Jury Finds Colfax Deputy Town Marshal Guilty of Killing His Wife

CLINTON COUNTY, Ind. — The former Colfax deputy town marshal accused of killing his wife was found guilty on Wednesday.

On Mar. 26 of 2016, 57-year-old Keith Smith called 911 saying he had just shot and killed his wife, 50-year-old Lisa Smith, at their home at 757 W. Green Street.

According to court documents, the couple had been married since 2011 and spent most of that Saturday apart.

But when Lisa returned home, Smith said an argument ensued in the bedroom.

He said he could not recall the topic, but referenced a suicide pact that his wife suggested.

Smith said he didn’t believe his wife and got his gun, the same gun he carried as a Colfax deputy town marshal.

He said “he pulled the gun from the holster and demonstrated how,” but that’s when Smith said the gun went off and realized he didn’t shoot himself.

Court documents state after Smith fired the gun, he did not check on his wife. Instead, it states he sat on the edge of the bed and smoked a cigarette.

It was after that he checked on Lisa, and she was dead.

In addition, documents say Smith first reached out to someone before connecting 911.

He said the acquaintance came over and they talked before he called police to report the shooting.

Smith’s trial began Tuesday, Sept. 12 and lasted for two days, with the jury making its deliberation on Wednesday.

On the final day of the trial, Smith tried to fire his defense attorney and asked for a mistrial before closing arguments were made.

“If I do I lose, if I don’t I lose,” that’s what Keith Smith told the judge when he asked him if he would be testifying Wednesday morning.

Smith said he would wanted to testify, but his attorney, Richard Martin, advised him not to on the grounds that it would hurt his chances of getting an appeal.

In closing, the state told the jury they heard the “why” in this murder case.

A witness told the jury he had a romantic relationship with Keith and Lisa Smith.

He said Lisa got attached and Keith got jealous.

Clinton County Sheriff’s Maj. Joe Mink said Smith also worked as deputy chief for the sheriff’s office for less than a year, until he was terminated for rule violations.

His sentencing is scheduled for October.

Source: http://www.wlfi.com/story/36357485/jury-finds-former-colfax-deputy-town-marhsal-guiltynot-guilty-of-murdering-his-wife

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