Countless Women Have Been Raped At This ‘For-Profit’ Jail in Texas

Countless women have been raped by male guards at the for-profit Karnes County Residential Center in Karnes City, Texas.

The male guards have open access to women detainees’ cells. Any time, day or night, guards can enter women’s cells and abuse them.

The Karnes County Residential Center is a jail, a prison that is called a “holding center” for undocumented immigrants. Because so few are able to get a glimpse inside of jails of this nature, the guards are more or less allowed to do whatever they want.

Prisoners there say that it is “an environment of rape and harassment,” which forces them to perform “sexual favors” in exchange for basic necessities which guards say are “favors”.

Geo Group Inc., the corporation that runs the jail facility for undocumented immigrants, denies the allegations, calling their prison “family friendly.”

“The Karnes County Residential Center provides a safe, clean, and family-friendly environment for mothers and children awaiting required processing by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency,” the Geo Group’s vice president of corporate relations, Pablo Paez, attempted to justify.

“The center provides high quality care, and our company strongly denies any allegations to the contrary,” he added, saying that the corporation “has a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of sexual abuse or assault and our facilities are maintained in accordance with applicable laws and policies.”

But they are doing nothing to stop any of these attacks, some occurring in front of children. That’s right, they have children locked up in their for profit prison as well.

“Accusations of alleged unlawful conduct are investigated thoroughly and if substantiated, appropriate action is taken,” the corporation said in an official statement on these abuse allegations.

Since the corporation has refused to deal with what prisoners claim are “for profit rape centers”, attorneys from multiple firms have launched complaints on behalf of the huge number of women who have reported identical stories of abuse.

All of these stories say the same thing: that the guards at the Karnes County Residential Center call detainees their “girlfriends” rape them in their cells late at night.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights can put an end to this, but so far they are doing nothing.

Raise your voice with Human Rights First, the University of Texas Law School, and the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund to demand that the Department of Homeland Security Office of Civil Rights “Stop ignoring sexual assault and rape at Karnes County Residential Center. Investigate immediately and commit to oversight.”


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