known as “begging the question.” You’re arguing that a crime must have a victim because the connotation of crime is that it must have a victim. Wikipedia has a nice article on this fallacy. As to the more substantive question of, “is drug usage victimless”, I think the answer is yes only superficially. Hard drugs can transform a normal person into a junkie fairly quickly. A normal 18 year old man with average moral sensibilities can be transformed into a robbing and murdering animal focused only on getting his next fix, fairly quickly via intravenous heroin. The drug use first hurts him, but then pretty directly hurts his family, his kids if he has any, his significant other, and the people he ends up robbing. Even if you disagree with all of that, consider this. We have a social safety net in this country (and in every developed country in the world.) If someone becomes impoverished and ill, other people (taxpayers) pay for their care. If someone engages in an activity that is very likely to impoverish and sicken them, they are hurting every taxpayer.

    • RiverMikeRat

      Marijuana use has never been shown to increase property crimes. Most of the rest of what you said I agree with.

  • Joey Escabi

    lol it amazes me that you think this way.. what makes you GOOD? What have you done for others? I am not a cop.. and in America I would never be one.. BUT I do support cops.. regardless of what you think of them.. without them where would we be??.. you think cops are bad in the US..lol you should visit other countries.. The big picture problem we have in the states is that we are spoiled.. we take everything for granted and just expect it to be how we want. Life isn’t like that.. here is another point… The Media, and the left have been dictating to YOU how and what they want you to focus on.. did you ever stop to think about that? The media has made issues in America only based on race.. horrible shit can happen to whites and it barely makes the news.. why? The answer is easy.. divided people are easier to control… as long as we are broken up into “labeled” groups and fighting and arguing about this and that, we are not paying attention to other things.. we are being distracted.. how can you not see that? DON’T get me wrong.. I agree there are two many deaths at the hands of police.. but at the same time pay attention to what is happening.. 2 times more whites die to police per year.. but now its a race thing?? Come on… its a control thing.. WAKE UP..

  • Alright… lets clear some things up with the last 4 and why it is impossible for all 4 of those things to exist. I want to preface that no, I am not a fan of cops. But every time I have been given a ticket or arrested, it has been for legit reasons.

    So lets start with number 1. :(1) (a.) Never taken people against their will, locked people in cages, (b.) extorted money from people for a victimless “crime” like carrying marijuana, that is, who has never participated in the War on Drugs.
    (a.)Any container could be considered a cage. A holding cell is technicaly a cage if you get right down to it. All cops use these. Its part of standard procedure. So that one is impossible.
    (b.) Depending on states laws with MJ, the punishment can be anything from having it taken away and given a ticket to a full on arrest. This one is also impossible because of the variances on state laws.

    (2) Never accepted a government paycheck to enforce the rule of corrupt politicians.

    I would LOVE to know how a citizen would find out about things given under the table. Am I to assume that all cops take bribes? Absolutely not.
    Do some pigs take bribes? Yes.
    But the thing about a bribe is that often times… there is no paper trail. So number 2 is yet another pre-req that CANNOT BE fulfilled with 100% accuracy.

    (3) Never stolen money from hard-working Americans (who don’t harm anybody) in the form of “traffic tickets” in order to generate revenue for a government.
    As stated before, every time I have been pulled over has been for legit reasons (Speeding, dox out of date) and for my arrests (Possession of a controlled substance [.2 of pot] as well as missing a court date (which landed me a bench warrant.)
    I DO NOT believe that there is such a thing as a “quota” that the cop haters claim exists. Furthermore, if you do get a ticket, it will more than likely be for a legit reason (Get a dash cam if you feel you are being picked on. Lower end ones have good cameras, include sound and can track GPS location, which, in turn,tells you your current speed)

    (4) Always used his training to actively speak out against and arrest officers who abuse citizens.
    Again, this is one of those things that a citizen just isn’t going to find out unless they creep on the cop for a good long time.

    Are cops human and capable of being swayed? Absolutely.
    Are cops out to get you for not breaking laws? I’m sure some of them are. But some does not mean all. (Perfect example of why this generalization does not work. We’ll use the Muslim faith because its easy to work with currently: If 10 people of the Muslim faith do something violent, does this mean that the entirety of the Muslim religion is made up of violent terrorists? Absolutely not.) Is there such a thing as a good cop? Absolutely. (https://www.reddit.com/r/Good_Cop_Free_Donut/) Are there bad cops? Yeah. Plenty of em.
    Does that mean that just because of the actions of a few bad ones should represent all officers? NO.

    Avoid generalizations when making an argument. it makes you look like a Faux news “reporter”

    Want to talk about it a bit more, feel free to shoot me a message on skype at Silvermane33. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

  • Michael Lafond

    These frauds would never pay up. As you can see from below, they will find any and all excuses not to pay. In fact, you could not find anyone who matches just the first part of this.

  • chimpkilla .

    I’m all about ending corrupion and abuse in gov’t ranks, but it must be a 13 year old running this site because the posts are getting more and more ridiculous and immature. Just a bunch of na na nuh boo boo bullsh*t. To say every cop is bad is the same as holding a whole race accountable for one persons actions. This page could be a powerful tool if it was run in a way that gave it more credibility among people with higher intelligence and not just with excitable people still looking for a purpose in life.

  • Is this contest real? Because I accept the challenge!

  • Hannah

    This is dumb. This is questioning how good our government is, not how good of a person an individual cop is.

  • martymarsh

    The cop that bought these eggs for the women that was stealing them.

  • eric

    ok so using drugs is illegal? then put in prison got damn Kentucky senator who boat just got busted coming from Columbia full of cocain. Put in prison the crooked ass cop who had 5 pounds of marijuana in his house. Put in prison forever the cop who won officer of the year award and raped a woman at gun point before I run across him and blow his head off. Put in prison forever the 4 cops who kidnapped a 12 year girl in front of her house in gavelston, texas and beat and raped her in an unmarked van and lied saying they thought she was a prostitute.They definitely would have been shot if any cop would have pulled that shit on my kid. I can go on and on and on, Julie what you need to understand, the old days are gone girl. Pretty much all cops are dirty and crooked. They are on a power trip because they feel like they have the power to kill, rape and kidnap whoever and whenever they want because they have a badge and gun and racist, ignorant judges and prosecutors protect them.. Well the only way to deal with people like that is to put them down permanently by any means necessary..

  • Josh Starleper

    This is the dumbest article ever written, a police officer is not receiving the money from a written ticket, the city/state is. Wanna bitch? Call the mayor or dont break the law

  • GoodCopContest

    Best cop out there! Speaks out against all the bad cops and bad laws.


    $10,000.00 Please.

  • Емилия Димитрова

    What about “Just One Good Journalist” , “Just One Good President” ? 🙂 The damage they do is million times worst. 🙁

    • No doubt “Just one good president” is a million times worse.

  • Michelle Hawkins-Hazelwood
  • Bethany Spielman

    I know a bunch of cops that would qualify for this.

  • Nifty Lynn Dio
  • smkirk

    So writing a traffic ticket and enforcing laws makes one a bad cop? This is the dumbest shit I have ever read.

    • MarMac2768

      The ones who hate cops who give tickets are the idiots who break the law by speeding, running red lights, stop signs, etc. They are the ones that cause me to pay $600 a year to insure my car even though I have never had an accident and a clean driving record for over 25 years.

      • Cassandra

        Only $600 a year? I pay $500 twice a year. I’ve been driving a LOT longer than you have and I’ve never had an accident on anything that affected my insurance. Quit complaining!

        • MarMac2768

          Not complaining sweetheart! If you pay higher insurance then me then it’s because you live in a state that is having trouble with people who are having accidents and such as that. Maybe you have some cops that aren’t doing their jobs there, but here, we have good cops who do their jobs and help keep our rates down. You don’t think that what other people are doing on the road doesn’t affect your insurance?? You sure ain’t been driving as long as I have been. BTW, the 25 years wasn’t referring to how long I’ve been driving. I’ve been driving 44 years total. I used to get some speeding tickets in my younger days, but I found out that by breaking the law is not worth paying more for insurance. I have State Farm, which is higher than most, but I can afford it because I am a good driver and me and the cops are on good terms. I don’t break the law now. I drive safer and the cops leave me alone. Back in my teen years, I was on a first name basis with a couple of troopers. I sped, the pulled me over and gave me ticket. I finally learned and, since you don’t know what might have happened, they might have saved my life because I constantly see where a person driving 85-100 MPH killed themselves and someone else on some highway here. I used to drive that a lot back 40 years ago and I could have died, but, thanks to the cops, I slowed down and may have saved my life.

          • Cassandra

            Ah, sweetheart, right back at ya! Certainly agree that my state may be having more accidents, thefts, etc., than yours. That’s the way the insurance game goes. I’d love to move to a state that has a lower tax rate! I’ve always understood that! But I’ve got you on the number of years I have been driving. I began driving a diesel tractor (what fun!) 59 years ago, and a car 57 years ago. No, my parents shouldn’t have allowed that! I am now 71. I’ve never had an accident except a couple of dings from a runaway grocery cart perhaps. Doin’ my part for keeping the rates down.

  • jayitinc

    “who has never participated in the War on Drugs” “ever stolen money from hard-working Americans (who don’t harm anybody) in the form of “traffic tickets” in order to generate revenue for a government.” No wonder no one can do it. These conditons are beyond immposible, completely biased, and not all makes someone bad. Participating in the war on drugs is their JOB they don’t decide what should be the law, the government does. go bitch to them. As for “stealing money” these traffic tickets are issued to people who speed, drive recklessly, run red lights, etc. If you are going to issue a challenge and offer money you got to make the conditions less stupid.

  • Ami

    It’s easy to disqualify any entry because a good cop wouldn’t carry a gun.

  • S.Bessette

    I want to know who to talk to so I can pick up my $10,000 cause I know a friend of mines who knows a VERY good cop!

  • Guest

    Soooooooo… Find a cop who doesn’t do his job… Got it.

  • RiverMikeRat

    I have to correct you on a few things in the article above.

    1: The Waffen-SS was the military arm of the SS. They were combat soldiers and mostly diehard Nazis. Most also complained about the einzatsgrupen (Members of the SS, but not military) who were charged with the extermination of “undesirables.” Yes, there some Waffen-SS units that committed atrocities, but they were the minority. Their role in the Waffen-SS was as elite combat troops.

    2: Speed limits and most other traffic laws keep people safe. Look at history in the US to see how many deaths were caused by excessive speed, both before the country instituted speed limits and after.

    3: #2 you have already prejudged. Not all politicians are corrupt and most laws that are enforced were voted on by the citizens.

  • Alan Williams

    Ok….I am a huge fan of Filming cops. I believe most cops are bad in the sense that they are psychologically engineered to be that way. But this “offer” (if you want to call it that) is pretty disingenuous and is designed as a form of propaganda. So I would ask the following questions and hopefully someone from Filming Cops can answer:

    1. Regarding item 2. What if a cop accepted a government paycheck for the purposes of sustaining himself and his family instead of the purpose of “Enforcing the rule of corrupt politicians”?

    2. Regarding item 3. How is issuing a traffic citation considered “armed theft”?

    Upon the first reading of your “offer” it appears you are creating your own definitions and your own boundaries of governance. So in the context of this “offer” how are you different from any other dictator?

  • Truckie17

    This is fucking stupid cause I guess a cop doing his job giving tickets for speeding and for the guy selling drugs in neighborhoods I guess that makes him a bad cop I think this web site should get their heads out of there asses and realize all the good cops do for people and stop looking only for the bad cause when shit hits the fan who are you guys going to call the police fire and ems

  • Senator Haywood Jablowme

    You can go ahead and put that money back into your account. No cop could ever meet those requirements and if they did they would’ve been fired already.

  • Rhonda F Black
  • Adam Foster

    I would like to submit the fine folks at Dale Browns Threat Management Center in Detroit….

  • Gina

    This is complete stereotypical bull.

  • jdre

    “None can exist within the modern institution of state-monopolized policing.” A monopoly on violence is literally the political science definition of a “state” or government. This is the single stupidest article I’ve ever read.

  • amajamus

    Here you go . . . great example. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-departments-good-cops-buffalo-officer-fired-stopping-brutality/ I want my prize in 50% Gold, 25% silver, and 25% Bitcoin . . . thanks.

  • laikos

    If you’re criteria considers issuing traffic tickets as “not being a good cop” then no cop I know of ever could fit that definition. I know plenty of officers in my town I would consider good (or even great), but most – if not all – of them have issued traffic citations or tickets at some point in their career.

  • Fred
  • Bev Haut

    Here ya go. Just one of thousands. http://youtu.be/mlnxajQrL8w

  • JustmyOpnion

    the law enforcement industry in Michigan has been aiding and abetting felony federal health care offences against the elderly and poor – allowing hospital and nursing facility PATIENT DUMPING, which results in physical injury and death by using hospital HHS employees to institute the 1999 MI Attorney General(s) Jennifer Granholm and Wallace Hart HCF Division – ” Dispute Resolution Procedure: crimnal denial of contracted SERVICES, used to force illegal application for CMS State MEDICAID KICKBACK conversion – raking in $100,000 in health insurance fraud “fines” – and denying civil and criminal rights for due process of law. Unjust enrichment for federal contractors and Forced POVERTY for defrauded United States Citizens.

  • Ian Sean

    I stopped reading when you broke Godwin’s Law. Have you really not heard of it? Or are you a plant?

  • Heath Redfern

    I was really hoping this website was a joke, but then I realized that there are plenty of morons out there that believe they same way that y’all do.

  • Ex Cop

    You know what good cops do? They quit. They quit because it’s hard to be a good cop in a world tailored to allow bad cops to thrive.

  • .
    If there were any “good cops” we would hear about them arresting fellow officers, like the bad ones we see on-line, who break the law. We never do therefore, there are no good cops.

    Also, if a cop aims a firearm at you, kill him. You will have a better chance of convincing a jury to let you live, than convincing a cop.

    While it may be too soon to openly shoot those in uniform, it is not too soon to make a list.


  • Kevin Plamondon

    How about a police officer on his first day of duty who has not ticketed or arrested anyone as it is his first day….and obviously has not accepted a payceck as it his first day….and even after his first month has still not ticketed or arresred anyone and donates his paycheck to LEAP?…..loophole found…..me 1, you 0…..thats enough for me…dont need your false claim money