Kentucky State Police Trooper Charged With DUI Was Once Awarded for Number of DUI Arrests

CARLISLE COUNTY, KY – Kentucky State Police Post 1 Trooper Paul Hale faces a charge of driving under the influence. The police report said Hale was off duty at the time. You can read the full report here.

In December of 2016, KSP recognized Hale as a leader in impaired driving arrests during its annual Governor’s Impaired Driving Enforcement Awards ceremony in Lexington, KY.

According to the report, Hale was off duty when he called KSP Trooper Sergeant Brett Miller, whom was on duty at the time. Hale told Miller he was on his way to go confront someone who was threatening his wife.

Miller says Hale admitted that he had been drinking was driving somewhere on US 62. Miller says that’s when he told Hale to stop so he could get him.

Troopers said they found Hale inside his home and when they talked to him, Hale told them he had only driven down the side road by his home. Hale told the troopers he had been home for five minutes. The troopers then arrested Hale for driving under the influence.

Hale was never seen driving according the report.

Defense attorney Emily Roark said Kentucky law states law enforcement only needs probable cause. “The officer does not have to see you driving to arrest you of a DUI,” she said. Roark added, “but it becomes a jury question. Do they believe beyond a reasonable doubt that you operated that car or that vehicle while you were under the influence?”

Hale refused a breath test. No other blood alcohol tests were requested.

“To actually convict you of it, they have to prove you operated a motor vehicle under the influence,” said Roark.

KSP spokesman Michael Webb said Trooper Miller and the others did the right thing by arresting Hale. He called the allegations disappointing.

Hale is no longer in jail and is still working as of now. Webb said Hale is not on administrative leave, but that could change once an internal affairs investigation begins. Hale’s arraignment is set for January 3 in Carlisle County District Court.