13 Gripping Images of Armed Americans Who Were Ready to Defend Bundy Ranch

NEVADA — As the Bundy Ranch stand-off between Americans and functionaries of the State unfolded last week, we all saw the reports of armed supporters from several surrounding areas heading to the ranch.

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According to some reports, up to 5,000 militia members were en route just hours before the federal officers stood down and left the scene.

Luckily, bloodshed was avoided.

Many units of armed supporters had already arrived, however.

What follows are images that have been floating around online, capturing what it looked like on the ground.


Many of the supporters were veterans with previous experience in effective security provision.


Many other supporters were not in military fatigues and appeared to be average Americans simply wanting to assist in whatever way they could to ensure everybody’s safety.


Dusting off a piece of propaganda from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Harry Reid tried to convince the press that Bundy supporters were “domestic terrorists,” unaware that the new propaganda locution used by authoritarians against dissidents is “racist.”

Harry Reid, a politician suspected of working with the Chinese corporation ENN to take the family’s ranch and use it for profit, raised the ire of citizens when he accused the supporters of being involved in “domestic terrorism.”

In fact the supporters harmed nobody.

In fact the only violence during the stand-off was committed by federal BLM agents who attacked a pregnant mother.

They also were found to have fatally shot and starved several animals.

Bundy Ranch 1

Another politician, county commissioner Tom Collins, warned the supporters that they should make “funeral plans” if they were going to show up at the ranch, apparently wanting them to believe that federal agents would execute them.


It turns out that none of them had funerals.

 Their goal was to prevent reckless State violence and they accomplished it.

Bundy Ranch 2


Supporters are still patrolling the perimeters of the ranch, according to reports.


They may be intending to hold their positions indefinitely, given Harry Reid’s remarks that the stand-off “isn’t over.”


Mainstream media pundits try to spin the situation as rich “right-wingers” trying to hog “federal property” for cattle grazing without paying tribute to the government for it.

The reality of the situation is that the Bundy’s are a small family of local ranchers who have been good stewards of the land since the 1870’s, long before the federal agency BLM even existed.


That aside, the very idea of “federal property” is a category mistake, given the fact that everything the federal government claims to own, it has stolen via its monopoly on the initiation of violence.

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 The government’s assertion that the land is its “property” is about as meaningful as a street mugger asserting that the jewelry he stole from your mother’s neck is “his property.”


Militia members and other citizens from neighboring states held strategic positions throughout the area, appearing to monitor the situation with patience and judiciousness.

Range Showdown

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