“We Don’t Need a Warrant” — Cops Enter Home Through Window, Rip Infant From Mother’s Arms

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project


Clark County, WA — In February, a family experienced a horrifying home invasion during which their children were taken from them, and they were assaulted.

The father and husband, Ilya Petrenko caught the perpetrators on video — they were police officers with the Vancouver Police Department.

According to Petrenko, a call was made from Kentucky claiming that there was a domestic dispute, so officers were dispatched to their house.

The caller stated that Stephanie’s hands were broken. In the police dispatch during the standoff, officers acknowledged that there were no injuries to the wife’s hands or elsewhere. But the cops did not care; they were hell bent on getting in that house.

After more than an hour of asking the police to politely leave, Ilya began filming.

Police had guns and tasers drawn as they swarmed the house to attack this innocent family.

The entire time, the couple is demanding to see a warrant and they are told by the police that they do not need one.

The police insisted something was wrong and used their authority to enter the house without a warrant believing that the welfare of the child or mother were in jeopardy. However, from the video and Stephanie’s own words, everyone was fine. The only people posing a threat to the Petrenko family were the Vancouver cops.

As police began to breach the house, Stephanie was assaulted. The traumatic instance of their baby being yanked from her arms was captured on video. The family was but helpless victims to the dozen armed agents — ostensibly there to help them.

During the melee, police separated the couple and because Stephanie resisted the officers’ attempt to steal her 11-month-old baby, she was swarmed and attacked. While we cannot see what happened on the other side of the wall, the audio from the recording is clear.

There is a sound of a struggle, as Stephanie resists her assailants. She then goes silent. When we finally hear her again, she tell the officers, “you almost killed me,” describing how they had choked her unconscious.

According to Ilya, Stephanie was strangled until she lost consciousness and when she awoke, the assaulting officer was taking pictures and verbally conspiring with the other officers to imply Ilya had caused the injuries. However, video footage from before the police assault clearly shows that Stephanie’s neck and arms are free from bruises or marks.

Both Ilya and Stephanie were jailed following this incident, and despite the fact that an Aunt had arrived to care for the children, law enforcement insisted instead that the children be put in CPS custody.

Ilya and Stephanie continue the fight to get their children back more than a month later.

According to Ilya, VPD officers confiscated the iPhone and erased all evidence of their shocking abuse of power, including the statement that no warrant was needed to forcibly enter the home… fortunately, they were not aware that it had been uploaded to the iCloud.

Below is this disturbing video.


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  • James Michael

    Let’s see:
    No criminal act personally witnessed and no warrant with an affidavit attached showing any lawful authority.
    At my home you would have been sucking on .50 caliber bullets as the home invading treasonous ass scumbags you are….

    • Toranaga

      And you’d be dead and the cop would be on paid leave.

      • Chris

        Probly not if they don’t have a warrant

        • William Rugar

          a 911 call acts as a substitute for a warrant thats why they do not need one. if it was a call to the department it would be different. this is of course dependent on the state you live in. in NYS this would have been completely legal. I am a retired Ulster County Deputy and have had to deal with similar before, of course when we get that kind of resistance we are supposed to contact a supervisor and let them handle it at that point

          • Joe

            No it does not. Using your claim i could call cops in your town and claim you just called me saying your about to kill the children you just kidnapped and have a few dead ones in your freezer. Can you see how my call cannot in any rational sense replace a valid warrant? If not what is your address?

          • William Rugar

            sure you could but placing a false call into 911 is a felony, I am a retired Ulster county Deputy and 911 dispatcher I am well trained on this subject. 4756 Route 9G red hook NY 12571

          • William Rugar

            I can not personally speak for the state they reside in but here in NYS it does substitute for a warrant and just so. Thats exactly the point of 911

          • Cho Losrud

            But isn’t there supposed to be probable cause??? I mean, the wife herself said nothing was wrong, ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY tried to hold the police off… I mean, shouldn’t there have been someone like a Sergeant or Higher there? I mean, if they see that the claims of abuse were not substantiatied, shouldn’t they have just backed off??? and the story goes on to say that the wife had “bruises” that were not visible before the police entered the home… and if the police filed a report where it said that the wife had bruises from her husband, the video would vindicate him…

          • Mellainie Lipscomb

            How was the police supposed to know who they were talking to? There could of been some one hurt in a different room. Why didn’t they answer the door answer the question and let the police do there job. I can understand we have rights but these days there is so much kidnapping, assault, and child molesting the cops really could not of known how many people were in the house except for the ones they saw through the windows. If the parents were not doing nothing wrong then I think they should of talk to the police. After an hour passed if I were a cop I would of been thing something else is going on in that house that the residents didn’t not want the cops to know about.

          • Matt Baker

            it was a call from out of state claiming the woman had been assaulted and her hands broken, obviously that wasnt the case

        • gskeers

          don’t be an idiot Chris

          • Rick Baldwin

            Better than being a pussy assed traitor to the constitution.

      • Rick Baldwin

        So, some people have balls.

    • gskeers

      you kill a cop and you will be sitting prison for the rest of your life

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        • gskeers

          you shouldn’t call yourself names

    • DatBus

      So the cops show up to investigate a case of woman beating, and you’re mad at THEM for refusing to go away? Filming Cops need to take a few lessons in Civics. Those cops job is to make sure she and the child are safe, and it has nothing to do with a “warrant”. If you don’t wake up to cultural marxism and start honoring the RULE OF LAW and LAW ENFORCEMENT, you will soon find out what an ACTUAL “police state” really is. WTF.

  • Rob W
  • Capra Fight Cps

    Ladies and Gentalmen it is time to rise up and attack this standing army. At every stop light, on the steps of their homes, in the streets, and their place of business/ congregation. Show them that they are now considered the enemy. Do it brutally and with no remorse until they are stamped out. We the people are our own police and as such should protect one another and hold eachother acountable for crimes commited and by doing so we will free ourselves of the need for corporate law enforcement which inevitably and always becomes corrupted. Fight people, fight for your freedom and do it now or we are lost as a free people.

    • gskeers

      don’t be an idiot if someone hurts you and there’s no police force to help you

      • Rick Baldwin

        Idiot?… hmm… I’ve never ever called a cop in my life. Truth is… I’d rather handle my own business… police are an illegal occupying force of the state and are not welcome. We are much better off with our own militia than we are with a state army.

        • gskeers

          well enjoy going to prison Rick you need it

    • DatBus

      So the cops show up to investigate a case of woman beating, and youre mad at THEM for refusing to go away? Filming Cops need to take a few lessons in Civics. Those cops job is to make sure she and the child are safe, and it has nothing to do with a “warrant”. If you don’t wake up to cultural marxism and start honoring the RULE OF LAW and LAW ENFORCEMENT, you will soon find out what an ACTUAL “police state” really is. WTF.

      • Dave

        Annnnddddd….. another idiot sucking piggy dick

      • Fyre Marshal Bill

        Wrong, they can not enter the home without a warrant unless they witness a crime. The family should have called 911 and fired on the intruders as soon as they breached the home.

        • DatBus

          Incorrect. They were answering a domestic violence call and there was a child involved. They do not require a warrant as they have a mandate to insure that the woman and child are safe. They can’t leave until that is accomplished.

  • This seems like complete bullshit. If they get a complaint they have to check it out in domestic disputes. This guy and his stupid woman are nitwits for not simply complying. They could have de-escalated the situation in about 5 minutes. I’m no fan of police over reach but these people are making it much harder than it needs to be. The idiot woman saying she was “assaulted” further shows what kind of people thesse police were having to deal with. These kinds of people are why some cops are assholes. They blew a simple situation way out of proportion and caused this whole thing. The cops were just doing their job, and they were a lot nicer to these assholes than I’d have been for them wasting my time. Idiots idiots idiots.

    • Rick Bell

      “Just comply!” the rallying cry of all who rather live in a cage then in freedom die.

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      You must be a govtroll.You certainly love tyranny.You need tomove to another country like Saudi. They like bugs like you there!

    • Bill

      If you actually read the article there was a discussion, and proof presented there was no dispute nor any injuries as reported in the call. All they had to do was turn around and leave, get a warrant and return.

    • You are an idiot. Imagine that.

      • Magnix

        Jesus do not insult. 🙂

    • james porkess

      Lol for “wasting my time” geez what tool

    • SJlawyer

      You know not of what you speak! The people were in their home, have 4th Amendment protections and have every right to act like assholes towards ANYONE who comes to their door or window demanding entry without a warrant. These cops can be sued, both personally and as a department. They overstepped their authority and are nothing more than common criminals in this situation. The badge and uniform are not immunity from prosecution.

    • RJ O’Guillory

      …I’m sure you comply all the time. However…Our Founding Father’s had more courage in their little finger than you have in your entire body. The issue is not what the police can do…but the Constitutionality of the act. If you don’t get that…you have already lost your freedom and should invest in knee pads, so as to continue sucking-off The Thin Blue Line’s Cock. Your family must be ashamed of you.
      RJ O’Guillory

    • bob

      you are a f#@king retard

    • bob

      They should sue The person that made the 911 call first and foremost (false police report ) and sue the police for unlawful entry , destroying evidence , assault , and how that idiot cop was allowed to get away with writing that NCO with out the wife’s permeation or signature… unbelievable . Then you have to go to court to defend and pay all expenses for your lawyers … this sounds like they just want you to spend all this money while they sit back and watch you go broke and laugh at all the misery they have caused for this couple and especially the three children . I can’t imagine how this is effecting them . I am completely dumbfounded by CPS , CPS staff should be fired from top to bottom and thrown in jail themselves for kidnapping This couple should go get a lawyer from outside your area that will work off a percentage of what you sue for( 10 Million )

    • JudgeRoyBean25

      “Just doing their job”? I think I heard that somewhere before……oh yeah, the guards at the nazi concentration camps were ” just doing their jobs”.

    • Rick Baldwin

      Fuck you you pussy! “Comply” for your comfort? Some people have self respect. You are a bitch and deserve to be under a jail.

  • August

    You Americans have ZERO RIGHTS…..FACT.

    • gskeers

      and neither do you

      • Rick Baldwin

        Fuck off!

  • Alpin Thueson

    Until LEOs are scared to leave their homes this shit will keep happening. Would have been funny if all of the neighbors had shown up with assault weapons, ordered the cops to surrender, disrobe and walk from the area naked and on video!

  • yep

    now i know why they kill cops in the usa today because of this sh*t here

  • Joe

    Eventually these thugs will be hunted in the night. May each of them wake to an angry armed father then found without skin after trying to walk out of deep woods. Then their trainers should be treated far less humanely. Their trainers are israelis.

    • DatBus

      The cops show up to investigate a case of woman beating, and you’re mad at THEM for refusing to go away? Filming Cops need to take a few lessons in Civics. Those cops job is to make sure she and the child are safe, and it has nothing to do with a “warrant”. If you don’t wake up to cultural marxism and start honoring the RULE OF LAW and LAW ENFORCEMENT, you will soon find out what an ACTUAL “police state” really is. WTF.

      • Joe

        Your not serious right? The woman was talking to these criminals and she was visible and had no injuries and was holding a calm baby telling the thugs to go away! Right along with her calm husband! What are you talking about by claiming “investigation”? Are you seriously this sick and incapable of seeing what is right in front of your face or are you a cop too? or are you an israeli cop trainer who believes in his own superiority over the herd? Your an as*hole!

        • DatBus

          You are focused only human rights as far as “what cops can’t do” without a clue as to their role in our society. They are called to the scene to protect the rights of the woman and child who have been reported as victims. The fact that the woman was defended this man has nothing to do with the report they recieved must investigate. In fact, its quite common for an abused woman to defend the man out of fear, and of course – they know that. I mean – you’re not serious, right? Your cop hatred has you blinded as to their role in society.

  • J Peters

    They should spend a few years in prison for felony destruction of evidence ALONE.

  • Charlie CHASE BANK

    We sat back and ate popcorn when things like this were happening to the blacks, they were the canaries in the coal mine, now it’s happening to US! Time to make huge permanent changes in this country it’s going to be interesting how it will turn out.

  • StrangerDanger

    This is what freedom looks like when it’s lost. At the end of a barrel, there to “protect” you.

  • anonymous4u4me

    Maybe if enough of you thugs got shot being traitors you might change your minds about being thugs and bullies.Easy to be tough on people that allow you to be assholes. Oh no wait an asshole has purpose so lets say your human excrement that has no purpose.

  • salordan

    Phenomenal job by police. Yes, every and any Domestic violence call requires police to separate the couple and verify each is OK. THERE HAVE BEEN LAW SUITES WHERE POLICE DIDN’T DO THIS. 1. To the dirt bag loser who was kicked out of the military and from Russia: STFU, In Russia they would have shot him. 2. To the dumb ass reporter: Find another line of work.

  • I am pro good cop. However, The bad ones with a power tripping complex need to be take off duty for good. So basically guilty until proven innocent in this case? Got to love Icloud. So if they were in the right..why did they need to take the phone/evidence of the situation? I don’t agree with what these cops did. I personally think it was an abuse of power that they don’t actually have. If a phone call is all they need. that means that anyone that has a grudge like a nasty neighbor with mental issues can call and make up lies. Wrong in my book. Also wrong is people on here advocating violence against cops. How do you know that all of them are bad. there could be good cops in there surrounded by bad ones. Keep an attorney on speed dial.

    • DatBus

      So the cops show up to investigate a case of woman beating, and youre mad at THEM for refusing to go away? Filming Cops need to take a few lessons in Civics. Those cops job is to make sure she and the child are safe, and it has nothing to do with a “warrant”. If you don’t wake up to cultural marxism and start honoring the RULE OF LAW and LAW ENFORCEMENT, you will soon find out what an ACTUAL “police state” really is. WTF.

  • gskeers

    why was there a call from Kentucky to Vancouver Washington? i think it was a swatting situation going on that brought the cops to that residence and these people need to comply to the cops and not be a couple of A$$holesthis brought this on themselves

  • cslagenhop

    Should be a good lawsuit. Obstruction of justice on the part of the deleting officers. Illegal search and seizure, assault and battery. Keep going. You won the lottery.

  • DatBus

    So the cops show up to investigate a case of woman beating, and you’re mad at THEM for refusing to go away? Filming Cops need to take a few lessons in Civics. Those cops job is to make sure she and the child are safe, and it has nothing to do with a “warrant”. If you don’t wake up to cultural marxism and start honoring the RULE OF LAW and LAW ENFORCEMENT, you will soon find out what an ACTUAL “police state” really is. WTF.

  • Why I got bars on my windows, front and back doors right there… Nobody coming in my house without my permission or a warrent. 🙂

  • Candlelite

    They go away and he kills her? How would that be twisted? They were acting strange, strange enough to police officers who arrived after a 911 call. They can’t just go away, bet nothing happened to the cops. The laws were written to cover this kind of thing. They could have opened the door by not opening the door it seemed like there was something to hide. Because this was so recent and there were kids involved who knows if they were hurt? Don’t have the whole story here, really hate these kind of stories.

  • Dani Gossert

    This is disgusting they need a good lawyer

  • mojojojo

    This is why I’ve always had issues with authority. Even though they didn’t have the right to ruin these peoples day/year/life they did it anyways.. so every-time I have an interaction with law enforcement i am scared inside because I know that if this person happens to be a bad one they could fuck up my whole life if they wanted to and I would be helpless to stop it.

  • Erin Tritsch Cook

    I sure hope none of you never need a cop. I hope your never assaulted,robbed,in a car accident, missing a child or on the side of the road in the dark desperate for help a cop shows up. Remember these horrible words you all are saying about men and women who leave their house every day not knowing if they will get to go back so you ingrates can. Shame on you .

  • Jim Alexander Rice

    These people that own the house have serious problems. There was a call about assault, which was why they showed up in the first place. Running from the law in such circumstances and spouting off a bunch of crazy gibberish does not help the situation. They wanted to question the wife, end of story in regards to the call. All the guy had to do was explain the situation to the police and tell the truth, which obviously never happened. It’s their own fault and sites like this are ignorant.

  • kikipoo

    So we have to know how to defend ourselves against the police now? Not all police are this way. But this video makes me glad I’ve not brought children into this world.

  • kikipoo

    Police show up, you feel they have heard a false claim, you remain calm and open the door let them have a look around and make sure everyone is ok. The police are relieved and can have something to report back. It could have ended there. But their resistance from the beginning caused alarm. We must use discernment in these situations.