Officer Terminated After Kicking Restrained Citizen in Head


Disturbing footage has surfaced wherein a cop can be seen kicking a handcuffed citizen in the head.

The footage was posted on Facebook last week and is still going viral.

It was published by “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta” and alleges that the man was pulled from his car, threatened with a weapon, and ultimately beaten despite being restrained.

Officer Robert McDonald of the Gwinnett County Police Department (GCPD) is seen kicking a handcuffed person in the head or face.

He has since been fired and his department is conducting an investigation.

“I’m literally sick about it,” said Police Chief Butch Ayers, after reviewing the case.

The police department then tweeted an announcement that Officer McDonald has been terminated from his position.

It remains to be seen whether the officer will be brought up on criminal charges.

Watch the video below: