This Dog is About to be Put to Death for Biting an Officer Who Entered Backyard Without Consent


BAY CITY — An urgent matter of life and death for a precious companion needs your attention.

Sarge, a half-breed pet dog, is on the brink of having his life ended by authorities because he bit a police officer.

Kristine Vanderberg, the dog’s owner, is pleading for her dog not to be killed.

The incident began last month on May 18 when an officer entered Kristine’s property without her consent.

2freefinA neighbor had apparently complained to the police about a dispute that had occurred earlier.

The officer approached Kristine’s home and knocked on the door but received no answer. It turns out Kristine had been napping inside at the time.

Rather than calling Kristine or coming back at a better time, the officer took it upon himself to intrude into Kristine’s backyard without permission.

When the officer entered the yard, Sarge became frightened that an intruder had gained access.

Sarge then did what most loyal dogs would naturally do to defend their owners and property — he bit the officer.

The bite was not even remotely life-threatening, was very quick, and was more of a warning bite, many are saying.

The bite occurred on the officer’s leg.

That is when the officer began shooting Sarge with a taser gun, and called it in.

Kristine at no point in time gave the officer permission to enter her fenced-in back yard, but he did anyway, according to reports.

It is important to note that Sarge was fenced-in his own backyard at the time all of this occurred.

Now here’s where things become extremely twisted.

When police found out what happened to the officer, Sarge was taken to Animal Control.

It turns out that this was the second officer Sarge has bitten.

Back in August of 2013, police and paramedics were at Kristine’s property responding to a suicide committed by a tenant who had lived there at the time.

Sarge nipped an officer in the hand, but no further action was taken.

Kristine and the community have noted that Sarge gets along with everybody very well, but he just has a particular kind of aversion to intruders in uniforms.

“People can’t just walk in, especially men.” Kristine said.

“He’s very protective of me.”

“My 1-year-old son and I come over, and he just licks our faces,” said Kristine’s son, Justin, adding “He just doesn’t like people he doesn’t know.”

Now that Sarge is trapped by Animal Control, he is literally on death row, scheduled to be “put down” after biting the officers — both of whom were on Kristine’s property.

The Times published the current situation with Sarge, and since then people have been coming out in droves to support Sarge and demand that he his not put to death.


“It’s amazing how many people are sharing, people I don’t even know,” said Kristine.

There is a petition on to save Sarge’s life.


Please sign the petition if you agree that Sarge should not be put to death for biting a police officer on Sarge’s own property.

Sarge’s life is currently in limbo, being held by force at Bay County Animal Control.

Kristine says she visits Sarge every day, and that his liveliness is slowly deteriorating.

“I’ll get him playing out there and then he just flops down and just lays his head down and looks all depressed,” she said. “It’s hard when I have to put him back in the kennel.”

Show your support for Sarge and demand that he is not killed.

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  • Rex

    “Kristine and the community have noted that Sarge gets along with
    everybody very well, but he just has a particular kind of aversion to
    intruders in uniforms.”

    In other words, he’s a good judge of character.

    • Sargio Bee


  • Scott Giblin


  • Hundie

    Cops disgust me!!! I used to respect cops, but social media has really shown the public what they are really about. Cops are not our friends!!!

    • lee Cherry

      The problem is that the wrong people are policing communities that they are not originally a part of. This inevitably leads to a disconnect between citizens and said officers. I am thinking that much like the eligibility to be president or be a civil servant one must prove themselves as a community member first and foremost. I believe this should apply to officers as well in an effort to return the respect back to the community they serve just as many community members have respected the officers on their streets and in their neighborhoods.

      • Marius

        that is true but unfortunately not completely true for every scenario. i have seen many police who live in the city/town they serve in and they are jackasses to their own people as well. mandating that you live in the city/town you wish to be a police officer in would reduce the amount of problems but not entirely eliminate them.

        • lee Cherry

          That’s a very good point. Maybe there should be a form of education within the (B.L.E.) Basic Law Enforcement classes in regards to looking at people separately instead of an assortment of labeled citizen(s), just as you said, some are asses even to their own people. Thank you for bringing that up.

    • prospectbg

      Please don’t. There are so many of us that are good and agree with the citizen in this matter.

      • wuu

        if that was so true why dont more cops speak out? simple, good old blue code of silence. maybe not all bad but sure looks like they are the majority. staying silent makes them just as guilty.

    • lee Cherry

      You should treat them as an individual in individual circumstances just as you wish to be treated. Golden rule bud!

    • NieNie

      I disagree because not all cops are bad, I have seen tons on social media that brings the good ones to light, its just the bad ones that are not our friends. Do not judge all cause of a few.

      • wuu

        maybe not all bad but sure looks like they are the majority. staying silent makes them just as guilty.

      • Tela

        Honestly innocents animals are being killed by cops because they either bite a cop or bite a stranger for coming into their owners yard or house without permission. There are a lot more crooked cops out there then you think and they will do or say anything just to put someone behind bars or put an animal down and it’s not right. How can you tell which cops are the good ones? The cops that come out and is on the media they could also be crooked cops even the ones that don’t. You never know a crooked cop until you see one.

  • Christine Loewen

    Far from the first time… Happened to a guy in Utah last year, I think. Cops got a call about a stranger in a neighbor’s yard. Went to the wrong address, entered a completely fenced yard…shot and killed that owner’s dog. Cops don’t use their brains anymore (as little as they may be), they just use their guns.

    • prospectbg

      That is so ignorant. Out of the total number of cops, how many have been shown doing wrong? Do yo think the media will show good cops doing good things? Ask anyone who know about ratings. People doing bad shit get more ratings. Take your own advice and use your brain.

      Aside from that, some cops don’t and I happen to agree with the citizen should her claims prove accurate.

      • Christine Loewen

        I don’t need to “ask anyone” about how the media handles stories – my career was in media, both print and televised. Yes, absolutely, the headlines will be the salacious ones, that is what draws attention and sells after all. In this instance though, I believe the more ‘bad’ cop’s actions are publicized – and punished – the more there will be some accountability.

        • Michael Young

          All your route will do is inflame hatred for the police. Media don’t report anymore, they sensationalize things that they know are going sell their rags or get them ratings regardless of what the consequences are. Do you think for one minute that Ferguson would have gotten as bad as it did without 24 hours sensationalizing and race baiting by the media? No, it would have been resolved by the locals without destroying the entire town. Media is much of the problem. Now every time a white cop looks sideways at a black person there is a camera zooming in and claiming that cop is a racist. Media is preventing cops from doing their jobs because you all make yourselves judge and jury.

          • Christine Loewen

            “Inflame hatred for the police.” And how many lives have been lost because these events were unreported!?! Did you even read the internal memos of the Ferguson police officers? It’s past time for these people who have control over who lives or dies to be held accountable for their actions. If there is collateral damage, well, welcome to war. That is what had been happening to black people for years.

          • Michael Young

            And somehow you figure that exonerates the media for sensationalizing things? You people tried and convicted the officer in that matter in your rags and on the air. Does it even register in your head that you destroyed the life of a man (and his entire family) who was proven to be within his rights to defend himself? Does that even register? Of course it doesn’t. The media doesn’t care who they destroy as long as they get their damn ratings.

          • Christine Loewen

            Mr. Young, does it even register in your mind that the ethos of the entire police department was hatred for blacks – yet, somehow, you seem to think Darren Wilson was immune to this, that it didn’t infiltrate and take root in Wilson’s brain? Inculcating in him a level of moral irresponsibility in his actions? Rather naïve of you.

          • Michael Young

            What an idiot you are. Let me put this in small words so your liberal mind can understand. YOU STIRRED THINGS UP EVEN MORE! The evidence proved that your liberal narrative didn’t hold up. The whole narrative was built on a lie, even Eric Holder said it… give it up lady. You and your media gasbags stirred things up over a lie. You and the rest of your cohorts are in part responsible for everything that happened in the weeks following the incident. You gave them 24/7 coverage to further a lie. And of course Al “not so” Sharpton showed up to do some race baiting on his own….because he knew your cameras would be there for him. The most dangerous place in America is between Al Sharpton and a camera. And then there were the Soros paid protesters, who wouldn’t have been there if it were not for all media.

            You and the rest of the media turned a tragedy into a circus. You say the police don’t care whose lives they destroy….take a look in the mirror, people of your kind do it for sport. One last inconvenient truth for you to mull over….three times as many white people are shot by police. Those numbers are from the FBI. More than 450 whites die at the hands of cops, but you don’t cover that because it’s just not good ratings material because we don’t riot and destroy our communities over it.

          • Christine Loewen

            History has proven the absolute disasters that the Republicans has caused this nation. You are so wrapped up in your age-old misplaced sense of superiority and so consumed with hateful rhetoric that even when an obviously intelligent person such as yourself talks, you take yourself down to the lowest level. If a Republican gets elected President in 2016, the US will be at war with Russia and/or China within four years. Here, let me put this into words I’m quite sure you’re very familiar with – you are deluded, raging as shole!

          • Michael Young

            Gee, I believe that is exactly what people like you were screaming when Reagan was elected. Did we go to war? No, in fact we ended up ending the Cold War under his leadership. And let’s look at your first line. What has the current president, a raging liberal/socialist, has done. He has doubled our national debt, was around $10 trillion when he took over….will be over $20 trillion by the time he leaves. Now that’s an accomplishment. After campaigning on “hope and change” he has proceeded to do just that….where we were at least respected as a country around the world, he has made us a laughingstock. When he took over the parties were at least being civil, now they don’t hardly talk at all. Russia was behaving itself and not trying too hard to provoke us, now they do just what they want and invade our airspace and that of other NATO countries at will, and Putin has decided to just take parts of another country and is now sending in real Russian troops and armor into that country.

            Now let’s go to the last Democrat president, William Jefferson “Slick Willy” Clinton and the most dishonest First Lady in United States history Hillary. Second president in United States history to be impeached. First president to take us down a road that actually disgraced the office of the president, all because he couldn’t keep his thing in his pants. He also sent troops into Bosnia to distract us during that time, bombed an aspirin factory in Sudan. Ah and let’s not forget that he let Osama slip through his fingers when he was offered Osama’s head on a platter by Sudan…twice. There were four terrorist attacks against our country, and because of our weak responses to those attacks he chose to send in the master stroke. And thanks to Janet Reno’s wall between agencies we were unable to stop it.

            Be care dear lady when you say such things, Democrat presidents have their own skeletons and have wreaked havoc on this country. The current occupant is a prime example of a disaster of your own parties making. And I believe it was people in your profession that insured his election with the softball coverage you all gave him.

          • Sam

            The last time I checked my history books, it was the Republican led north that defeated the Democrat ran South and freed the African American people from the bondage of slavery.
            The KKK was also a southern organization started by and ran by The Democratic South.
            but somehow the Democrats are now the blackmans best friend and the Republicans are the white devil.
            What a fucking joke!!!
            Amazing how history gets forgotten and then twisted over time.

    • NieNie

      There is one location that trains they’re cops to first figure out if the animal is being aggressive before shooting, which helps cause most of the time the dogs are not doing much that is an actual threat

  • Jennifer Bishop

    we have constitutional protection from illegal search and seizure. if the officer did not have permission or a warrant, s/he has no business on private property.

    • Brian

      Couldn’t she theoretically sue for that? She should press charges, and agree to drop them only if they release her dog, if that’s the case…

    • Rex

      If you would like to see how much protection the Constitution, or a restraining order, or any other piece of paper gives you, here’s a simple test:
      1. Get said piece of paper or an accurate facsimile.
      2. Hold it in front of your face, about an inch away or so.
      3. Ask someone to punch you in the face.
      4. Calculate how much less damage you face would have suffered had the paper not been there.

      There you guy! I think you’ll find that the protection afforded, as they say in Britain, if “Fuck all”.

  • JackmeOFF

    kill the pig

  • Is this in Michigan? There are lots of “Bay City”s out there.

  • Lee Rowan

    If these SOBs can’t deal with dogs properly, don’t hire them.

    • Marius

      they cant even deal with other humans. this lady bitched out the people in the car for knowing their rights. frankly its not if they cant deal with dogs or humans its more if they cant handle their job they shouldnt be police. as a police officer you are forced to deal with the public, dealing with the public on a daily basis is no easy work as anyone who works customer service will agree. if you cant handle the stress of dealing with the public then you shouldnt be an officer its as simple as that, dont work in a place you arent cut out for. what these people are doing is similar to a child hater becoming a teacher.

  • hstevenmead

    Leave this families pet alone you ugly nasty piece of human trash. I use to think police had character but today I’m more inclined to think and believe they are just Nazi trash and there is no respect for trash.

  • Grand1

    I don’t think they need to put the cop to death. I think an apology would suffice.

  • KennyD

    Bay City ….. WHAT STATE ? Once we know what state; we can e-mail their GOVERNOR’s Office and DEMAND a Pardon !!

    • DRWneighbor

      I wish that these article would post the day, month, year, and city, state. It’s very annoying not knowing when and where these take place. Until I went to the comments, I had no idea if this was some years old story that’s making the tenth trip around Facebook, or if it was posted yesterday.

    • NieNie

      Michigan, there have been numerous other articles about it for the past 3 or so days that I have seen that states all the info, keep an eye out.

  • Penn_Patriot

    He trespassed. I would have shot his pig ass.

  • Dave Silva

    Fuckin police have become such pussies.. too many of them are afraid of their own shadow in spite of being armed to the teeth. Fuckin yellow bellies!

  • Susan Searle

    From the dogs point of view, a stranger has come in to threaten his owner – his response was to nip – not bite – there is a difference. Had he wanted to harm the intruder – he would have gone for the neck (I had a foster dog in who would aim for the neck – he meant it) – Sarge could have reacted in the manner of a police dog and caused real damage to the intruder/potential murderer. Perhaps, instead of killing this loyal animal, the owner could be ordered to have a lock and a warning sign on the gate to help keep everyone safe. I assuming there was no sign on the gate, and that the officer did not try to introduce himself properly. I do not see why there seems to be no effort at compromise. Has anyone sent Cesar Milan this link?

    • Kusuriya

      Generally from a legal stand point it is best to not put warning signs on your fences since it can be used in a lawsuit to show that you knew your dog was a danger. Its a sad state of affairs but it is what it is.

  • Josh MKisser

    I hereby declare I will sit the rest of my life in prison for ki**ing the one who puts this poor guy down if it comes to that. This is not a threat nor a promise but a god damn guarantee with a blood seal on the envelope. Animals deserve justice just as well…. Old world law eye for and eye tooth for a tooth life for a life regardless of species. I got your back sarge

  • Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem

    I would go nuts if a cop entered my property without permission, I would go crazy at them and force them out which, is my legal right but I dont live where Cops would make up fake charges and then call it in to get you fucked up, my dogs are my life nobody touches them without my consent.

  • Whaviely

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  • Baird Goerts

    That dog seems to be the greatest judge of character. Senses worthless pos human beings when he sees them enter his yard without permission

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    put the cop to death for trespassing

  • Mega Hof

    Every time I go to click on the petition’s link it shows “bad gateway”.

  • Beach N8iv

    Cops are nothing more than bullies and heavily armed cowards with the power of the state behind them. This uniformed trespasser got what he deserved and now he’s crying.

  • ishkabibul

    American police are notorious for shooting first and not asking any questions later ,especially animals they seem to be very wooshy around dogs,they dont have any training nor do they have any sense common sense around dogs ,this dog must not pay the price for this mans ignorance and stupidity,if he had any decency he would speak up and say it was his fault.

  • Rachel Williamson

    If this was another breed, say a lab or standard poodle, or even a rottie. They wouldn’t bother. It’s pathetic how people pick on these animals. You enter without permission, get bit, then blame the animal that bit you. How does that make sense? Stupidity is the only answer to that question. Lousy police, most of them are good for nothing but causing more harm than they prevent. There are some that are good tho, not all are bad. We don’t get news of good cops actions often, we’re always seeing what bad ones do. I hope they leave that dog alone.

  • Diego Risueno

    We know who the real animal is.

  • Chani

    It seems cops are just shooting first, pets matter. They are apart of the family and our lives. I don’t believe you have a right to put a family member down when YOU are the one trespassing, just because you are a cop. I would be heartbroken if this were my dog. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Andy

    This dog’s life is worth at least 2 of those blue fairies.

  • Paul Roper

    How about putting to death all the cops who brutalise and shoot people?

  • Miguel Plascencia

    Save sarge

  • akemihomura

    Dog people are always too willing to make excuses for their animals’ vicious behaviour.

    • Kusuriya

      Vicious behavior like a some one breaking into your house and the dog being afraid by it and taking action to protect their owner? Yep man those dog owners making excuses boy howdy.

  • Greg Paige

    The cop had no business going in the backyard without permission the dog was protecting his property exactly what he was supposed to be doing.

  • Zhushika

    This is WRONG…The dog was doing his job..the cop was invading his family’s space. If the dog is put down get a lawyer and sue the city and the cop for severe emotional distress and anything else the lawyer can come up with. Maybe when it starts coming back on them financially they will stop abusing us.

    • Tela

      I agree.

  • Timothy Amore

    that’s a load of bull shit id get lawyer reel fast and id charge that police officer with trespassing

  • Brock Lee

    The dog just don’t like the way pig meat taste,,,,

  • Denise Ford

    Sorry but where l live anyone entering your property without consent is trespassing.

  • Lorena Duncan

    The dog was doing his job. He entered the yard without permission. That is the dogs yard and he was protecting the family like he was trained to do. If they put this dog down there will be alot of regrets. The officer obviously disregarded the fact that it is a fenced in yard so that should of raised a red flag POSSIBLE DOG ON PREMISIE. How stupid can one be, unless he intentionally did what he did.

  • Patrick H.

    No pettition came up to sign?

  • Terry Bernstein

    Dog was in own yard protecting family., cop took it upon self to enter yard. Got what he. Deserved. No dog should not be put down.

  • JohnGBolin

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  • cobra18

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  • Roxana

    Please punish this criminal and animal abuser to the maximum extant of the law.

  • Roxana

    OMG! The police here in the US Are evil. Criminals paid by churches and corporations

  • Bryce Hipboot Carpenter

    Fuck that… If Sarge wouldn’t have bit him I
    woulda had him put down if I was the owner.. I own a dog myself and if you meet him with me present you will have no problems, but if you intrude without permission, I BETTER see blood or there’s no reason for me to keep him… He works for his food and toys and everything else we spoil him with by protecting us and all of our belongings… Yes a dog is a pet and for us he is a family member, but he also better serve a purpose which is protection or there is no use in me having him… Sarge DOES NOT need to be put down, the Damn cop needs to stop thinking he is invincible… Js

  • eroplen65
  • Cadence Wallace

    Thug breaks into house, gets attacked by dog defending house an owner. Sorry but he just randomly entered the house? That’s just creepy.

  • Starr Maynard

    Sarge had every right to bite an intruder in the yard my dogs would do the same ,That is what animals do they protect their owners and property

  • Janel

    How much you want to bet the dog barked before he bit the officer. What kind of an officer wouldn’t stand up to save the life of a dog that was just doing what dogs do when an intruder comes into their home? So tired of dogs paying the ultimate price for the stupidity of human beings.

  • Hank Watson

    Dogs are a better protector than cop any day, they are trained to do so, a cop is too and if he or she wears a badge they better know the rules, and never overstep the bounds, but if stupidity sets in blame the cop nothing else, I been a cop , so I know and it makes me sick to see some of the things they try to get away with nowadays. To put Sarge down for doing his job would be like putting a cop, ( a good cop ) , down for doing his job, I just pray the district attorneys office has some sound minded people that will recognize there is no crime against Sarge. Let him go home to his family and retrain the knob heads that let stupidity get them where they were not invited.

  • WCarter

    If Sarge was a lack dog he’d have been shot on the spot.

  • Brian Erbis

    Fuck you all
    Let the dog die

    • NieNie

      I hope you don’t own animals cause this statement you made screams “horrible owner”

  • Margaret1938

    Kristine, Sarge is like my Bella, they look like twins and my Bella is not a pit bull is an American Bulldog Johnson, she has her papers and her pedigree, they’re territorial, your house is their house, as long as you’re present and allow the entry, they’ll accepted, but an intrusion without you allowing is an intrusion and never on their watch it will be done. They’re lovable, Bella protects me, I’m a crippled in a wheel chair, when my kids come in and argue and raise their voices, Bella lays in the from of me, she knows my kids, but she protects me, I also have an small pug that does the same and it’s funny to see both laying in the from of me while my kids argue their heads out, once in a while Bella barks like saying, enough is enough I’m the judge here.

  • Margaret1938

    The problem on all of this is the misjudgment of the breed, people are so scare of the Pitt Bulls that for everything they decide to kill them, and American Bulldog is very similar to the Pitt Bull what’s more it was created from the mix, but their hair is white with marks on brown and black or either. Their live spam is not very long 13 yrs max, very obedient, very loyal, and extremely territorial

    • Christine Loewen

      Officer killed a Boxer, officer killed a Golden Retriever…must I go on?

  • Diana Martin

    Dogs know a bad person on site !!!!!! The cop was tress passing My dogs can tell good people from bad right away and wont leave my side and they cover nice ones with kisses and when at even my door can tell the bad right off and wont let them in my door Fine suspend the cop and if need be fire a judge that must be on meth to wants to harm this dog as the cop may of killed the owner for no reason and he may of set the dog up for some reason Cop needed a warrant to be there or permission to be where he should not of been



  • jcdfms

    The cop was in the dogs territory any dog would do the same. This was a provoked attack

  • Brenda Driver Altman

    That’s stupid, this dog was protecting its family from a stranger entering the backyard. If they would stop entering when not invited, then they won’t get bit.

  • Susan

    do not put him to sleep because of human ignorance

  • disqus_k1SNblFzzj

    I always defend cops and I generally respect them because they have a tough job but who is this Woossie cop? This really doesn’t help the image of the police and he had no business being there in the first place. Police dogs are trained to attack and citizens can train their dogs to do the same. I pray this officer “Man’s Up,” and does the right thing because it really looks bad for him and the police force.

  • Tela

    I don’t know Sarge but in my opinion your dog was in the right and he shouldn’t be put down for protecting you and your house. The police officer was in the wrong they do not have any rights to go in or on someone’s property without a search warrant. Just wondering did he have a search warrant?

  • Daniel Roberts

    Essential the door somebody might turn around and kill that cop sorry I hate to say it but that’s the way some people feel about members of their family

  • Jerri Lynn Silver

    This dog is innocent! The bite was caused by the intrusion of the cop. Sarge was doing his job, protecting his family!

  • Melissa Adams Aguilar

    My dog Sparky has done the same thing. He is protecting his yard, his family. Coming into a yard without permissions or warning, you will get bit. Sarge deserves to live and to continue to protect his family.

  • Susan

    I’m with you Kristene, I’ve got BEAU , German Shepard HE HATES UNIFORMS , don’t know why ,as a pup we bought him from police dept, dog was doing what he’s supposed to do, his JOB….

  • Ryan James Fitzpatrick


  • James

    If that were my dog, I’d do what Dorothy said she’d do to Miss Gulch after she wanted to have Toto put down for him biting her.