Officer Resigns After Choking Repo Man Then Falling Over As He Escapes


The state police officer arrested after an altercation with a repo man has resigned.

Los Lunas police arrested New Mexico State Police officer Charles Vernier May 1 on aggravated battery and interference with a police officer.

Vernier’s resignation came to light Wednesday morning. He told Action 7 News he resigned to take care of his mental health.

Vernier was with state police for about two years. Before that he served with a department in Colorado.

He said that’s where he responded to a fatal accident involving a child he knew, and since then he’s suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It’s time to concentrate on my mental health and getting to a better state in life,” he said. “It was a hard decision to make, but I have been going through some mental health counseling for the last several months and I really need to focus on that.”

Police said they were called to the Casa de Chavez apartment complex around 3 p.m. Thursday May 1. When police got there they said Vernier had a male repo worker in a choke hold.

Los Lunas police were able to get Vernier to let go of the repo man. While trying to place Vernier in handcuffs, police said he attempted to run away.

After a short foot chase, Vernier slipped and was taken into police custody.

Vernier said he was trying to get his anxiety medication out of the car prior to the incident. He also said he was on medical leave when the incident happened.

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