Cop Chokes Black Teen Threatens “I Will F**king Kill You” For Walking On Grass


Walking while black is fast becoming one of the most common crimes in the United States, you’d have thought by now that sensible Black folks would have stopped walking seeing as clearly it must be a crime, right?

Of course, I am being sarcastic, it’s whack that this sh*t keeps happening and the use if violence by this alleged cop NEEDS to be investigated and shared. He shouldn’t be holding a badge with this behavior.

In this video, I believe, two friends were walking when one (or both) veered a little off the path onto a man’s lawn. Yep, just wandered onto the grass.

While that is probably officially trespassing (although I don’t know for sure, there did not seem to be a fence between the path and the front yard) the reaction that seems to have been caught on video is just a little more than over the top!

According to the video description:

“So this is what happens when you walk on someone’s grass. My little cousin is damn near killed. This guy is a LANSING POLICE OFFICER and our family can’t get anywhere filing a report on him. I reed FB to share and share this needs to go VIRAL!! I’m sick of walking while black being a problem! As you can hear his friend videoing is not black but he’s not being harassed!!” – Veronica Ann Falls

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