NYPD Regularly Remotely Accesses Your Phone Without Search Warrants: ACLU


As we have reported before StingRays are a new technological danger against civil liberties.

StingRay is the brand name for a family of mobile-surveillance devices designed to intercept communications from nearby cellphones by forcing cellphones to connect to itself.

StingRay devices are now a regular part of the law enforcement arsenal of surveillance devices, according to new documents.

Stingrays  are capable of remotely accessing the internal contents of your phone – such as photos of your loved ones, text messages, notes to yourself, etc. – without your consent or knowledge.

For example, a StingRay could be used to get naked photographs of your girlfriend.

We do not need to somehow assume that “law enforcement” officials are not humans when we already know that highly-educated NSA employees pass-around at naked pictures of women they spied on, according to Snowden.

In addition to remotely acquiring the contents of your phone, an agent with a Stingray can track your location, acquire your phone’s passcode, and jam your signal.

NYPD has used StingRay devices at least 1,000 times against the general public since 2008, according to new documents acquired by the New York branch of the ACLU.

In what we hope would have been a shocking turn of events, NYPD has revealed that it DOES NOT get a search warrant before non-consensually accessing the private information of citizens.

“New Yorkers have very real concerns about the NYPD’s adoption of intrusive surveillance technology,” said NYCLU Senior Staff Attorney Mariko Hirose. “The NYPD should at minimum obtain warrants before using Stingrays to protect the privacy of innocent people.”

Advertisements for StingRay boast that the device can spy up to “10,000 individuals targets.”


Lets take a second here to look at these from a clear perspective.

If the NYPD used StingRays 1,000 times and the device is capable of spying up to “10,000 individual targets” at once – then it is possible that the device was used against 10 MILLION “targets.”

Potentially every single American citizen in New York was spied on by the NYPD as a “target,” according to the facts above.

Even if NYPD used StingRays against 1,000 individual “targets” – great language to refer to citizens by the way – none of those 1,000 citizens were “targeted” under lawful means with  search warrants.

We have this thing called a Bill of Rights in our country with the 4th Amendment.

The 4th Amendment elucidates that a government which acts against human nature by violating the “inalienable right” of undue searches and seizures is doing so unjustly.

To speak against injustice is our duty as citizens of a free country.

We are a nation of immigrants.

Our ancestors, our grandparents, our parents, and perhaps even ourselves, immigrated to our country because we assumed the United States is a country of laws  – not a proto-type of 1984.

(you should read the book “1984” if you haven’t already – it has 4,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating.)

We assumed Americans are a nation of free humans.

We did not come here to fuck around and watch tv all day.

Spread what the mainstream brainwashing machine doesn’t want your family and friends to see.