3 Miami Police Officers Arrested in Drug Sting

Three Miami police officers appeared before a federal judge Wednesday following their arrest on drug trafficking charges for allegedly working as protection for a phony narcotics ring. Officers Schonton Harris

Second Victim Comes Forward Saying Former NOPD Sex Crimes Detective Raped Him

NEW ORLEANS – A second man who has come forward saying the former lead detective of the NOPD’s pedophile unit raped him when he was boy and showed him pictures

Yamhill County Jail Inmate Who Died in Jail Tried to Get Help 19 Times Over Five Hours

For more than five hours, a Yamhill County Jail inmate writhed in pain on his mattress, clutched his side, walked 19 times to the door to press an intercom button

A Texas Police Officer Is Charged After Mishandling 130 Sex Crime Cases

Kenneth Valdez, a former member of San Antonio’s Special Victims Unit, is being charged with evidence tampering following a review of more than 130 cases. In November 2017, the San

NYPD Boss Accused of Stuffing Her Panties in Co-Worker’s Mouth

A ball-busting female boss at a Brooklyn precinct is under investigation for allegedly stuffing a pair of her panties into a male colleague’s mouth, police sources told The Post on

NYPD Suspends Body Cameras For 3000 Cops After Device Explodes

The New York Police Department has suspended the use of almost 3,000 body cameras after one exploded, leaving some of the city’s police force unrecorded for the foreseeable future. According

Missing Cincinnati Police Records Prompt Call For Outside Investigation

CINCINNATI, OH – Some key Cincinnati police records related to an overtime audit that found alleged “illegal” abuse are missing, prompting a high-ranking official to call for an outside investigation,

WATCH: Police Handcuff Mentally Disabled Boy Who Wandered From School

CHICO, California — New video of an 8-year-old in handcuffs has raised concerns. A mom was outraged after finding police handcuffed her mentally disabled son. She said he suffers from

WATCH: Ohio Police Officer Assaulted Woman, Refused to Let Her Put on Clothes

EUCLID, Ohio — The woman who filed a federal lawsuit against a Euclid Police officer Thursday said she was humiliated and feared for her life when the Ohio officer allegedly

Activist Says Arkansas Sheriff’s Office Forced Inmates to Wear Nike Shirts in Mug Shots

An activist on social media alleged Wednesday that a sheriff’s office in south Arkansaswas forcing inmates to wear a Nike shirt in mug shots to mock the company’s recent deal

Massachusetts State Police Tried to Destroy Payroll Records During Fraud Investigations

Amid numerous ongoing investigations into overtime and payroll fraud, the Massachusetts State Police Department has tried several times in recent months to destroy more than a hundred boxes of payroll,

Mississippi Police Took Property Without Legal Authority

JACKSON, Miss. — Mississippi police agencies have been seizing cash, guns and vehicles without legal authority for months after a state law changed and police didn’t notice. An Associated Press