WATCH: Man to Police Officer “I Don’t Want to Be the Next Black Male” to be Killed


BORDENTOWN >> Police released the full video of a traffic stop that occurred last Wednesday after a city police sergeant stopped a Philadelphia used car dealer on Route 206.

The stop became mired in controversy after a TV news report showed video captured from inside of a vehicle being driven by Abdoul Aziz Koita. The video shows Sgt. Vincent Bernotas attempting to remove Koita from his car when he continues to ask the sergeant why he’d been stopped. Police said that Sgt. Bernotas asked Koita to produce his credentials, to which he refused four times while asking why he was being pulled over. In the video Koita asks Bernotas what will happen if he does not get out of the car. Bernotas told Koita, that he’d be arrested for hindering.

Police said that Koita’s car was initially stopped for his Washington State dealer tag that was not on file along with a broken taillight. After more than 20 requests from the officer for Koita to exit the car, police said that he [Koita] would exit the vehicle. He then refused, and Bernotas ordered him out of the car seven more times. The television news report shows Bernotas first trying to remove Koita by his arm, and them by his shoulder and neck area.

There were four people in the car on a trip to an auto auction, Koita told NBC 10. The other three occupants presented credentials and were allowed to follow Bernotas to pick up Koita following his arrest.

Koita was issued a single criminal summons for obstruction and a motor vehicle summons for the license plate.

On Sunday, city officials defended Bernotas’ actions saying he followed protocol.

“I’m comfortable with the sergeant, I discussed it with him already. And the Chief, of course has been hands on since the beginning,” Deputy Mayor James Lynch said on Sunday. “We’re comfortable with where we sit right now.”

Additionally, Lynch said that the city had referred the incident to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office, who agreed the sergeant followed protocol.


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  • turnerdog56

    For f**ks sakes just tell the driver why you’re stopping them. First words out of your mouth. It should be the law.

  • James Michael

    Protocol is NOT the law…and the sworn servant refused to articulate WHY he was flsely imprisoning the man….
    NO obligation to tell or give him anything that may be used against him and EVERYTHING you give them can and WILL be used against you….

    Do what I say or I harm you, is aggravated extortion and according to the patriot act section 802 is terrorism…..These felon kidnapper traitors been indicted for all the felonies they committed yet?
    STATED no crime requiring the man to obey him, then uses unwarranted violence…until lawfully arrested NO OBLIGATION to id…..Brown v Texas and Kolender v Lawson…AND Miranda v Arizona….
    Nice bunch of felonies these traitor with badges committed here….
    felony assault and battery, aggravated kidnapping, false imprisonment, aggravated extortion, treason, terrorism…..Get the treasonous felons….
    STOP Putting STATE SHIT on YOUR private property and wrong asshole sworn servant. the right to remain silent if it can be used against you … is a right.
    “No one is bound to arm his adversary.” Maxim of law.