Officer Rams Handcuffed Citizen Into Ground, is Allowed to “Resign”


Questions are being raised as to why Officer Andrew Cane of Florida was still an employee of the police department, up until his resignation earlier this month.

A video has emerged showing him pushing a handcuffed man face down on a concrete pavement.

This is not the first time the cop had believed he was above the law.

From a 2014 investigation after he was found masturbating in his squad car to an arrest in August where he used excessive force – his record isn’t exactly something to be proud of.

After the 2014 incident he was suspended for two weeks and even relieved of his duties in the SWAT team.

Ironically, Cane’s current use of unnecessary force stems from a man who had exposed himself in public to answer nature’s call.

St Petersburg Police Chief says although public urination can lead to arrest, what the cop did after is unacceptable.

Not only this, the officer filed a completely fabricated report of the incident. He stated that his victim was violent and that he feared for his own safety.

He justified slamming the unidentified man to the ground by creating a false account of what had happened.

“I was watching video and was like am I watching the same thing that’s in the police report?” says Chief Holloway.

The authorities found out about the episode through two other backup officers who informed their supervisor.

The Command Review Board was still to release a complete report when Cane resigned.
Referring to his departure Holloway said: “He’s no longer with us now and I’m happy with that.” 

Since he voluntarily left the force before the investigation was complete, he is currently not facing any charges.

However, Holloway is pleased that the other officers stepped forward.

“As a chief, you don’t want to believe that one of your officers would take a suspect down to the ground after he has been handcuffed, so for two officers to come forward and say they saw something that they didn’t like, really means a lot to me,” he said.

The police department’s review concluded that there was evidence of falsifying a report, violence and the use of unnecessary force.

Watch the video below: