Cop Parked In Front of Innocent Man’s Business Shoots Him, His Department Destroys the Evidence

seth adams

by Max Chantha

FLORIDA – When Seth Adams approached the vehicle oddly parked in front of his business, he thought there might be a burglar casing it, but what he found was much worse – and fatal.

Palm Beach County Sherriff Michael Custer, conducting unspecified surveillance, would kill Adams that night.

Adams’ murder was three years ago, yet the investigation is still ongoing, despite the best efforts of the Sherriff’s department.

It seems they have done everything in their power to cover up the killing; numerous requests for them to furnish footage or other information from that night have either been ignored or denied.

But the most brazen act of obfuscation comes from the destruction of key evidence held by the Sheriff’s Department.

Custer’s cellphone and laptop, both of which would have had vital information about the events that night, were lost and destroyed, respectively.

Adams family lawyer Wyatt McCall and District Judge Daniel Hurley have both decried the Department’s actions.

The judge referred to the complete disregard for the legal process as “troubling” and “deeply shocking.”

In a coordinated effort that clearly aims to circumvent justice and allow a killer cop to walk free, the state attorney has stated that it will only consider evidence presented by a law enforcement agency – regardless of the department’s clearly corrupt tactics, and the Adam’s family coming forward with compelling evidence to implicate Custer.

If this case is indicative of anything, is that the complicity between the justice system and police departments must stop if true justice can ever return to America.

Destruction of evidence should result in a guilty verdict for the defendant – as cops are so quick to say, if you’re innocent you shouldn’t have anything to hide, especially as a civil servant responsible to the public.

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