BREAKING: Heavily Armed Police Outside Julian Assange’s Ecuadorian Shelter

October 21, 2016

State actors dressed in police uniforms are gathering outside of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange is currently seeking asylum.

Assange has been able to publish devastating emails about Hillary Clinton wherein evidence suggests she has been committing many crimes. The most recent charge is that she received debate questions in advance so that she had plenty of time to rehearse scripted answers, which gave her an unfair advantage over her opponents. In the view of many, this is contrary to the spirit of a free, fair, and open election procedure and would render her illegitimate as a candidate.

Even more serious are charges that she helped run a company that funneled money to arm ISIS for geopolitical interests — a high crime that would possibly lead to her arrest.

Earlier last week Assange’s access to the internet was abruptly cut off.

Now preliminary reports are stating that police — or perhaps even private mercenaries hired by somebody and made to resemble police — are right outside Julian Assange’s location.

Wikileaks captured what it could of the officers and tweeted out the alert:

Wikileaks has said that Julian Assange is currently still alive.

Though many fear that his life is in jeopardy, after he has been threatened with assassination. Hillary Clinton has directly called for a drone strike to execute him.

Assange is believed to have as many as 17,000 more emails which will be made available soon, and it is suspected that those emails will reveal information leading to Hillary Clinton’s arrest.

Hillary’s response has been to blame Russia for the fact that Assange has the emails. The prospect of entering a nuclear exchange with Russia just so Hillary’s crimes aren’t revealed to the American citizenry is profoundly troubling.

In addition to a heavy police presence approaching Assange’s location, the top news today was a nationwide shutdown of the Internet’s architecture, which many suspect is related to silencing Assange and which the US Government is labeling a “cyber attack.”

This article will be updated as more information is made available.