Cop Being Investigated for Covering Up Brother’s Role in Killing Mother of Five


Max Chantha | October 24, 2015

KENTUCKY – In yet another example of the thin blue line extending to not only cops but their criminal family members, a Bardstown Police Officer is believed to have helped his brother dispose of his murdered girlfriend’s body.

Brothers Brooks and Nick Houck, the latter a police officer, gave less than convincing interviews to the Kentucky State Police detectives who asked them about the recent disappearance of Crystal Rogers, who Brooks had been dating.

The Houck brothers displayed suspicious behavior that points convincingly to a police-assisted murder cover up

Nick, whos interview can be viewed in the video below, often contradicted himself regarding his and his brother’s story.

He was also unable to fully answer questions regarding why there where copious amounts of bodily fluids in his police cruiser.

Investigators believe Nick used the trunk of his police cruiser to transport Rogers’ body based on forensic evidence.

Nick also faked amnesia, claiming to have no memory of meeting together at the farm where Rogers ostensibly murdered, despite investigators having video evidence of them doing so.

Because they were not interviewed simultaneously, Nick had a chance to warn his brother about speaking to detectives, tacking on heavily incriminating actions to an already suspicious case.

Nick had agreed to take a lie test, but later backed out.

It seems that, based on the interview alone, this case should be a no-brainer for detectives.

It can only be hoped that they are delaying arrest and prosecution to accumulate a comprehensive and convincing case around the brothers, and not because one of them is a cop.

Unfortunately, as Nick’s likely hand in the murder shows, cops cannot always be trusted to do the right thing.

Watch the interview below and let us know if you think this man is hiding something:

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