Cop Who Attacked Schoolgirl Also Emptied Entire Can of Pepper Spray on US Veteran


SPRING VALLEY — More news continues to pour in about Officer Ben Fields.

And as you might have guessed, it’s quite disturbing.

Officer Fields is the subject of nationwide outrage right now, after two videos surfaced showing him attack a schoolgirl. (Watch the original unedited videos.)

Officer Fields is currently on “administrative leave” for the attack.

Like a true coward, he deleted his social media accounts to avoid all the backlash he was getting from Americans.

It turns out that he has a troublesome past, and this would not be his first time initiating violent action on innocent people.

In 2005, Officer Fields attacked an Army medic.

Carlos Martin was in his medic uniform and he was returning home from work at the Moncrief Army Community Hospital at Fort Jackson.

Martin served in the military for 10 years until he was honorably discharged.

Officer Fields stopped Martin because he claimed Martin was playing music “too loudly.”

Martin states that when he said the word “dude” to Officer Fields, the officer “snapped.”

The officer then slammed him down onto the ground and sprayed an entire can of pepper spray on him.

Martin’s wife ran outside and tried to film what was happening, but Fields yelled at his partner to “get her black ass!” according to the report.

That partner then began attacking Martin’s wife, report say.

“I’m watching my wife get beat up in front of me, and there’s nothing I can do about it,” Martin said.

During the arrest Martin said that he would sue, to which Fields allegedly replied “I’m glad Johnny Cochran is dead,” and later quipping to Martin that “you’re just another notch in my belt.”

Charges against Martin were eventually dropped.

But Officer Fields was never convicted.

“I felt like if he had felt the consequences from 2005, this wouldn’t happen today,” said an attorney, referring to the present case of Officer Fields attacking a girl.

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