NYPD Charged With Fraud After Stealing Dead Man’s Credit Card And Buying Diamonds

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New York City, New York – Ymmacula Pierre, A three year veteran of the NYPD is being charged by Manhatten district attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. with grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, identity theft and official misconduct for stealing the credit card number of a dead man she encountered on the job, and using it to purchase fancy jewels online from Zales in excess of $3000.

In July of 2014 Pierre was called to make a wellness check of 65 year old architect, Ken Sanden because after concerned colleagues called after he did not show up for work.

He was known to have medical issues.

Pierre arrived to find him dead.

Now, normally, a wellness check does not include checking, and ultimately retrieving personal affects from the person you are supposed to be making sure is ok, but that is exactly what happened.

Pierre jotted down his credit card and email information after using his phone to call his niece to relay the bad news about her uncle, according to reports.

The anticipation for some cheap goods didn’t take long to set in.

Just two days after the discovery this dead mans credit card was used to purchase a diamond ring from zales.

The transaction was flagged and the same niece Pierre had reported the bad news to was notified of the suspicious purchase. An investigation traced the transaction to a computer inside of the home of Pierre’s boyfriend, the same computer was used to access Sanden’s email account.

The ring was to be sent to another address, one Pierre had listed as a reference on her application to NYPD.

Pierre has been charged, has plead not guilty, and was actually allowed out on the street after being charged with multiple crimes.

To put that in perspective, I was falsely arrested and taken to county prison one time for a “DUI” after there was no breathalyzer or field sobriety test, just coerced blood which was later “dropped” in the lab (spoiler alert: I was totally sober).

I still had to make bail.

This cop defrauds a dead guy for thousands of dollars and walks.

The officer is currently getting a 30-day unpaid suspension from the NYPD.

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